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Jewel Quest® III Developed by iWin, Inc. Copyright © 2008 All Rights Reserved.

System Requirements: - Windows 2000/XP/Vista - 1GHz or faster processor - 768MB RAM (1GB for Vista) - 16MB video card (32-bit graphics) - 80MB hard drive space - Direct X7.0 or later Credits: Game and Level Designer: Warren Schwader Producers: Peter Traugot Warren Schwader Lead Engineer: Dwain Theobald Engineers: Alexey Stashin Brad Taylor Ruslan Kadyrov Warren Schwader Art by Present Creative LLC: Zachary Present Ben Sutherland Peter Apgar Charles Hailstones Amir Salehi James Larson Music and Sound Effects: Michael Scott Story: Esther Lee Quality Assurance Lead: Edison Dimaano Special Thanks: CJ Wolf, Andy Hieke, Jim Stern Tips & Tactics: Q: What is Tournament mode? A: Tournament mode, also known as “Dueling Jewels,” automatically matches you up with players around the world that have a similar skill level to you. Both players will play the exact

Similar to the USCF. Q: How are ratings determined in Tournament Mode? A: The rating system for all our games is inspired by the USCF (United States Chess Federation) formula. the person who makes the hardest and best matches the quickest will win. your rating will go up and you will compete against people of higher skill level.Try to turn the board gold as soon as possible to enter the bonus round. But some rules of thumb: .same board against each other to see who gets the higher score. ranging from 1425 to 1525. which is a number between 0 and 1. if you have a rating of 1475. The formula for getting the change in rating (also known as a rating delta) is: Change In Rating = K * (result . . . but they attempt to ensure fairness and accuracy.Try to match more than 3 jewels for bonus points. then you will usually be matched with players who are no more than 50 points higher or lower -. These rules might seem complicated at first. Ratings are essential to matching players of similar skill levels in the Tournament mode. based on the ratings of your opponent. For example. depending on how your rating relates to your opponent’s.expectedResult) . your rating will go down. Your rating will go up depending on how good the person you beat was -. Experienced Players will get much more subtle and precise rating changes. If you lose. for those who are into such things: Expected Result = 1/ (10 (-range/400) + 1) Where range equals the difference between a player's rating and his opponent's ratings. If you win. Q: Why can’t I connect to a Tournament Game? A: In rare cases. The central concept is based on the player's Expected Result. Provisional Players are those who played 10 or less matches in a specific game. Check your personal firewall and also ask your internet service provider to make sure they are not blocking this type of connection. However. is 1500. when an excellent player plays a mediocre one. also dependent upon how well matched the game was. . Q: How do ratings work in Tournament Mode? A: Ratings are adjusted after every game.the better they are. in order to create a level playing field. match as many silver coins as possible to boost your score. the expected result is that the excellent player will easily win. the more it'll go up. set before you play your first rated game. there are two classifications of players: provisional and experienced.e. our tournament server may be down. Your rating will go up or down between 20 and 40 points. For instance.Try to achieve multiple matches with big cascade effects. Q: What is the purpose of a rating in Tournament Mode? A. Here's the exact formula. Q: What’s the best strategy to win in Tournament Mode? A: In the end. Your initial rating. is assigned based on the difference between all the competitors' ratings. and how many games you have played so far. a player's expected result. In other words.i.When in the bonus round. connection problems are usually related to firewalls blocking the connection. In this case you will be able to connect at a later time.

0 for the loser. . K = 16. hard disk space or operating system you are running may prevent you from using your game correctly. click on the Troubleshooting tab.0 or later 2 .cfge all files that end with .0 for the winner and 0. reboot your computer. 3 . then make sure you are connected to the Internet and try running the game again. For players with rating lower then 2099. you will have to uninstall and reinstall the game. For players with rating between 2100 and 2399.cfg players. The amount of memory.plre and . 2 . If the above steps don’t resolve your issue. Next. After you have installed DirectX. Here are a couple more things that you can try: 1 .Make sure that you have the most current video card drivers installed for your system and video card. You can also try to reduce the Colors bit-depth to 16-bit on the Display Properties. go to http://www. or under "START > All Programs". 4 – It is possible that Hardware Acceleration is failing somehow.Make sure you have the minimum system requirements listed below: Windows 2000/XP/Vista 800MHz or faster processor 512MB RAM (1GB for Vista) 16MB video card (32-bit graphics) 80MB hard drive space Direct X7. Click OK and then try running the game again. NOTE: Deleting these files will remove any saved player settings and locations that you previously earned as well as the player files.K is a constant. it’s possible that your computer may not have the correct configuration to run the game. If the game now runs. Slide the Hardware acceleration slider all the way to the left. choose OPEN and proceed through the installation. For players with rating above or equals to 2400. Settings tab. To get the most current version of DirectX. Troubleshooting: Q: Why does Jewel Quest® III crash or fail to run? A: Usually this is because your system does not meet the minimum requirements of Jewel Quest III.aspx and follow the on-screen instructions.Delete the following files in your Jewel Quest III folder. K = 24. You can try to reduce the amount of Hardware Acceleration as follows: Open Display Properties by right-clicking on an open space on your desktop and then choosing Properties. with 1. K = 32. Then click the Settings tab in the upper right. And the result is the actual result of the match. To find the most current video card drivers.Ensure you have the most current version of DirectX installed on your system. try running Windows Update which can be found under your "START" menu. The expectedResult is calculated above. When you are prompted to SAVE/OPEN the any other file is corrupted or missing. you should repeat this operation and slide the slider one step higher each time trying to find the highest setting where the game still runs.plrb Then try running the game again. then click the Advanced… button near the lower right. game. 1 .

change your settings to "Medium". make sure you copy the entire value into the address bar of your web browser when attempting to download. 6 .) b) On the "General" tab: click "Settings" for "Temporary Internet Files" and change "Check for newer versions of stored pages" to "Every visit to the page" and click OK.Open the Internet Options applet located in your Control Panel. select "Delete Files" for Temporary Internet Files and check "Delete all offline content" and click OK. This is only necessary to do before the game is purchased. Once the game is purchased.*** If these instructions fail then you may need to adjust your "Internet Zone. Please perform the following steps to resolve the issue or see the next section. Be sure to restart the system after installing updates. (If you have a Proxy configured here. you may need to turn off your firewall temporarily to allow Jewel Quest III to connect and run. 3 .RESTART the computer.Use the link from your email receipt to restart the download and begin installation. you will not be required to connect to the Internet to play the game. 1 . Then: a) Adjust your "Auto-detection" settings: click on the "Connections" tab.Delete the game's installation file located in C:\Downloads or wherever you decided to save the file when you first downloaded it. change your "Internet Zone" settings to "Medium". you must grant permission before the game will run. f) After making these changes. d) On the "Security" tab.If your firewall doesn't ask for permission.Uninstall the trial using Add/Remove Programs located in your Control Panel or use the Uninstall program that is in the Jewel Quest III program group.*** If the URL in your email receipt appears on more than one this is typically caused by personal firewall software or by "Internet Zone" security settings that are set too high. the program will not function properly. You may need to run Windows Update repeatedly to get all applicable updates for your system. *** ." Continue on to these steps: 1 .Update your Microsoft operating system by visiting http://windowsupdate. 2 . click OK to close the Internet Options dialog box. 2 . 4 .com and following the on-screen instructions.Q: Why do I see a white window or screen when I launch Jewel Quest® III? A: If you are unable to see the content of the first page when launching your game.If prompted by your Firewall to allow internet access to Jewel Quest III. and we specifically disclaim any liability or claims for damage arising from your decision to disable the software. e) On the "Privacy" tab. then click LAN settings and clear any checkmark next to "Auto detect settings". 5 . c) Next. ***We strongly recommend that you re-enable your personal firewall software afterward! We must also remind you that disabling your personal firewall software is done at your own discretion. Try connecting directly to the Internet and not a proxy server.

You will notice that the game features change a little. or perhaps the game is available in an adsupported free format. Q: I am having Audio problems. if any. we recommend that you do not uncheck this setting.plre. We apologize if you did not get an opportunity to fully experiment with Jewel Quest III before the expiration of your trial period.cfg” file (that appears after the game has run once) has settings that you may alter to . such as a TV application. scroll down and look for the link that says Already Paid? -or. Alternately. On faster computers. files may be located in Documents and Settings/[your user name]/Application Data/iWin/JewelQuest3.cfge. What can I do? A: There may be conflicts between DirectX and many older sound cards. trial periods cannot be extended. but be aware that you will lose all of your players. . Q: What is the High Detail Setting for? A: Turning off the High Detail setting can help with the performance of the game on slower computers. The solution is to either turn off the TV while playing Jewel Quest® III or live with this minor annoyance. and . Can I extend it? A: Unfortunately. . You can reactivate it after a system reformat. You should contact the distributor that you purchased the game from to request this. Q: Why does Jewel Quest® III not update its screen properly when regaining focus from another window? A: If you have a program running that uses video overlays.plrb.The “game. updating your sound card drivers will fix audio problems. and game settings. If you are having problems. locations. you may see this problem. you must purchase the game to continue playing. At this point. as you will not notice much of a benefit. . These files are in the JewelQuest3 folders and end in .Try starting the software and you should see a screen displaying HTML content that indicates it is "finalizing installation". Q: My trial period has expired. Often. These files are safe to delete.7 . but this should not affect your enjoyment of the game. hardware change or to use it on another computer free of charge and in just a few seconds. Q: Why does the game keeps asking me to BUY it even though I have already purchased it? A: Sometimes when you change your computer’s hardware/software. it is recommended that you use the interface provided in the Players button in the game.I Have Already Purchased This Product Before. Check with your manufacturer for the latest drivers. . the game may not recognize that you have already paid for it. When you see the page that says BUY IT NOW. Various features of the game that are not essential features are turned off so that the game play can use full processor power.cfgb. Generated Files: There are a few files that are generated by the program. Click on this link and follow the simple instructions. sometimes deleting these files can help.To delete players.

you can always delete the “game.tweak how the game works. . audiobuffersize=3072 This setting may help if you hear crackling noises coming from the music or sound effects in the game. There should only be one setting per line and no spaces on the line. Here are the settings that can be added: allowdoublebuffered=0 This setting will give better performance on low-end systems without having to turn off all of the features associated with the High Detail setting in the Options Button in the game. This setting applies to al players. To add a setting. The numbers in parentheses to the right of the text for the Trophies indicate the current streaks. Showdetailedtournamentstats showdetailedtournamentstats=1 This setting allows you to see how long your current win streak is.cfg” file and run the game to regenerate this file. but the higher the number. the more lag time there will be between game events and the sound effects associated with them. This setting can be used so that they will not be seen. showpoints=0 Some players consider the points that pop up in Tournament Mode to be distracting. either remove the individual lines or delete the “game. To reset these values to their default values. If you need to. You may specify a higher number up to 4096. carefully edit this file in a text editor and add the setting at the end of the file on a separate line. This setting can be used so that they will not be seen. showhints=0 Some players consider the move hints to be distracting. and also how many of the 40 boards have been played. while still leaving High Detail on. while still leaving High Detail on. This setting applies to al players.cfg” file.