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The CECON Group, Inc.

Science and Engineering Consultants

Chemical Engineering Consulting

Summary: Representative Past Projects:

CECON assembles teams of experts to develop the basic Optical Design of a manufacturing facility to produce
technology package needed to design and build chemical Coating a photochromic polymer for optical coatings.
plants and specific unit operations. Experienced chemical
engineers, plant chemists, regulatory and other experts Coating Team of six chemical and mechanical
(product quality, simulation, waste disposal, raw material Equipment engineers created concepts for unique
procurement) work together focused on the client's process. process for coating proprietary materials.
With client interaction, the selected
Chemical Engineering Deliverables: equipment was successfully designed, built
Chemical engineers and other technical team members and delivered.
have process and plant experience relevant to the client's Polymer Assembled the basic chemical engineering
process. They work together to develop basic chemical Plant data, including Aspen process simulation, to
engineering data, including: Basic manufacture an engineering polymer with a
•Battery limits plant concept and process philosophy Data capacity greater than 50 thousand MT/year.
•Unit operations and major process equipment Coal Developed basic engineering data for the
•Process flow diagrams Gasifier design and operation of Fischer-Tropsch
•Piping diagrams and lists Reactor coal gasifier reactor.
•Process chemistry, catalysts
Inorganic For the Middle East, developed the basic
•Raw material specifications
Carbonate engineering data and process to
•Heat and mass balances
Process manufacture an inorganic carbonate.
•Simulation modeling as needed (Aspen or other)
•Final product specifications and quality metrics Vinyl Engineering team helped develop proposals
•Plant testing and test methods protocols Chloride & to maintain, modify or expand plants
•Utility needs and flow diagram Polyvinyl producing vinyl chloride monomer and
•Waste product characterization and treatment Chloride polyvinyl chloride in South America.
•Early design stage process hazard review Plants CECON experts have assisted in designing
•Regulatory standards compliance. or operating VCM and PVC facilities around
Some clients request that technical data be free from valid the world, including ethane to VCM and
and non expired patents and proprietary technology in order dehydrogenation of propylene.
to avoid licensing fees. Biochem Biochemical engineer and biochemist
CECON will work with the client to select chemical Plant assessed low productivity amino acid plant
engineering firms specializing in final design, procurement in China in China. Visit to plant and analysis of plant
and construction. This firm will work with the basic data quality and process records uncovered
package developed by CECON to complete the final possible routes to improve yields.
engineering design, P&IDs, procurement and construction. Lump Chemical engineers developed preliminary
CECON Helps You By: Charcoal design, investment and operating cost
Plant estimates for producing charcoal in an
• Saving you money and time with focused and Feasibility under-developed country. Required engine-
experienced engineering teams developing the desired Study ering assessment of plant and furnace
process, often avoiding licensing fees. options, available skill levels and safety.
• Assembling teams of experts covering all technical Biomass/ Small team developed capital and operating
disciplines needed to develop the basic plant and Syngas costs for two cases of biomass syngas
process engineering data. Conversion conversion to liquid chemical and fuel
• Developing basic engineering data packages for to Liquids products. Required analysis of furnace and
chemical unit operation, chemical plants, polymer plants catalyst technologies similar to traditional
or pharmaceutical facilities. coal/syngas Fischer-Tropsch technology,
adapted to various wood/rubber feed blends
• Coordinating with other firms for final design, P&ID, available in the U.S.
procurement and facility construction.

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