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life Abundant for

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Published by

^Aquarian Mtinistry
Santa Barbara, Calif.
Copyright, 1928

Santa Barbara, Cal.

First Edition, December 1, 1927

Second Edition, March 1, 1928
Third Edition, November 1, 1928


This book is lovingly dedicated to
all Humanity and to my companion
on The Path, whose life and love and
faith have been a constant inspiration
and help to me in our service together
through the Aquarian Ministry.
This book has been written from the heart of the author
to you who read its pages. It goes forth impressed with
power to heal, bless, prosper and awaken every soul, ac
cording to its need. If you read it in Silence and Relaxa
tion, realizing that the Spirit within gives illumination and
understanding to every seeking soul, you will find in it
inspiration, uplift, and a continual help on the path. We
hope you will keep it with you as a loving friend and com
panion, and refer to it when in need.
Read a chapter of this book each day in your com
munion with the Spirit (that period each day when you as
a child of God try to realize your at-one-ment with the
Great Source of your Being) and you will grow in that
consciousness of Truth which will eventually set you free.
If one chapter of the book is studied and concentrated
on for a week, and actually lived for that period of time,
it will become part of you, and its Truth will be yours for
all time. It is the actual living of the Truth that helps us
grow in that divine, universal consciousness, possessing
which we possess all things.
Louise B. Brownell.
Chapter Pafee

I. How Do You Start Your Day.' - 1 1

II. Realization 14
III. The Life Abundant - - - - 19
IV. The Inexhaustible Reservoir - 22
V. Prosperity 27
VI. Are You Living in a Haunted
House? 31
VII. Faith 35
VIII. The Power of Suggestion - - 39
IX. The Value of Repetition - - 44
X. The Healing Consciousness - - 47
XI. The Need of Peace - - - - 52
XII. "Where There is no Vision the
People Perish 55
XIII. The Conscious Breath - - - 59
XIV. Different Methods of
Concentration 62
XV. A Healing Meditation - - - 66
XVI. "Seek and Ye Shall Find" - - 69
XVII. The Power of Thought - - - 72
XVIII. In the Secret of His Presence 76
XIX. Self Mastery 78
XX. The Law of Action and Reaction 8 1

XXI. "Be Still and Know that I Am

God" 85
XXII. The Virtue of Pain - - - - 88
XXIII. The Mystery of Darkness - - 91
XXIV. A Cure for Self-Depreciation - 92
XXV. Rhythmic Breath 96
viii Life Abundant for You
XXVI. Why Not Be Your Own
Psycho-Analyst? 99
XXVII. The Law of Prosperity - - - 102
XXVIII. The First Commandment - - 106
XXIX. Making Your Demonstration - 109
XXX. The Secret Place of the Most
High 115
XXXI. Helpers— Visible and Invisible - 118
XXXII. The Need of Forgiving - - - 122
XXXIII. Banking Your Assets - - - - 126
XXXIV. We Are Co- Creators with God - 130
XXXV. The Renewing of the Mind - - 135
XXXVI. Surmounting Life's Inevitables

XXXVII. Arise, Shine ! 143
XXXVIII. Some Answers to the
Fundamentalists 146
XXXIX. Individuality 150
XL. Steps to Mastery 152
XLI. Condemnation

XLII. True Prayer 162
XLIII. Words of Life 167
XLIV. Why Are We Here?

XLV. Ye Are the Light of the World 172
XL VI. Involution and Evolution - - 177
XL VII. A Soul's Evolution 180
XL VIII. Love and Service 186
XLIX. The Color Scheme in Nature - 189
L. Heredity, Environment and

LI. At the Cross -Roads ....

Soul -Power as Factors in
Evolution 192

LII. The Mind and the Magnetic Aura 198
LIU. God isAllin All 202
LIV. As Above So Below 204
LV. Reincarnation 207
LVI. 213
LVII. He Giveth His Beloved Sleep
(Poem) 215
Contents ix

LVIII. The Law of the Lord is Perfect

Converting the Soul - - - 216
LIX. Strength in Weakness - - - 218
LX. All is Good 220
LXI. Obstacles a Blessing in Disguise 222
LXII. A Healing Treatment for the
Whole Body 223
LXIII. Illumination 225
LXIV. Practicing the Presence of God 227
LXV. The Radiant Personality - - 229
LXVI. The Reservoir of Abundance - 231

My Harp of Many Strings - - 235
Heaven 236
Go Thou Within 238
Why You Are You 239
The Christ Within - - - - 240
Peace and Dominion - - - - 241
Prepare Ye the Way - - - - 242
I Claim My Divine Birthright - 243
Behold I Stand at the Door and
Knock 244
A Prayer 245
Invocation and Response (Poem) 245
Treatment for Attaining
Christ Consciousness - - - 246
Beloved Now are We the Sons
of God 247


O YOU awaken in the morning, praising God and
counting your blessings, or do you begin thinking
of your limitations?
All those who are living up to the possibilities of this
New Age and who desire illumination are trying to realize
they are a channel for the Spirit. All through the Bible
we find the command to Rejoice. "Let all those that put
their trust in Thee rejoice: let them ever shout for joy,
because thou defendest them; let them also that love Thy
name be joyful in Thee." Psalms 5:11. And also, "This
is the day which the Lord hath made, we will rejoice and
be glad in it." Psalms 118:24. This last is a wonderful
thought with which to start your day.
Awaken with a thought of praise and joyousness on
your lips, thank God for all your blessings, thank Him
that this day is to be the best day you have ever spent with
Him, in His service. Dedicate your mind and soul and
body to God, and ask Him to lead you in the way of
peace, happiness, prosperity and joyous service, in what
ever your brain and hands find to do this day.
Keep the constructive thought, and realize you are a
channel for the Spirit. And the Spirit is Life (joyous,
abundant life) ; the Spirit is Joy (exceeding joy) ; the
Spirit is Harmony (peace, and strength and poise) ; the
Spirit is Divine Energy in expression, seeking always to
serve; the Spirit is Abundance everywhere manifest.
Feel and know that you are this day a radiant channel
for this All-Abundant Spirit to flow through. Don't
say you have nothing to give. No matter how cramped
12 Life Abundant for You
or limited your life may seem to you, do you know you
have something to give? You can give a smile, or a flower,
or a kind word, or a thought of peace and blessing to the
souls you meet, instead of putting on a discouraged, wor
ried, critical or fault-finding attitude and expression. Re
joice in the sunshine, rejoice in your neighbor's good luck.
Give joyously to others the pleasures they have, the pos
sessions, the clothes, even if they are better than you can
have at present. If you can give joyously to others, in
stead of feeling you are more worthy of them, or instead of
feeling envious or covetous of their good fortune, do you
know that nothing can stop the flow of good to you?
Best of all, spend a half hour each day blessing others,
affirming for them the things you would desire for your
THEY SHOULD DO UNTO YOU. That is, do not
criticize or blame them, or judge them; but bless them,
and affirm peace, happiness and abundance for them. This
is what God is constantly doing for His children, and
when we do this we bring ourselves into at-one-ment with
Him, we recognize as never before our Unity with Him
and His Spirit of all good and abundance, and as we
create the channel for good to flow through us nothing
can stop the flow to us. It is the law! But we have to
give joyously, and with a loving spirit and a desire to
serve, not with a grudging spirit, looking for the reward.
We have the promise always that "Our reward is with
us." God always pays. It is the law of Sowing and
Remember, in giving or in speaking the constructive
word for others, the wonderful words of Paul in I Cor. :
"Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels,
and have not charity (love) I am become as sounding
brass, or a tinkling cymbal. And though I have the gift
of prophecy and understand all mysteries, and all know
ledge, and though I have all faith so that I could remove
mountains, and have not charity, I am nothing. And
though I bestow all my goods to feed the poor, and though
How Do You Start the Day? 13

I give my body to be burned, and have not charity, it

profiteth me nothing. Charity suffereth long and is kind;
charity envieth not; charity vaunteth not itself, is not
puffed up. Doth not behave itself unseemly, seeketh not
her own, is not provoked, thinketh no evil. Rejoic-
eth not in iniquity (that which is weak or false or im
perfect) , but rejoiceth in the Truth (that which is of
God, lasting and enduring) . Beareth all things, believeth
all things (that are Truth) ; hopeth all things, endureth all
things. Charity never faileth."
Affirm for others each day in this Spirit of Love, sow
your seed in the ground, water it with your expectancy,
knowing that just as the seed put in the soil works away in
the dark, gains strength to burst its sheath, and puts forth
its tiny rootlet or shoot, finally breaks out of the cold,
dark ground into God's blessed air and sunshine, grows
into a sturdy plant, blossoms and bears fruitage, so every
good seed you sow, and water with your love and expec
tancy, must bear fruit and bring forth of its kind.
Start now to live the Joyous, Constructive Life, and as
you realize you are a divine magnet and channel for the
Spirit, all the good things of life will flow to you in
increasing abundance. As long as you give forth joyously
in the consciousness of God's mighty wisdom, power and
abundance serving and blessing through you. nothing can
stop the Infinite Flow to you. It is the secret of all Attain
ment, Creation and Demonstration.
No matter what your work is in life, whether it is out
in the commercial world, or in the home, or in creating art
or beauty, put the thought of joyous service into it, and
today's effort will surpass that of yesterday and bring
greater joy and satisfaction to yourself and to those who
use what you have brought forth. "THIS IS THE DAY