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VOL. NO. 2 ISSUE NO. 62 March – 2010 MONTHLY NEWS LETTER Published on 2nd of every month

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A Historic Turning Point for RWAs in A.P.

With the amendment to the Municipalities and Corporations’ Acts and the G.O. No.57 and 58 issued by the Govt. of
A.P. with the modalities of setting up the Ward Committees (WC) and Area Sabhas (AS), the initial steps for peoples’
empowerment and participation in the local governance are being inaugurated. No doubt, the opportunities given to the
people to take direct initiatives for good governance by the side of the politically elected representatives and staff of the
municipal administration are very timid and might even end up as a farce. It did happen in a neighbouring state.

However, for the first time, when the first round of members of the WC’s is to be sponsored by the civil society
organizations, there is a distinct role given to the civil society, apart from the political society in a ward. In the second round,
when some more members of the civil society will be called upon to preside over the Area Sabhas and ensure the right to
speak to the peoples on matters that are taking place around them, there is a real scope for direct democracy. These,
however, are only possibilities. Now, it lies in the hands of the people and the civil society organizations like the RWAs,
professional bodies and of the low-paid occupations to make the best use of them, so as to extend the scope of these
bodies to fulfill their watch-dog as well as participatory functions.

It is a selection of members, out of the civil society and its voluntary organizations and therefore, it has nothing to do
with the political parties, politically elected Corporators, MLA’s and MP’s. Further, when the Commissioner presents the list
of scrutinised applications before the Council concerning a ward, it is our sincere wish that the Corporator of the same ward
should not intervene to express his approval or disapproval of the civil society members who offer themselves to work
voluntarily for the welfare of the community. In any case, the Corporator is going to preside over the Ward Committee into
which nearly 20 members would be nominated from both the rounds of nominations.

Let us, again, remind who should participate in the two rounds. Right now, in the first round, the associations,
particularly the resident welfare associations should encourage dynamic people in the ward to present themselves on behalf
of various other categories of associations such as, liberal professional associations, local NGOs, SHG’s, trade unions,
associations of auto-drivers, domestic help, washer men or barbers, etc. All professions in the community should be

After a couple of months, there will be a second round of members (nearly 10 more) who would be nominated to be
Representatives to convene, assemble and preside over Area Sabhas for every five thousand voters in the ward. They
will also sit in the Ward Committee. There, again, we have to invite dynamic persons from the civil society to come forward
to preside over the Area Sabhas and get the views of the residents registered by the secretary of the GHMC, present.
Should we advise some such competent people to reserve themselves for the second round and not offer themselves in the
first round?

We assure that the federations of RWAs in the ward will continue to have their relevance, even after the formation
of the Ward Committees. However, we would, earnestly, appeal to them, to be massively present in the WC’s. Many of the
issues related to the Corporation, could be effectively solved through these WC and Ward Sabhas. Once, these WC
and AS are formed, we will organize a work shop, circle-wise in order to help them become, effectively, self-governing and
problem-solving members.

Therefore, the need of the hour is: All those who would like to serve the local community, without involving
themselves in the local politics, please file your applications. The last date is 6 April, 2010.
A message sent to the commissioner, GHMC concerning the Ward Committees on 22nd March.
To the Attention of Sri. Sameer Sarma, IAS, Commissioner – GHMC
You have invited applications to be nominated as Ward Committee Members from the civil society
organisations, as per the relevant Acts and G.O. No. 57. The process of filing applications is going on.

However, it appears that, in the image of what happens in the rural areas, the Urban citizens are fearing
that the Corporators and the MLA’s would be tempted to prepare their own lists and impose them upon the Dy.
Commissioners and the Commissioner. Hence, I feel that there is a need to clarify to the public that the role of
the Commissioner is only to scrutinize the applications as far as their technical aspects are concerned and that
the final selection takes place during and by the Council meeting and no where else.

Some kind of clarification or announcement on your part would not only relieve the fear of the citizens but
also discourage political circles from attempting to do so.

Counting upon your due diligence in this matter,

Yours sincerely,
Dr. Rao V.B.J. Chelikani
President, United Federation of Resident Welfare Associations (UFERWAS).

The office bearers of UFERWAS and Forum for Good Governance meeting the Commissioner of GHMC
in connection with the Ward Committees.
With the new colonies coming up in and around Tarnaka, the traffic is posing a big problem. The
thorough fare to the International airport traffic passing through Tarnaka has made it more difficult to find access
to either Secunderabad, Uppal or Nampally. The APSRTC have withdrawn a number of services from the
colonies. Many a time, the traffic authorities were invited to participate in SCOTRWA monthly meetings but the
authorities have been avoiding.
1) LINK ROAD: In the present scenario, the link road between Nacharam & Moula-ali is absolutely necessary,
as the narrow and small colony roads are being squatted by all the hawkers proceeding to Nacharam, ECIL & to
other industrial belts. Earlier, the Moula-ali Development Zonal plan right in the year 1967, had a good vision and
proposed the above Link road keeping in view possible increase in the traffic volume, passing through Nagarjuna
Nagar, Keemti Colony and St. No.10 connecting Moula-ali. The above sector was very well preserved by MCH
till recently, but, of late, GHMC started giving construction permissions in the area. However, it is still possible to
have the Link road from Nacharam via Rajiv Nagar, Gokulnagar, Shirdi Sai Nagar etc. It is high time that
planners seriously consider the above link road which would defuse traffic congestion. This would also help in
plying RTC buses through the colonies.
2) ENTRY AT St. No. 1: The closure of road entry at St. no 1 is causing a lot of inconvenience both for
vehicular traffic and for pedestrians who are mostly women and seniors, who would like to reach HUDA complex,
for day to day transactions. This is the only exit from the six to seven colonies located inside St. no. 1. The RTC
authorities have withdrawn services from the colony due to the above road entry closure and buses cannot
negotiate U-turn located in front of IICT entrance. The traffic authorities should immediately find a solution and
help the pedestrians crossing the main road.
3) St. No. 9: For the residents of four to five colonies, St. No. 9 is the only access to main road. At present
because of closure of road entry in St. No. 10 and 11, all the residents are adopting this street while entering or
for exit purposes, thus converting it into two way passage. The St. No. 9 is very narrow which is hardly sufficient
for one way traffic and the school vans parked in this street add more confusion. Daily in the morning, during the
peak hours, one has to spend 30 to 40 minutes to reach main road. Therefore, let the authorities make St. No. 9
one way and open St. No. 10 for entry - coming from Tarnaka.
4) FOB LALAPET: The planning authorities at the time of construction of FOB Lalapet in front of AP Dairy did
not imagine the feasibility of milk tankers access below the bridge, with the result, the milk tankers from various
districts are adopting their own routes, through colonies, which are very narrow and congested, with children on
the road. Many a time, tankers were stopped due to accidents but there has been no permanent solution. The
police, GHMC and Dairy Farm should jointly sort out this problem.
Contributed by Sri. B. Om Prakash via E-mail.


A message addressed to the Collectors concerning the utilization of Central grants for the benefit of the
elders homes in their districts.
15th March 2010
The Dist Collector and Magistrate,
Since a number of years, the G.O.I. (M.S.J and E, Ageing Division) is giving grants to NGOs and other
institutions under various schemes and programmes, especially under the revised scheme “Integrated Programe
for Older Persons”. A few out of more than 550 Old age homes existing or proposed to be created in our state
are the main beneficiaries of this scheme, while the state government has not been able to making any
contribution, at all.
Under this process, the beneficiaries are identified and recommended by the district collector through the
services of the A.D.(D.W), P.D, DW&CDA to the GOI through Prl. Secretary to GoAP (WDCW&DW. Dept).
The purpose of sending this email message to you is, while some districts are showing enormous interest
and forwarding disproportionately high number of proposals, the number from your district is very small and
sometimes, none at all. The NGO and institutions working in your district are not getting the due benefit out of
these grants. The problem, I fear, is in the process of identification, inspection and recommendation of worthy
institutions, which is not taking place objectively and timely. This matter deserves your attention.
With best regards,
Yours sincerely,
Dr. Rao V.B.J. Chelikani
(A similar e-mail message is sent to the Collectors of districts: Vizianagaram, Srikakulam, Adilabad, Nizamabad, East
Godavari, Medak and Karimnagar)
International Centenary Day of Women - 2010
Chaitanya Mahila Mandali - Hanumanpet, Gauthami Mahila Mandali - Gautham Nagar, Dayanand Nagar
Mahila Mandali and Sri Sai Lakshmi Mahila Mandali - Mallikarjun Nagar have together observed the World
Women Centenary Day on 08th March, by conducting medical health camp at J.L.S. Nagar for slum Women.
Inaugurated by Smt. Kameshwari, three senior citizen women who are Aasara ID card-holders were felicitated.
1. Smt. C. Lalitha Kumari born on 27-7-1939 was felicitated by Smt. C. Sita, President, Chaitanya Mahila
Mandali and Smt. C. Koteshwari, President of Gautham Nagar Mahila Mandali.
2. Smt. H. Leelavathi born on 24-12-1939 was felicitated by Smt. Y. Sudha, Secretary, Chaitanya Mahila
Mandali and Smt. S. Sujatha, Sri Sai Laxmi Mahila Mandali.
3. And then, Smt. C. Sita, Founder Member of Chaitanya Mahila Mandali was felicitated by Smt.
Chandrakala, Smt. Girija Kumari and Smt. Lakshmi Kutty of Dayanand Nagar Mahila Mandali.
Speaking on the occasion, Smt. Y. Sudha stressed the need to bring awareness in women folks on the event
of women Reservation bill being introduced in Indian Parliament for 33% quota, to participate in the national and
state politics and educate the local women to take active part in the GHMC’ s ward committees, where 50%
quota is reserved for women. Since the Malkajgiri Assembly is likely to be reserved for women in the ensuring
elections in 2014, there is a need to educate the women to prepare for the elections. The celebration was co-
organised by Aasara and Helpage India’s representatives Sri. S. Sitarama Swamy and Sri. Mrinal LankaPalli and
Sri. B. T. Srinivasan.
- Contributed by Sri. S. Sitarama Swamy.
After the formal inauguration of the IRCS unit at Tarnaka in the month of January 2010, by the district
collector, an action plan for the year was prepared.
HEALTH CAMP: Accordingly, the first dental and general health camp was arranged in Nagarjuna Nagar
community hall in collaboration with LION's club, Snehanagar. There was good response, where tests for B.P,
Diabetes, MIV and body fat%, etc were carried out. The adjoining slum people too availed of this opportunity.
Some of the chronic cases were referred to M/s; Pionniva hospital at Dilsukhnagar.
SCHOOLS: Out of the five schools adopted for the activities, the following schools were visited by the
team comprising of Smt. Bhavani of IRCS of AP branch, Sri. B. Omprakash, Sri. KLVS Raju and Smt. Rama Sita
of Tarnaka sub branch in February and again on 04th March. 1.Vaidehi Dolphin high school, Shanti nagar;
2.Govt High school, Lalapet; 3. Refah-e-am high school, Haribowli; 4. Saraswatha Academy high school,
Gowlipura. The basic idea was to appraise and motivate the students with human values to be adopted in life.
The leadership qualities like concentration, dedication, commitment, service to the needy and, co-operation, etc.
were explained by Smt. Bhavani. In each school, about 50 interested students were enrolled and made IRCS
junior club members to carry out activities. Four first aid boxes of Red Cross Society with medicines were
donated by Sri. B. Omprakash, which were handed over to the headmasters of the respective schools. It is being
planned to impart first aid training to the students very soon. Similarly, students of nearby colleges would be
contacted to form JUNIOR RED CROSS CLUBS.
Habsiguda Vani (Habsiguda Voice (HAVA)
1. HAVA starts marching in the month of March, before flying off to new heights. A joint initiative of the senior
citizens Forum and residents of Habsiguda, HAVA made a good beginning in the New Year in cooperation
with the Lions Club of Sneha Nagar colony. They organized in, Habsiguda a public rally on 17th
March to create public awareness against usage of plastic covers and bags etc, that are not bio degradable.
The rally started from beginning of, Habsiguda, near Andhra bank ATM. Students of Gnyana
Bharathi School, Ravindra nagar with Principal had also actively participated. Dr.Rao Chelikani and many
elite residents of Tarnaka participated in the rally. Sri. Hari Vardhan Reddy, the local Corporator flagged off
the rally. More than 70 people, in all, marched down the street no.8, with placards and raising slogans. The
rally ended at the Gnyana Bharathi School, Ravinder Nagar, with a short but effective message by Sri. Hari
Vardhan Reddy, Corporator.
2. On 18th March, a “Free Dental Checkup” camp at Gnyana Bharathi School, Habsiguda was conducted
by Lions club of Sneha NagarColony. The Senior Citizen Forum, Habsiguda also joined in this programme.
On 20th March HAWA meeting took place with many representatives from colonies in Habsiguda. There was
good interaction among members on various problems in respective colonies and plans to solve them.
Senior Citizen and Lion Raghurami Reddy and Co-Convenor Mr. Menon had requested the members to
attend a meeting scheduled with Dr. Rafi MPL, health Officer, Uppal on 23rd instant, at MPL. Ward office in
3. On 23rd March, the meeting was convened by Dr.Rafi M.HO Uppal as per schedule in the morning at 9.30
a.m. and about 30 representatives from different colonies in Uppal, Ramanthapur and HAWA members were
present. There was good interaction between tax-payers and MPL Health Officer Uppal. Finally, the MHO
informed the meeting about the positive approach and quick actions being taken up by the GHMC/Uppal and
requested the members also to cooperate for the good cause of keeping colonies “clean and green.”


Happy Birthday
15 M Chandrasekhar Nag’Nagar 9959644287
AVK Panduranga Rao Vijaypuri Colony
16th T Balaswamy Gokul Nagar 9989823001
Marriage Day
20 M Chandrasekhar Nag’Nagar 9959644287
Mrs Padmini Chandrasekhar
23rd K Sukhender Reddy Habsiguda 9912473360
30 Dr Vishva Raj Gokul Nagar 9908606126
Nagarjuna Nagar Welfare Association has organized the Vikritinama samvatsaram Ugadi celebrations on
16th March, in their Community hall. On that ccasion 17 senior citizens of Nagarjuna Nagar colony residents
were felicitated.

Up-coming events:
Sri. A. Ramulu, President informed that the Association’s Silver Jubilee Celebrations will be held on 5th April
Monday, 2010 at 10a.m. at Prakasam Hall, Gandhi Bhavan, Mukharam Jahi Road, Hyderabad- 5000 01. It
will be inaugurated by Sri. K. Rosaiah, Hon’ble Chief Minister of A.P. and in the afternoon, there will be a
seminar on issues related to the senior citizens. All are cordially welcome.
Sri. N.V.Wanker, General Secretary informed that in the meeting of the Executive Committee held on 19th
March 2010, it has been decided that the next Annual General Body Meeting of the Forum will be held on
25th April, 2010 (Sunday) at 10.00 a.m. in Nagarjuna Nagar Community Hall in Tarnaka, to adopt accounts
for the year 2009-10 and to elect the office bearers for the year 2011.

A New Magazine for Senior Citizens: Voice of Senior Citizens

A Tabloid size, bi-lingual monthly is being launched from the month of May onwards, to the service of the senior
citizens who are increasingly becoming a significant segment of the society. It intends to serve essentially the
50+ educated, middle class families and retired employees, covering a wide range of topics related to moral
values, history, heritage, culture, politics, health and investments.

Chief Editor: S. Bhooma Reddy : Tel:2762 5209 / 9848664197

Flat no. 207, C-Block, PBR Estates, Padma Colony,Nallakunta, Hyderabad-44

No Unnecessary Tree-Cutting
The Government of A.P. has constituted an inter-departmental District Level Tree Protection Committee
for Hyderabad and RangaReddy districts by G.O. Rt. No.539 EFS & T (For III) Dept. dt.11-12-2008, in which
Forum for a Better Hyderabad and the United Federation of Resident Welfare Associations are also members.
The Committee supervises and gives permissions only to cases which are in conformity with the Water, Land
and Trees Act (WALTA). Unnecessary tree cutting even in private properties is an offence under law. On behalf
of UFERWAS, Sri. A.D.V. Satyanarayana is participating in the work of the Committee. Any undue tree cutting
taking place, anywhere, under your observation could be reported to him: Cell no.98485 12464.

Sankeerthana Wins Laurels for her Spelling Talent

In an Inter-School Spell Jet event managed by Foenix Services in St. Joseph’s Public School on 26th
Feb’10, for students of classes I to IV, the young Sankeerthana won cash ward as well as a trophy. She is the
daughter of Mr. C.S. Venkatesh and Ms. Vijaya Lakshmi and grand daughter of Mr. & Ms. C.S. Krishnan of
Tarnaka Senior Citizens’ Forum.

Pictures Speak of Us!!

Hon’ble Minister for Municipal Administration, Sri. Anam Ram Narayan Reddy receiving the delegation of
UFERWAS and Forum for Good Governance concerning the GHMC Ward Committees.