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Revised 6.28.

2016 1


All Subject Areas Teachnology has been providing free and easy to use
resources for teachers dedicated to improving the
education of today's generation of students.
All Subject areas Video lessons for students and teachers for all subject
areas and skills
All Subjects Learn 360 Videos to supplement lessons (go through media specialist
to set up).
Data Collection Free and Paid versions of curriculum based probes that can
be used to track student progress over one school year or
many years. This resource is one that you most definitely
want to utilize!
ELA class forms, assessments, and lists of dolch sight words by
grade level
ELA Books with audio and animation use username Longbeach
password libra
ELA ReadWorks provides research-based units, lessons, and
authentic, leveled non-fiction and literary passages directly
to educators online, for free, to be shared broadly.

ELA (Paid) Leveled books –fiction, nonfiction books.

ELA A website for individualized learning based on student

performance on the app of website. You must purchase a
ELA (Read Aloud) Students can listen to stories through this site.
ELA (Read Aloud) Students can listen to stories through this site.
ELA (Read Aloud) Students can listen to stories through this site.
ELA (Read Aloud) Students can listen to stories through this site. It also

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offers games and videos.

ELA (Read Aloud) This site is free for educators and allows teachers to locate
books within the app for students. Students can also utilize
this app/website.
ELA (Read Aloud) This website allows teachers to locate or create books that
match their current teaching objectives.
ELA/MATH This resource provides daily math and English practice
starter/teacher?term_node_tid_depth=1425 that can be a center or incorporated into a circle time. It
allows the instructor to select various grade bands.
Game for all subjects Create a jeopardy game for any subject
Games for all subjects Educational games for 1st through 5th grade
Lessons/Assessment Free site where you can assign lessons based on needed
skills. Lessons have videos and corresponding questions.
You are able to use an existing lesson or create your own
Math Online math learning management software with a free
and premium version. Allows student to take a placement
test and creates a learning path for them with practice and
instructional videos for each skill. Each area of math is
covered in separate “bands”
Math (Paid) Math fact games that monitors progress and
provides graphs based on each student’s progress. Games
advance as student makes progress.
Math online math learning management software that allows you
to selected any common core math standard and complete
instruction and practice aligned with that standard. must be
purchased but can log on as a guest for 20 minutes of free
access a day
Math learning management software for math. Can customize
assessments, instruction, and practice with reports
available to the teachers. Does have a free option and a
purchased premium version.
Math online math fact practice-free

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Movement/Sensory Imput 3-20 minute Brain break activities that range from Zumba
to yoga for students to get out of their seats and move
News/Current Information Provides current events on various Lexile levels

Online based instructions for all MobyMax is a completely integrated K-8 curriculum and
subjects teaching system with progress monitoring, goal setting,
fluency practice, motivation tools, and much more.
Parent Communication Remind 101 Send reminders to parents to their cell-phone/email.
Quiz Makers App/Website to create quizzes for free
Reading This website works on phonemic awareness and allows
Songs ELA, math, science, social studies, etc. (includes upper
level songs)
Songs This website allows you to locate songs that compliment
your learning objecitves. This resources covers many
different subjects areas and grade levels. It is a paid
subscription that comes with worksheets, projects, and
ideas for the teacher.
Spelling Website that allows you to create spelling lists for you
class. The students can then log in a play games for free
that require them to learn to spell the words. Additionally,
it has printable homework/worksheets.
Teacher Resource a 'game' like software that allows you to create quizzes and
then administer the assessments using any internet
connected device- free
Teacher Resource Provides resources for lesson planning and research
backed strategies

Teacher Resource Florida center for reading research The Florida Center for Reading Research is a multidisciplinary research center at Florida State

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University that was established in 2002 by the Governor's

office and Legislature that has student literacy center
activities and assessments as well as research articles on
specific learning and teaching strategies.

Teacher Resource Video based website similar to YouTube that provides
video demonstrations of research backed learning and
teaching strategies.
Teacher Resource Brain pop and brain pop jr. Videos, games, and activities for all subject areas *speak
with your media specialist about passwords or navigate
through SC Discus for Kids to gain access.
Teacher Resources Create quizzes that use qr codes to make them interactive
and to save paper within the classroom
Teacher Resources Create rubrics or choose from a list of pre-made but still
slightly customizable rubrics
Teacher Resources Gives a list of the best educational apps for students
Worksheets Worksheet web resource, subscription based- Joy Collins
has a password (contact Michael)
Worksheets Worksheets-ELA, Math, Geography, puzzles

Writing Online website that has everything related to writing and
writing assignments

If you have resources to add, please contact Michael Zachary