Initiation: A Journey By Rev. Dr. Tonya K.

Freeman June’s article, To Be a Priestess, was the beginning of a subject that speaks to many women who are exploring the path of the Goddess, the Sacred Femi9. Following is a peak at one woman’s journey on the path. Many years ago there was an awakening of the Divine Femi9 Energy within a young girl. She felt a need to connect with a deeper, more profound part of herself as she journeyed along the path to her Soul Essence. She was only seven years old at the time, which is considered to be the age of reason in American society. A voice whispered, “You are here on Earth to attain your highest spiritual good.” She looked into the mirror and saw her Soul. The beauty of it brought a smile to her lips that she felt in her heart. As Daughter of the Rainbow grew up within the society in which she lived, she had drifted along various paths in life that were a series of initiations unbeknownst to her. All the while she was being prepared for a great work. Having been brought up a Catholic, she was exposed to the Goddess in the person of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It was a small beginning but a good one for being open and receptive to the rituals and ceremonies befitting the Sacred Femi9. Time passes and Daughter of the Rainbow begins to receive guidance and solace in the practice of yoga, chanting and meditation. She had not yet lived twenty years on Mother Earth but she heeded the call. This was the part of the journey that would teach her about the power of stillness. It was quite an enlightening time. With the foundation that she was given, it allowed her to be able to embrace walking the path of a Priestess, surrendering to the countless initiations that she would be taken through. According to Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary, initiation means in part, the rites, ceremonies, ordeals, or instructions with which one is made a member of a sect or society or is invested with a particular function or status. An initiate is being instructed in the rudiments or principles of something. This is an introduction to another way of living and it is not always an easy one. Then again, “It is not what you go through but how you go through it” that makes all the difference in the world. There are many women who are going through an initiation of some sort. Many of you reading this right now, are experiencing major challenges. The Goddess is pruning you that you may “go to your destiny.” Are you willing to surrender to the process? Your initiation may show you that you are now on a different path than those who are currently in your life. You may experience loss. Maybe the job, that you didn’t really like anyway, has come to an end. Maybe the “love of your life” no longer lights your fire and/or attempts to block your progress. You have choices, decisions to make that may not be easy but when you surrender to the process of inner growth you will experience great rewards. Who said life was going to be easy?

According to Sobonfu Some, when a young woman enters womanhood, she goes through a series of events for a period of weeks that tests her resolve. She walks a lot and at certain times is instructed to walk through a rock or jump through the earth, or off a cliff, with guidance, entering a portal, another dimension in order to gain certain knowledge and information to be brought back and used to help the people of her community. Some get lost because they linger too long and the doorway closes for another year. If, at that time, the young woman was not at the right place at the right time, she would be forever lost to her family. Talk about an initiation process! Amongst those who are initiated Priestesses of a particular Orisha, such as Yemaya or Oshun experience other types of initiations. This way of life originated with the Yoruba of Nigeria. There are countless initiations that go on in various sects or societies, some more intense then others. The common thread of the initiation process is surrendering the ego and letting go of that which no longer serves your highest good. Daughter of the Rainbow did just that she surrendered to the process of initiation in order to do the work that she was born to do. Visit my blog

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