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From Gascony, France, a spirit with a 700 Year Old history.

artisanal product, crafted in small quantities.

Made from white wine using four main grapes: Colombard, Folle
Blanche, Baco, Ugni Blanc.

Wine is distilled in very old copper Alambics carefully discarding

the beginning and end of the distillation, carving out the heart

Only the “Heart”will show, even to the most doubtful newcomer,

the powerful elegance of our noble character.

Blanche (white) Armagnac is vatted into inert containers

preserving its aromas and crystal clear appearance.

Armagnac is put to age in 400 liter French oak barrels under

constant evaluation of the cellar master. After 50 years, is put
into glass and is preciously conserved in the ‘paradis’

Once blended, Cyrano is bottled, labeled and waxed by hand,

guarantying a maximum attention and care to every bottle.
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Created by brothers in law who fell in love with Gascogne, Cyrano is a
modern twist on the traditional style Armagnac. The Oldest Spirit of
France, a super premium spirit with a 700 year old history.

The story begins when Cesar, Cyrano's co-founder and former CEO of a
French tech company decided to change paths and moved to the family
house in the far flung Margouet-Meymes, commune of Armagnac. His love
for the region, history and its special brandy grew and approached his
brother in law Gianni, Sommelier and owner of the famous LA restaurant
Madeo, about getting into the business.

They identified a need for high quality spirits for restaurants and bars
that was authentic, small batch and affordable. Together they created
Cyrano, named for famous and complicated historical figure who
famously loved Armagnac above all other brandies.

Inspired by the play Cyrano de Bergerac, Gianni's vision was to create the
best possible spirit within a bottle. A spirit that tells the story of
Armagnac with its unique heritage, and the masterful crafting that goes
into the creation of each bottle - a spirit that will make bartenders &
sommeliers proud to pour for the next 700 years.

Cyrano's armagnacs were recognized for their exceptional quality at the

2017 San Francisco World Spirits Competition (SFWSC), winning 3 medals.

Cyrano is a poet and a soldier, a brawler and an incurable romantic
hero. The first among men and totally lost among women. Blessed with
being brilliant at everything, cursed by having the biggest nose in all of
France. Cyrano is hopelessly in love with Roxane, but he is too ashamed
to confess his love for fear of rejection, so instead he becomes her
friend. Christian, a young handsome Captain catches Roxane's eye. She
begs Cyrano to keep him safe. With his mighty heart breaking, Cyrano
sets about his task, using his unique skills as a poet, writing for
Christian ravishing love letters to Roxane, without her realizing that
it's Cyrano's words she falls for.

Cyrano defies arrogant authority and oppressive orders. He is heroic,

romantic, and idealistic, combining outstanding courage, sword-
fighting skill, resourcefulness, and a distinct sense of honor and

Armagnac shares some of Cyrano’s qualities. Both come from a time when
integrity and honor ruled supreme, and both have depth of character.
Both are noble but not elitist. Both are spirits of value and of value.
And Both have a great Nose !

We produce F0ur different interpretations of Armagnac. in 700 or 750ml
glass bottles. Bottled at 84 proof, 42% ABV

2 for Mixing: Roxane and XO 2 for Sipping : 25 Years, and 50 Years

Roxane. A crisp and clear, Blanche (White) Armagnac of
finest quality. Vatted into inert containers for 8 months
preserving its aromas and crystal clear appearance. Fruit
and freshness overflow in this very well-balanced white
armagnac. Won silver Medal at San Francisco World Spirits

XO. Launched in January 2018 this armagnac has been Aged

for 8 years in oak barrels. It is perfect for mixing and will
delight those that are looking for a rich and smooth spirit.
It's a rather woody blend, with spicy aromas, complex but
remains round. This rich Armagnac brings oak and leather
together with slightly sweet notes of flower and fruit.

25 Years. Bottled exclusively from a dumping of 20 barrels or
less, made of the tight-grained, rich in tannins and deeply
colored oak. The quality of this blend reflects the balance
between the spirit's strength and the aging time, giving a very
fine armagnac with a quite exceptional after taste. Elegant
on the nose, it is in the mouth that will unveil all of its
complexity. Won Gold at San Francisco World Spirits

50 Years. For crafting this delicate blend, our Maître de Chai

has selected several armagnacs between 50 to 70 years old.
The younger lending the fruited aroma, the older conferring
elegance and the « rancio » of long aging. This fantastic
elixir will make drinkers feel obliged to smell for a long time
and sip in small doses, while discovering an aromatic
complexity that is rarely found in any spirit. Won Gold at San
Francisco World Spirits Competition.

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