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STUDENT NO. L-140486

SECTION – 3C (1ST SEMESTER, AY 2017-2018)



Every law student’s dream is to witness a one or two court proceedings in the

Court which handles most of the controversial cases in the country, Sandiganbayan. I

was lucky enough to fulfill that dream. As we entered the vicinity, we were halted for

about 10 minutes or so to undergo with the very strict security measures. Our photos

were taken and also our thumb marks, which I never witnessed in the other Courts I

visited years ago. Guards and security personnels were all over the place. Taking into

matters that Sandiganbayan is a court which mainly tries administrative cases, hence, a

scrutinized security examinations shall be conducted indeed. Upon entering the Third

Division Court, we were mesmerized because we were able to go to the court and it is

looks the same in how it appears in the television.

After a few minutes, the counsels, prosecutors and the court personnels

arrived together with their clients and witnesses while carrying voluminous documents

hand in hand. Subsequently, the three justices, presided by Justice Hernandez arrived

as well taking their respective seats. The proceeding started with a prayer, after such,

the clerk of court immediately announced the title of the case which would be decided
first. Most of the cases we witnessed were unfortunately, with regard to the motions and

pleadings asking the court to change the trial dates as their clients and witnesses

cannot be taken grasp of.

Luckily, there is this one case which showcased cross examination in an

intense manner. The case pertains to the alleged bribery committed by the official of a

financial company to gain permission from the official being bribed of to erect a cell site

of a certain Telecommunications company in lieu of their expansion project, to which the

latter agreed to. A witness was presented by the prosecution to recount the substantial

events that transpired at the time of the commission of the crime. Interestingly, this case

has been going for about 3 years already. It was alleged that the official penned a board

resolution in favor of the telecom without the approval of the other Sanggunian

members. After the verification by the witness of her testimonies, she was then asked

by the counsels of the respondent. I can say that being a witness is really a tough and

brave act because it might cost your life as well as the life of the family, most especially,

if you are against an influential person. Upon my observation, the witness was quite

intimidated to the manner of the respondent’s counsels way of delivering their


I suppose that what I have seen was the reality amongst the other cross

examinations as well, as the life of the innocent persons are at stake. After the trial, we

pondered about what we witnessed and discuss with each other our observations about
the visit. In a nutshell, it is a fruitful visit, and I wish to work there someday as a

prosecutor to fight for what is just and right.

We are also privileged to have met Presiding Justice Amparo Tang who also

gave us a brief discussion about how the cases were being litigated in the