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UNIT - I Consumer Behaviour and Marketing Action: An overview - Consumer involvement, decisionmaking processes and purchase behaviour and marketing implications -Consumer Behaviour Models UNIT - II Environmental influences on consumer behaviour - Cultural influences - Social class, reference groups and family influences - Opinion leadership and the diffusion of innovations - Marketing implications of the above influences. UNIT - III The individual consumer and buying behaviour and marketing implications - Consumer perceptions, learning, attitudes, motivation and personality - psychographics, values and lifestyles. UNIT - IV Strategic marketing applications - Market segmentation strategies - Positioning strategies for existing and new products, Re-positioning, perceptual mapping - Marketing communications Source, message and media effects. Store choice and shopping behaviour - In-Store stil1)uli, store image and loyalty - Consumerism - Consumer rights and Marketers' responsibilities. UNIT - V The Borderless Consumer Market and buying behaviour - Consumer buying habits and perceptions of emerging non-store choices - Research and applications of consumer responses to direct marketing approaches - Issues of privacy and ethics. REFERENCES I. Loudon and Della Bitta: CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR: CONCEPTS AND APPLICATIONS, Tata McGraw Hill. 2. Henry Assael: CONSUMER BEHA VIOUR AND MARKETING ACTION, Kent Publishing Co.). 3. Berkman & Gilson: CONSUMER BEHA VIOUR:CONCEPTS AND STRATEGIES,(Kent Publishing Co.). 4. Bennet and Kassarjian: CONSUMER BEHA VIOUR, (Prentice Hall of India) 5. Schiffman and Kanuck: CONSUMER BEHA VIOUR, Pearson Education Asia, 7'h. Edition, 6. Hawkins, Best & Concy: CONSUMER BEHA VIOUR. Tata McGraw Hill. 7. Efraim Turban, Jae Lce, David King, & I-I.Michael Chung: Electronic Commcrce: Managerial Perspective, Pearson Education Inc., 2000.

Manova. UNIT . METHODOLOGY: (1) Lectures (2) Written Notes (3) Assignments (4) Computer Practicals (Using Word Star.Descriptive and Inferential Statistics .Research Design ..Sampling Errors. Taylor: MARKETING RESEARCH. Gibert A.Data Sources Marketing Information System. AITBS.Types of Research .Basic and Applied Research .Four Design Procedures. Multivariate -Hypothesis Testing . Green & Donald S. Lotus 1-2-3. Asia. Thomas C. 7.: MARKETING RESEARCH: METHODOLOGICAL FOUNDATIONS.Definition of MR . Jr. 6. REFERENCES I. 2.Anova.Scaling Procedures .Concepts of Validity and Reliability Attitude Measurement . UNIT-III Measurement and Causality .COURSE CODE: 36 PAPER .Sample Size . Area.Strategical.Presentation of Data . 3.Data Collecting Methods . . Coding and Editing.XII PAPER CODE:H3020 MARKETING RESEARCH UNIT – I The Marketing Research System . Boyd. John Wiley & Sons. Westfall & Stasch: MARKETING RESEARCH: TEXT AND CASES. UNIT-IV Data Instruments .Kinnear & James R. Factor. Malhotra: MARKETING RESEARCH: AN APPLIED ORIENTATION. Richard I. Aaker.Errors' and Difficulties Data Processing.Univariate. Discriminant Analysis Report Writing .Field Operations . 1998. 5. UNIT-II Sampling . Churchill.Steps in MR Process . Bivariate.Levin: STATISTICS FOR MANAGEMENT.Ishikawa diagrams. Naresh K.Factors in Measurement . Packages like Stat Graph. luster. Paul E. Kumar & Day: MARKETING RESEARCH.Simple and Complex Sampling Procedures . 4. RandomDigit Dialing. Statistics (SX) and SPSS) (5) Project Work. Richard D Irwin Inc. Pearson Education. Tull: RESEARCH FOR MARKETING DECISIONS.Diagrammatic -Pareto analysis .the' Research Process .V Data Analysis .Casual Designs . Ancova. Systematic. .

UNIT-II Strategic Industrial Marketing (S. Presentations 3. Prentice-Hall International. Concepts and Characteristics .) .Reeder. Prentice-Hall International. JOURNAL OF MARKETING and JOURNAL OF MARKETING RESEARCH.T.Reeder: INDUSTRIAL MARKETING. Chisnall: STRATEGIC INDUSTRIAL MARKETING.Brierty & Betty H.XIII PAPER CODE:H3030 INDUSTRIAL MARKETING UNIT-I Introduction to Industrial Markets .Alexander & James S.Promotional Strategies for Industrial Goods/ Services. All India Traveller Book Seller Publishers and Distributors.Industrial Marketing System. Edward G.P. Case Analysis and Discussions. 2. 2. 1987. 1985.Industrial Buyer Behaviour. Peter M.Marketing Information Systems and Marketing Research. METHODOLOGY 1.Industrial Product Management .Pricing Decisions in Industrial Markets.COURSE CODE: 36 PAPER . UNIT-III Classification of Industrial Products and Services . RECOMMENDED READING MATERIAL 1. REFERENCES 1.V Developing Marketing Strategies and Programs for Industrial Goods / Services. Ralph S.Types of Industrial Markets . Industrial Marketing Cases and Articles from HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW. Richard M.Cross: INDUSTRIAL MARKETING. Robert R. Lectures 2. UNIT .New Product Development and Introduction . UNIT-IV Formulating Channel Strategies and Physical Distribution decisions .HiII. .

sales territories.Telemarketing Systems selling.Vertical marketing systems . 6.XIV PAPER CODE:H3040 LOGISTICS MANAGEMENT UNIT . geography.Michael Chung: Electronic Commerce: A Managerial Perspective. Dryden Press.sales force compensation. Govani: SALES MANAGEMENT. REFERENCES I.Teleshopping . Electronic intermediaries. Johnson.Estimating market and Sales Potentials. UNIT . e-enabled logistics management and tracking systems.Mail order selling .Motivating channel members . product and combinations and current trends . Eugene M. Stem & EI Ansary: MARKETING CHANNELS.sales quotas.IV MANAGING THE MARKETING CHANNEL : Product.Target markets and channel design strategies. Pricing and Promotion issues in channel Management and Physical Distribution . Prentice-Hall India. setting distribution objectives and tasks . & H. Tata McGraw Hill. The selling process . Edward W. Prentice-Hall India. Efraim Turban.A LOGISTICAL APPROACH. selecting channel members. sales incentives and sales force evaluation . Satish K. 8. Jae Lee. David L. sales organization based on customer. Mcgraw Hill. Still. Bert Rosenbloom: MARKETING CHANNELS: A MANAGEMENT VIEW. 3.I PERSONAL SELLING: Types of selling . 7. 5. Charles Futrell: SALES MANAGEMENT. Kurtz & Eberhard E.Alternative Sales Structures: Network Marketing . Coughlan. Bowersox & Closs: LOGISTICAL MANAGEMENT. David King. UNIT-V E-enabled selling and distribution: e-Commerce and e-retailing as a channel of distribution. Disintermediation and Re-intermediation. Franchise systems and corporate marketing systems. 2000. Prentice-Hall India. Kapoor & Purva Kansal: BASICS OF DISTRIBUTION MANAGEMENT . Richard R. UNIT . 2003.COURSE CODE: 36 PAPER .controlling the sales effort . sales audit.Strategies and Styles . . Pearson Education Inc. Scheuing: SALES MANAGEMENT.sales training programs and motivating the sales force . Cundiff & Norman A. 4. UNIT . Anderson. Pearson Education Books 2..Retail co-operatives.Elements of direct marketing .III PHYSICAL DISTRIBUTION: participants in the physical distribution function.II THE SALES FORCE: Size of the sales force. the environment of physical distribution .P.formulating sales objectives Sales forecasting .Channel Design strategies and structures.Evaluating chan~el member performance .

Trends in the Indian Retailing Industry.Country/Region analysis .legal.Interior design elements. issues .Retail database.Psychological pricing .Market entry formulas . service malls.Comprehensive store planning . 3. UNIT-III Planning merchandise needs and merchandise budgets .Site evaluation and selection . merchandise depots.COURSE CODE: 36 PAPER . India).XV RETAIL MARKETING PAPER CODE:H3050 UNIT – I An overview of retailing .Product retailing vs. social.E-relating International Retailing Opportunities .Non store retailing Retail strategy . technological.V Globalisation and changing retail formats .Types of stores .Retail selling process .Store design and layout . UNIT . buying and vendor relations .Merchandise pricing . portable stores. interactive kiosk 'shopping arcades') REFERENCES: 1.Mark-up and markdown strategies.Retail promotion mix-Advertising . Rona Ostrow and Sweetman R.Price strategies .Trade area analysis .new customized formats (customized stores.Virtual store .Interior store design and layout . Ron Hasty and James Reardon: RETAIL MANAGEMENT. UNIT-IV Communicating with the retail customer . AIPD. . Service retailing .Achieving competitive advantage and positioning Retailing environment .Sales promotion Publicity . Lucas. 2. Robert Bush & Larry Gresham: RETAILING (Hononghton Miffin. economic. Smith: DICTIONARY OF RETAILING. retail threatre.Exterior design and layout .Assortment planning. UNIT-II Retail store location and layout .Methods for determining inventory evaluation . customer-made stores.

V Distribution -' Logistics Management .Competitive product strategies for rural markets.Product mix Decisions .innovative pricing methods for rural markets .N -Indian Economy-Vikas Publication 3.Buying decision process .SECOND YEAR .Designing right promotion mix .XVI RURAL MARKETING PAPER CODE:H4010 UNIT. Philip Kotler .FOURTH SEMESTER COURSE CODE: 36 PAPER .Rural . CSG Krishnamacharylu & Laitha Ramakrishna . Agarwal A.I Rural Economy .Product Strategy .pricing polices .Indian Economy.appropriate media . UNIT . .attractiveness of rural markets . Prentice . UNIT-III Selection of Markets .Characteristics of Rural consumers .Concept and Scope .Nature of rural markets .The Development exercises in the last few decades.Rural Vs Urban Marketing .Tata McGraw Hill.Hall India Ltd. UNIT-II Rural Marketing . Ruddar Dutt Sundaram .Urban disparities-policy interventions required .Rural Marketing Pearson Edu Asia.Problems encountered . 2.promotion strategy .Potential and size of the Rural Markets.Marketing Management.New approaches to reach out rural markets.Rural Marketing Information System .promotional campaigns. UNIT-IV Pricing strategy .selection of appropriate channels .Rural face to Reforms . REFERENCES I. Publishers 4.

Christopher H. 2. Using Technology. (d) Professional Services (e) Public Utility Services (f) Communication Services (g) Educational Services REFERENCES I. Sage Publications. - UNIT-II MARKETING MIX IN SERVICES MARKETING . 3. TECHNOLOGY. UNIT-IV DELIVERING QUALITY SERVICES Causes of Service-Quality Gaps: The Customer Expectations versus Perceived Service Gap.COURSE CODE: 36 PAPER . Macmillan.XVII SERVICES MARKETING PAPER CODE:H4020 UNIT-I MARKETING OF SERVICES . McGraw Hill. 5.Growth of the Service Sector -The Concept of Service Characteristics of Services-Classification of Services Designing the ServiceBlueprinting.6.Quality Standards. - - UNIT – V MARKETING OF SERVICES WITH SPECIAL REFERENCE TO (a) Financial Services (b) Health Services (c) Hospitality Services including Travel.People. Physical Evidence and Process. Promotion of Services and Placing or Distribution Methods for Services Additional Dimensions in Services Marketing .External Communication to the Customer: the Promise versus Delivery Gap .Developing Appropriate and Effective Communication about Service Quality. Zcithaml. Ron Zemke & Dick Schaaf: THE SERVICE EDGE. Building Service Aspirations. Lovelock: SERVICES MARKETING: PEOPLE. Raghu & Vasanthi Venugopal: SERVICES MARKETING. Response Books. Pearson Education Asia. Factors and Solutions The Service Performance Gap Key Factors and Strategies for Closing the Gap . Pricing Strategies and Tactics. Parasuraman & Berry: DELIVERING QUALITY SERVICE. Raghu & Vasanthi Venugopal: SERVICES MARKETING 6. Valerie Zeithaml & Mary Jo Bitner: SERVICES MARKETING. Developing Human Resources. - UNIT-III STRATEGIC MARKETING MANAGEMENT FOR SERVICES . 4.THE SEVEN Ps Product Decisions. Hotels and Tourism.Internal Marketing of a Service External versus Internal Orientation of Service Strategy. STRATEGY. . Audrey Gilmore: Services marketing and Management. The Free Press.Introduction . Factors and Techniques to Resolve this Gap Gaps in Service .Matching Demand and Supply through Capacity Planning and Segmentation .

Prentice Hall. BRAND EQUITY . UNIT-IV Measuring Advertising Effectiveness Communication and Image Building. Winter & Zeigler: ADVERTISING. Schultz: STRATEGIC ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS.Leveraging Brand Values for business and non-business contexts.Consumer and Trade Promotions . Wright. pageviews. Tata McGraw Hill. Linking Advertising and sales promotion to achieve 'brand-standing' .Sales Promotion Strategies and Practices. 4. Prentice Hall. . June Valladares: THE CRAFT OF COPYWRITING. 11.I ADVERTISING interface STRA TEGICADVERTISING DECISIONS Preparing the Product and Media Brief - AN INTRODUCTION. T Russel & Ronald Lane: KLEPPNER'S ADVERTISING PROCEDURE. Wells. Pran Nath Chowdhury: SUCCESSFUL SALES PROMOTION.Advertising and Principles of Integrated Marketing UNIT .the Advertiser and the Advertising Agency - Setting Advertising Objectives . Sage Publications. and Selectivity .Organising Framework . Types . Sage Publications. permission marketing and privacy.Elements of Ad Copy and Creation Principles of verbal versus visual thinkers. Styles and Stages in advertising copy creation Copy (Pre-) Testing methods and measurements. 10. Prentice-Hall 2.Concepts of Reach. ethical concerns. REFERENCES I. India. David Ogilvy: OGILVY ON ADVERTISING. 6. Burnett &Moriarty: ADVERTISING PRINCIPLES AND PRACTICES. Don E.Definition and Classification - Planning Framework . hits. 5.Measures of Media Cost Efficiency – Media (Readership / Viewership) Research.Rationale. J V Vilanilam & A K Varghese: ADVERTISING BASICS! A RESOURCE GUIDE FOR BEGINNERS. Tata McGraw Hill. 9. Building.Visualization of Ad Layout . J.Control of Advertising by practitioners. Fryburger & Rotzoll: ADVERTISING. Cross Promotions. 8.Concepts and Criteria. media and the market - Advertising in the International Market-place . Response Books. 3.The Budget Decision - UNIT-II COPY DECISIONS .XVIII PAPER CODE:H4030 ADVERTISING AND SALES PROMOTION UNIT . The Internet as an Advertising Medium: Tracking Website visits. Batra & Myers: ADVERTISING MANAGEMENT. 7. NTC Business Books.COURSE CODE: 36 PAPER . Irwin. Sandage.Media Planning and Selection .Origin and Development . Frequency. and click-stream analysis. Measuring and Managing Brand Equity. .V SALES PROMOTION . Subroto Sengupta: BRAND POSITIONING. Aaker. Continuity. Surrogate Selling. Bait and Switch advertising issues. UNIT-III MEDIA DECISIONS .

III Sales Force Automation . Resetting the CRM strategy. Measurement. Paul Greenberg: CRM AT THE SPEED OF LIGHT: CAPTURING AND KEEPING CUSTOMERS IN INTERNET REAL TIME 4. CRM defined: success factors. 2. Jill Dyche: THE CRM HANDBOOK: A BUSINESS GUIDE TO CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT.requirements. UNIT-IV Analytical CRM: Managing and sharing customer data . Customer Profitability & Value Modeling. Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Field Force Automation. Behaviour Prediction. Data analysis: Market Basket Analysis (MBA). REFERENCES I. . UNIT . Lead and Knowledge Management. Development and delivery.Sales Process. CRM links in e-Business: E-Commerce and Customer Relationships on the Internet.II CRM in Marketing: One-to-one Relationship Marketing. and optimizing customer relationships. Canada. processes. Event-based marketing. Personalization and Collaborative Filtering. Patrica 13. complacency. UNIT. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). 5. Data Warehousing and Data Mining concepts. Click stream Analysis. Choosing CRM tools: Defining functionalities. Supplier Relationship Management (SRM). Ltd.internally: CRM development Team. Homegrown versus out-sourced approaches. Anderson & Carol J Kerr: CUSTOMER RELA TIONSHIP MANAGEMENT 7. preparing a business plan . Customer Retention.V CRM Implementation: Defining success factors. Channel Optimization. Addison Wesley Information technology Series. et al: HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW ON CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT 6. John Wiley & Sons. creating and managing effective SLAs.XIX PAPER CODE:H4040 CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT UNIT . UNIT . Scoping and prioritizing. CRM and Customer Service: The Call Centre. Managing customer relationships: conflict. Bcrnd H Schmitt: CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE MANAGEMENT: A REVOLUTIONARY APPROACH TO CONNECTING WITH YOUR CUSTOMERS. Stanley A. Customer Satisfaction Measurement.I CRM concepts: Acquiring customers. Partner relationship Management (PRM). Activity. Jagdish Seth. Cross Selling & Up Selling. the three levels of Service/ Sales Profiling.Customer information databases. Call Scripting. Kristin L.COURSE CODE: 36 PAPER . Ramaswamy. justification. Selling CRM . Supply Chain Management (SCM).Brown: CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT. et al: CUSTOMER RELA TIONSHIP MANAGEMENT 3. customer loyalty. Contact. Ethics and legalities of data use.

10th Edn. Daniels and Raderbaugh: INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS 5. term papers. 1996).export.COURSE CODE: 36 PAPER .Recent trends and developments in international trade. 3. - - UNIT – V Global logistics management promotional strategies international markets. differentiation . joint ventures and direct investments.International marketing management . (Irwin McGraw-Hili. Raderbaugh & Sullivan: GLOBALIZATION AND BUSINESS. Terpstra & Sarathy: INTERNATIONAL MARKETING.Pricing for international markets. UNIT-III Assessing international market opportunities . (The Dryden Press.Ronkainen: GLOBAL MARKETING. UNIT-II The international marketing environment .planning and organization . 2002 . WTO and TRIPS.XX PAPER CODE:H4050 GLOBAL MARKETING UNIT –I The importance of world trade .Multilateral and Geographical Groupings .protectionism. - International distribution systems Global advertising and Sales management Developing marketing strategies and programs for - - - Methodology: Lectures. TRIMS and liberalization of service industries. industry visit and case discussions REFERENCE I. 1999. Thomson Press.Culture and Business Customs . role of the IMF and World research . Prentice-Hall India. 2. Daniels.Political and legal systems .Scope and challenges of international marketing .Czinkota and IIkka A.). Philip R. UNIT –IV Global product management standardisation vs. trade barriers.Economic and Financial dimensions.Graham : INTERNATIONAL MARKETING.Product planning and development Marketing industrial products and services globally .Market entry strategies .Cateora and John L. easing trade restrictions. 4. Micheal R.