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1. acknowledge (verb)- If you 10. necklace (noun) – A necklace is a

acknowledge something, you piece of jewelry that people wear
accept that it is true or that it exist. around their necks.

2. ambassador (noun) – An 11. noble (noun) – A noble is a rich

ambassador is a government and powerful person.
worker who works in another
country. 12. precious (adjective) – When
something is precious, it is valuable
3. blonde (noun) – If someone is an important.
blonde, they have light-colored
hair. 13. prejudice (noun) – A prejudice is
an unfair opinion about someone
4. conquer (verb) – a conquer before you get to know them.
country means to attack and take
control of it. 14. rumor (noun) - A rumor is a story
that may not be true.
5. drag (verb) – To drag something
means to pull it across the ground. 15. sin (noun) – A sin is something that
is wrong for religious reasons.
6. exaggerate (verb) – TO
exaggerate is to say that 16. spectacle (noun) – A spectacle is
something is bigger than it really an amazing sight.
17. stack (noun) - A stack is a pile of
7. heritage (noun) – Heritage is the different things.
collection of features of a society,
18. suspicious (adjective) – If
such as language and religion.
someone is suspicious of someone
8. insult (verb) – To insult someone is else, they do not trust that person.
to say things that will hurt their
19. tin (noun) – Tin is a cheap white
9. meanwhile (adverb) – Meanwhile
20. vase (noun) – A vase is an
means until something happens or
attractive container where people
while something is happening.
keep flowers.

1. ache (verb) – If something aches, it 11. institution (noun) – An

hurts. organization that works to help a
city or a group.
2. arctic (adjective) – Is something is
arctic, it is far north near the North 12. jog (verb) – To jog is to run slowly.
13. merchant (noun) - A merchant is a
3. canal (noun) – Is a path for water person who sells things.
to travel through.
14. poke ( verb) – To poke something
4. chemist (noun) – Is a scientist who is to push it with your finger.
works with chemicals.
15. postpone (verb) – To postpone
5. chill (noun) – A chill is a feeling of something is to make happen later
cold. than planned.

6. congress (noun) – A group of 16. splash (verb) – When liquid

leaders in a government. splashes, it bursts and hits
7. dairy (adjective) – made from milk
17. stubborn (adjective) – If people
8. descend (verb) – to go downward are stubborn, they don’t change
their minds easily.
9. grocer (noun) – is a person who
sells food. 18. suburb (noun) – a small part of a
large city
10. hesitate (verb) – to wait for a
short time before doing something. 19. tide (noun) – the level of the water
in the sea

20. tragedy (noun) – a very sad event


1. bomb (noun) – A bomb is an object 11. grief (noun) – Grief is the feeling of
that explodes and destroys large deep sadness, usually when a
areas. person dies.

2. certificate (noun) – A certificate is 12. groom (noun) – A groom is a man

a document that says that who is going to be married.
something is true or happened.
13. license (noun) – A license is a n
3. circumstance (noun) – A official document that gives one
circumstance is an event that permission to do something.
makes a situation what it is.
14. microscope (noun) – A
4. coffin (noun) – A coffin is a box microscope is a device that makes
used to bury dead people. small objects look bigger.

5. cope (noun) – To cope with a 15. nuclear (adjective) – When

difficult or stressful situation means something is nuclear, it relates to
to deal with it. the division or joining of atoms.

6. criticism (noun) - Criticism is the 16. portray ( verb) – To portray

act of saying that you don’t like or something means to describe it or
approve of something. show it in picture.

7. devastate (verb) – To devastate 17. rotate (verb) – To rotates

something means to completely something you buy to remind you
destroy it. of a place or event.

8. frown (verb) – To frown is to make 18. souvenir (noun) – A souvenir is

an unhappy look with your face. something you buy to remind you
of a place or event.
9. gaze (verb) – To gaze at something
means to look at it for a long time. 19. submarine (noun) – A submarine
is a boat that can go underwater
10. glance (verb) To glance at for long periods of time.
something means to look at it
quickly. 20. trace (verb) – To trace something
means to follow over it with the
eyes or a finger.

1. appliance (noun)- An appliance is 10. hop (verb)- To hop means to jump
a piece of equipment used for jobs a short distance.
in the home.
11. laundry (noun) – Laundry is
2. basin (noun) – A basin is a large clothed that have been or need to
bowl for washing things. As sink is be washed.
sometimes called a basin.
12. pursue (verb) – To pursue
3. broom (noun) – A broom is a brush someone or something is to chase
with a long handle used for or follow them.
cleaning floors.
13. reluctant (adjective) – If someone
4. caterpillar (noun) – A caterpillar is is reluctant, they don’t want to do
a small insect that looks like a something.
worm that eats plants.
14. sleeve – Sleeves are the part of a
5. cupboard (noun) – A cupboard is a shirt where your arms go.
piece of furniture that is used to
store food or household items. 15. spine (noun) – The spine is the
bone that runs up and down the
6. delicate (adjective) – If something middle.
is delicate, they are easy to break
or harm. 16. stain(noun) – A stain is a dirty
mark that is difficult to clean.
7. emerge (verb) – To emerge from
something means to come out of it. 17. strip (noun) – A strip is a long,
narrow piece of material or land.
8. handicap (noun) – A handicap is a
condition that limits someone’s 18. swear (verb) - to swear means to
mental or physical abilities. promise to do something.

9. hook (noun( - A hook is a sharp 19. swing (verb) - To swing means to

curved piece of metal used for move it back and forth or from side
catching or holding things. to side.

20. utilize (verb) – To utilize means to

use it for a specific purpose.

1. aroma (noun) – An aroma is a 14. rapid (adjective) – When

scent or smell. something is rapid, it moves or
change very quickly.
2. beverage (noun) – A beverage is a
drink. 15. rate (noun) – A rate is the speed
which something happens.
3. cluster (noun) – A cluster of things
is a small group of them placed 16. soothing (adjective) – When
close together. something is soothing, it makes
you calm and relaxed.
4. combine (verb) – To combine is to
join together to make a single thing 17. subtle (adjective) – When
or group. something is subtle, it is not easy
to see or notice.
5. condensed (adjective)- When a
liquid is condensed, it is made 18. texture (noun) – The texture of
thicker. something is the way its surface
looks and feels
6. contemporary (adjective) – When
something is contemporary, it is 19. toxic (adjective) – When
related to the present time. something is toxic, it is poisonous.
Toxic things are poisonous.
7. cultivate (verb) To cultivate plants
is to care for them and help them 20. vary (verb) – To vary means to be
grow. different from another thing is size
or amount.
8. divine (adjective) – When
something is divine, it is related to

9. humid (adjective) – When it is

humid, there is a lot of water in the

10. odor (noun) – An odor is a very

distinct smell.

11. palate (noun) – The palate is the

top part of the mouth.

12. paradise (noun) – Paradise is the

place or condition of happiness
where things are perfect.

13. plantation (noun) – A plantation is

a big farm that only grows certain
kinds of crops.

1. accident

2. admiral

3. arc

4. character

5. conscience


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