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Marion Polk atonal Coomander January 22,2018, National Football eague ‘Attn: Roger Goodel, Commissioner 345 Park avenue New York Wy 10154 Dear Mtr. Goode: ‘American Veterans (AMVETS) apreciated the opportunity to place an ain the Super Sow Li program atthe invitation ofthe National Footbal League (NFL), but that appreciation quickly gave way to deep disappointment when we learned your staff had refused to publsh our ad because of is simple, two-word message ~"iPleaseStand.” while we are well aware of the controversy surrounding players kneeling during the National Anthem andthe public relations problems this has caused the NFL, our a is nether 2 demand nor ajudgment upon those who choose to knee! durng the National Anthem. Isa simple, polte request tat represents the sentiment of our membership, particulary those whose missing or paralyzed limbs preclude standing. We sunt to eve {3 new context the lscussion from the perspective of veterans who had been largely ‘sresarded. Your staff's decison to reject the a, after aking AMVETS to purchase the ad space, serves to make that dsregard even more stark and unfortunate Mr Goodel veterans are good for more than just itary aircraft flyovers, photo ‘opportunities during haltime, or props to sel amouflage-style NFL apparel although, the NFL’ stance on not allowing the veteran’ unfltered vole tobe heard says otherwise, Moreover, the fact thatthe commissioners of the National Basketball Assocation and National Hockey League have alowed the very same fPleaseStand ad to rnin thee respective pogram books only makes the NFL's decision to reject the a that much more ‘inexcusable In closing, reedom of speech works both ways. We respect the ight of those who choose to protest as these ght are precisely what our members have fought — and in ‘many cases led ~ for. But imposing corprate censorship to deny that same rt to ‘those veterans win have secued It for sll is reprehensible and totally beyons the ple The NFUs intention to ald controversy nti Instance by suppressing our voice wilhave ‘the opposite effect, and it wl not be taken lightly by the hundreds of thousand of voices that AMVETS represents, Inservice to my fellow veterans, ~Mawing Ped — waren elk National Commander american Veterans