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Part 1: Theory and practical classes on freshwater &
India has the potential to earn about US $ 5 billion as saltwater ornamental fishes
foreign exchange by way of export of ornamental Part 2: Field Visits to homestead and commercial
fishes. India's domestic trade in this area is growing at Ornamental Fish Unit
the rate of 20% annually and demand at domestic level Part 3: Project work in an ornamental fish unit
Certificate Course
is higher than supply. The Government of India has Part 4: Presentation, Assessment and valediction
ON also identified this sector as one of the thrust area for
development and providing employment to the rural Theory and practical classes will cover
ENTREPRENEURSHIP DEVELOPMENT poor as well as unemployed youth. In addition to that,
IN ORNAMENTAL FISH BREEDING AND  Identification of Native and exotic ornamental
earning potential of this sector has hardly been fishes.
CULTURE understood and the same is not being exploited due to
 Techniques of ornamental fish breeding and culture
8 January - 21 February, 2015 lack of skilled human resources who can be self-
 Feeding strategies for ornamental fish
employed as well as can play a key role for
disseminating the technology of ornamental fishery as  Management of water quality in breeding and
an earning tool to different places of the country. culture of ornamental fish
In this backdrop, the CIFE, Kolkata Centre is  Management of ornamental fish disease
organizing a NFDB Sponsored Certificate Course on  Aquarium filtration systems
“Entrepreneurship Development in Ornamental Fish  Live feed culture techniques for ornamental fish
Breeding and Culture” for the benefit of various  Setting up of Aquaria and their maintenance
stakeholders who are involved in the trade and who are  Ornamental fish project formulation
interested for the entrepreneurship in ornamental fish  Marketing and Economics of ornamental fish
breeding and culture. culture.
The aim of this programme is to develop
human resource especially the energetic youth-folk on ABOUT CIFE KOLKATA CENTRE
Ornamental Fish through hands on experiential The CIFE, Kolkata Centre has historical relevance in
learning process. generating skilled human resources in the field of
fisheries education in India. It was established in 1947 as
OBJECTIVES Inland Fisheries Training Centre (IFTC) in Barrackpore,
West Bengal and this was the only centre which had
 To impart hands on training on culture, breeding of provided training facilities for state fisheries departments.
commercially important ornamental fishes During 1997-98, the Centre was shifted to its present
 To impart hands on training on feed and feed premises in Salt Lake City, Kolkata. The Centre was
technology conducting one year post-graduate certificate course on
 To impart hands on training on setting up of a “Inland Fisheries management and Administration”
ornamental fish unit and its maintenance which was upgraded to one year semester pattern “Post-
Organized by graduate Diploma in Inland Fisheries (PGDIF). Presently
 To provide guidelines for ornamental fish project
the Centre is running two one year Diploma course one
KOLKATA CENTRE formulation on Professional Development Programmes (PDP) and the
Central Institute of Fisheries Education other is Post graduate Diploma on Inland Fisheries and
32 GN Block, Sector V, Salt Lake City Aquaculture Management (PGDIF&AM) The Centre is
Kolkata- 700091 equipped with basic scientific instruments and wet lab
facility to carry out research activities.
Application form for
NFDB Sponsored Certificate Course
CIFE, Kolkata centre is located in the Sector-V of Salt
Lake City, Kolkata. The Centre is well connected with ON
Road, Rail and Air. Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose
International Airport at Dumdum is only 16 km away. ENTREPRENEURSHIP DEVELOPMENT
The distance between the Centre and railway stations of IN ORNAMENTAL FISH BREEDING AND
Howrah and Sealdah are 18 and 10 km, respectively. CULTURE
Frequent bus and taxi services are available throughout 8 January - 21 February, 2015
the day from any parts of the city. The Niccopark,
Benfish, Meen Bhawan and National Council of Science
Museum are located nearer to the Centre. The nearest bus Programme Leader
stoppage is Swasthya Bhawan. 1. Name of the Applicant :
2. Date of birth : Director/Vice-Chancellor
Course Director
4. Gender :
Entrepreneurs, progressive farmers, state fisheries or
NGO officials engaged in ornamental fisheries are 5. Educational qualification: Dr. B. K. Mahapatra
eligible. 6. Occupation : Principal Scientist & Scientist in-Charge

The completed applications may be sent to the Course 7. Work Experience :

Coordinator via e-mail at Course Coordinator
COURSE FEES 8. Description of your work:
Dr. G. H. Pailan, Principal Scientist
Nil. The programme is fully sponsored by National
Fisheries Development Board, Hyderabad. Dr. S. Munilkumar, Senior Scientist

BOARDING AND LODGING 9. Contact Address:

Boarding and Lodging for male and female participants Correspondence
will be arranged in the hostel of CIFE, Kolkata Centre at
free of cost. Scientist-in-Charge
10. Telephone/Mobile No.: Central Institute of Fisheries Education
11. Email: Kolkata Centre, 32 GN Block, Sector V
Salt Lake City, Kolkata -700091
Medium of Instruction: English and Hindi Phone: 033-23573893/7265
Certified that I have filled up the above form carefully Fax: 033-23573469/6197
09836849332 (M)

(Signature of the applicant with date)