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Cabinet Office Strategic Horizons Unit Futures Symposium 30 Nov & 1 Dec.

‘Future Security Challenges: Opportunities, Risks and Policy Implications

of Technological Innovation’.

The accelerating nature of progress in scientific and technological innovation

and its impact upon our national security is increasingly evident. We need to be
aware of the scientific capabilities within our grasp right now, planning for the
threats and opportunities already with us, and the challenges which will come
our way from technological developments in the imminent future. The proximity
of some of these challenges, and the subtle nature of their approach, means that
we may encounter some of them sooner than we may think. For instance,
security issues arise from developments in genetic research, information and
communications technology (including artificial intelligence), technical
enhancement of human beings, and the exploitation of space.

The Cabinet Office Strategic Horizons Unit has collaborated with DfID, DEFRA,
DECC, MoD, the Department of Health and the Home Office, plus contributors
from the academic and private sectors, to put before policy-makers across
government a technological ‘tapestry’ of the next few decades. The Symposium
will be held in the UK Defence Academy at Shrivenham in Wiltshire, with an
overnight stay. In addition to hearing from authorities on cutting edge
innovation, attendees will have the opportunity to discuss with them the
implications for national security in its widest sense; including the safety and
well-being of the UK citizen, the safeguarding of our economy and the vital
resources upon which we depend, the protection of our environment and
effective responses to external threats.

We warmly invite people across government departments to take advantage of

this opportunity to grapple with the national security issues of the future.

Please contact Helena Bacon for more information or to book: