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Engineering Manager Roles and Responsibilities

1. Direct and monitor the engineering and design efforts of the project team.
2. Oversee, plan, and direct the engineering activity and support each discipline lead in
performing their specific engineering and design duties.
3. Question those things you do not understand.
4. Develop and maintain positive working relationships with the project team and an
orderly, ethical, and professional atmosphere. Trust and respect the people working for

5. Develop and maintain a cooperative relationship with the client to promote common
interests, foster mutual respect and further client confidence and trust.
6. Prioritize individual group efforts to suit project requirements.
7. Review the project contract and fully understand Jacobs’ contractual requirements.
8. Act as the project manager on behalf of the project manager when so assigned.
9. Lead by example, not by brute force

10. Assist team members with obtaining personal protective gear and training as necessary.
11. Ensure understanding and compliance and with safety in design (SID) initiatives and
technical guidelines.
12. Ensure that all buildings and structures are provided with the required means of egress
and all other safety features. Layout of all buildings and structures shall be reviewed by
Code compliance specialist prior to client review of the layout.
13. Coordinate the development, client review, client approval, and implementation of project
specific procedures, specifications, and standards including the basic engineering data
(BED sheets).
14. Involve the client to obtain agreement and alignment on scope and direction and to
prevent “false starts” and rework.
15. Ensure drawing indexes and drawing lists are kept up to date.
16. Act as the point of contact for consultants or other contractors engaged to support the
engineering and design effort.
17. Assist the construction and subcontract groups in defining construction subcontracts.
Coordinate and provide technical scope input for subcontract RFQ. Assist the
construction and subcontract groups evaluating and estimating construction change
orders, using the Estimating group to confirm costs.
18. Coordinate home office engineering and design support as requested by Construction
for responding to field RFI's and issuing Construction Change Management documents.
19. Coordinate and participate in modular construction reviews and constructability
20. Actively participate and monitor purchase commitments and subcontracts to ensure the
design, fabrication, delivery of materials and execution of the work are in accordance
with project requirements.
21. Assist with vendor and subcontractor bidding and selection process (request for
quotation, bid tab and purchase order approvals).
22. Support disciplines in resolving technical and schedule related issues with vendors in a
timely fashion that supports the project schedule.
23. Provide engineering support to assist Shop QA/QC Inspectors in resolving vendor
problems and issues.
24. Lead, coordinate, and participate in task force reviews of P&IDs, plot plans, equipment
arrangements, model reviews, HAZOP reviews and other similar project activities.
25. Assume responsibility for the P&IDs as a project document. Coordinate inputs from
process, piping, control systems, electrical and mechanical. Ensure proper maintenance of
master P&IDs and associated Management of Change log including approval signatures
from the disciplines and the client as needed. Hold and coordinate weekly MOC approval
meetings with disciplines.
26. Ensure tie-in identification procedure is established and is being followed
27. Assist disciplines with coordination of acoustic and dynamic studies for reciprocating
28. Ensure the team (including work share) is properly notified of approved changes in a
timely manner.
29. Work closely with the document management group to coordinate and expedite the
flow of information among the disciplines to keep project on schedule.
30. Monitor comments on interdisciplinary squad check documents.
31. Work with the expediting group to ensure vendor drawings are reviewed and returned
on schedule.
32. Coordinate the visual survey (i.e. laser scanning) activities and scope of work on the
project. This includes developing a technical scope of work, cost estimate for the work,
and associated documents for a subcontract package.
33. Ensure all engineering and design disciplines are using the survey data for project
design, model reviews, clash detection and dimensional control verification of as-built
34. Assist the project manager with the development of the project execution plan and
project procedures, including a multi-office execution plan.
35. Implement the established uniform project filing system through Document
Management and issue file index as required by client. .
36. Provide feedback to the discipline department managers as to the performance of the
discipline team and the discipline lead.
37. Be the point project person who works with the discipline managers to staff and de-
staff the project.
38. Conduct project meetings and ensure meeting notes are recorded and issued in a timely
39. Initiate and maintain the project Needs List.
40. Monitor and address changes to project scope.
41. Work closely with document management for the orderly flow of information within
the project.
42. Develop the Table of Contents for project data books and obtain approval from client
in a timely fashion.
43. Direct the assembly of the project data books.

44. Understand what information is needed for a discipline to achieve milestone dates
considering market conditions for equipment and materials.
45. Monitor all critical path links in the schedule and ensure disciplines are meeting
schedule milestones.
46. Hold planning sessions to address schedule issues or changes and implement
workaround strategies. These sessions are to resolve delays in engineering or vendor
deliverables or to address schedule improvement opportunities based on changes or
accelerated completion of engineering activities.
47. Ensure changes of deliverables are reflected in the schedule to allow for planning of
schedule recovery/acceleration, or the proper schedule slippage/improvement is
implemented and approved.
48. Ensure change notices are submitted and approved in a timely fashion and adequately
reflect schedule impacts.
49. Manage schedule to ensure there are no surprises.
50. Hold planning sessions with the disciplines when change notices are denied and/or
budgets are unilaterally cut, to accomplish project goals with reduced allocated resources.
51. Hold planning sessions with the disciplines for approved DCNs that have significant
scope and schedule impact to ensure the entire team understands the changes and how it
affects their work.
52. Manage the DCN process for scope changes, cost changes and schedule changes. Must
also ensure that DCNs are not approved for routine design development or low
53. Enforce management of change as it relates to discipline budgets.
54. Ensure disciplines monitor and issue updates to bulk material quantities to help track
and forecast overall contract cost.
55. Assist the project manager with monthly reviews from the disciplines and progress
56. Manage project budget to ensure that there are no surprises.