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Date: 16/01/2018 Maximum Flaring Flowrate

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Flowrate 322285.7585 lb/hr
Molecular Weight 18.69
Temperature 64 °F
Density 1.042 lb/ft³
Pressure 285 psig
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Date #REF! Class : 1
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Vessel Dimensioning
Because separation of this vessel is not gravity separation (unlike slug catcher and gas scrubber,
both equipment are using gravity separation), but using filter cartridge, dimension of this vessel
is sized based from vendor vessel data. Using JVC-3636-16F cartridge model, we obtained 36" as
selected vessel diameter and 137" as vessel height.

Filter Specification

Model 0
Vessel Diameter [inch] 36
No.of Elements 30
Element Number JPMG-336R
Inlet Outlet [inch] 16
A [inch] 45
B [inch] 74
C [inch] 26
D [inch] 137
PI [inch] 3/4
LG [inch] 3/4
LLC [inch] 3/4
Drains [inch] 2

Gas enter this vessel from bottom and goes

upward. Gas will be forced to move through
filter cartridge with 99% efficiency filtration for 1
micron. Every particles that have size more than
1 micron cannot go through cartridge and will
end up in lower part of the vessel (including
some liquid content). There is also possibility of
liquid move through filter and end up in upper
part of the vessel. That is why another liquid
drain provided in the upper part of the vessel.

Liquid and/or other particle separated from gas

mainly in filter cartridge as most of these
content (liquid and particle) can not move
through cartridge.