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Conversation at Hospital 2

Doctor: Good morning Sasha. Are you feeling better? Is there any progress with your condition?

Patient: Yes sir, I am feeling better. Yet, some of the time I truly feel tired, while I feel truly
sound before that. Is it typical or not Doctor?

Doctor: Yes that is truly ordinary. That side effect shows you will be sound. Might I check your
body temperature and circulatory strain please?

Patient: Yes, obviously Doctor.

Doctor: After I checked, your body temperature is 38o C and your circulatory strain is 120/80. I
can analyze that your sound is showing signs of improvement, your pulse has been
ordinary, yet your body temperature is still high. You have to have more rest to improve

Patient: How about the medication sir? I need to expend the new drug or the past prescription?

Doctor: You have still to expend the past one. The Nurse will give the prescription that I suggest.
Coincidentally, what about the administration here? Is there any issue about that?

Patient: I am fulfilled about the administration. The Patient is cordial and the office is
exceptionally well. They likewise keep my room sanitation. So, I am exceptionally
place being minded here.

Doctor: Okay I need to visit the other patient, if there is grumbling about your condition. Simply
call me. I will go to your room. Get well soon and hello.

Patient: Ok Doctor. Much obliged to you for checking me today. Good morning.

Percakapan 2

Dokter: Selamat pagi Sasha. Apakah anda merasa lebih baik? Apakah ada kemajuan dengan
kondisi Anda?

Pasien: Ya dok, saya merasa lebih baik. Tapi kadang-kadang saya benar-benar merasa lelah,
sedangkan saya merasa benar-benar sehat sebelum itu. Apakah normal atau tidak, dok?

Dokter: Ya itu benar-benar normal. Gejala-gejala menunjukkan bahwa Anda akan sehat. Bisa
saya cek suhu tubuh dan tekanan darah Anda?

Pasien: Ya, tentu saja dokter.

Dokter: Setelah saya cek, suhu tubuh Anda adalah 38C dan tekanan darah Anda adalah 120 / 80.
Saya dapat mendiagnosa bahwa kesehatan Anda semakin baik, tekanan darah Anda
sudah normal, namun suhu tubuh Anda masih tinggi. Anda harus memiliki lebih banyak
istirahat untuk membuatnya lebih baik.

Pasien: Bagaimana dengan obatnya dok? Saya harus mengkonsumsi obat baru atau obat

Dokter: Anda masih harus mengkonsumsi obat sebelumnya. Perawat akan memberikan obat
yang saya sarankan. Ngomong-ngomong, bagaimana pelayanan di sini? Apakah ada
masalah tentang hal itu?

Pasien: Saya puas tentang pelayanannya. Perawat sangat ramah dan fasilitasnya sangat baik.
Mereka juga menjaga sanitasi kamar saya. Jadi saya sangat nyaman dengan perawatan
di sini.

Dokter: Oke saya harus mengunjungi pasien lain, jika ada keluhan tentang kondisi Anda. Panggil
saya. Saya akan datang ke ruangan Anda. Semoga cepat sembuh dan selamat pagi.

Pasien: Ok dokter. Terima kasih sudah memeriksa saya hari ini. Selamat pagi.

Conversation At Hospital 3

Doctor: Good morning miss Reny. Do you realize that today you will be my aide to fare thee
well the patient in room 405?

Nurse: Yes beyond any doubt Doctor. In any case, I haven’t thought about my obligation today.
Would I be able to think about that Doctor?

Doctor: Yes. So today, you must care the patient in room 405 named Yogi Firansyah. He
distresses fever, you need to check his circulatory strain and body temperature. Give
him some medication in the event that it is essential. Keep in mind to compose the
improvement of his condition in a report. Any inquiry regarding that?

Nurse: Yes Doctor, how frequently that I need to check him Doctor?

Doctor: You need to weigh him 4 times in a day. In any case, if the patient needs help out of
your checking time, you likewise must go to his room. You can read the complete
direction in my PC. That can make you less demanding to work.

Nurse: Okay thank you for the supportive data Doctor. Really I am the new Nursehere. So
regardless I have little experience. I trust you can direct me to be a superior medical

Doctor: How long you have been here?

Nurse: It is around one year Doctor.

Doctor: Yes I will manage you in the same class as I can. Since I need to the greater part of my
nurse will be an expert attendant. So there are numerous patients will be solace here.
OK I need to go to another clinic, I have a meeting with DR. Faisal and DR. Budi. Good
fortunes for your work today. Hello.

Nurse: Thank you all that much Doctor. Hello.


Percakapan 2

Dokter: Selamat pagi Miss Rara Janggrang. Apakah Anda tahu bahwa hari ini Anda akan
menjadi asisten saya untuk merawat pasien di ruangan 405?

Perawat: Ya, tentu dokter. Tapi saya tidak tahu mengenai tugas saya hari ini. Bolehkah saya tahu
tentang itu dok?

Dokter: Ya. Jadi hari ini, Anda harus merawat pasien di kamar 405 bernama Adi Perdana. Dia
Sakit demam, Anda harus memeriksa tekanan darah dan suhu tubuh. Beri dia beberapa
obat jika perlu. Jangan lupa untuk menulis perkembangan kondisinya dalam sebuah
laporan. Ada pertanyaan tentang hal itu?

Perawat: Ya dokter, berapa kali saya harus memeriksa dia, dok?

Dokter: Anda harus memeriksa dia 4 kali dalam sehari. Tetapi jika pasien membutuhkan bantuan
diluar dari waktu check Anda, Anda juga harus datang ke ruangannya. Anda dapat
membaca instruksi lengkap dalam komputer saya, yang dapat membuat Anda lebih
mudah untuk bekerja.

Perawat: Oke terima kasih atas informasinya dok. Sebenarnya saya perawat baru di sini. Jadi
saya masih memiliki sedikit pengalaman. Saya harap Anda dapat membimbing saya
untuk menjadi seorang perawat yang lebih baik.

Dokter: Berapa lama Anda telah di sini?

Perawat: Sekitar satu tahun dok.

Dokter: Ya saya akan memandu Anda sebaik yang saya bisa. Karena saya ingin semua perawat
saya nantinya menjadi perawat yang profesional. Jadi ada banyak pasien yang nyaman
berada disini. Oke saya harus pergi ke rumah sakit lain, saya melakukan pertemuan
dengan DR. Faisal dan DR. Afif. Good luck untuk hari kerja Anda. Selamat pagi.

Perawat: Terima kasih banyak dokter. Selamat pagi.

I. Listen and Practice

A: It is nice hospital, isn’t it?

B: Yes, Really.

A: By the way, my name is Dedy Irawan.

B: Glad to meet you, I am Susi Susanti.

A: Pleasure to meet you. Excuse me, can you say again your first name?

B: You mean, my first name?

A: Yes.

B: Oh, My first name is Susi and how should I call you?

A: Just call me Dedy.

B: And where are you from, Dedy?

A: I am from Selangor, Malaysia and how about you?

B: I am from Indonesia.

A: And what are you, Susi?

B: I am a nurse and what about you?

A: I am a nurse, too.

B: Well, Dedy. I have to go, see you later.Bye.

A: Okay, bye-bye.
II. Vocabulary
English for Medical Purposes - A Physical Examination

Doctor : When did you last come in for a physical exam?

Patient : I had my last physical exam two years ago.

Doctor : Have you had any other exams recently? Blood work, an EKG or an ultra-


Patient : Well, I had a few X-rays at the dentist's.

Doctor : How have you been feeling in general?

Patient : Pretty well. No complaints, really.

Doctor : Could you roll up your left sleeve? I'd like to take your blood pressure.

Patient : Certainly.

Doctor : 120 over 80. That's fine. You don't seem to be overweight, that's good. Do

you exercise regularly?

Patient : No, not really. If I run up a flight of stairs, it takes me a while to get my

breath back. I need to get out more.

Doctor :That would be a good idea. How about your diet?

Patient : I think I eat a pretty balanced diet. You know, I will have a hamburger from

time to time, but generally I have well-balanced meals.

Doctor : That is good. Now, I'm going to listen to your heart beat.

Patient : Ooh, that is cold!

Doctor : Don't worry it is just my stethoscope. Now, breathe in and hold your breath.

Please pull up your shirt, and breathe deeply... Everything sounds good. Let's

take a look at your throat. Please open wide and say 'ah'.

Patient : 'Ah'

Doctor : OK. Everything looks ship shape. I'm going to order some blood work and

that is about it. Take this slip to the front desk and they' will arrange an

appointment for the tests.

Patient : Thank you doctor. Have a nice day.

Key Vocabulary:

 physical examination (exam) - to breath in

 blood work - EKG - ultra-sound, -x-rays, - to roll up sleeves, - overweight –
 to exercise regularly, -balanced diet, -stethoscope, -to hold one's breath
 to pull on one's shirt - to breathe deeply - to open wide
 to look ship shape
 slip
Dibawah ini Contoh Percakapan Bahasa Inggris di Rumah Sakit

Mrs. Mala : Excuse me, would you be able to let me know where the dental room is? I need to
convey my child to examination.

Assistant : Sure, you can go to the second story. You can achieve it by lift.

Mrs.Mala : Could you let me know where the lift is?

Assistant : You can go straight there and in the left side you will see a lift. At that point, for the
dental practitioner room, you can go out from the lift and turn right. There, you will
see an assistant which will help you.

Mrs. Mala : So, the dental room is on the right half of the lift, would it say it isn’t?

Secretary : Absolutely.

Mrs. Mala : Okay, thank you then.

Secretary : My pleasure.

(Before dental room)

Mrs. Mala : Hello, would I be able to see the dental specialist, please?

Secretary 2 : obviously, do you bring your ID card?

Mrs. Mala : Okay, here is my child’s ID card since he is going to examination his teeth.

Assistant 2 : Alright, you can hold up there and come after I call your child’s name.

Mrs. Mala : Okay, arrive whatever other else that are as yet holding up their opportunity to see
the dental practitioner before my child?

Assistant : Sure, however you don’t have to stress since there is stand out individual holding up
over yonder before your child.

Mrs. Mala : Great, thank you to such an extent.

Secretary : You’re invite.

Terjemahannya :

Ibu Mala: Permisi, bisa Anda ceritakan di mana ruang gigi? Saya ingin membawa anak saya
untuk memeriksa.

Resepsionis: Tentu, Anda dapat pergi ke cerita kedua. Anda dapat mencapainya dengan lift.

Ibu Mala : Bisakah Anda memberitahu saya di mana Lift?

Resepsionis: Anda dapat pergi langsung ada dan di sisi kiri Anda akan melihat Lift. Kemudian,
untuk ruang dokter gigi, Anda bisa keluar dari lift dan berbelok ke kanan. Di sana,
Anda akan melihat resepsionis yang akan membantu Anda.

Ibu Mala : Jadi, ruang gigi di sisi kanan lift, bukan?

Resepsionis : Absolutely.

Ibu Mala : Oke, terima kasih kemudian.

Resepsionis : Anda diterima.


(Di Depan Ruangan Gigi)

Ibu Mala : Halo, saya bisa melihat dokter gigi, please?

Resepsionis 2 : Tentu saja, apakah Anda membawa kartu ID Anda?

Ibu Mala : Oke, di sini adalah anak saya ID card karena ia akan memeriksa giginya.

Resepsionis 2 : Baiklah, Anda bisa menunggu di sana dan datang setelah saya sebut nama anak

Ibu Mala : Oke, apakah ada yang lain lain yang masih menunggu kesempatan mereka
untuk melihat dokter gigi sebelum anak saya?

Resepsionis : Tentu, tapi Anda tidak perlu khawatir karena hanya ada satu orang yang
menunggu di sana sebelum anak Anda.

Ibu Mala : Besar, terima kasih banyak.

Resepsionis : Terima kasih.

Berikut Istilah Medis dalam Bahasa Inggris :

Di bawah ini kami tampilkan beberapa kosa kata dalam dunia kedokteran dan artinya:

penyakit gula darah = diabetes

gagal jantung = heart failure
hamil = pregnant
impotensi = impotence
infeksi = infection
kanker = cancer
katarak = cataract
kebocoran jantung = punctured heart
kebutaan = blindness
ketulian = deafness
konjungtivitis = conjunctivitis
kritis, koma = critical
melanoma = melanoma
paru-paru basah = punctured lung
patah tulang = broken bone
unit, bagian = department
Bangsal = ward
ruang tunggu = waiting room
doctor = doctor
juru rawat = Matron
personal = personnel
ahli bedah = surgeon
kerapihan = orderly
konsultan = consultant
kasur rumah sakit = hospital bed
alat pengobatan = drip

unit kecelakaan dan unit gawat darurat (UGD) = accident and Emergency department
unit THT (telinga, hidung, tenggorokan) = ear, nose and throat department
kartu catatan medis = medical chart
spesialis = specialist
suster = nurse, sister
kain = flannel
uji medis = medical tests
CT scan = CT scan
diagnosa, diagnosis = diagnosis
pemeriksaan = examination
rujukan = referral
sinar X = X ray
tes darah = blood test
prosedur = procedure
amputasi = amputation
bedah = surgery
operasi = operation
pembalutan luka = plaster cast
pemindahan, penyambungan = remove
transplantasi, pencangkokkan = transplant
latihan = exercise
istirahat = rest
penyembuhan = recuperation
berlatih = to exercise
fisioterapi = physiotherapy
terapi = therapy
bengkak = bump
diare = diarrhea
penyakit, wabah = symptoms
bekas luka = bruise
ketulian = deafness
sakit = ache
sakit = sick
mati rasa = numb
pembengkakan = swelling
penglihatan kabur = blurred vision
pusing = dizzy
ruam, bintik merah = rash
sakit kepala = headache
sakit, menyakitkan = pain
alergi = allergy
bersifat alergi = allergic
gagal ginjal = kidney failure
gagal hati = liver failure
bronkitis = bronchitis
buta = blind
keguguran = miscarriage
kematian jaringan tubuh = gangrene
cacat = handicap
keguguran = miscarriage
kematian jaringan tubuh = gangrene
keracunan darah = blood poisoning
ketidakmampuan = disability
demam = fever
Breast milk provides a balanced diet for infants as it contains all essential nutrients, increase
immunity against diseases and improves both physical and mental growth. Thus mothers are
encouraged to nurse their bundles of joy as soon as possible after the baby‟s birth. In some
cultures, colostrums, the first milk that appears and which is yellowish in colour, is discarded.
Mothers are urged not to discard colostrums because it is extremely rich in antibodies, protein,
zinc and other minerals, as well as low in lactose and fat.

ASI menyediakan diet seimbang untuk bayi karena mengandung semua nutrisi penting,
meningkatkan kekebalan terhadap penyakit dan meningkatkan baik pertumbuhan fisik dan
mental. Jadi ibu dianjurkan untuk menyusui bundel mereka sukacita sesegera mungkin setelah
bayi "s kelahiran. Dalam beberapa budaya, kolostrum, susu pertama yang muncul dan yang
kekuningan, dibuang. Ibu diminta untuk tidak membuang kolostrum karena sangat kaya akan
antibodi, protein, seng dan mineral lainnya, serta rendah laktosa dan lemak.