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{Hebrews 11:6}

A. What is Faith?
Webster’s Encyclopedia Dictionary defines FAITH as a:
1.Trust or Confidence;
TRUST- to our friends, to our family, to our love one’s, to our neighbor’s,
and to anybody.
CONFIDENCE- to make things happened by our own.
2. Is complete acceptance of a truth which cannot be demonstrated or proved by
the process of logical thought.
3. A virtue by which a Christian believes in the revealed truths of God.

A Man of Faith:
a. A man of faith is not someone who relies upon his own ability for his
salvation from sin and victory in life.
b. A man of faith is someone who hopes and trust’s in God and His word.
c. A man of faith is someone who considers Jesus as his personal Lord
and Savior who died and resurrected on His behalf.

God tested the faith of Abraham by asking him to offer his son Isaac. And
Abraham didn’t question what God ask him to do, he obeyed what God. The
obedience of Abraham and trust to God, demonstrate faith.

The writers of Hebrews described faith as”…the substance of things

hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”

God is presently invisible to the natural eye. In John 4:24 God is spirit, But
He has not left Himself without evidence. Through the years that God is with his
apostle’s, God speak to them.

B. Why Faith?
Why is it necessary to have faith? The world today is like a boat in the
midst of a severe storm on the high seas. All people in the world today are being
rocked by problems on all sides. Business, financial, marriage and family
problems have become the worry of millions of people. Individually-spiritual,
mental, and physical disease diseases are bothering many helpless people.
Everyone that is going through one or more of these problems knows that he
needs words of encouragement from somewhere and someone who will be able
to give him assurance and help.
That somewhere is the Word of God. It is the best place to look for
encouragement, assurance and direction. This is so because the Word of God is
very powerful and creative. God’s Word gives knowledge, understanding and
wisdom. It enables a person to go through life and overcome his problems. But it
takes faith to believe that the Word of God has any meaningful solutions to the
problems of our lives. The truth is that in the face of all these struggles, faith is
one virtue all of us need most. Every area of our life depends on faith in the Word
of God for our total victory and ultimate salvation.
The Bible say’s:
a. “…The just shall live by faith” [Romans 1:17}
b. “But without faith it is impossible to please Him….” {Hebrews 11:6}
These scriptures state in clear terms that a person without faith can
neither overcome life nor please God:
a. Faith assures success {2 chronicles 20:20; Mark 11:22-24}
b. Faith is a fundamental duty {John 6:28}
c. Faith is a defensive weapon {Ephesians 6:16; Hebrews 10:22}
d. Faith is essential in prayer {James 1:5-6}
e. Faith justifies the believer {Galatians 3:6; Philippians 3:9}
f. By faith we receive blessings {Matthew 8:13; Matthew 17:20}


Romans 10:17 tells us: “So then faith cometh by hearing and hearing by
the Word of God”.
a. Faith comes through familiarity with God’s Word.
b. Faith develops through the receiving and application of the word of God
we have read or heard preached.
c. By expecting God to do what we know; He has said in His Word that He
will do!

So, to have this faith in Jesus Christ, we need two things:
1. A clear understanding and knowledge of what God’s Word says.
2. Knowing that God cannot lie.

Forsaking All In Trusting Him