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Jerome R. Corsi, Ph.D.

QAnon Posts, Friday, January 19, 2018

Post No. 44 on 1/19/2018

Time Stamp: (Fri) 16:53:00

Why are we here? QAnon is asking if we understand why

he has decided to post on the Internet
starting in October 2017.

I continue to believe QAnon is a highly

qualified communicator, close to
President Trump, with career expertise
in Military Intelligence.

There is strong evidence QAnon
coordinates messages with President
Trump and can be seen as advancing
the Trump Revolution by continuing to
motivate and lead us, THE
DEPLORABLES, who constitute the
TRUMP TRAIN faithful.

I am convinced QAnon is a well-placed

and highly credible intelligence
operative communicating with the full
knowledge and blessing of President

Why are we providing crumbs? “Crumbs” are hints – cryptic

communications – that must be studied
and decoded to be understood.

When decoded, the “crumbs” can be

baked into “bread” – narratives that
expose the Deep State coup d’état that
continues the attempt to remove
Donald Trump from the presidency.

Rather than communicate directly, the

“crumbs” force us to think through the
political situation and challenges that
President Trump must combat to
preserve his presidency.

QAnon’s goal is to create a “Great

Awakening” in which PATRIOTS can
rise to DEFEND the Constitution and
preserve our form of government as the
Constitutional Republic we were
bequeathed by the Founding Fathers.

Think MEMO This is a reference to the 4-page memo

House Intelligence Committee Chair

Devin Nunes produced on Thursday,
Jan. 18, 2018.

Those Republican members of the

House Intel Committee who have read
the 4-page memo insist it is game-
changing, that the memo will end the
Mueller “witch hunt” and possibly be
the beginning of the end for the Deep
State establishment.

I expect “the memo” will be made

public in the next few days.

BUILDING THE ARMY QAnon’s goal is to mobilize Patriots

throughout the USA to come to the
defense of President Trump and his
#MAGA agenda.

The many ANONYMOUS working on

the Internet 8chan Bulletin Boards are
doing historically important work,
translating QAnon through tireless
research and profound thinking.

A movement like QAnon is creating

has not been created in the USA since
the American Revolution – think
Thomas Paine, think Sam Adams, think
Thomas Jefferson – the list today
includes many unnamed ANONs.

Not convinced this is spreading? The Trump Train Movement continues

to build – as in Nov. 2018 -- the Trump
You, the PEOPLE, have the POWER. Revolution will be unstoppable,
You, the PEOPLE, just forgot how to provided we participate actively.
The sovereign in the USA is still “We,
the People …” – not the federal
government, not Chuck Schumer or

Nancy Pelosi, not Barack Obama or
Hillary Clinton.

These are the globalists who seek to

destroy the United States as a
sovereign nation founded on principles
of freedom and opportunity that remain
exceptional in the history of the world.

TOGETHER you are STRONG. This is a fundamental truth.

APART you are week.
We have survived the regime of Barack
Obama and Hillary Clinton – two
acolytes of communist community
organizer Saul Alinsky, who dedicated
Lucifer, “the first rebel …”

Obama sought to divide races (Black

Lives Matter) and classes (Antifa) with
Soros money (socialist, hates USA)
and the Deep State assistance of the
CIA (John Brennan, Obama’s CIA
“handler”) and the military-industrial
complex President Eisenhower advised
us to dismantle.

THEY WANT YOU DIVIDED. Thank God, Hillary Clinton lost.

THEY WANT CLASS WARS. The fundamental tactics of the political
THEY WANT RELIGIOUS WARS. left are destructive – with the hard-left
THEY WANT POLITICAL WARS. a totalitarian, ideological force that
THEY WANT YOU DIVIDED! seeks to gain power by causing the
destruction of the family, the
elimination of God – killing babies
under false mottos of “choice” and
“life style.” Never forget the cultural
wars are as political as the Democrats’
plans to flood the USA with illegals
(DACA, the list goes on).

Under Obama the USA experienced
exceptionally high taxes, deterioration
of inner cities, while the Democrats
exploited the votes of African
Americans and Hispanics to obtain

Lies on top of lies – “rubbing raw” that

which divides us. Go back to RULES
FOR RADICALS – read Alinsky’s
dedication in the original printing –
never forget Alinsky’s embrace of the
dark side to achieve his goal of
absolute power for the sake of power.

LEARN QAnon’s method may appear cryptic,

FOR GOD & COUNTRY – LEARN! but the goal is to force us to think.

STAY STRONG. Remember, this is the “Great

STAY TOGETHER. Awakening” from the nightmare of
FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT Obama-Clinton socialism/communism,
intolerant totalitarianism.

This is more important than you can With Trump’s miracle victory in 2016,
imagine. we PATRIOTS have been given a
precious opportunity to RESTORE

Post No. 45 on 1/19/2018
Time Stamp: (Fri) 17:26:08

Counter-narrative went out @4 am to QAnon has identified that the CIA

MSM contractors (like clockwork). program “Operation Mockingbird” is
still active.

Under “Operation Mockingbird,” the

CIA as far back as the 1950s, paid
under the table journalists and authors
to parrot the CIA’s “talking points”
with their by-lines.

Readers, believing they were reading a

journalist or author’s true opinions,
were duped into accepting government
propaganda as truth.

This was the origin of “fake news.”

QAnon is making clear the CIA this

morning like clockwork emailed to its
list of paid, lackey, lying journalists
and authors the CIA “talking points”
the CIA expects them to publish.

The CIA is the heart of the “Deep
State” still attempting a coup d’état to
remove President Trump from the

The MSM has been reduced to being a

CIA-paid government mouthpiece,
with the mission to speak government
disinformation to keep the “Sheeple” in
their drug-assisted sleep.

These people are REALLY REALLY The CIA “Deep State” and their
STUPID. Democratic Party socialist, communist,
anarchist comrades are stupid to
assume their plans are not overheard by
PATRIOTS in the NSA and Military

Think Admiral Rogers, who in the days

after the November 2016 presidential
election had the courage to break ranks.

Admiral Rogers warned President-elect

Donald Trump that President Obama
and Hillary Clinton had illegally
conducted electronic surveillance
against his presidential campaign and
were continuing to conduct illegal
electronic surveillance against his
transition team.

The day after Admiral Rogers’ visit,

Trump closed the transition team office
in Trump Tower and moved the
operation to Trump properties in
Bedminster, New Jersey.

NOBODY is safe. President Trump has begun a
NO DEALS counterattack to preserve his

The Deep State conspirators should be

in fear that the criminal indictments to
be announced in the next few weeks
and months will be earth-shaking.

No TRAITOR will be safe, not Hillary

Clinton, not Barack Obama.

President Trump intends for justice to

be done. No deals to spare criminal
traitors will be made.


The Republic will be restored.

MSM contractors #Goodbye# Trump’s war against “Deep State”

Mockingbird frauds in the mainstream
media will not stop until the standard
of truth can be restored to the Fourth

Internet edge providers should not

expect their giant status will protect
Google, Facebook, Twitter from
Federal Trade Commission anti-trust
lawsuits aimed at blocking their

The demise of “Net Neutrality” was

only the first blow President Trump
intends to deliver against Google,
Facebook, Twitter censorship of
conservative and libertarian views.

Fight, Fight, Fight In the end, Patriots win.

Donald Trump will be re-elected.

Deep State traitors will be brought to


“The storm” will be weathered

precisely because Patriots have decided
to fight back.

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