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Religious Sites in Capital Region (AMARAVATI)

KANAKA DURGA The Durga temple is located on the top of a

TEMPLE, hill called Indrakeeladri at the entrance of
VIJAYAWADA the city.
The "Dasara" festival is celebrated in a very
big way here with large number of pilgrims
taking part in the festivities.
A holy dip in river Krishna (2 kms from RTC
Bus stand) is also a big highlight of the

ST. MARY’S CHURCH, One of the most popular church and pilgrim
GUNADALA place for Christians in Andhra Pradesh
It has the rare distinction of having an iron
cross set up on the hill top. On 9th, 10th and
11th of every February more than 5 lakh
people visit the hilltop on the occasion of
Gunadala Mata Festival.
It houses a museum having a collection of
ancient holy relics and precious gifts of the

SRIKAKULESWARA This Temple is one among the 108

SWAMY TEMPE, pilgrimages for Hindus.
SRIKAKULAM It is widely believed that this temple existed
from 4th Century B.C.
According to the existing evidence, this
temple was buit by Narasimha Varma of
Orissa in 1200 A.D
It is believed that Sri Krishna Devaraya
started writing his book “Amuktha
Malyada”, while visiting this temple
ANDHRA MAHA Sri Andhra Vishnu temple is said to be
VISHNU TEMPE, existing from 1000AD. The Cholas are
SRIKAKULAM stated to have reconstructed the temple by
bringing the idol found in river Krishna bed
during their rule.
The main sanctum of the temple survived
since the time of Satavahana Emperors,
Perhaps from 2nd Century BC.
As many as 32 inscriptions, including those
issued by Krishnadevaraya, appear on the
walls of the temple.
SRIVALLI DEVASENA Sage Agasthya is said to have built this
SAMETHA temple. Skanda Purana gives an elaborate
SUBRAMANYESWARA account of this punya kshetram
TEMPLE, MOPIDEVI This temple attracts steady stream of
visitors throughout the year
This temple is frequented by visitors with
Eye and Ear problems to conduct 40 day

SRI DURGA Peda kallepalli is also famously referred to

NAGESWARA as Dakshina Kasi.
SWAMY TEMPLE, The Ancient Durga Nageswara Swamy
PEDA KALLEPALLI temple was build in 1140 A.D.
Jagajyoti ritual during Maha shivaratri
attracts huge crowd every year

SRI VENUGOPALA Movva is the birth place of famous telugu

SWAMY TEMPLE, lyricist of 17th century, Shri Kshetrayya.
MOVVA Temple was constructed in 12th century AD.
Dance, music and other cultural events
during annual venugopala swamy
kalyanam, showcase rich Telugu culture
and heritage.

JAIN TEMPLE, The Idol of lord Parswanath Bhagawan is

GUDIVADA one of the rarest Jain Idols ever found.
The artistry is of very distinct style from
other Jain Temples. The Idol of the lord
dates back to 8th century AD.
Fair held on the 10th day of the Magsar
month is a must attend event.

TIRUPATAMMA More than 10 lakh pilgrims visit this temple

AMMA VARI TEMPLE, every year.
PENUGANCHIPROLU Best time to visit this temple is during
Annual fair, Tirupatamma Tirunallu (Feb-
Dance, music and other cultural events
during annual venugopala swamy
kalyanam, showcase rich Telugu culture
and heritage.
SRI AMARESWARA This temple is one of the Pancharama
SWAMY TEMPLE, Kshetras..The biggest of the five pieces of
AMARAVATI Shiva Lingam that shattered is believed to be
in this temple.
The Shiva Lingam is very tall. The Archakas
mount a pedestal platform to perform
It is said that the Shiva Lingam was growing
in Size and to stop its growth, a nail has been
hit onto the top of Shiva linga.
Amaravati temple also has a welth of
inscriptions on the walls like those of Kota
Kings and Sri Krishnadevaraya.

SRI VENKATESWARA It is believed that Sri Venkateswara Swami

SWAMY TEMPLE, along with wife Alimelu Manga is self-
VYKUNTAPURAM manifested (“Swayambhu”) on the
Krounchagiri Hill at Vykuntapuram
River Krishna changes its direction and flows
to the north as “Uttara vahini” giving it a
potency of maha kshetram, similar to Kashi.

SRI PANAKALA Mangalagiri is one of the 8 Maha kshetras of

LAKSHMI Lord Vishnu.
NARASIMHA SWAMY Uniqueness to this temple lies in the fact
TEMPLE, that Panakam (jiggery water) is offered to
Ksheera vruksham (the milk tree) on the
Mangalagiri hill is of great attraction
particularly to the woman
Thoorpu Gali Gopuram (Tower on East Side)
is other main attraction for the Lakshmi
Narasimha Swamy temple

SRI NAGESWARA This temple was built during Chalukya period

SWAMY TEMPLE, with fine sculptures adorning the temple
This temple of lord Shiva is deemed as kashi
for having 101 temples.
Nandi in the temple is magnificient and is
similar in size and finish to the one in
SRI VEERABHADRA This temple is located in Vadlamudi,
CHEBROLE Nithya Kalyanam of Veerabhadra swamy is a
popular event.
It is believed that Nitya Kalyanam of Sri
Veerabhadra Swamy will be witnessed not
only by the devotees but also by Munis like
Agastya, Sukudu, Viswamitra, Vasista,
Gowtama, Bhargava, Vyasa, Bharadwaj,
Marichidu, kasyapudu, Markendeyudu and

SRI BHIMESWARA Bhimeswara temple is famous for its Huge

The temple was chiefly built by Chalukyas
and later restored by Krishna Devaraya
In August 2014, an underground stair case
was discovered leading to sub-terranean

SRI ADIKESAVA The temple was chiefly built by Pallavas and

TEMPLE, CHEBROLE later restored by Sri Krishna Devaraya.
It has Nageswara Swamy and Bheemeswara
Swamy temples in close proximity.
A temple of Lord Nataraja and a 1,000 pillar
hall (mandapam) are believed to have
existed in front of the dilapidated stone
sculpture of Nandi.
SRI CHATURMUKHA This is one of the rarest temples housing
BRAHMA TEMPLE, Lord Brahma along with Lord Shiva
This is a beautiful temple situated in the
midst of a tank surrounded by two small
temples of Lord Siva towards the east and
west and that of Vishnu in the north and
south and four temples of goddess Sakti in
the four corners manifest in different
SRI MUKTESWARA Kollipara Muktheswara Swamy Temple is
SWAMY TEMPLE, prominently known as “Peddadevuni Gudi”
KOLLIPARA This temple along wit Janardhana Swamy
temple attract pilgrims throughout the year.
Thousands of pilgrims throng to this temple
during Auspicious day of Maha Shiva Ratri.

SRI VEERABHADRA Large Veera Bhadra Swamy Idol installed in

SWAMY TEMPLE, the temple attracts devotees from all around
He is worshiped as prime Diety by Veera-
Shaiva Lingayats and Pancha-Acharyas

SRI ANJANEYA 24 feet hanuman Idol of 12 feet width and 4

SWAMY TEMPLE, feet Thickness is the main attraction
PONNUR Other attractions are
5 linga’s located near feet of lord shiva,
which look similar inspite of various sizes
% akhanda deepa’s located in 5 storied

SRI SAHASRA It is said that everyone passing Ponnur must

LINGESWARA spare some time and visit the deity atleast
SWAMY TEMPLE, once because it brings good luck and averts
PONNUR prospective difficulties
This temple derives its name from
1000(sahasra) Lingas present at the temple.
This temple is located in the premises of
Hanuman Temple.

SRI SAKSHI BHAVA This temple is called China kasi (Small Kasi).
NARAYANA SWAMY It is believed that Lord Vishnu has come here
TEMPLE, PONNUR from Varanasi to prove that one of his
devotees is innocent.
“Tirunallu” conducted in the month of may
is a major attraction
SRI SAKALESWARA This temple hosts Self manifested Siva
NANDURU Siva Lingam was discovered in 1783 and
temple was constructed.
There is a legend that the depth of the
lingam is still unkonown.

RELIGIOUS – SRI This temple is situated at the foot of

GOPINATHA SWAMY Kondaveedu Hillock.
TEMPLE, This Lord Krishna temple was build by Reddy
KONDAVEEDU kings of Kondaveedu and it is a major tourist
attraction along with Kondaveedu fort.