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Cadillac Area

January/February • Volume 15-NO. 1 Business Magazine

A Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce Publication

A winter
Brings visitors & extra income
See pages 6&7
Mission Statement
The Chamber shall be a catalyst for community Perspectives
and business development in the Greater

Winter tourism brings

Cadillac Area and serve its members by providing
opportunity for business and professional support.

Critical Economic Benefit

to the area
Meet the Board
Sue Peterson, Executive Director
Avon Rubber and Plastics, Inc

Jon Catlin, Vice Chair

Chemical Bank

O ur cover story underscores the importance of recreational opportunities, and spe-
cifically, the wide-ranging economic impact of winter tourism in our region. Often
in my column, I reference the underlying factors for some of our economic sustain-
ability. Winter tourism is no different. It is not as simple as geographical location or the ability
to have snow. Numerous places in Michigan have that advantage. However, what makes our
area different is a legacy of winter tourism, vision and volunteerism.
Jeremy Winkle, Treasurer
VanDrie Home Furnishings 775-8536 The Cadillac Chamber of Commerce (as it was known in the 1930’s) was instrumental in
the development of Caberfae. In 1936, that vision was not only unique, it was unprecedented.
Lorri King, Past Executive Director
Cadillac Title, LLC 779-8000 No such facility existed anywhere in the Midwest. By 1937, Caberfae was no longer a concept
but a reality. In historical context, that reality was also formulated in the shadow of the Great
Dennis H. Benson, PLC
Attorney 876-9405 Depression. The leadership and remarkable vision, exhibited by the Chamber and other
contributors provided a significant foundation toward our present day winter tourism advan-
Eric Baker
Wolverine Power Cooperative 775-5700 tages.
Without a doubt, part of the historical success of winter tourism has been through market-
Jim Blackburn
Blick Dillon Insurance 775-3416 ing (via the Chamber), but currently through the substantive efforts of the Cadillac Area
Visitors Bureau. That is critical because what has changed since 1937 is the amount of compe-
Bill Cinco
The Trend Designers 775-5711 tition in Michigan and other states for winter-tourism dollars. Promoting our region as a great
destination to enjoy winter recreation has incalculable value. Often unseen is the importance
Dean DeKryger
The DK Design Group 779-4002 that tourism potentially plays in retaining and attracting businesses. We reside in an area that
people like to visit. It only stands to reason that people and businesses seek an area in which
Katy Huckle
Citizens Bank 779-4252 to enjoy living, working and playing. Recreation is a significant quality-of-life asset.
All of us can support tourism, independent of whether we participate directly in winter
Paul Liabenow
Cadillac Area Public Schools 876-5000 recreation or operate a business that is reliant on tourism dollars. Tourists often view the
Cadillac area as a welcoming location. Our best community face is critical. We should never
Bryan Lydick
Mercy Hospital Cadillac 876-7522 lose focus of that intangible asset. Technology has reshaped the direction of consumer habits,
including winter tourism locations. Potential visitors often make quick decisions on where
Mickey Putman
Cadillac Credit Bureau 775-3458 they may want to visit. Knowing that an area supports and welcomes tourists does make a dif-
ference and ensures repeat business to the greater Cadillac area. Winter tourism is a critical
Joy VanDrie
The Identity Builder 920-5189 piece of the regional economic picture, and thus we need to maintain an investment in its con-
tinued success, much like the visionaries who developed Caberfae in 1937.

Bill Tencza, President

Doreen Lanc, Director of Membership Services Bill TeNcza, Chamber President
Deb Gillies, Leadership Director/Accountant

Find the Home You Love
Amanda Hamilton, Administrative Assistant
Printer: Northern Printing
Publisher: Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce

Editorial Committee: Chris Huckle, Doreen Lanc,

Rich Langton, Bob Nelson, Bill Tencza and Joy VanDrie.

The Cadillac Area Business Magazine is a publication of the

Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber reserves EXIT REALTY GREATER CADILLAC Corner of Plett Rd. & 13th Street •
Independent Member Broker Office: 231-775-4100 • Toll Free: 866-GO2-EXIT
the right to edit or refuse articles and advertisements submit-
ted to the Cadillac Area Business Magazine, and reserves the Thinking of a career in Real Estate? Call Sheila at (231) 920-7295.
right in its sole discretion to accept or refuse inserts and other
materials to be distributed through the publication.

2 January/February - Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce

A New Year, • Elimination of the Michigan Business Tax surcharge,
• Retaining and strengthening manufacturing,
• Enacting government reforms to better provide essential services and

A New Agenda
a business-friendly regulatory environment,
• Supporting increased funding for tourism promotion, and
• Encouraging economic growth and diversification.
The agenda also contains topics of regional importance that will be used
as guiding principles for issue advocacy.
By Jamie Callahan We were successful in supporting enactment of the Great Lakes Compact
Senior Vice President for Government Relations and its dispatch to Congress for ratification, while keeping additional
With the end of one year and the beginning of water use regulations reasonable despite attempts to further restrict the
the next, one thing remains constant in the world ability of job providers to use water as part of their daily operations.
of associations and legislative offices – and I am With legislative success comes the opportunity for new initiatives.
not talking about the cookies, candies, caramel There are two new areas in the top priorities — reforming government
corn, frosted pretzels, etc. that were delivered to operations, and supporting economic development and diversification.
legislative offices in December. I am referring to Considering the budgetary strains Michigan continues to face, it is evi-
legislative agendas. dent that Michigan needs to adapt to the current economic times and live
With the new legislative term beginning, and within its means to provide essential state services, while realizing the
freshmen legislators in the House getting settled need across the region and state to support the growth and expansion of
into their offices and learning the bathroom loca- our economic base and to bring more jobs to the area.
tions, associations from across the state will be To compliment these top priorities, the Alliance will also have specific
meeting with the legislators to brief them on what their group is look- legislative proposals to address those top issues legislatively. This new
ing to accomplish in the next year. The Northwest Michigan Regional initiative will allow our alliance and its members to actively advocate in
Chamber Alliance will also be performing this annual ritual to educate favor of legislation that will drive our priorities towards success.
members on our 2009 Legislative Agenda. The 2009 Northwest Michigan Regional Chamber Alliance Legislative
This year’s legislative agenda was created collaboratively with input Agenda can be found on the Cadillac Area Chamber Web site at www.
from chamber members, legislative committees and the boards from Chamber members will be able to view the top priorities of
each of the six Northwest Michigan Regional Chamber Alliance partners, the Alliance, along with talking points that can be used when working with
representing over 5,300 members. Agendas can actually be an effective legislators to advocate on behalf of northwest Michigan job providers.
advocacy tool to educate legislators and is a resource for chamber mem- If you have any questions or comments regarding the Agenda or any
bers when communicating with their elected leaders. other legislative matter, please contact me at jamie@northwestmichigan-
We have identified the top five legislative priorities for 2009 as:

in the New Year!
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LED Light Therapy
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Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce - January/February 3

What do you mean,

‘Think about my future?’

By Leland Michaels go to the classroom instead of the students careers and industries, as well as the day-to-
Junior Achievement of coming to the company. These professionals day skills needed to be successful. Volunteers
the Michigan Great Lakes from in and around Cadillac will volunteer will speak about their backgrounds and edu-
their time and expertise to speak about sub- cation and the paths that got them to where
How many times ject matter with which they are intimately they are today. Students will learn what types
have you told yourself, familiar. It just so happens that this is mate- of talent, education and passion is necessary
“I wish I knew then rial that the students are learning throughout to be successful in a particular career - many
what I know now”? the school year. Volunteers will motivate stu- of which can be found right here in northwest
It’s a powerful thought dents and discuss inquiries such as: Michigan.
that applies to many Why do I need to learn this stuff? A special thank you goes to the Cadillac Area
areas of our lives — How does math apply to engineering and Manufacturers Association for their support
including our careers. construction? in making this event a reality, now in its third
What if someone had How does language apply to marketing and year. The collaboration between the Cadillac
helped you answer that journalism? Area Chamber of Commerce, Cadillac Area
question before you had chosen a career? How does science relate to manufacturing Public Schools, many regional businesses and
At Cadillac Junior High, eighth- and ninth- and healthcare? industries, and Junior Achievement of the
grade students will have that opportunity in What does it mean to work hard and partici- Michigan Great Lakes makes this a strong,
late January when over forty business profes- pate? community-driven event, year after year.
sionals from a variety of industries will take These are only a few of the questions, careers By passing on what we know now to the
over the school during the Junior Achievement and subjects to be explored as volunteers next generation of business and community
Reverse Job Shadow. A Reverse Job Shadow bring tangible, real-world references to the leaders, we can help them continue to make
is similar to a traditional Job Shadow with concepts taught in the classroom. Students northwest Michigan a beautiful and prosper-
the exception that business men and women will learn about the big picture of particular ous place to live and work.

Celebrating 134 Years

in the Community
A s an independent agency, we tailor
the best insurance protection at
competitive prices. We represent only the
finest insurance companies, like Auto-Owners,
the “No Problem People”.®

Sandy Howell • Denise Budnick • Lisa Moomey • Lisa Mullins • Linda Bronkema

For more details, contact our agency today!

Blick Dillon Insurance

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4 January/February - Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce

Cadillac Leadership Class

Update & Project Decision

Submitted by: Heather Corner, Joanna Hoenshell, Corey Christensen and Luther Lovell

It has been a busy couple of months for Stalker. Mr. Stalker took us through an over- a toll-free information line, thus laying the
this year’s Cadillac Leadership CLS class. view of how the City of Cadillac operates. groundwork to bring 211 to Wexford County.
Government Day was October 15th. We met Mr. Stalker joined us again on November 211 is a nation-wide program that connects
at the Carl T. Johnson Hunting and Fishing 19th when we met for Economy Day. During residents to health and human service orga-
Center. Although it has been a part of the the day we were treated to a guided tour of nizations in one phone call. We will be team-
Cadillac community for many years, most of the Industrial Parks. This was a great way ing with United Way of Cadillac to realize this
us had not visited the center nor had had a for all of us to see the diversity of the manu- goal.
chance to meet Ranger Rick prior to that day. facturing base in Cadillac. During Economy Our class commitment is to have the infor-
Ranger Rick spoke to us about many of the Day we were also able to discuss local leader- mation line up and running by June of 2009.
functions of the center and also gave us some ship issues with Rexair VP of Manufacturing, This includes establishing a contract with the
insight into local wildlife. We were intro- Bruce Schafer. The day included a tour of 211 call center, building the services data-
duced to representatives from the offices of Rexair and presentations from representa- base, securing a membership advisory board
U.S. Senators, Levin and Stabenow, and the tives of the MSU Extension office regarding and educating the community. This project
NW Michigan Regional Chamber Alliance. local agricultural issues. will pave the way for United Way of Wexford
This gave us the opportunity to ask questions At the end of November, after presenting County to complete the final processes neces-
and get a clear understanding of how govern- to the Leadership Board and the Chamber sary to be part of the 211 network.
ment officials work together with local com- Board, the 2008-2009 Leadership class was For additional information about 211, please
munities. After that, we were off to the City given the green light to move forward with visit or e-mail our
of Cadillac to meet with City Manager, Peter our chosen project. We will be implementing class at

Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce - January/February 5

When snow flies early,
so does the money
If the weather outside is frightful and people downstate know,
the area can see a nice economic boost.
While the economy may not be pleasant, one thing going for
the Cadillac area is its abundance of winter outdoor recreational
opportunities. People will come to the area to ice fish, snowmobile
and ski. And an early dumping of snow, which the area received
this year, is like a holiday bonus.
“It is a huge benefit,” said Robert Gattin, Cadillac Area Visitors
Bureau Executive Director. “It lengthens or increases the size of
the season.
“The big attraction for our area is the variety of outdoor winter
activities available, as well as our location to the highways, mak-
ing us a prime destination,” Gattin said.
The area sees about 100,000 snowmobilers who annually make
the trek to Cadillac. Of those visitors, 80 percent make it a one-
day trip, and 20 percent spend the night. Those who are up for a
day spend about $60 per person, while those spending the night
spend about $100. That generates about $6 million to $7 million a
year in winter tourism, just from snowmobilers.
“If we expand the season 15, 20 or 25 percent, that is significant
revenue to the area,” Gattin said.
And Mother Nature could not have picked a better year to rev up
the snow-making early. With the state and country in a recession,
winter enthusiasts are making the Cadillac area a prime destina-
tion. And, to a certain degree, it is recession-proof.


continued from page 6

“The snowmobilers are a different breed of cat,” said Pilgrim’s Village

owner Steve Knaisel. “Most of my people (regular customers) have two
or four or eight $10,000 machines on their trailers. Most have big SUVs
pulling that trailer and most of my customers are self-employed. The
(snowmobile) season is very short and they want to run as often as they
can. They are a different customer; they usually are not price-conscious.
They just want the right conditions for sledding.” er,” Kanouse said. “Having a good relationship (with other businesses)
Early in the season, before Christmas, many people will make a daytrip helps with keeping business in town. Good communication is really, really
to Cadillac to snowmobile or ski. important.”
“It certainly helps the restaurants and gas stations,” Knaisel said. Cadillac 5 Theater also sees an increase in business when winter weath-
During the holidays, when factories are closed and kids are out of er hits. In fact, Bethany Wertz said she typically sees first-time visitors
school, “Cadillac is flooded with tourists,” Knaisel said. during the winter rather than in other seasons.
The key is, getting the message of snow downstate, Knaisel said. When “People come here when they don’t want to stay outside for a couple
people downstate know that the area is covered in snow, Knaisel says he hours,” Wertz said. “That is when we get questions about what to do in
is inundated with phone calls. Potential tourists want to know the condi- town. People ask where there is a good place to eat and about what there
tions, if trails are groomed, and what the trail base is, Knaisel said. is to do in town.”
Restaurants also see more customers when the snow flies, said Jeff Gentry said one of the keys to attracting repeat customers is service.
Gentry, General Manager for Cadillac Pizza Hut. “We put a huge emphasis on how we treat our customers,” Gentry said.
“Winters when the snow wasn’t there, it really impacted us,” Gentry “Back in the old days, and I’m not saying that was the case here at Pizza
said. Hut, but it was get them in and out fast as you could. Now, there is a lot
He said if a snow storm hits on Thursday or if travelers make it to town more emphasis put on taking care of who you have right the first time to
before snow makes traveling difficult, Pizza Hut will get more calls. keep them coming back.”
“We do see an increase,” Gentry said. “If it is storming on Friday or
Friday night, we see a lot of deliveries to hotels from people who made it
in and they don’t want to go back out in to the storm.
“It has helped that a lot of hotels let us advertise right in the rooms,”
Gentry said.
“I think Cadillac has a lot of good trails, and that pulls in people to the
surrounding areas,” Gentry said. “On weekends, if we see a lot of snow
(during the week), but not Fridays, we see a real influx of downstaters.”
That cooperation between businesses can do more than just build better
relations, it can also help commerce.
“We work together (with other businesses) to make the community
stronger,” said Chaos Spa Salon owner Tracy Kanouse. “When people stay
at McGuire’s, we want them to do other business here and not have to
drive to Traverse City.”
Kanouse said she has customers come into her salon while other family
members may be out skiing or snowmobiling. She also said that her salon
is involved with Sunset Shores when they host a women’s retreat.
“You don’t normally think of a hair salon when you have snowy weath-

Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce - January/February 7

Ribbon Cuttings

Toy Town of Cadillac, LLC Paisano’s Pizza

Joy & Lincoln VanDrie, Owners Greg Kane, Owner
& theirs sons, Jacob & Jonathon 926 West 13th Street
122 South Mitchell Street

October Leadership November Lecture

Learning Series Luncheon

L-R: Mark Wyckoff, Senior Associate Director and Jamie Callahan, Senior VP of Government
Nigel Griswold, Research Associate of the Land Relations, NW Michigan Regional Chamber
Policy Institute at Michigan State University pre- Alliance provided a legislative update.
sented “The New Economy.”

8 January/February - Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce

Rise Up! Cadillac
Wednesday, November 12, 2008 at McGuire’s Resort

Hosted by: Sponsored by:

McGuire’s Resort Cadillac Occupational
Medicine/Wexford Orthopedics/
Mercy OB/GYN Partners

Winter Rise Up! Cadillac Dates:

Wednesday, January 14
Hosted by:
Resurrection Life

Wednesday, February 11
Hosted By:
Baker College of Cadillac

Wednesday, March 11
Sponsored by: Hosted By:
PoSH Tanning, Spa & Hair Wexford-Missaukee Career
Technical Center


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Christiane M. Sanburn, MD
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10 January/February - Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce

Cadillac Receiving Utility Upgrade
Cadillac is getting more than a facelift next spring. A new railroad cross-
ing and new underground utilities are part of the 2009 Mitchell Street
Improvement Project. Beginning in April 2009, road improvements, vis-
ible enhancements, and utility replacements will take place in the one and
one-half mile stretch of Mitchell Street from Pearl to Granite Streets.
The railroad crossing near South Street will be completely removed and
Railroad construction includes a new approach and crossing. This
activity is the only point where Mitchell Street traffic will be rerouted.
During the construction of this railroad crossing, Mitchell Street will be
closed from Howard Street to South Street. The traffic will be rerouted
with clear signage and in an easy pattern. This is estimated to take place
mid-April through the beginning of May. After this portion of construc-
tion is completed, Mitchell Street will remain open through the rest of the
During the Mitchell Street Improvement Project, underground utilities
will be upgraded and replaced. A new sanitary sewer line will be installed
from Granite to Howard Streets and Cass to Beech Streets. Also, a new main is installed parallel to the old line. Then, once in place, all the ser-
water main will be put in from Cottage to Howard Streets. New storm vices must be disconnected from the old line and reconnected to the new
sewer catch basins will be installed as needed. line. Minor disruptions in service will occur during the hook-up periods,
The construction cost of the railroad crossing is $588,000 and is funded but businesses will be notified beforehand so they can adequately pre-
by MDOT. The underground utilities cost is approximately $600,000 and is pare,” said Precia Garland, Assistant City Manager/DDA Director, city
funded by the City of Cadillac. of Cadillac.
“Generally speaking, it is the underground utility improvements that The project on Mitchell Street will be completed in sections to minimize
add time to a road project. Because of their location, large trenches must traffic disruption. Weekly updates and a complete schedule will be posted
be dug to enable safe worker access. Typically, a new sewer line or water on when the project begins.

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932 N. Mitchell, Cadillac • (888) 775-1293 24/7 emergency claims service
Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce - January/February 11
Cadillac receives 24th budget award
The City of Cadillac has received the Government Finance Officers entity, a Certificate of Recognition for Budget Presentation is also pre-
Association of the United States and Canada’s Distinguished Budget sented to the individual or department designated as being primarily
Presentation Award for its budget for the 24th consecutive year. responsible for its having achieved the award. This has been presented
The award represents a significant achievement by the entity. It to Owen E. Roberts, Director of Finance.
reflects the commitment of the governing body and staff to meeting For budgets including fiscal periods 2006, 1,127 entities received the
the highest principals of governmental budgeting. In order to receive award. Award recipients have pioneered efforts to improve the quality
the budget award, the entity had to satisfy nationally recognized guide- of budgeting and provide an excellent example for other governments
lines for effective budget presentation. These guidelines are designed throughout North America.
to assess how well an entity's budget serves as a policy document, a The Government Finance Officers Association is a nonprofit pro-
financial plan, an operations guide, and a communications device. fessional association serving 17,500 government finance profession-
Budget documents must be rated "proficient" in all four categories to als throughout North America. The GFOA's Distinguished Budget
receive the award. Presentation Awards Program is the only national awards program in
When a Distinguished Budget Presentation Award is granted to an governmental budgeting.

Chamber Business Directory

Insurance Promotional Products Office Supplies

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• Michigan’s Largest Independent Office Products Dealer Screen Printing • Embroidery
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Chaos Team: Tracey Kanouse,

Janet Zantello,Tammy King,
Mandy Baldwin, Michelle McCoy,
111 N. Shelby St., Cadillac Jana Maxwell, Mallory Meeuwenberg,
231-779-6110 Jojo Allen & Traci Sluiter

12 January/February - Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce

Mercy Hospital Cadillac Receives
Governor’s Award for Improving Care
For the fifth consecutive year, Mercy Hospital Cadillac is
pleased to announce that they have been awarded the pres-
tigious Governor’s Award for Improving Patient Safety and
Quality of Care.
The Governor’s Award acknowledges facilities actively
engaged in improving care in specific clinical areas. Mercy
Hospital Cadillac was recognized for appropriate care mea-
sures related to treatment of heart attacks, heart failure
and pneumonia, as well as surgical care improvement. Its
emergency department also was recognized for its treat-
ment of heart attack and pneumonia patients.
The award is issued by Gov. Jennifer Granholm’s office
and MPRO, a health care quality improvement and safety
organization with extensive experience in Medicare and
Medicaid programs, managed care operations, research
methodologies and data analysis.
“Receiving the award is a testament to our dedication and
quality of care we give to our patients,” said Joyce Nichols,
Director of Quality Management. “We are excited that our
efforts are being recognized.”

Bowman named to Baker’s board of regents

CADILLAC — Nancy Bowman has been degree in accountancy from Ferris State
appointed to the Cadillac Baker College campus University. She currently serves on the boards
board of regents. She is currently a partner at of the Chemical Financial Corporation and
Bowman & Rogers, PC, a CPA firm in Lake City. Chemical Bank of Cadillac, the Missaukee Area
A lifelong resident of the Lake City area, Community Foundation, the Mercy Hospital
Bowman has owned a CPA firm in Lake City Foundation, and the Cadillac Area OASIS and
since 1978, first as a sole proprietor, then as Family Resource Center. In addition, she has
a corporation in 1993, when her sister, Susan previously served on the boards of the Lake
Rogers, became a partner. Bowman is a licensed City Area Schools, the Wexford-Missaukee
certified public accountant in the state of Intermediate School District, and the Lake City
Michigan and holds a Bachelor of Science Area Chamber of Commerce.

Offering Monthly Move-In Specials

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We love the banking relationship
we have with our clients, and we Close to snowmobile & x-country trails
are thankful for your patronage
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us to strengthen and grow.

103 N. Mitchell St., Cadillac, MI 49601

Katy Huckle (231) 779-4236
Community President & Mortgage Loan Officer
100 Matthew Drive • Cadillac • 231-876-9830

Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce - January/February 13

Chaos Spa Salon Save the date Calendar of Events
attends conference Wednesday, May 20 JANUARY
NEW YORK — The Chaos Spa
16th Annual Briefcase DAY
14 Rise Up! Cadillac
Salon team recently attended Open Golf Outing Resurrection Life, 7 a.m.
the Redken Exchange in New
York City. There, the team Wednesday, June 3 FEBRUARY
learned advanced techniques 11 Rise Up! Cadillac
in hair design and hair color Cadillac Area Chamber Baker College of Cadillac, 7 a.m.
from leading experts in the of Commerce Annual
salon industry.
The Chaos Spa Salon team
Dinner Awards 12 Leadership Learning Series, Dr. Robert VanDellen
presents “Trends Shape Your Future: What Are
consists of Tracey Kanouse, Trends & Why They Matter,” noon – 3 p.m.
Michelle McCoy, Tammy King, Thursday, October 8
Janet Zantello and Mandy Greater Cadillac Area 20 Lecture Luncheon, Karen Mlcek, “Challenges
Baldwin. Facing K-12 Education,” noon – 1:15 p.m.
Business Expo

New Members
Rick Nickerson Judy Masten PORTEOUS, PC Mindy Fewless
11733 East Fleck Road Cadillac, MI 49601 David McCurdy 7985 Mackinaw Trail
Riverdale, MI 48877 231-775-9225 120 West Harris Street Cadillac, MI 49601
616-560-0491 Cadillac, MI 49601 231-779-5277 231-775-1391

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• Physicals and screenings • Urine drug collection

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• DOT physicals MIOSHA compliance
• Vaccinations • X-rays

7985 Mackinaw Trail, Suite B1 | Cadillac, MI 49601 | (231) 779.5224 |


Foundation establishes Veterans’ fund
The Cadillac Area Community Foundation's Executive Director, Linda Kimbel,
announced the establishment of the Wexford-Missaukee County Veterans
Endowed Fund. Originating donors, Dr. George Wagoner, a retired doctor from
Cadillac, and retired businessman, Ted Arens, are working with the Community
Foundation to create an emergency needs fund to aid Veterans and their depen-
dents. Representatives of both counties’ Veterans’ organizations will sit on an
advisory committee that will review applications for grants. Wagoner and Arens
have currently established similar funds in Manistee and Mason Counties with
the aid of the local Community Foundations.
Donations to the fund should be made out to the Cadillac Area Community
Foundation with the memo designating the Veterans Fund. Endowed Donations
to Community Foundations qualify for the Michigan Tax Credit (50% of up to
Dr. George Wagoner, left, and Linda Kimbel, right. $400 for couples) as well as the federal tax deduction. Donations may also be
made on line at, or call 231-775-9911.

Data track 2008

Wexford County Jan. Feb. March April May June July August Sept. Oct.
Labor Force 14,315 14,335 14,413 14,335 14,774 14,902 15,066 14,678 14,413 14,516
Employment 12,945 12,849 13,014 13,108 13,276 13,413 13,056 12,916 12,684 15,540
Unemployment 1,370 1,486 1,399 1,227 1,498 1,489 2,010 1,762 1,729 1,976
Rate 9.6% 10.4% 9.7% 8.6% 10.0% 10.1% 13.3% 12.0% 12.0% 13.6%

Missaukee County Jan. Feb. March April May June July August Sept. Oct.
Labor Force 6,551 6,550 6,570 6,496 6,609 6,661 6,643 6,498 6,365 6,386
Employment 5,846 5,803 5,878 5,920 5,996 6,058 5,897 5,833 5,729 5,664
Unemployment 705 747 692 576 613 603 746 666 636 722
Rate 10.8% 11.4% 10.5% 8.9% 9.3% 9.1% 11.2% 10.2% 10.0% 11.3%
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Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce - January/February 15

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