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Tzena Yuan Chin Wong

HKIS Honorary Secretary Election Candidate (2009/2010)

Election platform:

Transparency, Decentralization, Communication,

Sense of Pride and Belonging, Modernization

To Serve

It is my wholehearted to serve the institute irrespective of any external barriers or favours that
others might encounter. Currently working as a senior management in an international
consultancy, my ability and capability can easily be proofed through the success in dealing
with top-tiers developers at an international level.

Broaden horizon

As I have worked in different countries, I have a broad experience in international work

practices for the surveying industry. With my different background in education, I can assist
in promoting the Institute to the general public with a very different perspective.

The HKIS Honorary Secretary


The Honorary Secretary, a key member to the administration committee, in conjunction with
the President, Senior Vice President and Honorary Treasurer (to check the financial viability),
will look after the general administration of the Institute. In order to serve the fellow members
properly, we need to carefully review the current administrative resources and maintain a
reasonable level of efficiency for our members and the related functions and activities of the

To facilitate continuous learning and educational matters, the resources dedicated currently is
at its maximum capacity and we wish to review the existing resources to ensure members are
served to their benefits. It requires differentiating the APC and CPD to be handled by two
different units in the Admin office.
Information Technology

Currently serving in the IT Committee, I managed to understand there is a lack of IT support

currently in the office to support the website and other IT implementation needs. In view of
this, a IT implementation plan, including a view for additional resources to support for the
upcoming treads of e-services will be proposed in due course. The in-house IT support
currently on a part-time basis will hinder the prompt action and development of the Institute.

Disciplinary action

Advise HT to reserve funding for possible legal expenses; closely monitor disciplinary cases
and its development. With the increased number of members disciplinary actions are
sometimes unavoidable, it is then necessary to arrange additional trainings on ethics for
members and review the Rules of Conduct from time to time.


HKIS do publish different publications during the course of the year, if I am elected, I hereby
suggest to invite my proposer Dr Paul Ho continue to be the editor for HKIS Publications in
order to share the workload of reviewing the contents of all publications.

Hong Kong is currently the international hub for construction matters whilst feeding trained
professionals to the different countries as well as the entrance gate to the PRC. It is essential
for Hong Kong to have a international recognised journal for surveying professional. In
conjunction with Prof Chau Kwok Wing, who is the Chief-Editor of our journal and an
internationally well-known scholar, the HKIS Journal should play a more active role in the
international publication practices and invite papers from different universities with
manuscripts reviewed by international scholars. With all these work being conducted, the
HKIS journal will become an international journal which will then enhance the image of HKIS
as an internationally recognised professional body.

Current matters

The issue of "Certified surveyors" is to be assigned back to Board of Professional Development

to review the current status whilst working closely with the Chairman of Board of Professional
Development to discuss with divisions subject to General Council and Board of Professional
Development’s consideration, further open consultation to members may be required as
communication of prime importance.