The cities of tomorrow

the future of urban & regional planning

Dissertation Presented by C.Faiz Ahmed, Reg: no:cities of The 2009803005, III Sem, M.Plan, School of Architecture & Planning, Anna tomorrow Chennai. University,


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The context


Yesterday’s tomorrow


Impact of information technology & communication on cities…

Mobility on demand Changing social life



Designing cities for 3 degree of climate change

Urban utopia


Image of the metropolis



The cities of tomorrow


  This study is an attempt to understand the cites of tomorrow and the future of urban and regional planning. This information is very valuable for projecting weather patterns. geological hot and cold spots. This has given us. for the first time. and the warming of the planet. Prophets and sages presented visions of the future based on dreams. and forecasts of the future were based on nonscientific methods. acting. etc. the ability to monitor the health of the planet.   Now satellites circle the globe beaming down information in fractions of a second about everything that impacts our lives. religious fervor. The cities of tomorrow 33 . nothing is farther from the truth – especially in today’s rapidly changing world. The context Are we prepared to design the future? Although many of us feel we can prepare for our future by thinking.   For generations past it was impossible to direct the future much beyond the present moment. divination of animal 5 parts. and learning using present methods and values. where people live. crystal balls.1. hallucinations. high and low points.

b. eventually saturating the available habitable land and organized into one organized city.1.2.3 Findings Even if only the population projections were to be considered.1.…………….1 Introduction The City of the Future (COF) was the first Research Project launched by Constantinos A.2 Methodology The COF project. 2. Extrapolating the existing trends. Yesterday’s tomorrow 2.1 Doxiadis & the future of cities 2. it is obvious that any of these figures would lead to an expansion of occupied and. Using assumptions which would provide “end points” into the furthest future (high. in order to achieve its goals. low) …………. middle. used techniques such as: a.1.1. thus providing a “starting point” for estimates concerning the near future.Doxiadis in 1960. The idea for a research on the future of cities was already conceived as early as 1958.4 Conclusion Presented by Myrto Antonopoulou-Bogdanou. 2. ……… 2. Novermber 2003 The cities of tomorrow 44 .

1 Introduction The use of technical analysis and architectural synthesis enabled le Corbusier to draw up for a contemporary city of 3 million inhabitants…………. lungs.2. 2..2. Abdrew Blowers The cities of tomorrow 55 .2.2 A contemporary city Le Corbusier 2. traffic. Yesterday’s tomorrow 2.2 Methodology Site selection.2.2. population. density of population. 2. the street. the station……….3 The plan of the city 2.4 The city and its aesthetic The future of cities.

3 City of future Frank Lloyd Wright 2.1 Introduction Garden city experiment the stepping stone to a higher and better form of industrial life generally……………… The future of cities.4. Abdrew Blowers The cities of tomorrow 66 .1 Introduction In the city of yesterday ground space was reckoned by the square foot……………….2. Yesterday’s tomorrow 2. 2.3.4 Social cities Ebenezer Howard 2.

. 3. Impact of information technology & communication on cities… 3.3.1..2 Telecommunications and cities 3........ Introduction Will improvements in information technology eliminate face-to-face interactions and make cities obsolete?. Information Technology and the Future of Cities.......3 Broadband city Aimed at bridging the innovation gap between technology/platform development and the rapid active use of new Internet-based services via common open platforms. Jess Gaspar The cities of tomorrow 77 ..

Mobility on demand 4. swipe a card to pick up a vehicle.2 Clean. you imply walk to the nearest rack. drive it to the rack nearest to your destination. compact. When you want to go somewhere. and drop it off.4.3 case study Mobility on demand future of transportation in cities The cities of tomorrow 88 . energy efficient vehicles 4.1. 4. Introduction Mobility-on-demand systems provide stacks and racks of light electric vehicles or bicycles at closely spaced intervals throughout a city.

1. Introduction The aim of this new social design is to encourage a new incentive system.5. an order would be placed and the item automatically delivered directly to your place of residence without a price tag. you may well understand that the most profound effects are not in the technologies. 5.1.Koen Elzerman The cities of tomorrow 99 . Family matter’s While new technologies are quite amazing. servitude. or debt of any kind……………. property. and power………………… 5.2.1. but in our lifestyles Future with shrinkage . one that is no longer directed toward the shallow and self-centered goals of wealth. Changing social life 5.1.2 Distribution of resources If you desire an item.

6. Low Carbon Eco-City Planning and Development b.1. Reduced Ecological Footprint c.. Introduction The activities of urban settlements are key contributors to climate change factors.2. 5. Dongtan Eco-city a case study a. particularly carbon. global climate change and its current and potential consequences for life property and prosperity is now accepted as the major challenge for human society in the next 100 years. Transportation strategy e. Water strategy d.1. while also ensuring social and economic development is still in its infancy……. In parallel. Conclution Adapting buildings & cities for climate change – Sue Roaf The cities of tomorrow 1010 . The translation of science into policy and practice that stems the acceleration of greenhouse gas production.1. Designing cities for 3 degree of climate change 5.

good nutrition. and transportation systems. Sustainable city IV.7. entertainment. access to information.1 Introduction Local governments spend lots of time and resources attempting to update our current cities.1. V. The cost of operation and maintenance and overall inefficiency is high…… The new cities would provide a total environment with clean air and water. Urban utopia 7. roads.1. III. health care. Zero emission city Adapting buildings & cities for climate change – Sue Roaf The cities of tomorrow 1111 . Circular city Floating city Compact city II.2 Case studies I. and education for all…………… 7.

Image of the metropolis The cities of tomorrow 1212 .8.

9. Conclusion The cities of tomorrow 1313 .

Doxiadis (1990). and Sustainability 10. (2010) .3 Impact of information technology & communication on cities… 1. The future of city. USA. 10. FL 33960 USA 2. Jacque Fresco . Massachusetts 02138 The cities of tomorrow 1414 . Preface to a New Theory. A.2 Yesterday’s tomorrow 1. Cambridge. The Future. Broadband city road map for local government executives.10. The Venus Project. References 10. Information technologies and the future of cities. Designing the future. Glaeser (1996).1 The context 1. of Density. Edward L. 327 Littauer Center. Novermber 2003. Inc 21 Valley Lane Venus. of Post-Human Urban Planning. Peter Baofu. Andreas H. Void. USA 2. Presented by Myrto Antonopoulou-Bogdanou. (2007).

Urban innovators. Department of Transport NSW. Sydney: Department of Transport. The Megaurban Regions of South-East Asia. University The cities of 1515 of British Columbia. Mitchell. Oxford. 1995.4 Mobility on demand 1. Urban Agriculture Network. Chevy Chase. future transportation in cities. Ourselves : The Future of USA United States of America  5. Webster D. Balliol College.(2008) . Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Mega urbanization in ASEAN: New Phenomenon or Transitional Phase to the 'Los Angeles World City'? In: McGee T.10. Stephanie Buechler and Gayathri Devi . MD 20815. William J. Vancouver. Raquel. 3. Allen Lane. 4. USA 2. Transport 2010. 3. (2010). Pinderhughes. Susan Greenfield. Simon Willis.5 Changing social life 1. 10. New York. Rowman and Littlefield Inc. The connected city. Tomorrow's People: How 21st entury Technology Is Changing The Way We Think And Feel 4. 2003 . (1998) Action for 2. tomorrow . Robinson I (eds). Transportation in Urban Life“. Ottowa.. Mobility on demand. NY. Transportation Master plan – 2020 "Our Cities. (2008). 2003. forthcoming December 2003. 2601 Spencer Rd.

Boulder. University of Colorado. Dynamic Design.10. Bilham. The seismic future of cities.(2009).6 Designing cities for 3 degree of climate change 1. Dynamic Cities. USA. R. CO 80309-0399. CIRES and Department of Geological Sciences. 2. May 2009 Architecture for Humanity Living Density Forum The cities of tomorrow 1616 .

CITIES OF TOMORROW: (2004)The Impact of 9. conference. 4. Cambridge.10. Urban Development. (2005). WA 98104 6. Institutions in a Digital Age. south Korea. Desura (Finland). 2003. Mika Taanila. Shadow Minister for Housing. Futuro: Tomorrow's House from Yesterday Department of Planning. Senator Kim Carr. Sustainable cities. Head. Immigration on Regions. Local Government and Territories. Cities. 5. Limited (Australia) Level 1. and Communities. London. 192pp. (2005) Metropolitan Strategy: City of Cities. 34th Annual Johns Hopkins International Urban Fellows Conference. Suite 220. 7. Johns Hopkins Institute for Policy Studies Padua and Venice. Climate Risk Pty.(2010) The Future of Thinking . 62 Lygon Street. va n c o u v e r 2 0 2 0 a b r i g h t g r e e n f u t u r e An Action Plan for Becoming the World’s Greenest City by 2020 8.7 Urban utopia 1.(2007) Towards low carbon 36 Lauderdale Avenue. Davidson N. Carlton South VIC 3053 3. Philip M. Learning Massachusetts. Italy The cities of 1717 tomorrow . 2009. Fairlight. Seattle. 403 Columbia Street. NSW 2094 future. England . (2007) Dongtan Eco-city. Australia’s future cities. The MIT Press. Sydney: Department of Planning. Burgess. 2. Peter R. / 12.bk. www.tudelft.8 websites 4.dexigner. www.tudelft.cohabitationstrategies. / dsd@bk.bk. http://www.tudelft. Green Building www. http://www.html The cities of tomorrow 1818 .stm http://www.dsd.shtml 11.forumforthefuture. 13. 8. National Association of Home Builders' (NAHB) model green home building guidelines.html 2.tudelft.smart2020. World Business Council for Sustainable _en.html 9. http://www. 6. Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) from the U.nahbgreen. http://www. www.

Focused Law and Technology News.shapingyouth .nmc .” http://spotlight .bespacific .com Losh. Amy. ———.” http://web .” http://mediacology .” http://www .” http:// amps ‑tools .edu/ cms/ People/ henry3 Jussel. “Shaping Youth. “Virtualpolitik. “ .org/ blog Levine.blogspot . “Blog.” http://www .” http://www . Sabrina.10.9Blogs Henry. Antonio.” http://sl .edu/ tomprofblogNew Media Consortium. “beSpacific: Accurate.html The cities of tomorrow 1919 .org MIT and Stanford index . “Mediacology: Composting the Western Mind. Liz.peterlevine .org Pacifici.” http://www .mit .macfound . “Confessions of an Aca/Fan: The Official Weblog of Henry mt Lopez. “Spotlight: Blogging the Field of Digital Media and The MacArthur Foundation. “NMC Campus Observer. “Tomorrow’s Professor List Serve.henryjenkins .” http://virtualpolitik .

to continue………. The cities of tomorrow 2020 .

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