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Instructor: Dr. David F. Kern

Office: BU 332

Office Hours: MW 1:30 – 4:00 (Other times available)

Office Phone: 870-680-8466

E-mail Address:

Prerequisites: FIN-3713 Business Finance

FIN-4763 Bank Management
ACCT 2003-2013, Accounting I and II

Course Objectives: The course is designed to give the student interested in a career in bank management the
opportunity to apply and enhance his/her skills and knowledge of the principles of bank
management through discussions and projects. The course is taught in a seminar/case
discussion format, with the students having numerous opportunities to analyze various
bank management situations using both manual and computer-based analytical
techniques and to present and discuss their analyses in both oral and written

In addition, functioning as a management team, the students will have the opportunity to
apply their skills and knowledge to bank management decision-making in a computer-
based simulation.

Required Textbook: Bank Management & Financial Services, Sixth Edition, by Peter S. Rose and Sylvia C.
Hudgins, McGraw-Hill Irwin, 2005.

Required Supplements: Access to Probanker at

Other information that is provided by the Instructor or Guest Speakers.

Article Reviews

Attendance Policy: Due to the nature of the class and the fact that the class only meets one time per week,
attendance at each class is essential. Additionally, students are expected to be well
prepared to take an active and constructive part in the class discussions.

Grading: The final grade for the course will be an average of the grades received on each
assignment (written and oral), as well as the grade received on the bank management
simulation project.

Bank Management Project (50%) : Each student will be required to

participate in a commercial bank simulation project. Students will be divided up into
team and required to run a bank for 8 to 12 simulated quarters using the probankers
simulation software. Students need to review the players manual at You
will be required to make 8 – 12 quarters of decisions as you manage a simulated
commercial bank. Each team will be required to prepare a written and oral report of their

Articles (30%): Students will be required to present academic articles related to

different topics in commercial banking. Each student must prepare a presentation of the
article assigned and a one page summary of the article to be distributed to your

Test (20%) : At least one test will be given which will cover overview of
articles, lecture materials, and information provided by guest speakers.


Class Meeting Dates
(Use this form to keep up with assignment due dates and test dates as they are
assigned in class)

11 ________________________________
18 ________________________________
25 ________________________________

1 ________________________________
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15 ________________________________
22 ________________________________


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22 ________________________________
29 ________________________________


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26 ________________________________

3 Final 5:30 – 7:30