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MATLAB Quick Reference

Author: Jialong He

clear disp length load memory mlock munlock openvar pack save saveas size who, whos workspace

Remove items from the workspace Display text or array Length of vector Retrieve variables from disk Help for memory limitations Prevent M-file clearing Allow M-file clearing Open workspace variable in Array Editor, for graphical editing Consolidate workspace memory Save workspace variables on disk Save figure or model using specified format Array dimensions List the variables in the workspace Display the Workspace Browser, a GUI for managing the workspace

fullfile info inmem ls matlabroot mkdir open pwd tempdir tempname unix !

Build full filename from parts Display contact information or toolbox Readme files Functions in memory List directory on UNIX Get root directory of MATLAB installation Make new directory Open files based on extension Display current directory Return the name of the system’s temporary directory Unique name for temporary file Execute a UNIX command and return the result Execute operating system command

General Purpose Commands Managing Commands and Functions
addpath doc docopt genpath help helpbrowser helpdesk helpwin lasterr lastwarn license lookfor partialpath path pathtool profile profreport rehash rmpath support type ver version web what whatsnew which Add directories to MATLAB’s search path Display HTML documentation in Help browser Display location of help file directory for UNIX platforms Generate a path string Display M-file help for MATLAB functions in the Command Window Display Help browser for access to all MathWorks online help Display the Help browser Display M-file help and provide access to M-file help for all functions Last error message Last warning message license Search for specified keyword in all help entries Partial pathname Control MATLAB’s directory search path Open the GUI for viewing and modifying MATLAB’s path Start the M-file profiler, a utility for debugging and optimizing code Generate a profile report Refresh function and file system caches Remove directories from MATLAB’s search path Open MathWorks Technical Support Web Page List file Display version information for MATLAB, Simulink, and toolboxes Get MATLAB version number Point Help browser or Web browser at file or Web site List MATLAB-specific files in current directory Display README files for MATLAB and toolboxes Locate functions and files

undocheckout Undo previous checkout from source control system

Starting and Quitting MATLAB
finish MATLAB termination M-file Terminate MATLAB Start MATLAB (UNIX systems only) MATLAB startup M-file Terminate MATLAB MATLAB startup M-file exit matlab matlabrc quit startup

Controlling the Command Window
clc echo format home more Clear Command Window Echo M-files during execution Control the display format for output Move cursor to upper left corner of Command Window Control paged output for the Command Window

Operators and Special Characters
+ Plus Minus Matrix multiplication Array multiplication Matrix power Array power Kronecker tensor product Backslash or left division Slash or right division Array division, right and left Colon Parentheses Brackets Curly braces Decimal point Continuation * .* ^ .^ kron \ / ./ and .\ : () [] {} . ...

Working with Operating Environment
beep cd checkin checkout cmopts copyfile delete diary dir dos edit fileparts filebrowser Produce a beep sound Change working directory Check file into source control system Check file out of source control system Get name of source control system, and PVCS project filename Copy file Delete files or graphics objects Save session to a disk file Display a directory listing Execute a DOS command and return the result Edit an M-file Get filename parts Display Current Directory browser, for viewing files

customverctrl Allow custom source control system

Managing Variables and the Workspace

. acosh acot. asinh atan. int16.’ = == <> & | ~ xor Comma Semicolon Comment Exclamation point Transpose and quote Nonconjugated transpose Assignment Equality Relational operators Logical and Logical or Logical not Logical exclusive or cos. acoth acsc. tanh Cosine and hyperbolic cosine Cotangent and hyperbolic cotangent Cosecant and hyperbolic cosecant Exponential Round towards zero Round towards minus infinity Greatest common divisor Imaginary part of a complex number Least common multiple Natural logarithm Base 2 logarithm and dissect floating-point numbers into exponent and mantissa Common (base 10) logarithm Modulus (signed remainder after division) Binomial coefficient or all combinations Real part of complex number Remainder after division Round to nearest integer Secant and hyperbolic secant Signum function Sine and hyperbolic sine Square root Tangent and hyperbolic tangent case catch continue else elseif end error for if otherwise return switch try warning while Case switch Begin catch block Pass control to the next iteration of for or while loop Conditionally execute statements Conditionally execute statements Terminate for. and if statements or indicate last index Display error messages Repeat statements a specific number of times Conditionally execute statements Default part of switch statement Return to the invoking function Switch among several cases based on expression Begin try block Display warning message Repeat statements an indefinite number of times Logical Functions all any exist find is* isa iskeyword isvarname logical mislocked Test to determine if all elements are nonzero Test for any nonzeros Check if a variable or file exists Find indices and values of nonzero elements Detect state Detect an object of a given class Test if string is a MATLAB keyword Test if string is a valid variable name Convert numeric values to logical True if M-file cannot be cleared Interactive Input input keyboard menu pause Request user input Invoke the keyboard in an M-file Generate a menu of choices for user input Halt execution temporarily Language Constructs and Debugging MATLAB as a Programming Language builtin eval evalc evalin feval function global nargchk persistent script Execute builtin function from overloaded method Interpret strings containing MATLAB expressions Evaluate MATLAB expression with capture Evaluate expression in workspace Function evaluation Function M-files Define global variables Check number of input arguments Define persistent variable Script M-files Object-Oriented Programming class double inferiorto inline int8. coth csc. try. sech sign sin. % ! ‘ . switch.. asech asin. uint16. cosh cot. uint32 Convert to unsigned integer Control Flow break Terminate execution of for loop or while loop Debugging dbclear Clear breakpoints . acsch angle asec. int32 isa loadobj saveobj single superiorto Create object or return class of object Convert to double precision Inferior class relationship Construct an inline object Convert to signed integer Detect an object of a given class Extends the load function for user objects Save filter for objects Convert to single precision Superior class relationship Elementary Math Functions abs acos. while. sinh sqrt tan. csch exp fix floor gcd imag lcm log log2 log10 mod nchoosek real rem round sec. atanh atan2 ceil complex conj Absolute value and complex magnitude Inverse cosine and inverse hyperbolic cosine Inverse cotangent and inverse hyperbolic cotangent Inverse cosecant and inverse hyperbolic cosecant Phase angle Inverse secant and inverse hyperbolic secant Inverse sine and inverse hyperbolic sine Inverse tangent and inverse hyperbolic tangent Four-quadrant inverse tangent Round toward infinity Construct complex data from real and imaginary components Complex conjugate uint8.

Largest positive floating-point number Smallest positive floating-point number Pass or return variable numbers of arguments String to Number Conversion char Create character array (string) Integer to string conversion Convert a matrix into a string Number to string conversion Write formatted data to a string Read string under format control Convert string to double-precision value String to matrix conversion String to number conversion int2str mat2str num2str sprintf sscanf str2double str2mat str2num j NaN nargin.dbcont dbdown dbmex dbquit dbstack dbstatus dbstep dbstop dbtype dbup Resume execution Change local workspace context Enable MEX-file debugging Quit debug mode Display function call stack List all breakpoints Execute one or more lines from a breakpoint Set breakpoints in an M-file function List M-file with line numbers Change local workspace context strncmp strncmpi strrep strtok strvcat symvar texlabel upper Compare the first n characters of strings Compare the first n characters of strings. nargout nargoutchk pi realmax realmin varargin. varargout Function Handles function_ha MATLAB data type that is a handle to a function ndle functions func2str str2func Return information about a function handle Constructs a function name string from a function handle Constructs a function handle from a function name string Character String Functions General abs eval real strings Absolute value and complex magnitude Interpret strings containing MATLAB expressions Real part of complex number MATLAB string handling Radix Conversion bin2dec dec2bin dec2hex hex2dec Binary to decimal number conversion Decimal to binary number conversion Decimal to hexadecimal number conversion Hexadecimal to decimal number conversion Hexadecimal to double number conversion Time and Dates calendar clock cputime date datenum datestr datevec eomday etime now tic. ignoring case Justify a character array Find possible matches for a string Matrix Manipulation cat diag fliplr flipud Concatenate arrays Diagonal matrices and diagonals of a matrix Flip matrices left-right Flip matrices up -down . toc weekday Calendar Current time as a date vector Elapsed CPU time Current date string Serial date number Date string format Date components End of month Elapsed time Current date and time Stopwatch timer Day of the week String to Function Handle Conversion func2str str2func Constructs a function name string from a function handle Constructs a function handle from a function name string hex2num Matrix Manipulation Elementary Matrices and Arrays blkdiag eye linspace logspace numel ones rand randn zeros Construct a block diagonal matrix from input arguments Identity matrix Generate linearly spaced vectors Generate logarithmically spaced vectors Number of elements in a matrix or cell array Create an array of all ones Uniformly distributed random numbers and arrays Normally distributed random numbers and arrays Create an array of all zeros String Manipulation deblank findstr lower strcat strcmp strcmpi strjust strmatch Strip trailing blanks from the end of a string Find one string within another Convert string to lower case String concatenation Compare strings Compare strings. ignoring case String search and replace First token in string Vertical concatenation of strings Determine symbolic variables in an expression Produce the TeX format from a character string Convert string to upper case : (colon) Regularly spaced vector Special Variables and Constants ans computer eps i Inf inputname The most recent answer Identify the computer on which MATLAB is running Floating-point relative accuracy Imaginary unit Infinity Input argument name Imaginary unit Not-a-Number Number of function arguments Validate number of output arguments Ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter.

wav) sound file Specialized Matrices compan gallery hadamard hankel hilb invhilb magic pascal toeplitz wilkinson Companion matrix Test matrices Hadamard matrix Hankel matrix Hilbert matrix Inverse of the Hilbert matrix Magic square Pascal matrix Toeplitz matrix Wilkinson’s eigenvalue test matrix Cell Array Functions cell cellfun cellstr cell2struct celldisp cellplot num2cell Create cell array Apply a function to each element in a cell array Create cell array of strings from character array Cell array to structure array conversion Display cell array contents Graphically display the structure of cell arrays Convert a numeric array into a cell array File I/O Functions File Opening and Closing fclose fopen Close one or more open files Open a file or obtain information about open files Unformatted I/O Multidimensional Array Functions cat Concatenate arrays Flip array along a specified dimension Subscripts from linear index Inverse permute the dimensions of a multidimensional array Generate arrays for multidimensional functions and interpolation Number of array dimensions Rearrange the dimensions of a multidimensional array Reshape array Shift dimensions Remove singleton dimensions flipdim ind2sub ipermute ndgrid ndims permute reshape shiftdim squeeze fread fwrite Read binary data from file Write binary data to a file Bitwise Functions bitand bitcmp bitor bitmax bitset bitshift bitget bitxor Bit-wise AND Complement bits Bit-wise OR Maximum floating-point integer Set bit Bit-wise shift Get bit Bit-wise XOR Formatted I/O fgetl fgets Return the next line of a file as a string without line terminator(s) Return the next line of a file as a string with line terminator(s) fprintf Write formatted data to file fscanf Read formatted data from file File Positioning feof Test for end-of-file . A{I}=B. A{I} and A.field SPARCstation-Specific Sound Functions auread auwrite Read NeXT/SUN (. rearrange array Structure Functions fieldnames getfield rmfield setfield struct struct2cell Field names of a structure Get field of structure array Remove structure fields Set field of structure array Create structure array Structure to cell array conversion sub2ind Single index from subscripts Sound Processing Functions General Sound Functions lin2mu mu2lin sound soundsc Convert linear audio signal to mu-law Convert mu-law audio signal to linear Convert vector into sound Scale data and play as sound Vector Functions cross dot intersect ismember setdiff setxor union unique Vector cross product Vector dot product Set intersection of two vectors Detect members of a set Return the set difference of two vector Set exclusive or of two vectors Set union of two vectors Unique elements of a vector MATLAB Object Functions class isa methods methodsview subsasgn subsindex subsref Create object or return class of object Detect an object of a given class Display method names Displays information on all methods implemented by a class Overloaded method for A(I) sound file .WAV Sound Functions wavplay wavread wavrecord wavwrite Play recorded sound on a PC-based audio output device Read Microsoft WAVE (.au) sound file Write NeXT/SUN (.repmat reshape rot90 tril triu : (colon) Replicate and tile an array Reshape array Rotate matrix 90 degrees Lower triangular part of a matrix Upper triangular part of a matrix Index into array. and A.wav) sound file Record sound using a PC-based audio input device Write Microsoft WAVE (.field=B Overloaded method for X(A) Overloaded method for A(I).

erfc. betaln Beta functions polyarea Area of polygon Eigenvalues and Singular Values balance cdf2rdf eig gsvd Improve accuracy of computed eigenvalues Convert complex diagonal form to real block diagonal form Eigenvalues and eigenvectors Generalized singular value decomposition gamma. erfinv expint factorial Airy functions Bessel functions of the third kind (Hankel functions) Modified Bessel functions Bessel functions Jacobi elliptic functions Complete elliptic integrals of the first and second kind Error functions Exponential integral Factorial function Linear Equations chol inv lscov lu lsqnonneg minres pinv qr symmlq Cholesky factorization Matrix inverse Least squares solution in the presence of known covariance LU matrix factorization Nonnegative least squares Minimum Residual Method Moore-Penrose pseudoinverse of a matrix Orthogonal-triangular decomposition Symmetric LQ method beta. gammainc. bessely ellipj ellipke erf. Gamma functions gammaln legendre pow2 Associated Legendre functions Base 2 power and scale floating-point numbers . rats Rational fraction approximation hess poly qz rsf2csf schur svd Hessenberg form of a matrix Polynomial with specified roots QZ factorization for generalized eigenvalues Convert real Schur form to complex Schur form Schur decomposition Singular value decomposition frewind Rewind an open file Coordinate System Conversion cart2pol cart2sph pol2cart sph2cart Transform Cartesian coordinates to polar or cylindrical Transform Cartesian coordinates to spherical Transform polar or cylindrical coordinates to Cartesian Transform spherical coordinates to Cartesian String Conversion sprintf sscanf Write formatted data to a string Read string under format control Matrix Functions Matrix Analysis cond condeig det norm null orth rank rcond rref. betainc. besselk besselj. rrefmovie subspace trace Condition number with respect to inversion Condition number with respect to eigenvalues Matrix determinant Vector and matrix norms Null space of a matrix Range space of a matrix Rank of a matrix Matrix reciprocal condition number estimate Reduced row echelon form Angle between two subspaces Sum of diagonal elements Matrix Functions expm funm logm sqrtm Matrix exponential Evaluate general matrix function Matrix logarithm Matrix square root Specialized File I/O dlmread Read an ASCII delimited file into a matrix dlmwrite Write a matrix to an ASCII delimited file hdf imfinfo imread imwrite strread HDF interface Return information about a graphics file Read image from graphics file Write an image to a graphics file Read formatted data from a string Low Level Functions qrdelete qrinsert Delete column from QR factorization Insert column in QR factorization textread Read formatted data from text file wk1read Read a Lotus123 WK1 spreadsheet file into a matrix wk1writ Write a matrix to a Lotus123 WK1 spreadsheet file e Data Analysis and Fourier Transform Basic Operations cumprod Cumulative product cumsum Cumulative sum Prime factors Maximum elements of an array Average or mean value of arrays Median value of arrays Minimum elements of an array All possible permutations Generate list of prime numbers Product of array elements Rectangle intersection Area Sort elements in ascending order Sort rows in ascending order Standard deviation Sum of array elements Trapezoidal numerical integration cumtrapz Cumulative trapezoidal numerical integration factor max mean median min perms primes prod rectint sort sortrows std sum trapz inpolygon Detect points inside a polygonal region Specialized Math Functions airy besselh besseli. erfcx.ferror fseek ftell Query MATLAB about errors in file input or output Set file position indicator Get file position indicator rat.

ode23tb odeget odeset optimget optimset pdepe pdeval quad quadl vectorize Solve two-point boundry value problems (BVPs) for ordinary differential equations (ODEs) Extract parameters from BVP options structure Form the initial guess for bvp4c Create/alter BVP options structure Evaluate the solution computed by bvp4c Numerical evaluation of double integrals Minimize a function of one variable Minimize a function of several variables Find zero of a function of one variable Solve initial value problems for ODEs Extract parameters from ODE options structure Create/alter ODE options structure Get optimization options structure parameter values Create or edit optimization options parameter structure Solve initial-boundary value problems Evaluate the solution computed by pdepe Numerical evaluation of integrals. ode15s. ode23s. ode23.Nonlinear Numerical Methods bvp4c bvpget bvpinit bvpset bvpval dblquad fminbnd fminsearch fzero ode45. ode23t.var Variance poly polyder polyeig polyfit polyint polyval Polynomial with specified roots Polynomial derivative Polynomial eigenvalue problem Polynomial curve fitting Analytic polynomial integration Polynomial evaluation Convert between partial fraction expansion and polynomial coefficients Polynomial roots Function Functions . ode113. adaptive Simpson quadrature Numerical evaluation of integrals. adaptive Lobatto quadrature Vectorize expression Finite Differences del2 diff Discrete Laplacian Differences and approximate derivatives gradient Numerical gradient polyvalm Matrix polynomial evaluat ion residue Correlation corrcoef cov Correlation coefficients Covariance matrix roots Data Interpolation Filtering and Convolution conv conv2 deconv filter filter2 Convolution and polynomial multiplication Two-dimensional convolution Deconvolution and polynomial division Filter data with an infinite impulse response (IIR) or finite impulse response (FIR) filter Two-dimensional digital filtering convhull Convex hull convhulln Multidimensional convex hull delaunay Delaunay triangulation delaunay3 Three-dimensionalDelaunay tessellation delaunayn Multidimensional Delaunay tessellation dsearch griddata Search for nearest point Data gridding dsearchn Multidimensional closest point search Data gridding and hypersurface fitting for three-dimensional griddata3 data griddatan Data gridding and hypersurface fitting (dimension >= 2) interp1 interp2 interp3 interpft interpn One-dimensional data interpolation (table lookup) Two-dimensional data interpolation (table lookup) Three-dimensional data interpolation (table lookup) One-dimensional interpolation using the FFT method Multidimensional data interpolation (table lookup) Generate arrays for multidimensional functions and interpolation Piecewise Cubic Hermite Interpolating Polynomial (PCHIP) Piecewise polynomial evaluation Cubic spline data interpolation Search for enclosing Delaunay triangle Multidimensional closest simplex search Voronoi diagram Multidimensional Voronoi diagrams Fourier Transforms abs angle cplxpair fft fft2 fftshift ifft ifft2 ifftn ifftshift unwrap Absolute value and complex magnitude Phase angle Sort complex numbers into complex conjugate pairs One-dimensional fast Fourier transform Two-dimensional fast Fourier transform Shift DC component of fast Fourier transform to center of spectrum Inverse one-dimensional fast Fourier transform Inverse two-dimensional fast Fourier transform Inverse multidimensional fast Fourier transform Inverse FFT shift Correct phase angles meshgrid Generate X and Y matrices for three-dimensional plots ndgrid pchip ppval spline tsearch tsearchn voronoi voronoin Sparse Matrix Functions Elementary Sparse Matrices spdiags speye sprand sprandn Extract and create sparse band and diagonal matrices Sparse identity matrix Sparse uniformly distributed random matrix Sparse normally distributed random matrix nextpow2 Next power of two sprandsym Sparse symmetric random matrix Polynomial and Interpolation Functions Polynomials conv deconv Convolution and polynomial multiplication Deconvolution and polynomial division Full to Sparse Conversion find full sparse Find indices and values of nonzero elements Convert sparse matrix to full matrix Create sparse matrix .

Condition Number. Mesh. Polar coordinate plot Semi-log scale plot Semi-log scale plot Create axes in tiled positions Surface. and Rank condest normest 1-norm matrix condition number estimate 2-norm estimate plot polar semilogx semilogy subplot Sparse Systems of Linear Equations bicg bicgstab cgs cholinc BiConjugate Gradients method BiConjugate Gradients Stabilized method Conjugate Gradients Squared method Sparse Incomplete Cholesky and Cholesky-Infinity factorizations Generalized Minimum Residual method (with restarts) LSQR implementation of Conjugate Gradients on the normal equations Three-Dimensional Plotting bar3 bar3h comet3 cylinder fill3 plot3 quiver3 Vertical 3-D bar chart Horizontal 3-D bar chart 3-D comet plot Generate cylinder Draw filled 3-D polygons in 3-space Plot lines and points in 3-D space 3-D quiver (or velocity) plot Volume Visualization coneplot contourslice curl divergence Plot velocity vectors as cones in 3-D vector field Draw contours in volume slice plane Compute the curl and angular velocity of a vector field Compute the divergence of a vector field cholupdate Rank 1 update to Cholesky factorization gmres lsqr . and Contour Plots contour contourc contourf hidden meshc mesh peaks surf surface surfc surfl trimesh trisurf Contour (level curves) plot Contour computation Filled contour plot Mesh hidden line removal mode Combination mesh/contourplot 3-D mesh with reference plane A sample function of two variables 3-D shaded surface graph Create surface low-level objects Combination surf/contourplot 3-D shaded surface with lighting Triangular mesh plot Triangular surface plot randperm Random permutation Norm.spconvert Import matrix from sparse matrix external format luinc pcg qmr qr qrdelete qrinsert qrupdate Incomplete LU matrix factorizations Preconditioned Conjugate Gradients method Quasi-Minimal Residual method Orthogonal-triangular decomposition Delete column from QR factorization Insert column in QR factorization Rank 1 update to QR factorization slice sphere stem3 waterfall Volumetric slice plot Generate sphere Plot discrete surface data Waterfall plot Working with Nonzero Entries nnz nonzeros nzmax spalloc spfun spones Number of nonzero matrix elements Nonzero matrix elements Amount of storage allocated for nonzero matrix elements Allocate space for sparse matrix Apply function to nonzero sparse matrix elements Replace nonzero sparse matrix elements with ones Plot Annotation and Grids clabel datetick Add contour labels to a contour plot Date formatted tick labels Grid lines for 2-D and 3-D plots Place text on a 2-D graph using a mouse Graph legend for lines and patches Plot graphs with Y tick labels on the left and right Titles for 2-D and 3-D plots X-axis labels for 2-D and 3-D plots Y-axis labels for 2-D and 3-D plots Z-axis labels for 3-D plots Sparse Eigenvalues and Singular Values eigs Find eigenvalues and eigenvectors Find singular values svds grid gtext legend plotyy title xlabel ylabel zlabel Visualizing Sparse Matrices spy Visualize sparsity pattern Miscellaneous Reordering Algorithms colamd colmmd colperm dmperm symamd symmmd symrcm Column approximate minimum degree permutation Sparse column minimum degree permutation Sparse column permutation based on nonzero count Dulmage-Mendelsohn decomposition Symmetric approximate minimum degree permutation Sparse symmetric minimum degree ordering Sparse reverse Cuthill-McKee ordering spparms Set parameters for sparse matrix routines Plotting and Data Visualization Basic Plots and Graphs bar barh hist histc hold loglog pie Vertical bar chart Horizontal bar chart Plot histograms Histogram count Hold current graph Plot using log-log scales Pie plot Plot vectors or matrices.

or 3-D vector data Draws stream particles from vector volume data Draws stream ribbons from vector volume data Draws well-spaced stream lines from vector volume data Draws stream tubes from vector volume data Convert srface data to patch data Extract subset of volume data set Return coordinate and color limits for volume (scalar and vector) ezplot3 ezpolar ezsurf ezsurfc feather fill fplot pareto pie3 plotmatrix pcolor rose quiver ribbon stairs scatter scatter3 stem convhull delaunay dsearch inpolygon polyarea tsearch voronoi Easy to use 3-D parametric curve plotter Easy to use polar coordinate plotter Easy to use 3-D colored surface plotter Easy to use combination surface/contour plotter Feather plot Draw filled 2-D polygons Plot a function Pareto char 3-D pie plot Scatter plot matrix Pseudocolor (checkerboard) plot Plot rose or angle histogram Quiver (or velocity) plot Ribbon plot Stairstep graph Scatter plot 3-D scatter plot Plot discrete sequence data Convex hull Delaunay triangulation Search Delaunay triangulation for nearest point True for points inside a polygonal region Area of polygon Search for enclosing Delaunay triangle Voronoi diagram pbaspect view viewmtx xlim ylim zlim Set or get plot box aspect ratio 3-D graph viewpoint specification. Generate view transformation matrices Set or get the current x-axis limits Set or get the current y-axis limits Set or get the current z-axis limits Lighting camlight light lighting lightangle material Cerate or position Light Light object creation function Lighting mode Position light in sphereical coordinates Material reflectance mode Transparency alpha alphamap alim Set or query transparency properties for objects in current axes Specify the figure alphamap Set or query the axes alpha limits Color Operations brighten caxis colorbar colordef Brighten or darken color map Pseudocolor axis scaling Display color bar (color scale) Set up color defaults Set the color look-up table (list of colormaps) Graphics figure defaults set for grayscale monitor Hue-saturation-value to red-green-blue conversion RGB to HSVconversion Plot color map Color shading mode Spin the colormap 3-D surface normals Change axes background color for plots Domain Generation griddata meshgrid Data gridding and surface fitting Generation of X and Y arrays for 3-D plots View Control camdolly Move camera position and target View specific objects Orbit about camera target Rotate camera target about camera position Set or get camera position Set or get projection type Rotate camera about viewing axis Set or get camera target Set or get camera up-vector Set or get camera view angle Zoom camera in or out Set or get data aspect ratio camlookat camorbit campan campos camproj camroll camtarget camup camva camzoom daspect colormap graymon hsv2rgb rgb2hsv rgbplot shading spinmap surfnorm whitebg Specialized Plotting area box comet compass errorbar ezcontour ezcontourf ezmesh ezmeshc ezplot Area plot Axis box for 2-D and 3-D plots Comet plot Compass plot Plot graph with error bars Easy to use contour plotter Easy to use filled contour plotter Easy to use 3-D mesh plotter Easy to use combination mesh/contour plotter Easy to use function plotter Colormaps autumn bone Shades of red and yellow color map Gray-scale with a tinge of blue color map .flow interpstreamspeed isocaps isocolors isonormals isosurface reducepatch reducevolume shrinkfaces slice smooth3 stream2 stream3 streamline streamparticles streamribbon streamslice streamtube surf2patch subvolume volumebounds Generate scalar volume data Interpolate streamline vertices from vector-field magnitudes Compute isosurface end-cap geometry Compute the colors of isosurface vertices Compute normals of isosurface vertices Extract isosurface data from volume data Reduce the number of patch faces Reduce number of elements in volume data set Reduce the size of patch faces Draw slice planes in volume Smooth 3-D data Compute 2-D stream line data Compute 3-D stream line data Draw stream lines from 2.

white. move. Object Creation axes figure image light line patch rectangle surface text uicontextmenu Create Axes object Create Figure (graph) windows Create Image (2-D matrix) Create Light object (illuminates Patch and Surface) Create Line object (3-D polylines) Create Patch object (polygons) Create Rectangle object (2-D rectangle) Create Surface (quadrilaterals) Create Text object (character strings) Create context menu (popup associated with object) ginput zoom Graphical input from a mouse or cursor Zoom in and out on a 2-D plot Region of Interest dragrect drawnow rbbox Drag XOR rectangles with mouse Complete any pending drawing Rubberband box Graphical User Interfaces Dialog Boxes dialog Create a dialog box Create error dialog box Display help dialog box Create input dialog box Create list selection dialog box Create message dialog box Display page layout dialog box Display print dialog box Create question dialog box Display dialog box to retrieve name of file for reading Display dialog box to retrieve name of file for writing Interactively set a ColorSpec using a dialog box Interactively set a font using a dialog box Create warning dialog box errordlg Printing orient pagesetupdlg print printdlg printopt saveas Hardcopy paper orientation Page position dialog box Print graph or save graph to file Print dialog box Configure local printer defaults Save figure to graphic file helpdlg inputdlg listdlg msgbox pagedlg printdlg questdlg uigetfile uiputfile uisetcolor uisetfont warndlg Handle Graphics.contrast cool copper flag gray hot hsv jet lines prism spring summer winter Gray color map to enhance image contrast Shades of cyan and magenta color map Linear copper-tone color map Alternating red. or resize objects . General allchild copyobj findall findobj gcbo gco get rotate ishandle set Find all children of specified objects Make a copy of a graphics object and its children Find all graphics objects (including hidden handles) Find objects with specified property values Return object whose callback is currently executing Return handle of current object Get object properties Rotate objects about specified origin and direction True for graphics objects Set object properties closereq gcf newplot refresh saveas Handle Graphics. Axes axis cla gca Plot axis scaling and appearance Clear Axes Get current Axes handle User Interface Deployment guidata guihandles movegui openfig Store or retrieve application data Create a structure of handles Move GUI figure onscreen Open or raise GUI figure Working with Application Data getappdata isappdata rmappdata Get value of application data True if applicat ion data exists Remove application data Object Manipulation reset rotate3d Reset axis or figure Interactively rotate the view of a 3-D plot User Interface Development guide inspect Open the GUI Layout Editor Display Property Inspector selectmoveresize Interactively select. Figure Windows capture clc clf close Screen capture of the current figure Clear figure window Clear figure Close specified window Default close request function Get current figure handle Graphics M-file preamble for NextPlot property Refresh figure Save figure or model to desired output format Handle Graphics. and black color map Linear gray-scale color map Black-red-yellow-white color map Hue-saturation-value (HSV) color map Variant of HSV Line color colormap Colormap of prism colors Shades of magenta and yellow color map Shades of green and yellow colormap Shades of blue and green color map setappdata Specify application data Interactive User Input Handle Graphics. blue.

floating-point mxArray mxGetNumberOfDimens Get number of dimensions ions mxGetNumbe rOfElemen Get number of elements in array ts mxGetNumberOfFields mxGetNzmax mxGetPi mxGetPr mxGetScalar mxGetString mxIsCell mxIsChar mxIsClass mxIsComplex mxIsDouble Get number of fields in structure mxArray Get number of elements in ir. pr. given field number and index in structure array C MX Functions mxAddField mxArrayToString mxAssert mxAssertS mxCalcSingleSubscript mxCalloc mxChar mxClassID mxClearLogical mxComplexity mxCreateCellArray mxCreateCellMatrix mxCreateCharArray Add field to structure array Convert arrays to strings Check assertion value Check assertion value.MATLAB Interface to Java class import isa isjava javaArray javaObject methods Create object or return class of object Add a package or class to the current Java import list Detect an object of a given class Test whether an object is a Java object Constructs a Java array Constructs a Java object Display method names mexWarnMsgTxt Issue warning message mxGetCell mxGetClassID mxGetClassName mxGetData Get cell's contents Get mxArray's class Get mxArray's class Get pointer to data Get pointer to dimensions array Get number of bytes required to store each data element Get value of eps Get field value. given field name and index in structure array Get field value. and pi arrays Get mxArray's imaginary data elements Get mxArray's real data elements Get real component of mxArray's first data element Copy string mxArray's data into C-style string True if cell mxArray True if string mxArray True if mxArray is member of specified class True if data is complex True if mxArray represents its data as doubleprecision. doesn't print assertion's text Return offset from first element to desired element Allocate dynamic memory String mxArrays data type Enumerated data type that identifies mxArray's class Clear logical flag Specifies if mxArray has imaginary components Create unpopulated N-dimensional cell mxArray Create unpopulated two-dimensional cell mxArray Create unpopulated N-dimensional string mxArray mxGetDimensions mxGetElementSize mxGetEps mxGetField mxGetFieldByNumber javaMethod Invokes a Java method Displays information on all methods implemented by a methodsview class External Programming Interface C MEX-Functions mexAtExit mexCallMATLAB mexErrMsgTxt mexEvalString mexFunction mexFunctionName mexGet mexGetArray mexGetArrayPtr mexIsGlobal mexIsLocked mexLock Register function to be called when MATLAB is cleared or terminates Call MATLAB function or user-defined Mfile or MEX-file Issue error message and return to MATLAB Execute MATLAB command in caller's workspace Entry point to C MEX-file Name of current MEX-function Get value of Handle Graphics property Get copy of variable from another workspace Get read-only pointer to variable from another workspace True if mxArray has global scope True if MEX-file is locked Lock MEX-file so it cannot be cleared from memory mxGetFieldNameByNum Get field name. double-precision array initialized to specified value Create two-dimensional unpopulated sparse mxArray Create 1-by-n string mxArray initialized to specified strin g Create unpopulated N-dimensional structure mxArray Create unpopulated two-dimensional structure mxArray Free dynamic memory allocated by an mxCreate routine Make deep copy of array Free dynamic memory allocated by mxCalloc mexMakeArrayPersisten Make mxArray persist after MEX-file completes t mexMakeMemoryPersist Make memory allocated by MATLAB's memory allocation routines persist after ent MEX-file completes mexPrintf mexPutArray mexSet mexSetTrapFlag mexUnlock ANSI C printf-style output routine Copy mxArray from your MEX-file into another workspace Set value of Handle Graphics property Control response of mexCallMATLAB to errors Unlock MEX-file so it can be cleared from memory . floating-point numbers mxCreateNumericArray Create unpopulated N-dimensional numeric mxArray mxCreateNumericMatrix Create numeric matrix and initialize data elements to 0 mxCreateScalarDouble mxCreateSparse mxCreateString mxCreateStructArray mxCreateStructMatrix mxDestroyArray mxDuplicateArray mxFree Create scalar. given field number in structure array ber mxGetFieldNumber mxGetImagData mxGetInf mxGetIr mxGetJc mxGetM mxGetN mxGetName mxGetNaN Get field number. given field name in structure array Get pointer to imaginary data of mxArray Get value of infinity Get ir array of sparse matrix Get jc array of sparse matrix Get number of rows Get number of columns or number of elements Get name of specified mxArray Get the value of NaN mxCreateCharMatrixFr Create populated t wo-dimensional string mxArray omStrings mxCreateDoubleMatrix Create unpopulated two-dimensional. doubleprecision.

floating-point numbers True if sparse mxArray True if structure mxArray True if mxArray represents its data as unsigned 8-bit integers True if mxArray represents its data as unsigned 16-bit integers True if mxArray represents its data as unsigned 32-bit integers Allocate dynamic memory using MATLAB's memory manager Reallocate memory Remove field from structure array Register memory allocation/deallocation functions in stand-alone engine or MAT application Set value of one cell Convert MATLAB structure array to MATLAB object array Set pointer to data Modify number/size of dimensions Set field value of structure array. and format as text Write binary data to the device Stop asynchronous read and write operations readasync Read data asynchronously from the device C Engine Routines engClose engEvalString engGetArray engOpen engOpenSingleUse engOutputBuffer engPutArray Quit engine session Evaluate expression in string Copy variable from engine workspace Start engine session Start engine session for single. Interruptible. PointerWindow. HitTest. given field name/index Set field value in structure array. Diary. Clipping. CallbackObject. CreateFcn. ScreenSize. ScreenDepth. ShowHiddenHandles. Profile. FormatSpacing. Language. DiaryFile. ProfileCount. Children. Visible Writing and Reading Data fgetl fgets fprintf Read one line of text from the device and discard the terminator Read one line of text from the device and include the terminator Write text to the device . Tag. SelectionHighlight. FixedWidthFontName. ProfileInterval. Selected.mxIsEmpty mxIsFinite mxIsFromGlobalWS mxIsInf mxIsInt8 mxIsInt16 mxIsInt32 mxIsLogical mxIsNaN mxIsNumeric mxIsSingle mxIsSparse mxIsStruct mxIsUint8 mxIsUint16 mxIsUint32 mxMalloc mxRealloc mxRemoveField mxSetAllocFcns True if mxArray is empty True if value is finite True if mxArray was copied from MATLAB's global workspace True if value is infinite True if mxArray represents its data as signed 8-bit integers True if mxArray represents its data as signed 16-bit integers True if mxArray represents its data as signed 32-bit integers True if mxArray is Boolean True if value is NaN True if mxArray is numeric True if mxArray represents its data as singleprecision. ProfileFile. Parent. CurrentFigure. Format. UIContextMenu. Type. UserData. DeleteFcn. Units. HandleVisibility. nonshared use Specify buffer for MATLAB output Put variables into engine workspace Configuring and Returning Properties get set Return serial port object properties Configure or display serial port object properties State Change fclose fopen record Disconnect a serial port object from the device Connect a serial port object to the device Record data and event information to a file C MAT-File Routines matClose matDeleteArray matGetArray matGetArrayHeader matGetDir matGetFp matGetNextArray matGetNextArrayHeader matOpen matPutArray matPutArrayAsGlobal Close MAT-file Delete named mxArray from MAT -file Read mxArray from MAT-file Load header array information only Get directory of mxArrays in MAT-file Get file pointer to MAT-file Read next mxArray from MAT -file Load array header information only Open MAT-file Write mxArrays into MAT-files Put mxArrays into MAT-files General Purpose clear delete disp Remove a serial port object from the MATLAB workspace Remove a serial port object from memory Display serial port object summary information Return serial port objects from memory to the MATLAB workspace Determine if serial port objects are valid Length of serial port object array Load serial port objects and variables into the MATLAB workspace Save serial port objects and variables to a MAT-file Size of serial port object array instraction Display event information when an event occurs instrfind isvalid length load save size mxSetCell mxSetClassName mxSetData mxSetDimensions mxSetField mxSetFieldByNumber mxSetImagData mxSetIr mxSetJc mxSetLogical mxSetM serialbreak Send a break to the device connected to the serial port Serial Port I/O Creating a Serial Port Object serial Create a serial port object Handle Graphic Properties Root ButtonDownFcn. ErrorMessage. given field number/index Set imaginary data pointer for mxArray Set ir array of sparse mxArray Set jc array of sparse mxArray Set logical flag Set number of rows mxSetN mxSetName mxSetNzmax mxSetPi mxSetPr Set number of columns Set name of mxArray Set storage space for nonzero elements Set new imaginary data for mxArray Set new real data for mxArray fread fscanf fwrite stopasync Read binary data from the device Read data from the device. Echo. PointerLocation.

Rotation. Children. DeleteFcn. CurrentCharacter. FontName. UIContextMenu. UserData. FontWeight. View. SelectionType. Type. Xdir. WindowButtonUpFcn. Tag. CameraUpVector. Interruptible. Visible. DataAspectRatio. HandleVisibility. MarkerEdgeColor. ForegroundColor. CurrentAxes. Children. Clipping. YTickMode. XGrid. Name. Type. Selected. FontName. Parent. FontWeight. YDir. XTickLabelMode. FontSize. Clipping. Parent. SelectionHighlight. BusyAction. Checked. Visible Axes ALim. HitTest. Clipping. ZLimMode. HorizontalAlignment. NumberTitle. FontSize. SelectionHighlight. Extent. Dithermap. CreateFcn. String. XScale. FontSize. XAxisLocation. Callback. XLim. Units. Interruptible. HandleVisibility. LineWidth. PlotBoxAspectRatio. KeyPressFcn. SelectionHighlight. Parent. XLabel. XColor. Separator. PaperOrientation. Parent. HandleVisibility. Type. BusyAction. Colormap. ZLabel. Selected. Layer. ZTickLabel. CLimMode. Enable. Visible Uicontrol . TickDir. Projection. WindowStyle BackgroundColor. Type.Figure AlphaMap. UserData. ZTickLabelMode. Style. PointerShapeHotSpot. YTick. Extent. Color. Resize. Children. Title. HitTest. ButtonDownFcn. Pointer. Visible Uimenu Accelerator. Tag. EraseMode. FontUnits. FontWeight. ButtonDownFcn. DoubleBuffer. YLabel. ZDir. Position. XTickLabel. FontUnits. FontName. Interruptible. RendererMode. UserData. NextPlot. Value. DeleteFcn. CloseRequestFcn. WindowButtonDownFcn. YColor. ShareColors. Color. YTickLabel. Interruptible. CData. XTick. Parent. Selected. TooltipString. Color. XTickMode. MarkerSize. Tag. Position. ButtonDownFcn. Editing. Visible. XLimMode. DeleteFcn. ButtonDownFcn. AmbientLightColor. MinColormap. FontAngle. Interruptible. HitTest. CameraTargetMode. TickLength. Renderer. String. ZTick. PaperPositionMode. Position. NextPlot. Position. BusyAction. GridLineStyle. Units. DeleteFcn. MarkerFaceColor. SelectionHighlight. PlotBoxAspectRatioMode. PaperSize. YGrid. LineStyle. Interruptible. Interpreter. UIContextMenu. UserData. UIContextMenu. InvertHardcopy. CreateFcn. HorizontalAlignment. LineWidth. Selected. ColorOrder. CameraTarget. Parent. TickDirMode. ResizeFcn. Selected. CreateFcn. ZLim. PaperPosition. Tag. Children. CameraPosition. Box. HitTest. HitTest. YLim. CreateFcn. Clipping. Tag. ButtonDownFcn. UIContextMenu. HitTest. UserData. FontAngle. YLimMode. CameraUpVectorMo de. WindowButtonMotionFcn. ZGrid. ListboxTop. Callback. Marker. Children. YTickLabelMode. Units. CreateFcn. PaperType. UserData. ButtonDownFcn. Color. CameraViewAngleMode. YData. DrawMode. Clipping. CameraPositionMode. Type. Visible. ALimMode. BackingStore. YScale. HandleVisibility. UIContextMenu. FixedColors. SliderStep. Selected. Min. BusyAction. MenuBar. CurrentObject. UIContextMenu. EraseMode. DeleteFcn. ZScale. PaperUnits. Label. YAxisLocation. Max. CLim. Enable. FontAngle. Type. PointerShapeCData. HandleVisibility. DithermapMode. SelectionHighlight. IntegerHandle. FontUnits. Clipping. Children. ZtickMode Line BusyAction. ZColor. DataAspectRatioMode. SelectionHighlight. ForegroundColor. XData. ZData Text BusyAction. CurrentPoint. HandleVisibility. Tag. Units. CameraViewAngle. LineStyleOrder. VerticalAlignment. Position. CurrentPoint. CreateFcn. DeleteFcn.