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Inviro Pest Control Services

Small Business Owner Report

Kylia McCoy

Professor Mark Hansen

Small Business Management 1100-803
Salt Lake Community College
Pre-Interview Information

I decided to interview the owner and operator of Inviro Pest Control Services, Gearold
McCoy. He can be contacted through: or (801)604-9000. The Inviro Pest
Control Services’ website is: and FaceBook page is:

I chose to interview Gearold McCoy because he has maintained a profitable company for
multiple years, as well as start up other companies. Inviro has passed the dangerous age for new
companies and he has set up a stake in his community for this company. Inviro is approximately
15-20 years old, relatively new, but old enough that it is fairly secured into the community.
Gearold isn't a new business owner, he has more experience than someone just starting out, he
knows what to do and how to do it. Yet, he isn't afraid of evolution and change. When it comes
to new forms of communication and advertisement, he jumps on board with videos, FaceBook
ads, Door Hangers, etc.

Gearold McCoy is also a euntrpenue. I interviewed him primarily on his main company,
Inviro Pest Control, although he has multiple other businesses too. He owns Inviro Pest Control,
owns GD McCoy Photography, and is partial owner of GD Production Studios. And those are
just current companies, there are others in the works and others that have failed or been sold off.
To me, he was a perfect candidate because he has the experience to support his claims and knows
a lot about different realms of business, he can work in the artsy field or in service, and so forth.

This interview will take place in part over the phone, to get exact quotes and the majority
of the information. A small interview will take place in person, at his office, to gather some
resources, like photos, videos, flyers and so forth.
Interview Information

Inviro Pest Control is about twenty years old, when it hit its six month mark it began to
make profits. Inviro has an annual growth rate of 10% and approximately an 85% retention rate
of customers. There are approximately one hundred consistent customers, who are generally
serviced quarterly or bimonthly. 50 of these customers are residential houses, and the other 50
are businesses. Businesses including Tesoro Refinery, local schools, restaurants, retail stores, the
LDS Church and so forth. Inviro even services around three hundred of the LDS Church
buildings, like churches, temples, office buildings and seminaries.

Although, Inviro is attempting to gain more residential customers. For the 2017 fiscal
year, Inviro plans to have a 20% increase, based on word of mouth and advertising. Using
resources like FaceBook Advertisements and online video ads, they are attempting to gain more
interest in the general public. Multiple video ads have been put out over the last few months,
online ads and promotions are constantly up, and for the last few years they are put out door
hangers in the early spring time, when bugs start to come out again.

Gearold understands that if one house in a neighborhood has an issue with pests, then the
neighbors likely have a similar situation, generally. As well, if a happy customer mentions to
their neighbor that they are satisfied with Inviro, that neighbor will be more inclined to call that
company. Therefore they put out door-hangs in neighborhoods that are already being treated by
Inviro. This is easy for Inviro's employees since they are already in the area, and helps create
residential customers that are close in proximity. Since many of their customers are bunched
together like this, Gearold’s employees are able to do multiple houses on the same day, saving
drive-time and gas.

Inviro tries to differentiate from its competitors by providing a family-feel quality to its
services. “The large companies operate similar to a fast food restaurant, based on quantity versis
quality. We prefer a small family feel and quality, natural chemicals.” Gearold said, along with
using natural and green chemicals, they prefer to contract locally. With five employees, and
seven contracted companies who aid with payroll, pesticide purchases and so forth.

Inviro’s target market is business, because they are generally a bit more secure. For the
most part, businesses are required by law to have an active Pest Management Company come
out, for safety. This means that a company is less likely to just drop their service because they
don’t currently see anything. For example, most schools are required to prove that they have had
a Pest Management Company come to their school a certain amount of times. This helps protect
their students from dangerous bugs and rodents.

All services are under contract, for residential this is generally a one-time, biannual,
quarterly or monthly. For businesses the most common is monthly, although some are twice a
month too. The most common service contract is quarterly. With this in mind, each service is
$85, four times a year means it would be $340 per year. With one hundred customers this would
be $34,00. Although this does not take into account the fact that the LDS church and similar
businesses are under one customer contract, even though there are over three hundred buildings.
Each building costs $25 or $85 depending on if it is a seminary or church. Which on its own
would equal to around $90,000 annually, even though it is marked as one customer. With all this
though, there are still many expenses. Pest Control is a fairly expensive business to get into.
Since in a way, you are spraying out money that will expire in 30 days. Inviro spends, on average
$108,000 annually to pay for employees, insurance, equipment, and other expenses. Overall
Inviro maintains around a 30% profit margins. Inviro is a privately owned Limited Liability
Company, where 90% of the company is owned by Gearold McCoy and 5% goes to each of his
adult children.

Post-Interview Information

This was a very positive experience for me, I found it incredibly rewarding to talk to a
business owner about how their company runs and what it is like to be an owner of a company.
Gearold McCoy was very kind and open about the intricate design that is the service world and
the pest management division of the business world. Overall this was a very positive experience
and rewarding. To talk about business in a classroom is one thing, but it is very great to see it
first hand. Gearold showed me the office and where they keep their chemicals, to me this was
better than just hearing about it.
Tea Time Tonics by Irohs Kettle LLC
Business Plan

Corey Avei-Ross
Nicholas Ayers
Andrew Besselievre
Alexus Brazil
Kylia McCoy

Professor Mark Hansen

Small Business Management 1100-03/803
Salt Lake Community College
Executive Summary

Tea Time Tonics by Irohs Kettle LLC is a local e-liquid distribution company, founded by

Nicholas Ayers. The Company has recently reached its one year birthday, and over the last year has

grown fairly fast. Tea Time Tonics are now sold in three stores and has four flavors. The company, while

still in its infancy, is already selling around 120 bottles a month. These bottles come in different varieties

of flavors and you can even add an optional amount of nicotine. Irohs Kettle works with Beehive Vapor

from Midvale, Utah to create and produce their unique flavors.

The product is marketed through social media and there are plans to begin implementing other

marketing strategies (See Methods of Advertisement) to help grow the company. Currently, Tea Time

Tonics has facebook and other social media pages to help advertise the product as well as also being in-

store. Because of community guidelines, most social media sites do not allow for paid advertisements of

nicotine products, such as Vape Liquids. Although this is not our only plan for advertisement. New forms

will be implemented, including having customer loyalty programs, referral deals, Google Sites and

Algorithms as well as many others.

Risks are a common and serious issue for companies, especially new ones like ours, so we’ve set

up an extensive Risk Management Plan. That includes planning for the common issues as well as how to

handle it if those problems come about. It covers issues like if the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

changes their regulations as well as having a financial backdrop incase there is a need for money (see

Risk Management Plan).

Company Summary
Irohs Kettle LLC is an e-cigarette e-liquid distribution company, we focus on tea-culture inspired

flavors which is a very niché market when it comes to e-liquid. Nicholas Ayers is the sole owner of the

company with no other employees currently. Irohs Kettle LLC was formed in May of 2016 by Ayers with

the help of a $410 investment from his father for labels. Our product is called Tea Time Tonics and was

released to the public on August 7th 2016. The company was registered in Utah and at the moment only

does business within Utah state, ranging from Layton to Pleasant Grove. Irohs Kettle LLC has plans to

expand out of state, when the opportunity becomes favorable.

Irohs Kettle LLC was formed prior to the current Food And Drug Administration (FDA) deeming

regulations on vaping. Tea Time Tonics became open to the market before it froze on August 8, 2016.

Our mission statement is “Striving to provide tea culture inspired e-liquids to the vaping industry.” Our

goal is to fill the gap in the e-liquid industry when it comes to tea based flavors. There are too few tea

based flavors in the industry and consumers are consistently looking for new and unique flavors. The line

of flavors is designed to appeal to a spectrum of palates from sweet and fruity, cool and minty, caramelly

to rich and savory. There is at least one flavor in Tea Time Tonics for everyone’s palate.

Currently Tea Time Tonics is being carried at three locations, Empire Merchandise in Pleasant

Grove, and the Kings of Vape locations in both Murray and Layton. When Tea Time Tonics launched, it

was exclusively at Electronic Stix (now Kings of Vape) in Murray and Layton, only until January of 2017

did our product become a valuable in another shop. We plan to expand to more specialty retail stores

within the year and go to local vape conventions to showcase Tea Time Tonics for more shops and third-

party distributors.

Product and Services Plan

Our product is the flavored e-liquid put in electronic nicotine delivery systems, or electronic

cigarettes. The line we developed is called Tea Time Tonics. All of our flavors are focused around teas
and tea time desserts. Our flavors include: Peppermint Breath Tea (a Peppermint Green Tea with hints of

Watermelon and Blackberry), Lavender Dream Tea (a blend of Açai Berries and Peaches with Lavender

Tea), Kumo Crumpet (a Matcha Green Tea infused English Crumpet with a rich Honey Glaze), and

Windmill Waffle (a Stroopwafel Cookie with the aroma of Dutch Black Tea). Our flavors are developed

in co-operation with Beehive Vapor LLC in Midvale, Utah, who is also the current manufacturer for the

products made and distributed by Irohs Kettle LLC. Our flavors come available in 60 ml (2 oz) childproof

glass pipette bottles and are available in varying nicotine strengths including: 0mg/ml, 3mg/ml, and

6mg/ml. Our e-liquid is a mixture of vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, flavoring and optional nicotine

at a 25/75 PG/VG ratio.

Our product is promoted primarily through social media outlets such as Facebook and Instagram.

Due to Facebook’s terms and policies we are unable to have ads on Facebook, so promoting is done

strictly through scheduled posts like photos or special occasion discounts. All other promoting is done by

specialty vape shops giving out free samples to let potential customers test out the flavors. If the shop

ends up deciding to pick up the flavor or the line of flavors, they would place an order through email and

we will personally deliver to them.

60ml Bottle Cost $5.75

60ml Bottle Wholesale $11-$13

60ml Bottle Retail $25-$26

Sample Pack Cost (All 4 flavors) $10

Labels 4,000 QTY (333 labels per product) $410

Marketing Plan

The main goal for our product is to advertise and educate local vapor shops, who seek to bring in

a variety of flavors. The product can be sold wholesale through local shops, mainly targeting the most

well known and largest shops before the smaller locally owned businesses. Our product is targeted at the

young adult population between the ages of 19-25. We differentiate our product from our competitors

with our unique flavorful experience with tea flavors that isn't offered by any other local companies.

We currently sell to 3 different shops in Layton and Murray. Sample packs are given to retailers

to test all 4 flavors for $10. Product can be purchased wholesale for $11-13 per bottle for shops. The

product can be purchased through our email or directly through Nicholas Ayers. We then deliver the

product directly to the customers preferred address.

Methods of Advertisement:
The main way we advertise is through social media sites like Facebook or Instagram (while still

following their regulations for advertising these types of products), specialty shops and word of mouth.

Methods to Increase Advertisements:

● Organizing a webpage that is directly for Irohs Kettle LLC and Tea Time Tonics.

● Setting up a space in the Google Algorithm.

● Linked advertisements through google and internet websites that promote vaping.

● Referrals for shops and customers

● Savings coupons for loyalty customers

● Fliers to post in local shops

Strategy and Implementation Plan

The target market for Irohs Kettle LLC is specifically to vapor retail shops, providing a different

service because the e-liquid is primarily focused on being tea flavored product; Thus getting the name Tea

Time Tonics. To reach this market there is some advertising done on social media, but majority of the

sales come through by dropping off a sample pack to these potential customers and then following up

with them the next week asking them what they think of the product.

If a store wants to make an order, Irohs Kettle has a contracted manufacturing lab called Beehive

Vapor, that then sends in the order to make. Then all that is needed is to pick up the product and ship it

personally to the customer. Retaining a loyal customer base is all about having great customer service and

having the product speak for itself on taste and effectiveness. As long as the sales stay up, the vapor retail

shops will almost always continue to buy the tea flavored liquid we provide. All of Irohs Kettle flavors

are inspired based on being flavored like tea or tea time desserts, created with research and test trials of

flavors until one found that was extremely liked and proven to be popular with buyers.
Management Summary

Nicholas Ayers is the sole owner and operator of the Irohs Kettle LLC; he does have a contracted

Manufacturer but other than that he handles all the aspects and tasks of running the company. To start

from the beginning of the process, he first had to create the flavors for Beehive Vapor to manufacture,

taking research and trial and error to reach the products that have been developed today. Next, he will

then start advertising from social media to physically going into shops and giving them a free trial to try

his product to spreading through word of mouth. Then when a shop decides they want to sell his product

in their store and request to buy a shipment of Tea Time Tonics, Nicholas Ayers will then request the

specified amount needed of each flavor for Beehive Vapor to make. After this process is completed then

he will pick up the shipment from Beehive Vapor and transport it himself to the shop.

Following up on the sale is also an important factor in how the business is run to see which

flavors are working out or which ones need to be dropped or changed. It will also help give the shop

another opportunity to receive more products that they have gone low on since they last spoke. Nicholas

runs this business by passion in the product and good customer service to the vape shops he is selling his

product to.

Risk Management Plan

Running a business means having to deal with potential internal and external problems and

planning for those in advance. There are many potential risks when it comes to business and it's crucial to

a business’ success to realize those and have a plan ready. Whether it be any injury, product loss, and so

forth, it can mean issues no matter how small or large the business is.

Top Risks

● Competition Takeover: E-liquids are becoming a popular product and it can be difficult to come

up with something unique as there are many varieties. The market is filling with similar products
that all seem the same. This can cause a loss in profit and overall lower sales. To combat this, Tea

Time Tonics is set apart from its competitors by unique design, size, and flavored product.

● Budget Blow Out: Sometimes things happen and before you know it there's no more money due

to either poor planning or unforeseeable product cost rise. This could lead to a huge set back with

production or failure of business and loss in profits. A back up fund can help reduce this risk and

help with other potential issues. Putting aside a certain percentage of profits into an emergency

fund can be very helpful in cases like being short on cash.

● Economic Downfall: The economy is always fluctuating and is uncontrollable. For a business it is

important to determine how your business will do in case of of an economic downfall when

luxuries are less important and to plan ahead. Tea Time Tonics produces a luxury item so its sales

will be expected to fall with the economy. This can lead to less sales, which will in turn impact

product availability and could ruin the business. To mitigate the effects, a backup fund mentioned

before will be put in place beforehand.

● Food and Drug Administration Regulatory Changes: The FDA requires a lot of regulations for e-

liquids, and those requirements change as more about e-liquids are becoming known. However,

more changes could lead to a setback in being able to sell products. To mitigate the setbacks, it's

good to stay on top of those regulations and any possible changes in regulation requirement to the

best of our ability.

● Product Damage: Tea Time Tonics product is stored in glass bottles. They can become broken or

cracked at any point of creation, distribution or delivery. It's important that a customer doesn't

receive a defective product, especially when it is packaged with glass. Switching from glass
bottles to plastic can mitigate the risk of damage but comes with it’s issues like product quality.

Upping protection of the product during transportation can help but also will cost more. There are

many different ways to go about how to lessen this risk. For the time being, we will stick to glass



The approach we have taken to manage risks for this product includes a brainstorm session during

a few brief meetings where we analyse the possible risks, how likely they were to happen and the severity

of their impact. This risk analysis will be kept written so that it may be revisable at a later date if there is a

need to add more potential risks and mitigations.

Risk Mitigation:

As more risks are identified, they will be revised by how much of an impact it will create and

how likely it will happen. The team will come together to develop avoidance and mitigation strategies for

that particular risk. The risk and its solution will be written down with all the other risk and mitigations as

so that it will be easy to revise it in the event of it happening.

Financial Plan

Tea Time Tonics needed an initial investment of approximately $410 to start manufacturing the

product. The largest expense is easily manufacturing the tonics, beyond that there are little expenses other

than transportation needs (gas, insurance, etc.), labeling and legal fees, like business licenses. The

following pages will show the first three months of expenses and the next three years of estimated income




88% $0.00



Production Labeling Gas


S U M M A R Y B Y C AT E G O R Y -

Category Expenses

Production $2,070.00

Labeling $36.90

Gas $250.00

Total $2,356.90
Income Statement Projected
Tea Time Tonics
Year One
Financial Statements in U.S. Dollars

Gross Sales $16920.00

Less: Sales Returns $0.00

Less: Allowances $0.00

Net Sales $16920.00

Cost of goods sold

Add: Transportation $1500.00

Inventory Available $235.00

Less: Inventory Avaliable $8280.00

Cost of Goods Sold $9780.00

Gross Profit (Gain) $7140.00


Advertising $800.00

Gas $1000.00

Misc. $200.00

Vehicle Expenses $1200.00

Maintenance $200.00

Total Expenses $3400.00

Net Operating Income $4900.00

Other Income

Gain (Loss) on Sale of Assets $0.00

Interest Income $0.00

Total Other Income $0.00

Net Income (Gain) $2240.00

Income Statement Projected
Tea Time Tonics
Year Two
Financial Statements in U.S. Dollars

Gross Sales $21150.00

Less: Sales Returns $0.00

Less: Allowances $0.00

Net Sales $21150.00

Cost of goods sold

Add: Transportation $1800.00

Inventory Available $0.00

Less: Inventory Avaliable $10350.00

Cost of Goods Sold $12150.00

Gross Profit (Gain) $9000.00


Advertising $800.00

Gas $1,200.00

Misc. $200.00

Vehicle Expenses $1300.00

Maintenance $200.00

Total Expenses $3,700.00

Net Operating Income $5,500.00

Other Income

Gain (Loss) on Sale of Assets $0.00

Interest Income $0.00

Total Other Income $0.00

Net Income (Gain) $3,500.00

Income Statement Projected
Tea Time Tonics
Year Three
Financial Statements in U.S. Dollars

Gross Sales $28200.00

Less: Sales Returns $0.00

Less: Allowances $0.00

Net Sales $28200.00

Cost of goods sold

Add: Transportation $2,000.00

Inventory Available $0.00

Less: Inventory Avaliable $13800.00

Cost of Goods Sold $15800.00

Gross Profit (Gain) $12400.00


Advertising $1,000.00

Gas $1,200.00

Misc. $200.00

Vehicle Expenses $1,300.00

Maintenance $200.00

Total Expenses $3,900.00

Net Operating Income $8500.00

Other Income

Gain (Loss) on Sale of Assets $0.00

Interest Income $0.00

Total Other Income $0.00

Net Income (Gain) $3900.00


Chapter 1—Your Great Adventure Name: Kylia McCoy


1. Statistics show that one in two households have been involved in small business.
● False

2. This is the age of the entrepreneur.

● True

3. Your Business Plan will become the heart of your Adventure Notebook.
● False

Chapter 2—Spotting Trends and Opportunities


1. Which of the following is false?

a. Apple Computer started with $13,500.00
b. Dell Computers started with $1,000.00
c. Nike started with $1,000.00
d. Walt Disney started in his garage

2. Which of the following is not one of the five major environmental variables?
a. Price
b. Competition
c. Social/Cultural
d. Legal/Political

3. Which of the following characteristics describe today's changing family?

a. More households headed by women
b. People having children later in life
c. More people remarrying and forming blended families
d. All of the above
Chapter 3—Opportunity Selection

1. Define positioning.
● Trying to influence a person’s perception of a product/brand compared to the
competiter’s product/brand, it is to try and create a clear idea of which is better in
the consumer’s mind, to create new business.

2. What is the value of secondary information?

● It gives you an idea of what the public wants and what other companies are doing.
This is easier and usually cheap or free, so you don’t need to do your own expensive
research, while still getting fairly accurate results. People are usually more honest
online too, since there is more anonymity and you can learn from other company’s
mistakes and wins.

3. Define primary research.

● Primary research is research you gather personally, so rather then getting it from
someone else’s survey results (secondary research) you survey people. This is
generally more expensive but you control more of the variables and specifics.

Chapter 4—Profiling Your Target Customer

17. When profiling B2B customers you should start with
● False

18. Credit risk is not used to segment business markets.

● False

19. Business-to-business markets include a narrow range of customers.

● True

Chapter 5—Reading and Beating the Competition


1. The following has changed the way a business views competition:

a. The knowledge-based economy
b. Technology
c. Informed customers
d. All of the above

2. Never underestimate the power of your ____ competitors.

a. Indirect
b. Market
c. Direct
d. Invisible
3. An example of a customer touchpoint is:
a. An advertisement
b. The floor of the store
c. The store sign
d. All of the above
Chapter 6—Location and Distribution

1. Explain a cost of living cap.

● The cost of living cap is an agreement that the rent for an allotted time (generally one year,
six months, two years, etc) cannot be increased more than the Consumer Price Index (CPI).
This is to prevent one from raising too high for you to afford.

2. Identify four retail locations that are alternatives to traditional brick and mortar stores.
● Online (Amazon, Ebay, etc.)
● Through mail/magazines (Send in Money & Order Form)
● Over the Phone Purchases
● Directly from a representative of the company (Like how Avon hires people to sell for them)

3. Describe an anchor tenant.

● A business in a commercial area that attracts customers, generally very popular and
established organizations, like Wal-Mart, not always but usually with brand Recognition.

Chapter 7—Connecting With and Engaging Customers


1. Promotional mix describes how many different products you show in your ads.
● False

2. Promotion involves moving an image of your business into the prospects mind.
● True

3. It is a good idea to use different marketing efforts offline then you use online.
● True

Chapter 8—Start-Up Concerns and Financial Projections


1. When considering the financial state of your business you do not need to consider:
a. Start-up costs
b. Housing costs
c. Financial ratios
d. Burn rate
2. The measure at which your cash balance is going down while waiting for profitability is:
a. Burn rate
b. Break-even
c. Bootstrapping
d. Working capital

3.Most successful entrepreneurs found that starting their business:

a. Cost more than they had anticipated
b. Took more time than they anticipated
c. Both a. and b.
d. Neither a. nor b.

Chapter 9—Shaking the Money Tree


1. Lenders and investors will make sure you have committed your own resources before they will commit
● True

2. Most ventures are bank financed in the startup phase.

● True

3. Risk tolerance applies to lenders only.

● False

Chapter 10—Legal Issues


1. Which of the following is true?

a. Entrepreneurs need a lawyer only when they are sued.
b. An entrepreneur should look for a lawyer with experience in their specific industry.
c. Online legal research is often a good substitute for professional legal advice.
d. All of the above statements are true.

2. Which of the following is NOT affected by the organizational structure a business chooses?
a. Taxes that will be paid
b. Whether the business owner may be personally sued
c. The number of owners that a business can have
d. All of these matters would be affected by the choice of a legal organization.

3. Which of the following is NOT an advantage of being a sole proprietorship?

a. Being your own boss
b. Licensing requirements
c. Ease of formation
d. Sole ownership of profits

Chapter 11—Build, Maintain, and Thrive with a Winning Team


1. What are some of the benefits that have come with continued corporate downsizing?
● Some of the benefits of Corporate Downsizing are: Less Repetitious, Financial Savings,
Creative Approaches to making efficient and effective procedures, etc.

2. Describe employee leasing.

● Employee Leasing is an arrangement that the main company (employer) leases out an
employee to another company. This is usually if the employee specializes in a subject that
the other company needs help in. The responsibilities are distributed between the leasing
company and the owner of your main employment, for example if the employee was injured
on the other company's property the responsibility (determined via contract) would either
go to the leasing company (More Common) or the Main organization (less Common).

3. What are some risks of befriending employees?

● If you befriend your employees it may make it harder to let them go if need be, they will
probably be less professional and try to take advantage of your friendship as well as expect
more from you, there are many more examples of this.

Chapter 12—Protect Your "Baby" and Yourself


1. You most likely cannot eliminate all risks and losses.

● True

2. Personal injury is an example of a risk that can be insured.

● True

3. Loss of income resulting from an interruption of business is an example of an uninsurable risk.

● False

Chapter 13—Buying a Business


11. A business broker can facilitate the negotiation process.

● True

12. A broker has a fiduciary responsibility to the buyer.

● True

13. Sellers use brokers because they want it generally known that their business is for sale.
● True

Chapter 14—Investigating Franchising


1. Which of the following types of businesses are suitable for franchising?

a. Real estate
b. Construction
c. Food service
d. All of the above

2. Buying a franchise:
a. Allows you to put your own personal mark on an existing company
b. Usually requires you to invest at least 10% of your own money into the business
c. Requires you to follow the company’s system exactly
d. None of the above

3. A Franchise Disclosure Document:

a. Must be provided to the franchisee when the contract is signed
b. Outlines 23 defined areas required by the FTC to be disclosed to franchisees
c. Is available for free online for all companies that offer franchises
d. All of the above

Chapter 15—Pull Your Plan Together


1. The best way to write a Business Plan is to start with the material you find the most difficult.
● False

2. You should put your financials in Section I of your Business Plan.

● False

3. You should put a resume in the appendixes of your Business Plan.

● True


Discuss three things that you have learned from this class.

1. I have learned how to effectively write a business plan that is cohesive and easy to read.
2. This class has helped me determine what kind of business I would like to own, like creating
my own or buying a franchise.
3. I learned a great deal about how to find my own niche and how to effectively use that to my
Smile and TAKE A BREATH…you are finished!!