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BRAC University


Full time Faculty Members are expected to remain present for at least five hours
a day on all working days and in total 40 hours per week, out of which 25 hours
have to be Academic Load as per the following distribution:

a) Classroom Contact 9 hours

b) Student Consultation 9 hours
c) Administrative work 4 hours
d) Service to the University 3 hours

Total 25 hours
e) Preparation for course 5 hours
f) Script checking, 5 hours
Assignments, quizzes
g) Research, seminar 5 hours

Total 40 hours

Full time faculty members of BRACU are not allowed to engage in teaching or
income earning activities outside BRAC University without permission from the
University. The class/duty hour may be in the day, in the evening or in both
depending upon the need of the University. Reporting time to duty shall be
between 08:00 am to 10:00 am. A teacher with classes in the evening may report
later. In either case, a teacher shall set his/her reporting time in consultation with
the Dean/Chairperson/Head/Director of the School/Department at the
beginning of a semester. Faculty workload in a particular semester will be
worked out based on a discussion between faculty and the
Dean/Head/Chairperson of the Department.

1. Teaching:

1.1 The course load for fulltime faculty members is 9 credits (3

courses/sections) per semester.
1.2 Deans/Chairperson of Departments take 3 credits less than the above. i.e.
minimum 6 Credit Hours, 2 Courses (6 hours of class contact sessions per
1.3 Teaching load may be decreased to 2 courses (6 credits) in a semester if
a faculty member is engaged in research or is in charge of an
administrative position or have additional administrative duties. The
faculty will have to obtain an approval for reduced teaching load from
the Dean/Chairperson.
1.4 Faculty taking classes in Savar Campus, may get less teaching load by
applying to the Dean/Chairperson of the School/Department.
2. Student Consultation: A teacher must maintain office hour @ 3 hours per
week per course for student consultation and advising. The schedule of
availability must be posted outside the office room and website, so that
the students know when they may contact the teacher for consultation.

3. Examination: Preparing Questions, Invigilating Tests and Exams, Marking

and Grading scripts and assignments.

4. Service to the University: Attend meetings, guide and supervise Teaching

Assistants and perform academic, co-curricular and administrative tasks
assigned by the Department or University.

5. Teaching and Consultations within the BRAC University and in other


5.1 Teaching Public Universities. All BRAC University teachers may be

allowed to teach in public universities outside his/her office time up to
maximum of 3 credits per semester with the permission from the Vice
5.2 Teaching in Training Programs: All BRAC University teachers may teach
in the training programs organized by a Institute/School/Department
of the university and receive fees if s/he has fulfilled the normal
workload or beyond his/her normal working hours.
5.3 Professional Work / Consultancy / Advisory Services, Funded Research
BRAC University aims at providing education relevant to organizations
and society. The teachers should therefore be able to bring in and
disseminate in the classroom experience from real life and work
situation. BRAC University encourages teachers to get exposed to and
gain work experience in organizations through professional
work/consultancy/ advisory services assignment. While the teachers
are allowed to engage in professional work / consultancy / advisory
services, they shall seek permission of the Vice Chancellor through
Chairperson of the Department before accepting any such work. If
they do such work outside their office hours, they shall pay the
University 15% of the income earned from such assignment. However,
such arrangement shall not exceed 26 workdays a year. If they have
to do such work within the office hours, they must take leave without
pay and 15% charge on income will be levied even when the teachers
are on leave without pay for such assignments.
5.4 The University may also provide consultancy services to clients and
engage the teachers for this purpose at a rate of compensation to be
decided by the University.
5.5 The teachers may provide consultancy services to BRAC or BRAC
related institutions like BRAC Bank, Aarong, BRAC Dairy etc. at a
discount of 25 %. In such cases, the fees charged and the actual
payment to the teachers involved may be negotiated depending on
nature of service.
5.6 Teaching in another Institute/School/ Center/Program at BRAC
University. BRACU teachers may teach or facilitate in a training
program, workshop, seminar or short course program organized by the
school/ department of the University within normal working hours. For
these additional teaching assignments, he or she may receive fees
from the department as per following terms:

a) BRACU will deduct 15% from his or her fees/honorarium.

b) Teaching time frame should not exceed 3 credits or 42 hours in a

The above rule will also be applicable to BRAC University Management


5.7 Teaching in own or another Department/School. BRACU

teacher/management staff/ may teach another course organized by
own/another school/department of the University and receive fees
provided that he or she has fulfilled the regular workload (9 credits/6

c) Payment will be made on the course contractual basis and BRACU

will deduct 25% from his or her course contractual fees/honorarium.
d) Teaching time frame should not exceed 3 credits or 42 hours in a

6. Studio and lab classes. One contact hour equivalent to 0.75 credit hours.

7. Thesis/ Internship.

a. Supervising one thesis is equivalent to 0.5 credit hours. One faculty

member can supervise maximum of 6 thesis/Internships.

b. Visiting faculty would be paid remuneration for supervising the

thesis in the undergraduate programs. The amount will be fixed in
accordance with the academic load allocated to the faculty.
Supervising 6 thesis would be equivalent to teaching 3-credit