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Making A Brochure : Cordillera Region

Student Name: ________________________________________

Create a travel brochure of the Cordillera region. Include at least 3 images and 3 good
paragraphs. Make sure your 3 paragraphs and images relate to different topics (ex. History,
natural resources, climate, landscape etc..)

CATEGORY 4 3 2 1
Writing - Each section in the Almost all sections of Most sections of the Less than half of the
Organization brochure has a clear the brochure have a brochure have a clear sections of the brochure
beginning, middle, and clear beginning, middle beginning, middle and have a clear beginning,
end. and end. end. middle and end.

Content - Accuracy All facts in the brochure 99-90% of the facts in 89-80% of the facts in Fewer than 80% of the
are accurate. the brochure are the brochure are facts in the brochure
accurate. accurate. are accurate.

Graphics/Pictures Graphics go well with Graphics go well with Graphics go well with Graphics do not go with
the text and there is a the text, but there are the text, but there are the accompanying text
good mix of text and so many that they too few and the or appear to be
graphics. distract from the text. brochure seems \"text- randomly chosen.
Attractiveness & The brochure has The brochure has The brochure has well- The brochure\'s
Organization exceptionally attractive attractive formatting organized information. formatting and
formatting and well- and well-organized organization of material
organized information. information. are confusing to the

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