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怒 Rage Wrath Awoken Adrenaline+2 & Guts

刀匠 Edgemaster Honed Blade Sharpness+1 & Attack up (L)

力士 Brawler Stamina Control Marathon Runner+2 & Constitution+1
回避术 Acrobat Acrobatics Evade Extender+1 & Evasion+2
顽强 Resilience Iron wall Defense up (L) & Iron Skin (Defense Down Immunity)
刚击 Brutality Ruthless Weakness Exploit & Critical Eye+2
盾持 Stalwart Shield Bearer Guard+2 & Stam Recov+2
洁癖 Prudence Fleet Feet Evade Extender+1 & Unscathed
状态耐性 Status Res Wellness Grants immunity to Poison, Paralysis, Sleep, and Stun.
不动 Unshakable Rock Steady Reduces knockdown, and Earplugs.
射手 Steady Hand Silver Bullet Normal/Rapid Up, Pierce/Pierce Up and Pellet/Spread Up
强人 Pugilist Bruiser Attack Up (L) & Defense Up (L)
轮回 Rebirth 7 deaths, 8 breaths Fortify & Adrenaline+2
战术达人 Tactician Master Strategist Autotracker, Speedsetup & Assassination+1
皮肤硬化 Def.Boost Stone Skin Divine Blessing, See Through+2 & Defense up (S)
铁匠 Blacksmith Sword Forging Sharp, High Speed Sharpener & Attack up (s)
气候 Climate Climate Master Not affected by the climate while hunting
弹药节约 Bullet Sav Bullet Saver Firing bullets/arrow has a chance to not consume ammo
自愈 Recuperate Regeneration after getting hit, will slowly recover health for 20 seconds
会心强化 Critical Up Crit Boost An additional 12% damage done with a crit
研磨术 Grinder Heavy Polish After sharpening your weapon, will not lose sharpness for a minute
猫车守护 Cat Helper Palico's Blessing Enter the hunting ground, every two minutes automatically get a cat Guardian effect
运气 Fate Good Luck The number of rewards gained after a hunt is increased slightly.
祈愿 Prayer Blessing divine blessing & item recov up
斩术 Swordsman Sharpened Mind Sharp & Fencing
灰色收入 Covert Clandestine Load Up & Sneak
受身 Passive Passive master Increases invulnerability time while getting up
断食 Fasting Starving Wolf while stamina is at 25, Attack power (XL), Evasion+1 & Guard+1
属击 Dissolver Elemental Exploit While attacking a monsters vulnerable area, increases elemental damage by 30%.
追击 Pursuit Robbery While a monster is inflicted with a status effect, damage is increased by 15%
自动装填 Auto-Reload Auto-Reload Bowguns can shoot without having to reload but receive increased recoil for all shots.
节食 LightEater Rationer There is a certain probability of not consuming items when using recovery items.

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