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1 foot candle = how 10.

764 lux and also

many lux 1 lumen

AM Asymmetry

Black/white Traffic markings

Blue informational

Small flat synovia-filled

Bursa sac prevents rubbing of
muscle or tendon
against bone
CM Coupling multiplier

Distance multiplier,
DM vertical distance moved
in inches D=|Vf-Vi|

Tennis elbow (tendons on

Epicondylitis outside of elbow are strained),
caused by impacting or jerking
throwing motions

Ergonomic risk Cold and vibration


The study of human

Ergonomics interactions with the
work environment
<36 feet 3ft overlap
Extension ladder
36< 48 4 feet
48<60 5 feet

A fixed ladder pitch 90degrees

should not exceed

FM Frequency

Light falling on 1 square

Footcandle foot at 1 foot from a
standard candle

Green First aid, safety

Height to base ratio
for extension 4:1

HM Horizontal

How many MS less than 30

repetitions sec/cycle or more
represent a hazard than 1000 parts/shift

How much light in

high hazard, high 5 foot candle

How much light in

high hazard, low 2 foot candle
How much light in
low hazard high 1 foot candle
activity area

How much light in

low hazard, low 0.5 fc
activity area

Is a hand grip
better than a pinch Yes

LC Lifting constant (51


Actual weight/RWL;
Lifting index Lifting index >1,
Actual weight/RWL If greater
than 1.0 then indication of
Lifting index increased risk of lower back
injury and should be

Ligament connects bone to bone

Magenta Radiation hazards

Max length 60 feet

extension ladder

Orange dangerous parts

Proper bench Sitting 50cm - 71cm
height Standing 89 cm

Red Danger, fire


RWL Recommended
weight limit

Stepladder height No longer than 20


Tendinitis Inflammation of
tendon connects muscle to bone

Trigger finger snapping, jerking

finger movement

Industrial step ladder 3-

Tupe I ladder 20 feet for utilities,
contractors, and
industrial use

Household stepladder 3-
Type III ladder 6 feet for light duty such
as household use

Commercial stepladder 3-
Type II ladder 12 feet for medium duty
such as painters, offices,
and light industrial use
VM Veritical multiplier

VM, Vertical multiplier

the greates
includes absolute value
which must be absolute value

Top rail 42 inches,

What is standard midrail 21 inches,
railing Toeboard 4 inches high,
must withstand 200 lbs

Uniform spacing not

What is the spacing more than 12 inches for
for ladder rungs wooden ladders; 12
inches for metal ladders

When is a cage >20 feet cage starts 7-8

feet from ground; cage
needed for a fixed must extend 42 inches
ladder above landing
If the ladder is >20 feet,
When is a landing
must have a landing
needed for a fixed every 30 feet unless on
ladder chimney

Raynauds Syndrome -
White finger insufficient blooed supply
causing blanching caused
by vibration

Yellow Caution, hazardous