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FPSO News No.

3 · March 2003

Trends in boiler design for FPSOs/FSOs

Aalborg Industries offers boiler solutions for both gas turbine and diesel engine installations
onboard offshore installations - and solutions for both boiler/burner conversion and new supply.

General seems clear - the alternative with

Aalborg Industries is one of the steam turbines after steam boilers is
leading suppliers of marine boilers the best option.
for the world’s commercial fleet as
well as for FPSOs and FSOs. Our For higher capacities, where few
wide range of products and a brands of gas turbines are available
strong after sales organization pro- and it can be hard to find a gas tur-
vide a solid platform to work from. bine with exactly the required
Some of the boilers for FPSOs and capacity, the total investment for
FSOs are installed in safe area the gas turbine installation can easi-
engine rooms, but most of them ly be as much as four to five times “ESPOIR FPSO” out on the field
have been installed on open deck in higher than for the steam alterna-
hazardous areas. tive. For lower capacities where a To make the steam system even
better selection of gas turbines in more reliable, Aalborg Industries
Gas or steam as power source? suitable sizes is available on the pay special attention to the design
In recent years, a number of gas market, and at more reasonable of the system. Experience from
turbines have been installed for prices, the total cost for the gas tur- industrial boiler systems is com-
power production onboard FPSOs. bine alternative might be only bined with extensive experience
In many cases, heat recovery boilers twice as high as for the steam alter- from marine main propulsion and
have been installed after the gas native. auxiliary boiler systems.
turbines for production of steam or The MISSION™ boilers are designed
hot-water for the process. The difference between the two to withstand rough seas, even on
investment alternatives is even deck where the g-forces are higher
more apparent when it comes to than for the same boilers below
the costs of operation, maintenance deck.
and downtime. A gas turbine needs
to be stopped a few days per year Our standard designs for steam and
for maintenance and once every 4-5 hot-water boilers are based on
years for a larger overhauls. The using heating surfaces extended by
cost of maintenance is high, but as means of pins. The pins are welded
the turbine must be stopped for a on tubes resulting in a highly effec-
“NORTH SEA PRODUCER” with heat few days, the total costs are even tive surface, which also results in a
recovery boilers after gas turbines higher, much higher. very compact boiler that can be
installed in narrow spaces. Due to
But which is the better solution? Steam boilers and steam turbines the turbulent gas flow around the
A system based on gas turbines are known to run day in and day pins, the self-cleaning effect is high.
with heat recovery boilers, or gas out, more or less without supervi- This type of extended surface has
fired steam boilers feeding steam sion or maintenance. With correct been used in thousands of boilers
to steam turbines? The answer has water quality in the system and worldwide!
at least two dimensions - facts and with normal maintenance proce-
company culture. But as far as facts dures, the boiler and turbine can
are concerned, the best choice run continuously for months, even
New boilers or conversion of install new boilers on deck, keeping for some of the latest large FPSO
existing boilers? the existing boilers in the engine projects.
The boiler and combustion system room for back-up.
onboard a turbine tanker is A few years ago, a large FPSO
designed for firing heavy fuel oil Boiler installation on deck pumped up to 100,000 bpd. Today
with diesel as backup. But onboard or in the engine room? it pumps twice as much, or more. As
an FPSO or FSO, the boilers are Some of the boilers we have a result of the trend towards larger
required to run on gas or crude installed on FPSOs during the years FPSOs and the increasing need of
with diesel as backup. have been placed in the engine steam onboard these vessels,
room, but most of them have been Aalborg Industries have developed
When an existing boiler needs to be on the open deck and in hazardous an even more powerful version of
modified to become optimised for areas. It might sound easier and the MISSION™ D-type boiler.
other fuels than it was originally much less expensive to install the
built for, a boiler survey should be boiler in a safe area engine room, Today, the boiler can be delivered
made to determine its fitness for but it is actually quite the opposite. with an internal superheater for
the new operation. In order to keep the area safe, the steam production up to 120 t/h at
gas fuel valves and the burner have 40 barg. The boiler is a result of
Before deciding whether the exist- to be enclosed and gas detection decades of experience from indus-
ing boiler should be converted, the and extraction systems have to be trial boilers combined with marine
boiler must be inspected. Aalborg installed. main propulsion boilers and auxil-
Industries’ experienced boiler engi- iary boilers.
neers can make a survey of the boil- If the boilers are installed in a haz-
er to check its condition. Depend- ardous area on deck, the boiler, Wide product range
ing on the boiler’s level of mainte- feedwater tank, combustion system In order to meet market expecta-
nance, the conversion of the boiler and all other equipment have to be tion, Aalborg Industries have com-
can vary from replacing a few tubes designed for exposure to the bined the best technologies from
to an extensive retubing of the boil- weather with carefully selected our industrial and marine boilers in
er and installation of a new super- materials, special painting, insula- a new generation of marine boilers.
heater. tion with stainless cladding, etc.
Instruments and electric motors „ Steam boiler capacities up to 120
When changing from HFO and must have the correct Ex-rating and t/h
diesel firing to gas, crude and diesel protection to a minimum of IP 56.
firing, a new burner has to be in-
stalled. The control system must be A boiler system on deck is quite
changed and new fuel supply lines straight forward. Ex-rated equip-
for the gas and crude must be in- ment is today generally available at
stalled. Double pipe-work, gas reasonable prices. The price of Ex-
detection systems and extraction air rated equipment is still higher, but
systems must also be installed to en- the difference is shrinking as the
sure safe containment of these haz- availability of the equipment
ardous fuels below deck in the increases. The total cost for a steam
engine spaces. system on deck in a hazardous area
is normally lower and the system is
The answer to the question in the less complicated compared to the MISSION™ D-type up to 120 t/h, 40 bar
headline is a combination of the same system in a safe area engine superheated steam
total investment for converting the room.
existing boiler or installing a new „ Hot-water boiler capacities up to
boiler, keeping the time schedule New, more powerful boiler 30 MW
for the project and ensuring the Aalborg Industries’ standard MIS- „ MISSION™ thermal fluid heater
FPSO’s life length of 20 to 25 years. SION™ D-type boiler, designed for capacities up to 20 MW
capacities up to 120 t/h and 18 barg „ Heat recovery boilers after gas
Quite often the clients choose to saturated steam has been selected turbines

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