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Twenty under forty

A salute to young leaders serving our community.
A salute to young leaders
serving our community.

20/40 Twenty under forty

In the pages that follow you will read about individuals who have
distinguished themselves through professional leadership and service to
their community. This publication was made possible by the Cadillac
Area Chamber of Commerce in an effort to recognize these people,
the organizations they represent and to celebrate the vitality of our

There are many questions regarding what than they gained during those same years.
makes a region attractive to young talent. “Michigan wants to support initiatives
“Location, location, location,” is the mantra that provide opportunities to graduates and
of Millennials, the generation of professionals entrepreneurs in our communities. These
in their mid-twenties and late thirties. This initiatives encourage young professionals to
generation more than any other generation stay in our cities and allow us to grow the talent,
in history, chooses the place they want to innovation and creativity these individuals
live first and then figures out what they will bring. Michigan produces many of the best
do once they get there. The unique thing minds in the world as a result of our schools,
about Millennials, is that if they can’t find a job corporations and organizations. We need to
working for someone else, most of these folks retain this talent and attract others to continue
will create one for themselves! the remarkable contributions we provide to our
According to the State of Michigan, between communities and the world,” said Michigan
1995-2000, an estimated 43,000 young Governor Jennifer Granholm.
college graduates left the state for various
reasons. It’s a story mirrored in many other This information was derived from and more
cities from expensive New York to crowded information can be found at the Cool Cities Movement
L.A., which both lost more 25-to 34-year olds website:

2 May/June 2009
Twenty under forty

Bryan Lydick • Mercy Hospital 4
..................................................... 5
Daniella Bell • Coldwell Banker

..................................................... 6
Sarah Christenson • Wexford Jewelers

..................................................... 7
Mike Kelso • Cadillac Area YMCA

..................................................... 8
Jon Catlin • Chemical Bank

..................................................... 9
Angela Trucks •
Mackinaw Trail Pediatrics

Kristin L. Shank •
Women’s Health Specialists

.................................................... 11
Matt Gibson• CareLinc Home Medical

................................................... 12
Kyle Hogg •
Dental Health Professionals

................................................... 13
Katy Huckle • Northwestern Bank

................................................... 14
Wendy Divozzo •
McCurdy, Wotila & Porteous

Brian Heeringa •
Cadillac Surgical Care

................................................... 16
Mike Cool • Baird, Cotter and Bishop, P.C.

Amie Ruppert •
Audiological Services of Cadillac

Mike Tisdale • Baker College 18
Holly Hoornstra • Cadillac Insurance Center 19
Gus Meyjes • Dynamic Physical Therapy

................................................... 21
Holly Schonert • Cadillac News

.................................................. 22
Tera Veddler • Cadillac Leadership Class

Brent Haskin •
Chamber of Commerce Ambassador
May/June 2009 3
Bryan Lydick 20/40
under forty

Mercy HospITal
Director Mercy Hospital Cadillac
Foundation/Community Relations
He once told his boss that he would do this job for
free he loves it so much. We’re not sure how his wife
Nicole would have reacted if Mr. MacLeod would have
taken him up on that offer, but the moral of the story is
that Bryan Lydick truly loves going to work every day,
and it shows. Bryan feels very lucky to work with such
an outstanding group of people, and recognizes that
“nothing is just one person’s success, in life and at work
it really takes a team and I’ve been extremely blessed to
have always had a strong team to work with.”
Mercy Hospital has achieved great heights during
Lydick’s tenure. Most recently Mercy Cadillac received
national recognition after being named one of the nation’s
100 Top Hospitals. The award recognizes hospitals
that have achieved excellence in clinical outcomes,
patient safety, patient satisfaction, financial
performance, and operational efficiency.
Lydick sincerely believes in the mission
of the hospital to “better the health of the
community we serve”. And he has gone
back to school in pursuit of a Masters
Degree in Hospital Administration to
make sure that he is around in a capacity
that allows him to enforce that mission
to its fullest potential.

Thank you team.

It’s an honor to be named a Top 100 Hospital. An honor
we share with our employees, physicians, volunteers,
and many community supporters. Great job. | A member of Trinity Health

4 May/June 2009
20/40 Daniella Bell
Twenty under forty

Coldwell Banker
Assistant Manager/Realtor
In sales, Time = Money; for Daniella Bell Dedication
+ Education = The Coldwell Banker’s Multi-Million
Dollar Club. Bell is a member of the Graduated Realtor
Institute, an Accredited Buyer Representative and is
pursuing her goal of becoming a Certified Commercial
Investment Member. Bell feels strongly that the time
she’s invested to further her education, has directly
impacted the service that she is able to provide her
clients. Coldwell Banker clearly recognized Daniella’s
efforts and in August 2007 named her Assistant
Manager, and she has gracefully achieved a balance
of listing, selling and coaching!
Daniella’s drive doesn’t end with her professional
goals, she and her high school sweetheart have
been married for thirteen years, and look forward
to celebrating their 25th anniversary in
Italy! Finding that balance and clarity of
business woman –wife - mother, Bell
admits is a struggle, but she leads
a very faithful life putting God
first, family second, and career
third. She looks forward to being
able to use her professional success
to give back to the children of our
community, “they are our future
and I want to give them inspiration
to achieve their dreams”.

Clients. Listings. Results.
Commercial & Residential Real Estate Services

Daniella Bell


May/June 2009 5
Sarah Christenson 20/40
Twenty under forty

Wexford JEwelers
President/Creative Director
A self proclaimed over achiever with an eye for detail,
this Cadillac native returned with big dreams to make
Wexford Jewelers a global design strength in the fine
jewelry market, and to establish Northern Michigan
as a fine arts Mecca.  Sarah Christenson, President &
Creative Director of Wexford Jewelers says “Cadillac is
one of those towns you move away from as a youth and
come back to once you’ve matured a bit.” 
Christenson, home schooled after 8th grade, engaged
in an intense six year apprenticeship under the tutelage of
her father, a self-taught master jeweler.  With an artists’
spirit, she has taken jewelry design to an exceptional
level on which Wexford Jewelers has built a suc-
cessful business.
When you look past the family business
style, and the outside the box design con-
cepts, there is still more yet to this jewelry
store.  They utilize the teachings of Christ
in the retail environment, noting that it
“fits naturally with a great customer service
Sarah is pleased to be home serving the
community and says, “There is just a gen-
eral peacefulness to the people up here, an
attitude that is rather easy to pick up when
you’ve experienced one or two sunsets over
Lake Mitchell!”

801 N. MITCHELL, CADILLAC • 775-1289

6 May/June 2009
20/40 Mike Kelso
under forty

cadillac Area YMCA

Program Director

“If you think you are too small to

make a difference, you have never
been in bed with a mosquito.”
Ask anyone who has been involved in the YMCA
in the past four years and they will tell you that
Mike Kelso has done more than a mosquito. With
the doors of the YMCA’s new home in Cadillac set
to open this fall, his familiar buzz will continue to
inspire even more youths in the greater Cadillac
Area to lead healthful lifestyles.
Originally from LeRoy, this GVSU grad
returned to the area with a B.S. in Move-
ment Science. The proud father of two
children says he does his best to balance
the demands of career and parenthood.
Although he admits that he learned
quickly that the household runs on the
children’s schedule, not his!
Kelso looks forward to the contin-
ued success of the YMCA, and has big
dreams to help make Cadillac an even
better place to live and raise families!

Discover Your New Y!

The YMCA Dillon Community 231-775-3369
Center Is Opening This Fall!

May/June 2009 7
Jon Catlin 20/40
Twenty under forty

Chemical Bank
Community Bank President
This Community Bank President started with
Chemical Bank in 1986 as a high school co-op. With
an MBA in hand, Jon Catlin celebrates more than 15
years of full time employment with the institution
that gave him the banking bug.
Cadillac celebrates a bank transfer that brought
us Catlin, his wife Jenny and their two children.
Dependent upon a fully charged Blackberry to
stay organized, this man is clearly civic minded a
Cub Scout Den Leader, Cadillac Area Chamber
of Commerce Board Director, CASA Coach, Ju-
nior Achievement volunteer and First Presbyterian
Church Elder. Looking to get involved in the
community? Call Jon to see where he could use
a hand!
Professionally, Jon has been hard at
work lending and also developing a
new location for Chemical Bank in
Cadillac. He gratefully thanks the
community and the dedicated, talent-
ed people he works with every day
for welcoming his family to Cadil-

Part of the Michigan

Landscape for over 90 years.

To learn more, visit one of our

129 locations across the state
or call us at 1-800-867-9757

8 May/June 2009
20/40 Angela Trucks,
Twenty under forty


Mackinaw Trail Pediatrics is proud to
showcase the latest addition to their Pediat-
ric staff, Dr. Angela Trucks!
Originally from the Reed City area, Dr.
Trucks has spent the last ten years all over
our great state of Michigan from Lake Su-
perior to Lake St. Clair.
Angie did her undergraduate studies at
Michigan State University – College of Hu-
man Medicine. During this program she
had the opportunity to live in Marquette
where she interned at Marquette General
Hospital. She then completed her Pediat-
ric Residency at Wayne State University in
With family living in the area, the de-
cision for she and her husband to make
Cadillac their new home was an easy
one. The couple is grateful for the con-
venient access to recreational activities
and the tight knit feel of our com-
munity. They look forward to
establishing roots and getting
involved in the plethora of vol-
unteer opportunities that Cadil-
lac has to offer!
Specialty Care of Children From Birth to Adolescence
Susan Betts-Barbus, MD • Gerald Herring, MD • Elizabeth Rzepka-Alto, MD
Angela Trucks, MD • Mary Blackmer, MSN, FNP
Mon-Fri 8-5, Sat 9-11 By Appointment Please Now accepting new patients
(Conveniently Located Across From McGuire’s)
7917 Mackinaw Trail, Cadillac, MI 49601
Fax: 231-779-9765 231-779-9700
May/June 2009 9
Kristin L. Shank, 20/40
under forty


Physician Assistant
Kristin Shank believes that helping people is what
she was meant to do. She has been a volunteer with the
Marion Fire Department, and now as a Physician As-
sistant she has fallen into place with her calling.
Shank has been providing women’s health services
in a variety of settings over the past four years of her
clinical practice. Most recently, Kristin joined Dr. Wil-
liam Long, DO and Dr. John Itnyre, MD at Women’s
Health Specialists, P.C. where she provides routine
services to both gynecologic and obstetric patients.
The unique opportunity to be a part of a woman’s
life, during one of the most special events of her life,
is pretty incredible. As the mother of three (includ-
ing a set of twins) she views that moment from two
distinct perspectives, a mother as well as a health
care provider. Which allows her to do her job in an
even more professional fashion, because she truly
The wife of a Marion High School graduate,
she says she enjoys living at the “Bermuda Trian-
gle”, on the cusp of Tustin/McBain/Marion and
working in Cadillac because she now has
a full sense of community. Having spent
most of her life on the Northwest side of
Chicago and in Grand Rapids, this is a far
cry from Big City life, and she is pretty
happy about that.

Thinking About Having Your Own Bundle Of Joy?

We’re ready when you are.

10 May/June 2009
20/40 Matt Gibson
under forty

Carelinc Home Medical

Branch Manager
“I am Potential” is the name of the book by Patrick Hen-
ry, who is a trumpet player in the Louisville Marching Band,
and does so by being pushed around in a wheelchair on the
field by his father. It is a truly inspiring story, that hits home
with Matt Gibson, whose son Wesley is living with challeng-
es similar to Patrick’s. Matt is very proud of the progress
that Wesley is making, who now can play the piano, and is
working hard to start walking!
Gibson, who is still working on getting back into the
swing of things after a nine month Naval Coastal Warfare
tour of duty in Kuwait, tells us his wife is one of the strongest
people he knows. “For overcoming the challenges of caring
for our family in my absence… I owe her a night out on the
We totally agree, but it hasn’t happened yet, and
by the looks of his day planner, he doesn’t have
much free time! As the Branch Manager for
CareLinc Home Medical Matt has been very
busy working to make CareLinc a one stop
source for medical needs in the Greater
Cadillac Area. When he is not working
there, he is heading up a charitable proj-
ect for one of his favorite civic organiza-
tions like Rotary, the Lion’s , Jaycees,
Chamber Ambassadors, VFW, AM-
VETS or American Legion. Matt Gib-
son is truly dedicated not only to our
community but also our country.

Sleep Apnea
Keeping You Up?
We’ve Got Everything You Need
To Help You Sleep Like A Baby.


1-800-591-5785 • 231-775-7143 • 231-832-2766
or Fax 231-775-7486

May/June 2009 11
Kyle Hogg, 20/40
under forty

Dental Health Professionals

He grew up in Harrietta, tried hard not to cause
his teachers too much trouble, and attended regu-
lar visits with his favorite dentist Dr. DeHaan. Af-
ter meeting his wife Nadine in Jacksonville, Florida
Dr. Kyle Hogg brought her home and the pair now
look forward to continued success at Dental Health
Professionals. The young doctors have recently estab-
lished roots in Cadillac, yet frequently travel to south
where Kyle is on Faculty at the University of Florida,
and across the pond to Kings College of London where
he is pursing an International Specialty in Prostho-
dontics. His drive to be the best he can be is
inspiring, even more is the gratitude
he extends to his tremendously
supportive wife.
Kyle is thankful to be back in
Northern Michigan, after trav-
eling all over he truly feels that
our community is the place to
Dr. Hogg is continuously
amazed by the talented clini-
cians that he has the oppor-
tunity to work with and the
outstanding community
members he serves.

Now Accepting New Patients.

12 May/June 2009
20/40 Katy Huckle
under forty

Northwestern Bank
Market Leader VP/Mortgage Loan Officer
Routine as morning coffee and a brisk jog, Katy Huckle asks her-
self “what can I do today to serve the needs of others?” Huckle
says “Our community is so responsive to the needs of our neigh-
bors, it makes me proud to live here. I just want to make sure that
I am always doing my part.”
That daily self-check has drawn her to become a member of the
Mercy Hospice Board of Directors, the Mercy Hospital Founda-
tion Board of Directors, the Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce
Board of Directors and has led to her involvement in the annual
Oasis Celebrate Women Luncheon and the Festival of Trees.
The newest addition to the Northwestern Bank team, Katy says
that her drive to get things done today rather than tomorrow has
led to her professional success. “We wake up each
morning thinking about something that we really
don’t want to do that day. I try to start my day
with that task, and then the rest of the day is a
piece of cake!”
A hardworking employee, and dedicated
community supporter, Huckle makes a point
to take time for herself and those she holds
most dear. Her secret; a passion for cook-
ing! “Cooking is an extremely productive
hobby for me, it allows me to do some-
thing that I enjoy and then share it with
those I love!”
Without question her main focus
is to “raise a happy healthy family.”
Katy makes family dinners a priority.
“Sitting down together keeps us con-
nected. I am so blessed.”

May/June 2009 13
Wendy Divozzo 20/40
under forty

McCurdy, Wotila & Porteous

A shareholder and attorney with McCurdy, Wotila & Porte-
ous, Wendy Divozzo is one of several boomerangers that you will
read about in this publication. Wendy’s first move to Cadillac was
when she was nine years old. After high school she attended
Central Michigan University with the possibility of attending
law school at some point in the back of her mind. Fast forward
(just a couple) years, to Wendy and husband John discussing
future retirement plans which were to include a move closer
to family in the Cadillac area. The pair decided not to
waste one minute longer living in the big city and relo-
cated their young family to Cadillac in 2000 where
Wendy went to work with the firm, known
as Mccurdy & Wotila at that time. With
her partners, Divozzo looks forward to
maintaining the legacy her more senior
partners started. She says, “we are
blessed with having an office full
of honest, hard-working, family
oriented people who are here in
Northern Michigan for the life-
style.” Having been in Cadillac
for over nine years now, Wen-
dy and family have learned
how to enjoy all four seasons.
They recently picked up down-
hill skiing and most winter weekends
Wendy can be found at the Caberfae Peaks
with her favorite people - daughters Abigale
and Rachel - and husband John.

McCurdy, Wotila
& Porteous
• Family Law • Civil Litigation • Municipal Law
• Criminal Law • Estate Planning & Probate
120 W. Harris St., Cadillac

14 May/June 2009
20/40 Brian Heeringa
, MD
under forty

Cadillac Surgical Care

Dr. Heeringa always strives to do the best he can
whether it’s doing surgery here in Cadillac or as part of
Midwest Medical Missions in the Dominican Repub-
lic or training to compete in a triathlon this summer.
Originally from Arizona, Brian first came to Michigan
for his undergraduate studies and later returned for his
surgical residency training in Saginaw. It was Saginaw
where he met his wife Gloria an RN and professional
organizer. After completing his training in Saginaw they
moved to Cadillac for its abundance of four season out-
door activities and it safe family friendly environment to
raise their kids in.
For the past four years, Dr. Heeringa
and the staff at Cadillac Surgical Care
have been dedicated to providing the
Cadillac area with first class surgical
care. They offer a full range of gen-
eral surgical services including ad-
vanced laparoscopy. Just recently,
Dr. Heeringa added Endovenous
procedures to his repertoire, a
service which until now had
not been available in the Ca-
dillac area. He looks for-
ward to improving the dai-
ly lives of those suffering
from venous disorders.


Dr. Heeringa is now offering
comprehensive treatment for patients
with varicose veins. Available services
include sclerotherapy, endovenous laser
ablation and microphlebectomy.
Call today to set up your
pre-treatment consultation.

927 Carmel St., Cadillac • 231-876-3876

May/June 2009 15
Mike Cool, 20/40
CPA under forty

Baird, Cotter and Bishop, P.C.

Natural beauty of the area during a job search af-
ter graduation brought Mike Cool and his wife Anne
to Cadillac.  Now a partner with the accounting firm
Baird, Cotter and Bishop, P.C. and the proud father of
two beautiful daughters, Cool feels strongly that they
made the right move. 
“Cadillac offers excellent schools, incredible natural
resources, a safe and secure community that is commit-
ted to progress; it is the total package for any young
Mike is in awe of the countless volunteers and the
generous donations of community members that have
made organizations like OASIS Family Resource
Center and the United Way of Wexford
County so incredibly successful.     Having
served on the Wexford Habitat for Human-
ity Board of Directors and the United Way
of Wexford County Board of Directors
for many years, he understands the dedi-
cation of these volunteers, and feels that
it says a lot about our community.


Certified Public Accountants
Our firm offers a full range of public accounting services including
auditing, compilation, review, computerized accounting and payroll
services, tax planning, tax compliance, estate planning and estate tax
compliance work. We concentrate heavily in audits of local units of
government in Michigan. Call Mike or anyone at Baird, Cotter and
Bishop, P.C for business consulting or any other services. We can help.

134 W. Harris St., Cadillac, MI 49601 231-775-9789 • e-mail:
16 May/June 2009
20/40 Amie Ruppert
Twenty under forty
, Au.D.
Audiological Services of Cadillac
Originally from the Cadillac Area, Dr. Amie
Ruppert is thankful to be back in town! Having
left the area after high school, she and her hus-
band were always eager to return home, and in
September of 2007 their prayers were answered.
Dr. Ruppert is a licensed and certified audiolo-
gist at Audiological Services of Cadillac Hear-
ing Clinic. She states that the field of Audi-
ology and hearing aid fittings presents many
challenges. “Technologies are advancing and
improving daily that allow us to choose hear-
ing aid product and devices that best suit our
patients lifestyles and budgets.”
Continuing education is crucial. In 2008 she
had the opportunity to study along side of Dr.
Gans, an audiologist/balance expert in Florida.
Ruppert is now using his teachings to diagnose
patients dealing with balance issues and ver-
tigo. Amie is proud to be part of a team that
is dedicated to giving back to the community.
ASC recently donated to both Baker College
and CAPS Auditorium induction loop tech-
nology to enhance the auditory experience
for those with hearing difficulties.


• We are staffed by Doctors of Audiology (Au.D.)
• We specialize in the diagnosis and management of hearing and
balance disorders from birth through adulthood
• Hearing Aids are unique medical devices suited for individual
hearing losses that require expert care in matching features/
benefits to lifestyle/budgets with quality follow up care and service

“The Professional Choice for Hearing Healthcare and Balance Assessment”

Call Now For An Appointment

or toll-free 877-775-9398 Major Insurances Accepted
8872 Professional Dr., Suite A, Cadillac AFFORDABLE PAYMENT PLANS

May/June 2009 17
Mike Tisdale 20/40
Twenty under forty

Baker College
Vice President of Admissions

Helping people to make major life

decisions Mike Tisdale, the Vice President
of Admissions at Baker College says he has
the coolest job ever; due to Baker’s “right
-to- try” admission policy he doesn’t have
to tell people “no”!
Relatively new to the Cadillac area, Mike
accepted a transfer with Baker College that
brought him here from Flint in 2001. He
quickly found his niche in the community
serving as a Board Member of TV 2 and on
the CTC Health Occupations board. When
not at work developing new programs,
scholarships and seeking out new
recruitment strategies, Mike enjoys
golfing our areas many courses and
spending time with his family.
He and his wife have enjoyed
the opportunity to raise their
children in the Norman
Rockwell setting that our
community offers.

Start Your Career Program This Summer!

Cadillac Area Chamber Members
Save 20% On Tuition!

Summer Classes Begin June 29th…
9 6 0 0 E . 1 3 t h S t . • C adillac, MI 49601 • ( 231) 876- 3100
18 May/June 2009
20/40 Holly Hoornstra
under forty

Cadillac Insurance Center

Personal Lines Agent
Born and raised in Cadillac, the young-
est of our twenty may also be the most
organized. The very busy mother of four
year old daughter Allie, is a full time stu-
dent who will graduate with a Bachelors
Degree in Business Administration this
summer, is employed full time as a li-
censed Personal Lines Agent with Ca-
dillac Insurance Center (CIC), and is
planning a July wedding. How does
she do it? She attributes her success to
her very supportive family and fantastic
team of people with whom she works.
She thanks the CIC principles, Jeff and
Brian, who have taken an active role in
working with her to achieve her personal
and professional goals.
A dedicated employee of more than
three years, Holly loves being able to help
people. Whether it is working with them
to successfully resolve a claim, answer-
ing a question, or helping them to save
money, just knowing that she is making
a difference is extremely rewarding.

Life • Home • Health • Auto • Business

932 North Mitchell Street • P.O. Box 430 • Cadillac, MI 49601

Phone (231) 775-1293
24/7 Online Access •

Our priority is customer care.

May/June 2009 19
Gus Meyjes 20/40
under forty

Dynamic Physical TherapY

Physical Therapist, Executive Vice President, Co-Owner
Born in Africa, raised in the Netherlands, Gus
Meyjes came to Cadillac because a friend from
physical therapy school asked him to.   Nearly
twelve years after that fateful move, he and his
good friend Roger Karsten have assembled one
of the most highly educated and caring physical
therapy teams in the country. 
A former member of Rotary and an active
member in community events, Mayjes  sponsors
many athletic events throughout the year in
each of the communities Dynamic Physical
Therapy serves.  Gus specifically notes his
dedication to the Cadillac Community
Foundation, and believes very
strongly in their mission. 
  “I’ve lived in many places
around the world.  Never has
any community been as inviting
as Cadillac has been to me and
my family.”  Having spent
more of his life in Cadillac
than anywhere else, he truly
values the sense of community
our Northern Michigan town
offers, and the dedication of
our residents to the continued
success of our city.

20 May/June 2009
20/40 Holly Schonert
Twenty under forty

Cadillac NEws
Advertising Leader
xxx The right hand gal to the big man in the corner office, Holly
Schonert has worked her way up through the ranks of the Ca-
dillac News for the past nine years. Having dabbled in nearly
every department, she is fondly referred to as Yoda.
Working in Cadillac, and growing up in LeRoy, Holly looks
for ways to get involved in her two favorite towns! A graduate
of the Cadillac Leadership Class, she now sits on the Board,
overseeing the Marketing/Fund Development Committee.
She also works closely with the committee that hosts Le-
Roy’s largest community celebration, Razzasque Days.
“Giving back to the communities where I live, work and
play is extremely important to me”.
Maintaining that perfect work life/home life balance
recently became a bit more challenging for Schon-
ert, when she was promoted to Advertising Lead-
er. The truth is, Holly’s reality is one most of
us only read about. When the clock hits 5:30
this (pregnant) workin mom’s job is not done.
She swings by the grocery store, picks up her
daughter at daycare, and prepares a home
cooked meal for her husband, daughter and
grandfather (who has a standing invitation
to supper each night). They don’t have cable
TV, or video games, and they aren’t glued to
the computer for hours at a time. They eat
meals together, play Candyland, and help
grandpa with chores. Schonert’s three-year-
old daughter has a sound sense of family,
and nothing makes her more proud.

Providing Your

Complete Marketing Solution

At the Cadillac News, we’re about finding a variety of solu-
tions for the marketing and branding of your unique business.
Our mission is to learn more about your business goals, trends
and long term objectives and to utilize a variety of promo-
tional options to accomplish them.
Options include: Newspaper Marketing, Niche Marketing,

Online Promotions & Services, Classified Marketing, Web
Design & Development Services and Commercial Printing.

To discuss a program that’s right for your business.

Call Holly Schonert, Advertising Leader at (231) 779-4138. Trusted. Local. Connected.

May/June 2009 21
Tera Veddler 20/40
Twenty under forty

Cadillac LeadershiP
2009 Class Member

McBain native, Tera Veddler is part of a leading

force that is making a difference in our community.
By day, Tera is an employee of the City of Cadillac
Finance and Public Works Departments, by night
she will soon be in pursuit of a Master’s degree
and in any other spare moment of her day, she is
a dedicated member of the 2009 Cadillac Leader-
ship Class. The Leadership Class has partnered
with United Way and has selected one of the big-
gest projects in the history of the organization,
“Bringing 2-1-1 to Wexford County”.
2-1-1 is a national program that provides valu-
able information on local resources available in
our area such as: financial assistance, medical
care, food pantries, youth programs, senior
programs and others. Veddler says, “Now
more than ever, people are reaching out for
assistance; many people have never had to
ask for help before. It is our goal to make this
information easy to find and get people the
help they need”
To support this program please
email the Cadillac Leadership Class at or call
United Way of Wexford County at (231)

Be at the forefront of emerging leaders!

This nine-month program is dedicated to the development of leadership
skills through education, awareness and working relationships. Participants
gain knowledge of trends, challenges and issues facing the greater Cadillac
area with the ultimate goal of becoming future community leaders who
anticipate change and act decisively.
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22 May/June 2009
20/40 Brent Haskin
under forty

Chamber of COmmerce

“Far better it is to dare mighty things than

to take rank with the poor timid spirits, who
know neither victory nor defeat.”  - FDR
Born and raised on a dairy farm in Lake City, this
volunteer fire fighter, certified paramedic, student &
business owner has been busy working towards his
dreams.   Brent Haskin is interested in expanding his
successful shipping business and may open a second
The UPS Store, he is currently making plans
to become a full time fire fighter and
recently wed (quite literally) “the
girl next door”.
A graduate of the Cadillac
Leadership Class, Brent is a
prime example of a Chamber
Ambassador.    You’ll find
his photo quite regularly
in the center spread
of the Cadillac Area
Business Magazine
where he shows his
support for new
businesses at ribbon
cutting ceremonies.  

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May/June 2009 23
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