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Cir.Memo.No.3021/136/2017 Dated.22.06.2017

Sub: Fundamental Rules – Treating of compulsory wait period as on

duty – Enhancement of existing delegation of powers to the
Administrative Departments in Secretariat – Instructions –
Ref.:1. Circular Memo No.43877/ 682/ A2/ FR.I/1996. Dated:01.01.1997.
2. Cir. Memo. No. 2/111/A2/FR.1/2000, Finance, Dated 28.10.2002.


In the reference second cited, instructions were issued that while dealing
with the compulsory wait proposals which exceed the period of 30 days, the Heads of
Department in case of Non Gazetted Officers and the Secretary / Prl. Secy./ Spl. C.S.
of the Department concerned in case of Gazetted Officers shall calculate the number
of days, the file is kept pending for more than 3 days at each level and issue orders of
recovery of the cost involved in the compulsory wait from all the persons responsible
in the same proportion as the delay caused by each of them and the proposals should
only then be referred to Finance Department to consider the regularization of the
period as compulsory wait.

2. In the Executive Instructions (1) and (2) under Rule 108-A of Fundamental
Rules, powers were delegated to the Administrative Departments of Secretariat to
issue orders for treating the period to the extent of 30 days, during which the All India
Service officers, Gazetted officers, non-gazetted officers and other officers may have
to wait for postings, as compulsory wait or excess joining time, without reference to
Finance and Planning (Fin. Wing) Department.

3. It has been noticed that in many cases departments are taking more than 30 days
to process and issue posting orders, thereby forcing the employees to wait for longer

4. Finance Department has analyzed cases referred to it over a period of time and
observed that the following reasons are generally stated by the Departments for the
delay in issue of posting / reposting orders:

(i) Multiple levels of offices are involved in the processing of proposals.

(ii) Orders had to be obtained in circulation to the Hon'ble Ministers / Hon'ble
Chief Minister.
(iii) Reference to the advisory departments like General Administration
Department, Law Department, Finance Department and Vigilance
Commission etc., for advise.
(iv) Delay in meetings of the Empowered Committees for considering postings
and transfers in some department e.g., Police Department.

5 Due to above reasons a large number of cases had to be referred to Finance

Department for regularization of waiting period as per executive instructions issued in
the reference second cited.

6. In these circumstances the Government has felt that there is every need to
increase the powers delegated to the secretariat departments to regularize the period of
waiting as compulsory wait period as contained in executive instructions 1 & 2 under
FR.108-A and enhance the same from 30 days to 90 days.

7. Government, therefore, hereby delegate powers to the administrative

departments of the Secretariat to issue orders treating the period to the extent of 90
days during which officers have to wait for posting as compulsory wait or excess
joining time, without reference to the Finance Department duly relaxing the
instructions issued in the executive instructions 1 & 2 under FR.108-A. If, however,
the period of compulsory wait or excess joining time exceeds 90 days, the
concurrence of the Finance Department should be obtained. The Departments are
requested to follow the instructions contained in the reference second cited and other
instructions issued from time to time while regulating the waiting upto 90 days.

8. The cases already settled need not be reopened. The cases pending or
under process at various levels shall be settled as per these orders.

9. These instructions are available in the website of Finance Department


All the Departments of Secretariat,
All the Heads of Departments
Copy to:
PSs of Secretaries/Prl. Secretaries/Spl.Chief Secretaries to Government.
Accountant General,