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Tuna For the Heart

By: Rico S. Tabu-ao

In the Philippines, fat and calories. But there are certain

cardiovascular disease still remains types of fat that may also reduce the
the number one killer in 2017. The rate of cardiovascular dieses which Is
annual years of healthy life lost per omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3s are a
100,000 people from cardiovascular helpful and important form of fat. Century Tuna
diseases in Philippines has increased Omega-3 helps prevent coronary Century Tuna was founded by Century Pacific Group
by 43.1% since 1990, an average of heart disease in healthy people and which started out as little more than a vision in the
mind of Mr. Ricardo S. Po, Sr. In 1986, Century Tuna
1.9% a year. For men, the deadliness slow progress of the disease in those was lunched in the Philippines.
of cardiovascular diseases in who already have it. On the sad part,
Philippines peaks at age 80+. It kills our body does not create omega-3s
men at the lowest rate at age 5-9. At that is why we need to consume foods
7,769.5 deaths per 100,000 men in that are rich in omega-3s.
2013, the peak mortality rate for men
was higher than that of women, which I have searched for the best
was 7,042.6 per 100,000 women. foods out there that are easily found,
Women are killed at the highest rate good quality, and good price. These
from cardiovascular diseases in products are Century Tuna and San
Philippines at age 80+. It was least Marino Tuna.
deadly to women at age 5-9. San Marino Tuna
San Marino Corned Tuna was founded by the CDO
The most efficient way to corporation in 2009 which became a great
reduce the rate of cardiovascular competitor to Century Tuna.
dieses is to reduce eating too much
Health Benefits
Canned tuna is a staple
across numerous households,
assuring families that they’re only
a can opener away from a filling
meal. Among the many variants
available in these parts is corned
tuna, first brought out by local
brand San Marino back in 2009
(with a telenovela-inspired
promotional slant to boot), pound person, according to the grams of the fatty acids per 4-
followed very shortly by main Iowa State University Extension. ounce serving, or 9 percent of your
competitor Century Tuna. Tuna serves as a source of daily recommended intake.
complete protein -- one that
provides all 10 amino acids your
Eating fish as part of a body needs to survive. Your body  Negative Effect
healthy diet offers a number of utilizes these amino acids to (Salt Intake)
benefits -- consuming 6 ounces of maintain healthy tissue and uses
fish each week reduces your risk of specific amino acids to help One negative effect of
fatal heart disease by 36 percent, support brain function and eating canned tuna is an increase
according to the Harvard School of maintain a healthy hormone in your sodium, or salt, intake.
Public Health. Canned tuna balance. Your body needs some sodium to
represents a convenient way to help regulate your body’s fluid
meet your recommended intake of balance, but excess sodium intake
fish. Consuming the food has a  Omega-3 Fatty Acid Intake forces your body to retain water,
number of positive effects on your leading to bloating and high blood
health, but some types of canned Canned tuna also affects pressure. A 4-ounce serving of
tuna also pose some nutritional your health due to the fish’s fat water- or oil-packed canned tuna
drawbacks. content. The fish provides a modest contains 383 or 401 milligrams of
source of omega-3 fatty acids, sodium, respectively -- about one-
essential fats your body uses to fourth of your recommended daily
maintain healthy skin and hair and sodium intake, according to the
 Protein Intake to maintain the health of your Linus Pauling Institute. If you
Eating canned tuna has the cardiovascular system and brain. A suffer from a health condition that
effect of increasing your protein 4-ounce serving of drained, canned requires you to limit your sodium
take. Each 4-ounce serving of oil- tuna packed in water contains intake, consume canned tuna in
or water-packed canned tuna approximately 0.3 grams of moderation to avoid eating too
contains around 30 grams of omega-3 fatty acids, or 19 percent much salt.
protein. This amount corresponds of your daily recommended intake,
to approximately 50 percent of the according to the Linus Pauling
recommended daily protein intake Institute. Canned tuna packed in
for an average 150-pound person oil contains less omega-3 fatty
or around 38 percent of the daily acids compared to drained, water-
protein intake for an average 200- packed tuna, providing only 0.14
Century Tuna vs. San

San Marino and Century Tuna are the most successful canned tuna products here in
the Philippines. They are both great competitors. The can of Century Tuna has a pull tab
which makes opening a cinch. While San Marino is sealed really good, so I need to get my
can opener. Century Tuna is 184 grams while San Marino is 180 grams. But San Marino
costs PHP44.00 and Century Tuna cost PHP40.00. San Marino cost PHP4.00 more than
century tuna. They are both have a grate dose of DHA (40 mg) and Omega 3 (390 mg) so
they are both great for our heart. On the other hand, San Marino is saltier than Century Tuna.
On the taste part, it depends on the person tastes. But I prefer Century Tuna more than the
San Marino.