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Subsidy Process under MIDH

Apply with DPR to a

Create Detailed Project Receive Loan Sanction
Nationalised bank to apply
Report with Financials from your Nationalised
for loan. Comply with all
(DPR). Bank
norms of Bank.

Submit documents to
Application for subsidy State Level Executive
State Horticulture Mission
with DPR + Bank loan Committee (SLEC)
(SHM) or National
Sanction + duly filled recommends the Project
Horticulture Board (NHB)
datasheets for implementation.
office in your region.

PAC recommends projects

to Empowered Monitoring
Projects are vetted for In cases where required,
Committee (EMC) /
technical compliance by project is marked to the
Executive Committee (EC)
the State Project Central Project Appraisal
the final authority for
Appraisal Committee. Committee (PAC).
Centrally Sponsored

Projects must be fully financed (with bank + promoter share) before applying for subsidy. Subsidy shall be credit linked and back ended,
intended to offset credit burden. Subsidy cannot be more than Bank loan. Approval process can range from 2 to 8 months depending on
projects and need not hold back projects from implementation.
(refer Annexure-III of MIDH Operational Guidelines)