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4:30pm Registration

- Cheryl
- Kate
- Gerlie
4:55pm ALDRIN: (voice over) We shall begin our program in 5 minutes.
4:59pm MAC: (voice over) Please settle down and find your seats as we shall begin in 1 minute.
5:00pm MAC: (voice over) Welcome to Eastwood Richmonde Hotel’s Annual Employees’ Party. Let us all rise for our opening
prayer to be led by Mr. Marlon De Silva


Let us place ourselves in the loving presence of the Lord.

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen

Loving Father, we are gathered here today, to have fun and fellowship, and to celebrate and give thanks to the
blessing that we received in 2016; that we may share in the song of the angels, the gladness of the shepherds,
and worship of the wise men.
Close the door of hate and open the door of love in every one of us. Let kindness come with every gift and good
desires with every greeting. Deliver us from evil by the blessing which Christ brings, and teach us to be merry with
clear hearts.
Lord God, Your bounty and provision is everlasting. We thank the food that is on our banquet table. Bless them that
they may bring nourishment to our body and to our soul. Give us also your boundless blessings to our family,
friends and everyone all over of the world.
In Jesus Name, we pray.

5:05pm MAC & ALDRIN: (while going towards centerstage) Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen!

ALDRIN: Welcome to our Hat and Denim Party and the much awaited ERH Got Talent Season 3! We shall be your
hosts for today. My name is ALDRIN.
MAC: and I am MAC. ALDRIN, doesn’t everyone look absolutely fabulous in their hat and denim outfits today?
ALDRIN: Yes. This year we chose a more laid back party theme so everybody could show what they’ve got for ERH’s
3rd Season of Got Talent.
MAC: Correct. Alam mo naman dito, lahat competitive kaya I’m sure we will all be entertained tonight.
5:10pm ALDRIN: To formally start our program, I would like to call our beloved Hotel Manager, Mr. Jun Justo for his Opening
Remarks. (clap, clap)
(Sir JJ’s Opening Remarks)
5:15pm MAC: Thank you Sir JJ. To get this party started, our 2016 hired and promoted supervisors will be showcasing their
talents in this opening number
ALDRIN: Let us all welcome – Candee, Nico, Ryan and Ruel!
(Dance Number)
(clap, clap)
MAC: Great job! May hidden talents pala mga newly hired and newly promoted supervisors natin.
ALDRIN: Oo naman. Kasama na ata sa criteria yan bago ka mapromote or ma-hire.  Ask natin mamaya HR kung
part na yun nang requirements. 
MAC: Sige, later.
5:20pm MAC: In a while, we shall be seeing the performances of our colleagues but before that, it is now time for the
presentation of the Group Costume.
ALDRIN: Our theme this year is Hat and Denim Party. Our distinguished panel of judges shall choose the winning
group based on the following criteria: Cohesiveness, Relevance to the Theme and Creativity.
MAC: When I call out your team, please proceed to the stage for pose for our judges.
- Group 1: F&B Service and Executive Office (pose)
- Group 2: Finance and Sales & Marketing (pose)
- Group 3: Housekeeping and Engineering (pose)
ALDRIN: Group 4: Front Office and Human Resources (pose). Last, pero for sure di pahuhuli… Group 5: F&B Kitchen
MAC: Group costume award pa lang yan, kabog na! So you know na we are in for a great show tonight!

5:25pm ALDRIN: So MAC, let’s discuss the mechanics of our competition.
MAC: The departments were divided into 5 groups and shall prepare an entry for ERH Got Talent Competition.
ALDRIN: Each presentation will be given a maximum of 8 minutes. This time shall already include stage preparation
and egress.
MAC: Should the team exceed more than the allotted time, 1 point shall be deducted from their total combined
score for every minute or fraction thereof na sumobra sila. What shall the winners get, ALDRIN?
MAC: Our prizes shall be as follows:
- 5th Place: Php500
- 4th Place: Php1,000
- 3rd Place: Php2,000
- 2nd Place: Php3,000
- 1st Place/Champion: Php5,000
ALDRIN: Our judges shall rate the films based on the following criteria:
- Poise (Confidence, cover mistakes well, etc.): 10%
- Physical Appearance (Neatness, costuming, etc.): 10%
- Stage Presence (Audience appeal, smile, etc.): 10%
- Over-all impression: 20%
- Talent (Music, Ability, Coordination, etc.) 50%
ALDRIN: Our panel of judges will surely have a difficult time kasi lahat ng teams talagang pinaghandaan, pinaganda
and pinaghirapan ang mga talents for tonight. Buti na lang at hindi ako magjjudge.
MAC: Ako din, ALDRIN. I don’t envy them right now dahil for sure mahihirapan din ako magjudge. So let us now
introduce our panel of judges.
5:30pm ALDRIN: Our 1st judge is an AXA Financial Executive & Adviser, please welcome, Ms. Jesalyn Rodil.
MAC: Our 2nd judge is an Auditor at Megaworld Corporation. Let’s all welcome, Ms. Nichole Valderas.
ALDRIN: Our 3rd and final judge and the chairwoman of the board of judges, she is no stranger to us as she is our
Hotel Physician, please welcome, Dra. Kathleen Habaña.
ALDRIN: MAC, I think everyone is ready to start the competition.
MAC: Sige nga, let’s check. When you hear your team, please cheer on so that we’ll know that you’re ready. Let’s
start with F&B Service and Executive Office (pause for cheers)

ALDRIN: Next is Finance and Sales & Marketing! (pause for cheers)
MAC: Third, let me hear Housekeeping an Engineering! (Pause for cheers)
ALDRIN: Next, make some noise Front office and Human Resources! (pause for cheers)
MAC: And finally, F&B Kitchen! (pause for cheers)
5:35pm ALDRIN: Mukhang handang handa na nga ang lahat so let’s start the competition. First up is the collaboration of
F&B Service and Executive Office. Please welcome Agent Maroon!

5:45pm MAC: That was very entertaining. Congratulations to F&B Service and Executive Office.
ALDRIN: Before we proceed with the next entry, it is time to announce the 1st set of winners for our Raffle. The
names were drawn yesterday by our Hotel Manager with the presence of all the Department Heads.
Quantity Name Specifications
1 1 pc Earl Aure Cordless Kettle
2 1 pc Almer Calimpusan 500 SM GC
3 1 pc Princess Lim Rice cooker with steamer
4 1 pc Lara Lituania Electric Kettle
5 12 pcs Danilo Tongol Round Starter Set + Wine
6 1 pc Pedro Paluga Coffee Maker
7 1 ecobag Marvin Francisco Harvey Fresh Milk, Orange Juice and Basco Olive Oil + 500 cash
8 1 pc Sarah Vasquez Individual Shake
9 1 pc Germie De Guzman Rice cooker with steamer
10 1 pc Nicholas Villadolid Desk Fan
11 1 pc Dante Pascual Desk Fan
12 1 pc Albert Dayo Dowell Gas Stove
13 1 pc Warren Chiong Electric Kettle
14 1 pc Christian Beronilla Rice cooker with steamer
15 1 pc Doris Roxas Stand Fan

MAC: Sa mga hindi pa natatawag ang pangalan, don’t worry because all of us will take home a minor prize.
5:50pm ALDRIN: We shall be announcing the 2nd set a little later. In the mean time, let us watch our 2nd Got Talent entry.
This time from Finance and Sales & Marketing Departments. Let us welcome _________________
6:00pm MAC: Thank you very much Finance and Sales & Marketing. At this point, we are sure that all the excitement of the
competition has made you hungry.
ALDRIN: We shall pause for a 20 minute break. The buffet is now open. Dinner is served.
6:20pm (After 20 minutes)
MAC: Alright, while you are enjoying the sumptuous food that our chefs have prepared for all of us, we shall be
announcing the 2nd set of minor raffle winners.
16 1 pc Jhay Inojales Belo Package + 500 cash
17 3 pcs Tina Lazaro Small fan, planner, akira fan + 500 SM GC
18 1 pc Mac Velasco Olive oil package + oaties + wine
19 1 pc Lara Buenaventura Olive oil package + oaties + wine
20 1 pc Andres Sardana Stand Fan
21 1 pc Candee Yutankin Gas Stove
22 1 pc Genelyn Cruz Boogaloo + Sparking Juice + Carlo Rossi
23 1 pc Rouel Mahilum Wireless Portable Speaker
24 1 pc Mar Pineda NOVA Gas Stove
25 1 pc Cassandra Banzon Rice cooker
26 1 pc Sachi Delos Reyes Dry Iron + Sodexo GC worth 400
27 1 pc Mardic Caliste Induction Energy Cooker
28 1 pc Christoper Pagas Multi function kettle + wine
29 1 pc Rogelio Cubal Box fan
30 1 pc Ryan Rama Desk Fan

6:25pm MAC: You have already seen our 1st 2 ERH Got Talent entries. Let us now resume this competition and watch the
3rd entry.
ALDRIN: Our 3rd entry is from the Housekeeping and Engineering Department. Please welcome _______________
6:35pm MAC: Galing! Coincidentally, they are our only All Male group contestants. Meron na tayong pambato sa
ALDRIN: Haha. Baka madiscover sila nyan. Mawawalan tayo ng mga empleyado. Ok, it is now time to announce the
3rd set of winners for the minor raffle prizes.
31 1 pc Hermie Gaupo Stand Fan
32 1 pc Richard Cortel Desk Fan
33 1 pc Inna Del Rosario Oven Toaster
34 1 pc Kate Almojano Stand Fan
35 1 pc Romeo Coderes Desk Fan
36 1 pc Romer Castaneda Desk Fan
37 3 pcs Richelle Bautista 500 GC
38 1 pc Catherine Montefalcon Desk Fan
39 1 pc Melvin Austria Power Juicer
40 1 pc Teejay Bagadiong Atom Micro Bluetooth Speaker + 500 cash
41 6 pcs Aldrin Angeles Drinking Glass + Sparkling Juice + Carlo Rossi
42 1 pc Ronald Umali Green Comforter + 2 pcs pillows
43 1 pc Christopher Madrigal Induction Energy Cooker
44 1 pc Roel Dela Cruz Hanabishi Espress Juicer
45 2 pcs Dave Banez Drinking Jar + Wine + Sparking Juice
ALDRIN: Congratulations to the winners.
6:40pm MAC: We are down to our last 2 entries. Up next is the entry from Front Office and Human Resources. Let us all
welcome, ____________________.
6:50pm MAC: Great job ladies! So sultry! Ano masasabi mo dun, partner?
ALDRIN: Wala. Speechless ako. Galing! 
6:50pm MAC: Let’s just continue announcing our next batch of Minor Raffle Winners:
46 1 pc Roxanne Domingo Rice Cooker
47 1 pc Arlene Bandong Stand Fan
48 1 pc Czarina Galano 20 cm non stick pan + wine + Sparking juice
49 1 pc Homer Belmonte NOVA Rice cooker
50 1 pc Mae Ann Taguiam Rice cooker with steamer
51 1 pc Richell Sotoza Stand Fan

52 1 pc Hana Santos Desk Fan
53 1 pc Roda Maglaya Rice cooker
54 4 pcs Gedy Salvador Vacuum Pillow
Bag of Goodies; Drinking glass, 3 pcs platter, 2 pcs 1liter fruit
1 ecobag Roche Garcia
55 juice, 2 packs Penne pasta and 1 can tomato paste
Bag of Goodies; Drinking glass, 3 pcs platter, 2 pcs 1liter fruit
1 ecobag Juliet De Vega
56 juice, 2 packs Penne pasta and 1 can tomato paste
57 1 pc Cheryl Limbo Grocery Package
58 1 pc Marlon De Silva Stand Fan
59 Augusto Alcantara 1000 cash
60 Mario Justo 1000 cash
6:55pm ALDRIN: The last set of minor raffle winners shall be announced later. Our last ERH Got Talent entry comes from
our largest department, F&B Kitchen. Please welcome #KitchenTBT!
7:05pm MAC: Di talaga papahuli ang mga kusinero natin. Thank you F&B Kitchen. There you have it. Nakapagperform na po
lahat ng contestants natin. Now, it is up to our judges.
ALDRIN: While they are deliberating, let us now announce our last set of minor raffle winners:
61 Alyssa Ausejo 500 cash
62 Shari Lagunilla Christmas Goodies
63 Amancio Ornillo Christmas Goodies
64 John Aquino Christmas Goodies
65 Chabs Chipeco Christmas Goodies
66 Rachelle Gozo Christmas Goodies
67 Patrick Obia Christmas Goodies
68 Agatha Rebadulla 1000 cash
69 Sheril Esguera 500 cash
70 Dario Amatong 500 cash
71 Ren Maglinao Cutlery + sparking juice + wine
72 Reo Razal Pitcher and tumbler + wine
73 Richard Condino 1000 SM GC
74 Ronald Declaro Coffee Set
75 Rhon Comia Glasses + sparking juice + wine
76 Denise Diaz Glasses + sparking juice + wine
7:10pm MAC: While the scores are being tabulated, we have s very special number for everyone. Kung kanina nakita nyo
how our newly hired and promoted supervisors, it is now time for our newly promoted Managers. Please welcome
Marlon and Sheril with the participation of a special guest.
7:15pm ALDRIN: Amazing! ERH is really full of talented employees.
MAC: True! ALDRIN, before we announce the winners of our ERH Got Talent Competition, alam kong inaabangan
na ito ng marami. We shall draw for our first 5 major prize winners.
ALDRIN: Actually, we shall be drawing an additional minor prize since may dumating ulit na desk fan after the minor
prizes were drawn yesterday. So at this point we shall ask out judges to draw 2 names each.
MAC: Here are the prizes to be won:
1 1 pc Dowell Stand Fan
2 1 pc American Home Washing Machine
3 1 pc Washing Machine
4 1 pc Whirlpool Microwave Oven
5 1 pc Infrared Oven
6 1 pc RHI GC
(Announce winners with corresponding prizes)
7:25pm MAC: At this point, I would like to call our Hotel Manager, Mr. Jun Justo on stage to award our winners for tonight.
ALDRIN: It is now time to award our Male & Female Star of the Night . The winners were chosen by our panel of
judges as well. Sir JJ, please read the winner for our Star of the Night – Male.
SIR JJ: Our Star of the Night – Male is __________________________________.
MAC: ______________, please come up the stage and accept your Php800 GC worth of F&B.
(photo op)
ALDRIN: Sir JJ, please announce out Star of the Night – Female.
SIR JJ: Out Star of the Night – Female is _________________________________.
MAC: ______________, please come up the stage and accept your Php800 GC worth of F&B.
(photo op)
ALDRIN: Next award to be given is the Best in Team Costume Award. The winning team shall win Php2,000 in cash.
Sir JJ, please do the honors.
SIR JJ: The Best in Team Costume Award goes to __________________________.
(Photo Ops)
7:30pm MAC: I know you’re all excited to know who our winners are pero alam ko rin naman na excited din kayo for our
final set of Major Raffle prizes.
ALDRIN: Sir JJ please draw the winners. Here are the prizes at stake:
7 1 pc Heritage Hotel GC
8 1 pc Belmont GC
9 1 pc Belmont GC
10 1 pc Belmont GC
11 1 pc 24 inches Sharp Aquos LED TV
(Announce winners with corresponding prizes)
7:40pm MAC: Eton na ang pinaka-inaabangan ng lahat. The announcement of the winners for Season 3 of ERH Got Talent.
Judges, Ms. Rodil, Ms. Valderas and Dra. Habaña, please join us on-stage for the awarding.
MAC: The 5th Place shall be receiving a cash prize of Php500. Sir JJ, please do the honors of announcing the winner:
SIR JJ: The ERH Got Talent Season 3 5th Placer is _____________________________.
(Winners go to stage. Photo op)
ALDRIN: Next, we shall be awarding the 4th Placer. The 4th placer shall be receiving a cash prize of Php1,000. Ms.
Rodil, please do the honors of announcing the winner:
MS. RODIL: The ERH Got Talent Season 3 4th Placer is _____________________________.
(Winners go to stage. Photo op)
MAC: Next, the 3rd Place shall be receiving a cash prize of Php2,000. Ms. VALDERAS, please do the honors of
announcing the winner:
MS. VALDERAS: The ERH Got Talent Season 3 3rd Placer is _____________________________.
(Winners go to stage. Photo op)
ALDRIN: Eto na, final 2. We shall be announcing the 2nd Placer and 1st Placer. The 2nd placer shall be receiving a cash
prize of Php3,000 while the 1st Placer or Champion Team shall will Php5,000 cash. Dra. Habaña, please do the
honors of announcing the winners:
SIR JJ: The ERH Got Talent Season 3 2nd Placer is _____________________________ and the Grand Champion is
(Winners go to stage. Photo op)
7:50pm PHOTO OPS
8:00pm Thank you everyone and congratulations to all the winners. See you all next year!


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