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Springfield Middle’s We are…Wildcats!!!


This level of chorus concentrates on learning the basics

of choral music. Broad areas of instruction include note
reading, pitch discrimination, vocal pedagogy and
elements of music. Types of songs include unison, two-
part, some three-part, round canon and some
antiphonal singing. Kinds of music to be sung include
folk songs, pop, rock, soul, blues and classical.
Evaluation is based upon performance and written
theory work.
Contact Springfield Middle Springfield Middle School
*Honors Chorus, All County Chorus, Vocal Ensemble are
additional offerings
Phone: (252)237-4250 Principal: Marquis Spell
Fax: (252)239-1686
CTE Assistant Principal:
This course is designed to explore the nature of Wendy Daniel
business in an international economy and to study
related careers in fields such as entrepreneurship,
financial services, information systems, marketing, Website: Mission Statement
office systems technology, public relations and Springfield Middle School will provide a safe and
promotion, and travel and tourism. Emphasis is on orderly environment, which recognizes cultural
using the computer while studying applications in these diversity and develops academic and social
careers along with problem solving and thinking skills. abilities while promoting life-long learning for a
Communication and mathematics skills are reinforced
Twitter: @SMSSpell
global community.
as students explore business applications and careers.
Health/Physical Education Vision Statement
way/ Springfield Middle School believes every student
Health focuses on the student’s growing role as the can learn and should experience success and
decision-maker for his own health practices. Topics recognition. Our school environment will have a
included are wellness awareness, stress management, profound effect on student achievement. Our
protecting self/others, relationships, nutrition/weight
staff will create a sensitive, caring environment
management and substance abuse. Physical education SPRINGFIELD which will encourage students to be life long
activities provide the student with the skills necessary MIDDLE SCHOOL
to remain physically active and fit throughout his/her learners. Students need to practice respect for
5551 Wiggins Mill Rd. others and themselves and should be held
lifetime. The course includes instruction in individual,
dual and team sports; personal fitness; recreational Lucama, NC 27851 responsible for their own actions. Student
dance; gymnastics and recreational activities. success is enhanced when families, schools and
the community are engaged in an ongoing
Welcome to Lucama! Springfield Middle’s Springfield Middle’s
Academics Extracurriculars
About the Town:
The Town of Lucama was founded in Art
1889 in Wilson County. Lucama's official Skills will be developed in areas such as drawing,
School Grade C painting, designing, printmaking, sculpture and
population is 1143. Lucama is located on
crafts. Students will be encouraged to broaden
US Highway 301 seven miles between
School 58 their perception and appreciation of art and to
the City of Wilson to the east and the
Proficiency formulate opinions and judgments based upon
Town of Kenly to the west in Johnston their experiences.
County. US Interstate 95 goes through School Growth 60.1 Agriculture
both of these towns. Lucama is
approximately 50 miles east of the state Growth Status Did Not Meet Provides students with the opportunity to
capital of Raleigh. participate in an integrated educational model
that focuses students on careers in the food, fiber
EOG Reading 58 and environmental systems.
Elementary Feeder Schools:
Lucama Elementary EOG Math 49 AVID (Advancement Via Individual
Rock Ridge Elementary Determination)
EOG Science 73
Springfield Middle’s Demographics: Our task is to prepare our students to succeed in
middle school and college preparatory high
440 students: Math I 95 school classes. In AVID, students are given the
support and instruction they need to succeed.
13% African American
28% Hispanic Band
56% Caucasian
3% Multiracial Springfield Middle’s This course is designed to allow students to
Athletic Offerings participate in the band program based on their
knowledge, ability and performance level. Home
Springfield Middle’s Economics: Baseball practice is expected of each student as well as
59% Free or Reduced Lunch Boys and Girls Basketball
having weekly playing tests. Each student
furnishes his/her own instrument.
Boys and Girls Soccer
Cross Country