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Imagine that you or your family is sick and need to be hospitalized. You make your way to the hospital Emily with a Teen cancer Patient only to at Davao Medical Center stand in a long line to be eventually turned away. You hear, “Sorry Sir. Sorry Mam. We have no space available.” That was the recent situation for almost all the hospitals in Davao. What was the reason for this you ask? There was a severe Dengue outbreak throughout Mindanao and the people were coming from all over the island from sometimes a fourteen hour bus journey to Davao to get help. Dengue fever is a mosquito borne illness that is often deadly if it’s not treated properly. It’s rainy season here which leaves pools of stagnant water everywhere and gives a place for mosquitoes to thrive. When we heard about this outbreak, we gathered our prayer forces and interceded for this outbreak to stop. The people at the prayer meeting wanted to strategize and pray about when to visit Davao Medical Center. This is the equivalent of a county hospital where the poorest of the poor flock to when they need help. I stopped the people and said, “Let’s not spend our time strategizing. Let’s go tomorrow!” When we visited DMC, the atmosphere was confusion (standard atmosphere for this hospital). We asked a nurse where the dengue ward was and she sent us to the wrong floor. We ended up getting “lost” and found the cancer ward for children and teenagers. We immediately decided to stay in that ward and pray for the sick there. We prayed with every person in every room of the cancer ward to healed. They all (family members included) prayed the prayer of salvation with us. Some of the teens were amputees. Most of the patients were bald from the therapy. It was just heartbreaking to see them suffering. We followed them up on our next visit and gave them fruit baskets that Emily prepared. On our next visit, we found the large dengue ward for children. It was unbelievable. The hospital was so overloaded that small children were sharing beds, all of them with IVs connected to them. There were even beds with patients in the hallways. Our group broke into small teams and prayed for them. I must have personally prayed for 60 kids and only got to about 25 percent of them. It was totally exhausting ministry. There was so much need there that there was no way to meet it all, but we did our best to pray for them all.

Please pray for: ♦ Our financial support— We have been limited by severe lack of funding for the past several months, but we are not stopping. ♦ We still are praying for God to give us a car or SUV to travel the harsh roads in the Philippines. ♦ Our upcoming ministry conference with guests Preston and Sharon Sykes in November 2010.

On His Death Bed
We recently hosted Pastor Bong and Evelyn Paz in our home who had to make an emergency Speaking at a Funeral for the first time trip to Davao from Manila due to a tragic family crisis. Evelyn Paz’s 84 year old father, Mr. Roldofo Yap, was hit by a car while crossing the street. He was a healthy man up until that moment, but lived a very godless life. He was known by many that he openly denied God existed, and fathered many children by many different women. He was a rich and powerful man. He used his money to befriend powerful people and helped politicians get elected. All that power and wealth could not help him as lay in a coma struggling for his life in the ICU of Davao Doctor’s Hospital. We agreed with the Paz family in fervent prayer in our home for his salvation and healing. The second day at the hospital, Mr. Yap woke up and spoke with his adult daughter. She jumped at the opportunity to share Jesus with him. He humbly repented of his life of sin and accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior. He spend the rest of that week fighting for his life with a visibly changed demeanor.
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“Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the father and of the son and the holy spirit” —Matthew 28:19

Extreme Missions news

September 2010

Imparting to the Youth
We just concluded an amazing weekend of teaching the youth and children of Christian Community Fellowship in Toril, Philippines. them several times during the workshop. The second day, Emily and I teamed up to teach them two evangelistic human videos (musical dramas). The afternoon sessions were marked by Powerful Altar Call the Holy Spirit moving among the Youth powerfully among the youth. Many were weeping and healed as the Holy Spirit healed broken areas of their lives. The third day, the youth really shined as they presented what they learned in two Sunday services while I preached. There was a powerful repentance anointing during both church services. I estimate that over 60 people came forward for the repentance altar call in the combined services that day. The pastors of the church were delighted by what transpired during that weekend and are eager to have us back soon.
The Youth Presenting a Drama that We Taught them

Emily Teaching Ministry Dance At the Workshop

Emily organized and led a fantastic ministry dance and drama workshop for three day in the sweltering heat. The church was open walls with just a metal roof covering our activities and a few electric fans cooled us off. We had to dodge the occasional honey bees from a nearby hive that invaded our workshop sending the children and girls running. Emily used her amazing gift with youth and children to grab their attention and teach them three Christian dances in one day. We also shared the Word of God and ministered to

“Ask of Me and I will give the

On His Death bed
When I met him in the hospital, he smiled at me. It was the first time he smiled since the accident. We prayed with him for his healing. That night Emily had a prophetic dream that he was in a white robe and totally healed. I knew immediately upon hearing that dream he was going to die. At the end of that week, he died and went to heaven. I was asked to speak the last night of his week-long funeral. At the request of his daughter, I gave a strong yet comforting salvation message and about thirty people repented and got saved. After we prayed the prayer of salvation, the gloomy atmosphere of the funeral turned to joy. At the end of the funeral, people were smiling and even respectfully laughing.


nations as an inheritance for you and the ends of the earth for your possession.”

say to you that likewise there will be more joy in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninetynine just persons who need no repentance.” —Luke 14:7

I’m sure Mr. Yap was one of the ones rejoicing in heaven over the 30 sinners who repented at his funeral.

—Psalms 2:8

Please Help Us
We need your help to go to the nations and change lives. If have any questions regarding our ministry, or if you have a prayer request, please call me: (602)903-3964, or email me at: Please send all correspondence and financial contributions to: Extreme Mercy International P.O. Box 72266 Phoenix, Arizona 85050 U.S.A.
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Emily Sharing the Word of God with the youth