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723 Accounting I (15 credits)

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2017 - A course designed to explain the accounting function from a management

perspective. The course will cover; (a) the key relationships between wealth, the
measurement of wealth and change in wealth which are a function of organisational
purpose, products and strategies; (b) data capture, processing and reporting which enable
monitoring of progress toward and enhance prospects of achieving objectives; (c)
benchmarking for improving organisational performance improvement and the use and
misuse of comparison as a means of assessment; (d) compliance and organisational
constraints on reporting to external stakeholders; and (e) other contemporary issues in
accounting and management. 2018 - A course designed to explain the accounting function
from a management perspective. Students will be able to apply the models of accounting
activities to a business context.

Year: 2017
Mode: Block
Semester: Semester One non-standard one
Location: Wellington Campus
Coordinator: Ms Dianne Ten Have
Subject: Business
College: Massey Business School

Online component
Online component: Partially Taught Online - As part of the course is taught online,
Broadband access is required. In addition to accessing the Course Guide, students
will be required to access core and supplementary digital study resources, contribute
to discussion fora and complete online activities and assessment tasks. Core study
resources that can be published in print will be supplied to the students who request
them. Learn more about Stream, our online learning environment.

Note: You may enrol in a postgraduate course (that is a 700-, 800- or 900-level course) if
you meet the prerequisites for that course and have been admitted to a qualification which
lists the course in its schedule.

Special notes
Enrolment in this course is restricted to students enrolled in the MBA programme.
Start Date: Wednesday 10 May, 2017
End date: Saturday 22 July, 2017

Withdrawal dates
The last day to withdraw from this course:

Without financial penalty: Wednesday 17 May, 2017

Without academic penalty: Tuesday 4 July, 2017

Contact workshops
There is no contact workshop for this course

There is currently no fee information available for this course online. For more
information please contact us.

Learning outcomes
Students who successfully complete this course should be able to:

1. Analyse and appraise the main features of Anglo-American accounting frameworks

used to measure and report wealth and changes in wealth.
2. Assess features and evaluate assumptions of accounting processes in order to
prepare a basic set of accounts.
3. Interpret and analyse financial statements, including the significance of the
assumptions made, and the legal and professional responsibilities involved.
4. Analyse and appraise the use of financial information and models in organisational
planning and control systems.

Please note: Learning Outcomes are subject to change until the beginning of the semester
in which the course is delivered.

During this course, the following assessments will contribute to your final mark.

Assessment Weighting Note

1 Test 30.0%

2 Group Project/Assignment 15.0%

Assessment Weighting Note

3 Group Perform/Presentation 15.0%

4 Individual Project/Assignment 40.0%

Please note: Assessment weightings are subject to change until the beginning of the
semester in which the course is delivered.

* Specific dates for assessments will be finalised in information provided on Stream at the
start of the Course.

Completion requirements
Students must submit all assessments, and achieve 50% overall for their individual
assessments to be eligible to pass the course..

There are no set texts for this course.

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