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Dear All, Below was quiz asked on another list….

Question : When could the native DPR could have expired last? The particulars are as below: Sex : Male/Married DOB : October 29, 1949 TOB : 19-15 HRS POB : 19 N 19; 84 E 48. I have attempted quiz using KAS to get period which shows death of native…I was off by main Dasha due to my little knowledge to judge longetivity and assumed native was expired since long at time of quiz…. Below is process to select Correct Antra which I have selected and was Correct…. 1) Cast Chart using KAS software…..
36 28 4 31 Ma Sa 5 8 33 Me 6 Ke 24 Su 10 7 27 Ve 22 9 24 Mo Ju Me 27 6 7 26 Sa 26 9 3 Asc 32 2 11 Mo 5 8 30 10 31 Ju Ra 28 23 1 12 Ra 29 Ke 31 4 29


Ma 32 3 Asc 27 2 11 Su 29 23 1 12


26 Ve

Planet As Su Mo Ma Me Ju Ve Sa Ra

Degrees 16 Ta 7 13 Li 33 23 Cp 34 9 Le 10 29 Vi 18 2 Cp 40 29 Sc 23 23 Le 58 23 Pi 13

Nakshatra Rohini Swati Dhanistha Makha Chitra U.Asadha Jyestha P.Phalguni Revati

Lord Mo Ra Ma Ke Ma Su Me Ve Me

Navamsa Ta Aq Le Ge Vi Cp Pi Sc Cp

Karak. A=3rd house B=8th house C=12th house D=5th house E=1st house Lord of D and lord of E house are eager to give event as soon as they get chance and Dasha lord supports that event Since death is Expected as good result so Power-full significator or its samdharmi would give event in its Antra….so Me would be more eagar to give result for 8th house…..this is KAS Law… 3) Note down main point from Chart and get antra: Since our focus house is 8th house so all planet required to be thought with respect to 8th house that helps to select single planet in case there are many powerfull significator….Ke 23 Vi 13 Hasta Mo Cn 2) Study house related to event: Since it is death event so 8th house would be focused as house B…. Her e Me is 12th lord for 3rd house…as 3rd house is house of longetivity so Me is not good for that being its 12th lord…also Me is placed in 5th house with more points….root karak has to be studied to get idea about quality of focus house…..(power can be seen from WS sheet as below) Hse 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 SAV Pt 32 36 28 31 24 27 33 22 Su 14 17 18 14 15 19 51 13 Mo 11 15 5 19 13 15 12 9 Ma 7 14 28 15 5 16 30 7 Me 7 12 15 5 15 13 9 18 Ju 4 19 21 18 8 20 13 8 Ve 26 22 17 24 18 12 18 22 Sa 35 30 14 27 12 39 10 22 L12 Ma Ve Me Mo Su Me Ve Ma FK Ju Sa Sa Ju Ma Ve Me Mo NK Ma Ju Sa Sa Ju Ma Ve Me D Sa Ju Ma Ve Me Mo Su Me E Ve Ma Ju Sa Sa Ju Ma Ve ..

.so Ve connection with 12th lord would not make Ve to give event….Mar-10 2021-Sep -26 2024-Jan-02 2026-Sep -11 SECTORS Sector 1 Sector 2 Sector 3 2009-Sep-1 1 2012-Feb -07 2009-Sep -11 2010-Jul-01 2010-Jul-01 2011-Apr -20 2011-Apr -20 2012-Feb-07 Running Dasha is of Me….we need to find Dasha Planet….also other planet having less points so they would also not come forward to give event….here Ma is 12th lord for house B…. Here Ve and St both are getting equal points 22 each.Ve planet making 4:10 with 12th lord so would not give auspicious result death….9 10 11 12 24 28 29 23 18 18 52 21 12 14 10 16 7 22 16 15 18 15 4 26 10 9 20 18 26 17 16 18 32 13 27 14 Ju Sa Sa Ju Su Me Ve Ma Mo Su Me Ve Ve Ma Ju Sa Me Mo Su Me Here in this KAS Power Table we can see that Me is eager to give result for 8th house since it is LoD and natural karak for 8th house……here Me is getting 18 point which are not highest itself but Since Me is eager so more then 12 point would work for Me to give event…. 4) Check and get Dasha: Looking dasha at time of query asked Mahadasa Mars Rahu Jupiter Saturn Mercury Ketu Venus Sun Moon Start 1949-Sep -11 1956-Sep -11 1974-Sep -11 1990-Sep -11 2009-Sep -11 2026-Sep -11 2033-Sep -11 2053-Sep -10 2059-Sep -11 To 1956-Sep -11 1974-Sep -11 1990-Sep -11 2009-Sep -11 2026-Sep -11 2033-Sep -11 2053-Sep -10 2059-Sep -11 2069-Sep -10 Antardasha Mercury Ketu Venus Sun Moon Mars Rahu Jupiter Saturn Start 2009-Sep -11 2012-Feb-07 2013-Feb-04 2015-Dec -05 2016-Oct-11 2018...hence Me can only give death to native…… Now we have fixed Antra planet that would be Me…..Mar-10 2021-Sep -26 2024-Jan-02 To 2012-Feb-07 2013-Feb-04 2015-Dec -05 2016-Oct-11 2018. Since for 8th house Natural Karak is Me and Functional Karak is Mo…so Dasha lord should show have some connection with these planet could be samdharmi or 4:10 then that Dasha Lord can be selected since Dasha lord represent karaktava so it would required to be connected with LoA… .also Ve is having 6th lord status so that cannot be selected for event significator 3rd house is for Longetivity and St is giving less point 14 for that compares to death so not good for longetivity and can cause end of longetivity….so Death could be guessed in this or previous Dasha in Antra of Me….since St is placed with MA and also in Navamsa of Ma so samdharmi to Ma and being samdharmi to 12th lord it cannot work to give event like death So it clear that planet Ve/St having power but would have connection with 12th lord so they would not come forward to give event….Mar-12 2019.when we check sheet for 8th house we observe that Ve is getting 5 point from Ma….Mar-12 2019.

..but such combination would not come in Transit so St can be replaced by its samdharmi….in case no other planet seems then Me could repeat itself….. 5) Narrow down to get/select sector: Planet Me Antra would tend to give result in first sector if no delay is there for event Me is LoD and being eager to give event it can give event One sector early since it is eagar Check Zero since there is 1 zero is SAV so that can delay event Me is placed in Naksahtra of Ma which is not slow moving planet Me is not connected wih St so there would not be that delay due to St Connection St is aspecting Mo in navamsa which is LoA st is placed with Ma which is LoC and St Aspect Ju which is LoB so there would be Full St delay hence some delay in sector can be expected But since Me is vargottam and more than 20 degree so in 3rd drekana which is of St….. 6) Narrow down to get Month: We are using Sun transit through Sign and Nakshatra to decide month Any 2 planet are required to be selected from that WS power table Hse 8 SAV Pt 22 Su 13 Mo 9 Ma 7 Me 18 Ju 8 Ve 22 Sa 22 L12 Ma FK Mo NK Me D Me E Ve Me is used as Antra so chance for selection of other planet would be there…. Su placed in 6th house so that cannot work for auspicious event….Ju is samdharmi to St so period could be Ju/Me or Me/Ju Jupiter and Mercury Mercury and Jupiter 05-Apr 06-Jul 13-Apr 16-Jul Result declared date was 6th April 2010 Happy Study………. So second sector seems correct to…however event happens in 1st sector…..Ve being 6th lord cannot be selected Hence St/Me could be only as choice….Me itself is Natural Karak for 8th house so Me/Me period can be Trigger Death for Native….so some rectification can be expected in time to male inline dasha sector that looks to me…..