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Limited delivery area • Offers valid only on Delivery & Take away • Prices exclusive of taxes Prices subject to change

without prior notice • Menu may vary from city to city • Minimum order of one pizza required for delivery • Conditions apply.


Pizza Mia is prepared with the finest Mozzarella Cheese. Personal: Add Rs. Create your own Cheesy Bites Pizza. Red Capsicum. . Capsicum. Capsicum. Onion and Capsicum) Veggie Supreme Supreme 169 289 455 Tomato. Tomato and Coriander) (Paneer. Red 135 245 399 Chick ‘n’ Spicy (Chicken Hot n’ Spicy. Olives and Jalapenos) Pepperoni (100% Pork Pepperoni) Choose Your Crust cr new ust Our world famous Pizza with Poppable Cheese Filled crus t The authentic hand stretched crust baked to perfection. Vine-ripened California Tomatoes and other Available in all sizes. Onion. Capsicum and Mushroom) 145 255 419 175 295 459 Veggie Lovers (Mushroom. Tomato. Corn. Onion. Our world-famous thick crust pizza. Capsicum and Onion) Kadai Chicken (Kadai Chicken. wholesome ingredients. Chicken Supreme Chicken Hot n’ Spicy. Capsicum. Onion and Red Paprika) Country Feast (Sweet Corn. Tomato and Capsicum) Chicken Tikka Makhani (Tandoori Chicken. Onion and Green Chillies) 135 245 399 Veggie Crunch (Onion and Capsicum) Favourite Spicy Veggie (Tomato. Black Olives. Chicken Tikka and Chunky Chicken) 209 335 509 Exotica (Red Capsicum. 39 extra. Capsicum. Baby Corn. Melts in your mouth. Available in all sizes. Onion. Personal Medium Family Serves: (1) (2) (4) Personal Medium Family Serves: (1) (2) (4) Choose Your Pizza Margherita (Cheese) Veg Non Veg Classic 65 139 265 Zesty Chicken (Chunks of Chicken and Green Chillies) 95 199 34s 9 Simply Veg (Tomato and Onion) 95 199 349 Fiery Chicken (Chunks of Chicken. Onion. Capsicum. Old World Sauce from light and fluffy inside and golden brown and crunchy outside. Onion. Old World Sauce from Vine-ripened California Tomatoes and other wholesome ingredients. Green Chillies and Coriander) Teekha Paneer Makhani (Paneer. Tomato and Green Chillies) Paneer El Rancho Signature (Mexican Specialty Cajun Spiced Paneer. Medium: Add Rs. Baby Corn and Olives) (Mushroom. Mushroom. 69 extra. which is Pizza Mia is prepared with the finest Mozzarella Cheese. Onion and Green Chillies) Chicken Hawaiian (Chicken and Pineapple) Double Cheese (Topped with extra Cheese) Kadai Paneer Paprika.

Onion and Balsamic Vinegar) 85 Chocolate Truffle Cake 49 (Delicious Chocolate Truffle Cake with rich dark chocolate that melts in your mouth topped with loads of Choco-chips) *Price per Topping. Green Chillies.P.2) A creamy & rich mushroom sauce subtly flavoured with garlic & parsley. Slice*(500ml) 30 *Prices inclusive of taxes Available in select stores (Garlic Bread with Cheese. Jalapenos. Chicken Tikka Choose Your Pasta Creamy Mushroom (Serves 1. 99 Paprika spiced tangy tomato saucebest suited for the Indian palate. Paneer. 139 Smoked Chicken 159 Sides & Beverages Garlic Bread Cheese Garlic Bread Garlic Bread Spicy Supreme Garlic Bread Exotica 55 75 85 Sold at M. Sweet Corn. Smoked Chicken 119 Exotic black olives in a rich tangy tomato sauce. Chicken Hot n’ Spicy. Veg. Onion and Green Chillies) (Garlic Bread with Cheese. Pineapple Chunky Chicken. Melts in your mouth. Served with Garlic bread. Olives.R. Olives. 149 (Serves 1. Mushroom.Our world-famous thick crust Pizza. Choose Your Pizza Classic Personal Medium Family (2) (4) Serves:(1) Personal Medium Family (1) (2) (4) Serves: Veg Non Veg Margherita Simply Veg Veggie Crunch Spicy Veggie Double Cheese Kadai Paneer 75 105 149 279 219 369 Zesty Chicken Fiery Chicken Chicken Hawaiian 105 219 369 145 255 419 Favourite 159 279 445 Chick ‘n’ Spicy Chicken Tikka Makhani Kadai Chicken 159 279 445 199 329 499 Signature Supreme Veggie Lovers Paneer El Rancho Teekha Paneer Makhani Country Feast Veggie Supreme Exotica 199 329 499 Chicken Supreme 219 359 549 Vegetarian 20 30 30 30 40 40 50 60 60 Non vegetarian Extra cheese Capsicum. Arrabbiata (Serves 1. Jalapenos.2) Veg. 139 Smoked Chicken 159 Creamy Russian sauce prepared with fresh capsicum and mushrooms.Served with Garlic bread. (Serves 1. Served with Garlic bread.2) Creamy Stroganoff Veg. Red Paprika. Tomato. Red Capsicum. Onion. which is light and fluffy inside and golden brown and crunchy outside. Tomato.2) Spicy Tomato Veg. Add Toppings Personal Medium Family . Cajun Spiced Paneer. Baby Corn. Served with Garlic bread.

in At the time of delivery. Tomato. your pizza is hot. Tomato. Red Capsicum) Veggie Crunch (Onion. Onion. Green Chillies) Rs. public holiday and religious festival. Maximum PHD liability is Rs. Capsicum) Masala Chicken Non veg Selection (Chicken Hot n’ Spicy.2 Personal Pan Pizzas from Classic & Favorite range 1 Garlic Bread (4 pcs) 1 Pepsi Veg: Rs 259 Non Veg: Rs 299 Upgrade: Upgrade to the following pizzas Veg Add Ons: Cheese up your Garlic bread Add a Chocolate Truffle cake Kadai Paneer/ Veggie Lovers/ Paneer El Rancho/ Teekha Paneer Makhani/ Country Feast Non Veg Chick ‘n’ Spicy @ Rs 30 per pizza @ Rs 10 @ Rs 29 4 Personal Pan Pizzas in one box* Margherita (Cheese) Veggie Salsa Paneer Tikka Masala (Paneer. Hot Promise not applicable on New Year's Eve. Not valid on Cheesy Bites & Pizza Mia range. Condotions apply. 269 Rs. The service promise may be withdrawn temporarily in view of difficult operating conditions for Capsicum) Veggie Blast (Onion. cannot be combined with any other offer.pizzahut. else you get it free!* *Order of 4 more pizzas qualifiers as a bulk order. Onion. Hot delivery applicable at first barrier point (security guard / reception . Onion. Onion) Veggie Surprise (Onion. Capsicum. not valid service promise of Hot or Free. At the time of delivery. to be announced at the time of order if the dot reads HOT. Capsicum) Fiery Chicken (Chicken Plain. 329 * Only set combinations available. www. Coriander. Capsicum) Chicken Tikka (Chicken Tikka. Valid only on Delivery. else you get it free!* www. if the dot reads Hot.).Pizza Hut Delivery (PHD) reserves the right to withdraw the service promise without prior information. Jalapeno) Tangy Chicken (Chicken Hot n’ Spicy and Tomato) Veggie Delite (Tomato. your pizza is hot & fresh.pizzahut. 500. Corn. Mushroom) (Onion. Red Paprika) Veg Selection Garden Fresh (Onion. 229 Rs.