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Database Assessment


Create a database on your flash drive named after your school_Your Name which includes the

 A Table that contains the following fields

ID, Surname, Given Name, DOB, PIN, Address, Phone Contact, Mother’s Name,
Father’s Name, Religion, Ethnicity.

Set the Primary Key to the ID field.

Set the Field size for Surname and Given Name at 15

Set the Field size for Address at 35

Create an Input mask for the Phone Contact Field.

Save the Table as Student Information.

 A Form named Students that includes all of the above information.

 A Query called Students that includes: ID, Surname, Given Name, Address, Phone Contact.
 A Report called Students that includes all of the information mentioned in the Table
PowerPoint Assessment


Create a presentation of at least seven slides introducing you.

Include the following categories and any other that you may think fit:

 Title Slide
 Likes and Dislikes
 Achievements
 Favourite Music
 The Person(s) I Admire Most
 Dreams and Aspirations
 Worst Moments

This presentation must include a Title Slide, various effects, transitions and a background.

It must reflect careful planning and preparation.

Save this presentation to your flash Drive as Me_Your Name