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Construction Technology
Midterm Study Guide 2018

1) Identify the parts of the following foundation.

2) Identify the parts of the wall frame. What is the function of each part? Build a header – how?
3) Identify the 5 parts of a stretcher - Draw a picture.

4) Inside walls in a house are called ____________ walls. partition

5) Framing lumber moisture content should be below ____%. If not, what can
happen to your house after it has been completed? 19%

6) Stud that does not go from the top plate to the bottom is a _______ stud.
Cripple or trimmer

Sole plate.
Sill sealer.
Joist header.
8) The crown of a floor joist must go ______(up,down) when placing floor joist.
9) A floor plan is a ____ view of the house without the roof. top
10) When framing doors and windows, the _______ of both are the same.

11) Marking plates (X,T,CL,C) is known as the “_______” phase of framing.

X - stud
T– trimmer
CL – centerline
C– cripple

12) The scale used on your prints (Ferris Project) are usually ___ inch equals
one foot. ¼”

13) The bottom of door headers and window headers are ______ (height) from
the floor. 6’8” 6’10”

14) Where would we use 16d nails? Studs, plates most all framing

8d nails are used where? Toe nail cripple at header, nailing trimmer to
15) Floor decking on the Ferris house project is _____” thick and is called
_____________ _________. Minimum thickness of a subfloor is ____”
according to building code. ¾”, ½”

16) Two different styles of framing are ____________ and ________________.

Balloon, western (todays style)
17) The best fastener to use to attach a subfloor are _________. What else can be
used to strengthen the floor? screws
18) Floor plans like the set you received with the Ferris House Project, show a
_____ view of rooms and room sizes. The side view of the house is called an
____________ Plan. Top view, elevations

19) 2 x 6 wall studs are used “up North” to frame walls to allow for extra
____________. Colder climate require a higher “R” (resistance factor) of
____________. Insulation, from R13 – R24

20) Name of the boards used to frame an access opening in a floor. A crawl space
access was added to the Ferris Project and recently framed. (2) Double ___
and ________. Joist, header

21) Crown on a joist should go which direction? ____ Size of joists on the Ferris
Project are 2 x ____” . Size of the joist is dictated by length of the span and
the weight that will be on the floor Live load and dead load.
Up, 2x10
22) _____ seal is used to prevent air from penetrating into the house. It acts like
insulation between the block or cement walls and the sill. sill

23) Bridging can be metal, 1 x 3’s and _____ ________. These supports should be
placed in between joists every _____ feet. Solid blocking, 8’

24) Where interior walls meet exterior walls, how do we frame it? Draw a picture
below. |_ green, --| standard

25) Headers are required where/ when framing a house? Headers are not
required on ___ ______ - __________ walls. Non load-bearing walls

26) A _____ ________ was used for the tail joist on the house. This should be
used when the tail is longer than 12’. Joist hanger

27) Finish grade should be ___ inches below the sill. 8”

28) Aggregate in concrete can be _______, ______________, ____________.

Pea stone, crushed stone, crushed concrete

29) Aggregate used for the expressway can be 1 ½” ______ ________.


30) OSB stands for _____________ ____________ __________

Oriented strand board

31) Precautions to take when laying block in the winter (4 things).

1) 2)
3) 4)
Heat materials, cover block, anti-freeze, protection, heated area
Same with concrete – cover concrete when placed
32) Where to stand when cutting on the table saw, miter saw etc. side table,
front miter saw hands outside of danger zone

33) Process to build a wall. Top bottom plate together, doors windows, cl,
trimmers, full studs, 16” oc

34) Ingredients in mortar and cement. Mortar- lime, mortar, fine sand, water
Cement- Portland cement, aggregate, sand, water

35) Chemical reaction of cement and water during hardening is called

Hy____________ . hydration

37) What are the 2 methods used to square up a lot or a house on a lot without a
builders level (transit)? We did both outside using 2 different methods.
Draw both below.

A) 3-4-5 method B) corner to corner

38) Treated wood requires (type) __________ nails. Can’t be switched. We used
them on the playhouse project on the floors. Ardox decking/ zinc coated

39) Nailing/screw pattern for 4 x 8 flooring. ____ outside perimeter of a floor

while the interior nailing or screw pattern is every ___ inches. 6”/10”

40) A row of block is known as a “______”. coarse

41) Two types of fasteners used to hold the house to the foundation are _____
and ______. L bolts and anchor straps
42) The number of nails required to attach a 2 x 10” joist to a joist header is
_______. 3

43) Exterior plywood used when……. Outside uncovered

Exposure 1 plywood used when…… cover within 3-6 months
Exposure 2 plywood……. interior

44) Plywood rating. Top number is for the _________ rafters

Bottom number is for _________. joists
Top refers to rafter spacing/ bottom for joist spacing.

45) When mixing concrete or mortar, all ingredients should be thoroughly mixed,
After that point, the water can be added.

46) Footings must be below the frost line. How deep is the frost line in Michigan?
47) When reading a print, you locate the centerline of what first to lay out your
walls?? Doors and windows center line

48) Grade stamp on plywood 24/16? ____rafter spacing_/___joist


49) Standard mortar joint size is ____. Sizes vary to ______. Larger spacing is
used to allow for full block to be used as opposed to cutting a block.
½ - 5?8 “

50) When using sawhorses to cut plywood, what cutting safety issue do you need
to be aware of? Don’t cut in between. Pinch blade - kick back

51) Tools used in masonry work. (Name 5) shovel, mixing hoe, trowel, jointer,
wheelbarrow, string line,

52) 80 % of the basements today are __poured___concrete not block.

53) Nails can be no closer than ½ their length.

54) What area do you NOT place your hands when using the miter saw?
Danger zone btwn lines

55) You are adding a Jacuzzi to a bathroom in your house. What should you do to
be sure the floor will be strong enough to hold the tub. 3 options
a) larger joists b) space closer c) double

56) Floor joist spacing can be 12”, 16”, 19” and _24___”. Typical size, and the
spacing we are using on the Ferris Project is __16__”.

57) Estimate stretchers on a basement project. Size of stretchers we used.

58) Estimate concrete required for a basement wall. lxwxT


59) Estimate the lumber needed for a floor system (sill, joists, joist headers,

60) Estimate the number of studs and headers required to frame a wall. (16” O.C.)
Total length divided by 16”, 3 studs per corner, window, door

61) Stretchers
Divide length of walls by 12 to convert to inches
Divide that number by 16” (size of the stretcher)
Multiply by that number of rows (coarse)
Multiply by that same size wall.

Formulas for estimations

62) Concrete
LxWxT = cubic feet

63 Floor Systems
Length of wall divided by 16” ( joist spacing)
Add one to represent the first joist.
Be sure to estimate the joist headers in your calculations.

64 Plywood
4 x 8 sheet of plywood equals 32 square feet per board
Multiply length x width of area and divide by 32 equals the number of
plywood sheets you will need. Be sure to round up.

65 Studs
Length of the wall divided by 12
Divide that number by 16 and add 1 for the number of studs
Multiply the total length of the wall by 3 for top plates (2) and sole
(bottom) plate.
Add 3 studs per door or window.


1) How many cubic yards are necessary for pouring a foundation 520 linear
feet x
16” wide and 10” thick?

2) How many block will be required on the same wall (as above question) if we
go up 3 course using 16”x8 x8 stretchers?

3) A customer would like an estimate on a new driveway. If the driveway is 125’

long and 12’ wide and 4” thick, how much concrete is required?
a) If a cement truck can carry 9 cy of concrete, how many trucks are required?

b) If a cubic yard is $80, how much is the concrete going to cost?

c) If the cartage (delivery) is $70 per truck, how much are the trucks going to

d) What is the total cost for material?

e) If the total cost of material is 1/3 my total cost on a bid and 1/3 is labor cost,
1/3 is profit, how much money can you make on this job in terms of profit?

4) Estimate the number of floor joists, joist headers and sill material required on a
house that is 72’ long and 16 feet wide.

67) When using Microsoft Project software, what is a predecessor?

What must happen before this project can get started
- what is the reason we use Project?
Stay organized, reduce time to build house
- what does it mean to run contractors “concurrently”?
Work at same time. Do this but be careful with space
68) In green construction, a trimmer is replaced with a _______ _________.
Header hanger
69) In green construction, ___ studs are used in exterior corners,
70) “R” value stands for what? resistance
71) Michigan is in zone ___ on the climate map. 5

72) Why is using a 2 x 6 on exterior walls important in green construction.

Can go 24” centers, more insulation

73) In green construction, how many top plates are used? 1

74) In green construction studs, joists, rafters MUST be lined up.

75) On green construction, houses are an even length.

76) Grade stamp on plywood. ID parts of stamp.

WPA grading organization
32/16 rafter spacing max, joist spacing max
Exp 1 exposure rating of plywood
23/36” board thickness
77) 8 tools used to construct block wall

78) Power tools can NOT be used unless you have passed the tool safety test.
79) You must wear a helmet with all work over your head.
80) Nails can not be placed any closer than ½ their length.
81) Mortar ready to use when it looks _________. Fluffy
82) If I want to take out floor squeaks, I need to do what
Closer joist, bigger joists, double joists
83) Name 5 parts of stretcher.
Face, concave end, ears, cells, web
84) Estimate concrete for a driveway, estimate costs
85) Estimate block for a small block wall.
86) Estimate floor joists for a project.