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Centre for Modern Architecture Studies in Southeast Asia

Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Architecture
Prerequisite: None
Project 1: Case Study
50% of final marks
Submission date: Video Presentation Week 6 (Monday 2 Oct 17)
Photobook Week 13 (Monday, 27 Nov 17)

LO Video Presentation
Project Group 50% Case Study
1-3 Photobook


The assessments for this module consist of two components. Based on the given topics, the Case Study component
requires students to watch pre-recorded lectures to facilitate their group discussion in class. Students are required to
present their findings in the form of video presentation. For some topics, students are required to write an essay.

Objectives of Project

1. To introduce students to activities which culminate in the production of the study; collection, indexing and
evaluation of information; analysis of information; compilation and organization of study; writing of study;
assembly of illustration and text; design of layout; binding and presentation.

Learning Outcomes of this Project

1. Describe the historical development of the main strands of Asian architecture.

2. Identify a broad range of issues related to the historical and chronological transitions of Asian architectural
3. Interpret architectural language in relation to the development of Asian architecture and urbanism based on
the themes of tradition, modernity and globalisation

ASIAN ARCHITECTURE (ARC60403/ARC2234): August 2017 1

Tasks - Methodology

The coursework structure is illustrated in Figure1.

Figure1: Coursework structure

Form a group of 6-7. Based on the topic assigned, you are required to watch a pre-recorded lectures to
understand the key concepts of that particular topic. This shall facilitate your group discussion in class as
preparation for the video presentation submission of your findings. Specific instructions and assignment
requirements will be published in TIMeS when the pre-recorded lecturesare released for access.

For some topics, you are required to produce a photobook based on the assigned topics. The pre-recorded
lectures shall be used for your group discussion in completing the work. Specific instructions and
assignment requirements will be published in TIMeS when the pre-recorded lectures are released for

Submission Requirements

Video can be produced using apps/ softwares such as ONE photobook softcopy to be uploaded to
Powerpoint, Keynote, PowToon, CamStudio, Screencast-o- TIMeS.
matic& etc.

Video duration should be not more than 3 minutes.

Narration is optional.

ONE video presentation to be uploaded to hosting sites (i.e.

Youtube), and links submitted to TIMeS.

ASIAN ARCHITECTURE (ARC60403/ARC2234): August 2017 2

Assessment criteria

Project 1: Case Study (50%) – Group with Individual Component

Vernacular Architecture Video Presentation (20%)

 Analysis of vernacular architectural elements 5
 Analysis of design interpretation / adaptation 5
 Clarity of information 5
 Peer evaluation 5

Photobook (30%)

 Relevance and depth of discussions of content 15

 Organisation and structure of essay 5
 APA citations and referencing 5
 Peer evaluation 5

ASIAN ARCHITECTURE (ARC60403/ARC2234): August 2017 3

Project 2: Contextual Architecture Study

30% of final marks

Submission date: Week 13 (Monday 27 Nov 17)

LO Contextual A2 Presentation
Project Individual 30%
4-6 Architecture Study Visual


The Contextual Architecture Study project requires students to analyse how the selected architectural design
respond to its contexts. Findings from the study is presented in the form of A2 presentation visual.

Objectives of Project

To integrate architectural design and research through a specific case study, supporting students’ design through
extensive research within the framework of Contextual Architecture in Asia.

Learning Outcomes of this Project

1. Analyse and discuss the relationship between architecture and its social, cultural and intellectual context
within the Asian region.
2. Differentiate the way in which many varied factors contribute to the development of Asian architecture and
3. Produce, orally and in writing, a critical interpretation of Asian architecture and urbanism in relation to
relevant issues within the contemporary architecture and design.

Tasks - Methodology

You are to identify a building in Asia which you intent to investigate through observation and readings on
contemporary Contextual Architecture practices and issues in Asia.

Based on the selected building, conduct analysis on its Contextual Architecture elements which may
include but not limited to (refer Appendix A for description):

 Space organization and access hierarchy

 Sky line, compression and height
 Features related to the form of the building
 Building material and systems
 Image making elements
 Dimensions of history and social memories

ASIAN ARCHITECTURE (ARC60403/ARC2234): August 2017 4

You need to show findings and analysis in the form of a printed A2 presentation visual, with appropriate
visual communication design and clarity of information.

Submission Requirements


ONE A2 visual in JPEG or PDF to be uploaded to


Assessment criteria

Project 2: Contextual Architecture Study (30%) - Individual

A2 Visual Presentation
 Analysis of Contextual Architecture elements 20
 Clarity of information 5
 Appropriate visual communication design 5

ASIAN ARCHITECTURE (ARC60403/ARC2234): August 2017 5

Marking criteria

Marks shall be distributed as follows:

Contextual Architecture Study (30%)

Excellent Good Acceptable Poor

16-20 % 11-15% 6-10% 0-5%

Analysis of Contextual Shows excellent analysis of Shows good analysis of relevant Has sufficient analysis of Shows very few or irrelevant
Architecture element (20%) relevant Contextual Architecture Contextual Architecture relevant Contextual Architecture Contextual Architecture
features. features. features. features.

4-5% 2-3%
Vague presentation of
Clarity of information (5%) Information is very clear. Information is clear despite
information with lots of
Good use of language with little errors. some grammatical errors.
grammatical errors

4-5% Shows minimal effort in 0-1%
Appropriate visual
Very good visual composition with appropriate design elements, presenting work using Bad visual composition with
communication design (5%) selection of typography and quality. appropriate design elements messy presentation outcomes.
and selection of typography.

ASIAN ARCHITECTURE (ARC60403/ARC2234): August 2017 6

Appendix A

Contextual Architecture Elements Description

 Spatial organisation responds to the new functional and

working needs of users.
Space organization and access hierarchy
 Spatial planning reinforces the existing social and cultural

 Considerations of the surrounding place in terms of height,

compression and the number of floors.
Sky line, compression and height
 Sensitivity towards the observation of necessary standards in
comparison with the neighbouring units.

Features related to the form of the  Utilization of a mixture of general building forms and shapes
building in coordination with the local place patterns.

 Material of the exteriors are carefully chosen and executed in

Building material and systems full coordination with the original and domestic patterns/
culture of the local place.

 Exterior façade observes the constancy and coordination with

Visual making elements
existing local and regional visual patterns.

Dimensions of history and social  Design of the building respects the history of the local
community and shows efforts to highlight such significance.

ASIAN ARCHITECTURE (ARC60403/ARC2234): August 2017 7

ASIAN ARCHITECTURE (ARC60403/ARC2234): August 2017 8