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International Conference
unite for diabetes

Multidisciplinary Approaches to Diabetes Research & Health
November 14-16, 2010, JAIPUR

Organized by

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Invitation Dear Colleagues and Friends. Best regards. this coming November will be a time to gain insights from pioneers in the field. Health Care Systems and Policy Research Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and Global Learning Portal (GLP) and Related Issues Call for Papers The conference will cover plenary/invited lectures and oral/poster presentations. 2010 07 October. Diabetes mellitus is escalating globally and it is predicted that 300 million individuals worldwide will have diabetes by 2025. The abstract should be divided into an introduction. Those who opt for oral presentation should send a brief CV along with the abstract. The Conference aims to create conducive environment for wholesome discussion on diabetes and to address the disease's burden. P The name of the presenting author should be underlined. All the authors name should be prefixed with initials. hypothesis. Immunobiology of Diabetes and Transplantation Stem Cell Research and Molecular basis of Diabetes Natural Products Scaffold In Drug Discovery QSAR. Diet and Exercise in Diabetes Care Complimentary and Alternative Medicine Therapies for Diabetes Society.. 2010. with a major impact on the population of developing countries. Lifestyle. ABSTRACT SUBMISSION PROCEDURE P The title of the abstract should be typed in Times New Roman with font size of 14 and all other matter with a font size of 12 with a maximum of 250 words. 2010 01 October. and to collectively charter a future course of action to bring inter-disciplinary. which has gone beyond epidemic form to a pandemic one. Medicinal Chemistry. Our collective effort will go a long way in creating awareness about diabetes and unite us against the dreaded disease. In India. 2010 01 October. Welcome to the International Conference on Multidisciplinary Approaches to Diabetes Research & Health 2010. P The complete postal address of the authors along with the email address and fax number of the corresponding authors should be provided. As you know. Abstract may be submitted online (www. Diabetes has significant health consequences for individual and communities. Stress and Diabetes Diabetes and Reproductive Health Diabetes Education & Awareness. JAIPUR I Research & Health” unite for diabetes Themes Authors submitting abstract must have an active participation in the Conference. Drug Discovery and Development Pharmacology and Bioassay Nutraceuticals. materials & methods. serious diabetes-related complications including heart disease. A CM DRH . Submissions of abstracts are invited.icmadrh2010. 2010 . Occupation. Key Dates Registration Open Abstract Submission Deadline Abstract Acceptance Early Registration Deadline Accommodation Request closes : : : : : 01 July.20 1 0 "Multidisciplinary Approaches to Diabetes November 14-16. results & discussion and conclusions. Functional email: icmadrh2010@yahoo. 2010 07 October. The selection will be based on both the quality of the abstract and the CV. inter-institutional collaboration for research and education in the subject.. Monitoring & Drug Delivery In Management of Diabetes Genetics and Juvenile Diabetes Diabetic Complications. stroke and kidney failure – kills people every day. We look forward to being there with you to learn and have good time in this beautiful city of Jaipur. there is an alarming rise in prevalence of diabetes. Currently India has got the largest number of diabetics and is being called as diabetic capital of the world.

India Diabetes! Orations Social Events Poster Sessions Diabetes. 2000/. S.1000/Rs. 2500/- Rs. Limited accommodation shall also be available at the Hostel at very reasonable rate (Approx. 1800/Rs. ICMADRH-2010 payable at Jaipur) and wear their name badges at all times. ? material Conference ? Poster sessions ? Morning and afternoon tea ? event One social ? Dinner Lunch and Fee CATEGORY DELEGATES (From Academia) STUDENTS ACCOMPANYING PERSON DELEGATES (From Industry) EARLY BIRD (Before 01 October 2010) LATE (After 01 October 2010) SPOT Rs. Rs.per night. Since November is the peak season & hotel accommodation has to be booked well in advance. drawn in favor of Organizing Secretary. Ramaswami Auditorium Department of Zoology.per night) and shall be made available to the participants subject to availability (if the registration and request for such accommodation is received well in advance).com) at the earliest. Venue ADRH . 1500/Rs. 2000/Rs. 2500/Rs. 3000/- For Foreign Participants DELEGATES ACCOMPANYING PERSON USD 200 USD 100 USD 225 USD 125 USD 250 USD 150 Accommodation Request for accommodation should be sent to the organizing secretary (accommodation_icmadrh2010@yahoo. 3500/- Rs. 2000/Rs.201 CM "Multidisciplinary Approaches to Prof. 2010.* *Hotel accommodation shall be arranged at request for the participants against the advance payment.Health Check-up Camp Web Casting Registration Delegates must submit a registration form(online/surface-mail) along with registration fee (Demand draft in favor of organizing secretary. 2010. Payment for the accommodation in the form of Crossed Demand Draft only. Jaipur 302 055. L. 600/. JAIPUR 0 I Research & Health” unite for diabetes . JAIPUR. and should be sent to Organizing Secretary of International Conference. INDIA Diabetes November 14-16. 1500/Rs.Conference Features World Diabetes Day Celebration Key Note Address Plenary Talks Exhibition Awards I Join Fight Against November 14. The details of the accommodation would be provided to the authors/participants at the time of the acceptance of paper. ICMADRH-2010 payable at Rs. In hotels the daily tariffs range from Rs. 3000/Rs. 1800/Rs. University of Rajasthan. 20000/.

ADDRESS FOR CORRESPONDENCE The Organizing Secretary. the organizing committee will reimburse travel expenses to scholars who are not having financial resources. Sawant. website: www. ICMADRH-2010 Conference Secretariat . University of Rajasthan. Sameer Sharma.TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS It is expected that the participants shall make their own travel arrangements. C. Jaipur K.S. John Organizing Secretaries P. Commissioner. R. College Education. AWARDS • Best poster award • Best oral presentation award • Life time achievement award (for outstanding contribution) For details visit the website: www. However. 2010.: icmadrh2010@yahoo. University of Rajasthan Jaipur -302 055. VISA REQUIREMENTS All foreign delegates are requested to check with their local Indian Embassy or Consulate. Shekhawat Joint Organizing Secretaries "Multidisciplinary Approaches to Diabetes unite for diabetes Research & Health” November 14-16. Siloliya. J. icmadrh2010.P. P. Madhu Kumar. of Rajasthan Ghanshyam Lal Principal Reena Mathur Chairperson Ashok Kumar Coordinator CAS Hemant Pareek. Mali. Govt. Simultaneous translation in other languages will not be available. JAIPUR .org LANGUAGE The language of the conference will be English. V. e-mail.CAS Department of Zoology.icmadrh2010. ORGANIZING COMMITTEE PATRONS A.

Bank: Date: 11 Accompanying Person (enclose Individual Reg. GOVT. Form) : Number Arrival date: 12 Details Of Travel Plan Arrival time: : Flight / Train No. University Of Rajasthan. Departure date: Departure time: Date : Palace : Signature For Correspondence Organizing Secretary ICMADRH-2010 Centre for Advanced Studies.Organized by International Conference on Registration Form (Please Complete This Form & Mail To The Organizing Secretary) S. Sex : 8 E-mail Details Of Payment Of (in-favour Of Organizing Secretary. 2010. JAIPUR 0 For Foreign Participants DELEGATE (From Academia) STUDENT ACCOMPANYING PERSON DELEGATE (From Industry) DELEGATE ACCOMPANYING PERSON ABSTRACT SUBMITTED Yes No 1 Name (BLOCK LETTERS) 2 Designation 3 Age 5 Nationality 6 Address For Corresponding 7 Contact No. No. ICMADRH-2010) 9 Registration Fee 10 Details Of Payment Of Accommodation Charges Category : D. E-mail : icmadrh2010@yahoo.20 1 MA unite for diabetes Multidisciplinary Approaches to Diabetes Research & Health November 14-16. MOBILE : +91 94140 56582. Jaipur -302 055. : SURNAME FIRSTNAME MIDDLENAME : : : : : : Rs. Department Of Zoology.D. icmadrh2010. PG COLLEGE SIKAR IC DRH . INDIA PHONE : +91 141 Website: www. Office: Mobile: Residence: Fax: . K.