Gerund adalah kata benda yang berasal dari kata kerja ditambah –ing, misalnya swimming, eating, fishing

, shopping, dancing, dan singing. Bila diperhatikan, gerund mempunyai bentuk yang sama dengan present participle, bedanya gerund berfungsi sebagai kata benda, sedangkan present participle sebagai kata sifat yang menerangkan kata benda. Dalam kalimat, gerund berfungsi sebagai: a. subjek (subject) b. pelengkap subjek (subjective complement) c. objek langsung (direct object) d. objek preposisi (object of preposition) e. aposisi (appositive) Subject Gerund sebagai subjek pokok kalimat, contoh: - Swimming is good service. - Your singing is very beautiful. - Studying needs time and patience. - Playing tennis is fun. - Reading English is easier than speaking it. Subjective Complement Gerund sebagai pelengkap subjek dalam kalimat biasanya selalu didahului to be yang terletak di antara subject dan subjective complement, contoh: - My favorite sport is running. - My favorite activity is reading. Direct Object Gerund sebagai objek langsung dalam kalimat, contoh: - I enjoy dancing. - She likes dancing. - Thank you for your coming. - I hate arguing. Object of Preposition Gerund sebagai objek preposisi yang terletak setelah preposisi. Preposisi yang sering dipakai adalah of, on, no, with, without, at for, after, before, because of, to, like, about, for, by, in. Contoh: - He is tired of gambling. - I am fond of eating bakso. - He insisted on seeing her.

meeting d. post b. begitu juga contoh kalimat dibawahnya. to getting þÿ  I used _____ to the cinema a lot. to meet c. 2) She complains about bullying. fishing. to get c.In sleeping I met you in the park. Appositive Gerund sebagai aposisi atau penegas dalam kalimat. a useless job. getting d.They are good at telling funny stories. 8) Do you agree with staying in a foreign country? 9) The girls insisted on going out with Kerry. to meeting þÿ  Did you remember _____ the letter? a.I have no objection to hearing your story.  I remember _____ the Queen in London. 7) Andrew apologized for being late.. 10) Edward thinks of climbing trees this afternoon. .My hobby.I do not like quarrelling. is interesting. 4) She doesn't feel like working on the computer. go . to posting þÿ  I'm not used _____ up this early. a. 5) We are looking forward to going out at the weekend. . contoh: .You will not be clever without studying. . posting d. . a. meet b. 1) My friend is good at playing volleyball. My hobby is fishing dan fishing is interesting diletakkan bersebelahan dalam sebuah kalimat sebagai appositive (fishing adalah aposisi dari my hobby). 3) They are afraid of losing the match. to post c. a. get b. 6) Laura dreams of living on a small island.

learn b. to going þÿ  I regret _____ Mary about the weddding. to go c. to making þÿ  I wanted to stop _____ some presents.b. to buying þÿ  Look. rain b. it's starting _____ . informing a. to telling þÿ  Mrs Jones. telling d. to learning http://www. making d. learning d. to rain c. to raining þÿ  I started _____ English when I was four. to tell c. raining d. to informing þÿ  Stop _____ this terrible noise at once! a. to buy c. to b. to learn c.englishpage. tell b. a. I regret _____ you that your credit limit has been exceeded. going d. a. inform b.htm . a. to make c. buying d. make b. a. to inform c. but we didn't have enough time.

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