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Final Year Project Proposal

Dawood University of Engineering & Technology

Petroleum & Gas Engineering Department

Project Supervisor

Sir Shams Kalam

Group members

o Muhammad Afaq Akbar (PG-23)

o Shahnawaz Khan (PG-46)
o Muhammad Ghufran (PG-27)
o Rameez Ajaib (PG-41)
o Imran Akbar (PG-14)
The objective of this project will be to design an Optimum Field Development and
Operational Strategy of a Given Reservoir by Integrated Asset Modelling (IAM). The IAM
is a modeling approach which provides a complete and clear picture of entire asset by integrating
reservoir model, wellbore model, pipeline network, process facilities with economic feasibility.
It accounts for the complexities that occurs between the surface and subsurface regions. It
involves development of an Integrated Reservoir Model and estimating its performance under
different sensitivities, along with detailed economic analysis to come up with the most feasible
field development plan. The proposed methodology is based on two approaches:

1) Using Integrated Tank Model

2) Using numerical 3D Model

PROSPER will be used to develop Well Bore model, Reservoir model will be developed using
ECLIPSE while GAP will be used for designing Surface gathering network. Different
sensitivities will then be performed for several cases of production profile to come up with an
optimum case on the basis of NPV (Net Present Value) that will be evaluated from detailed
economic analysis.

The project is expected to come up with the following outcomes:

• Estimation of original hydrocarbon in Place

• Prediction of ultimate recovery

• Estimation of optimum number and location of wells

• Evaluation of surface facilities requirements

• Approximation of capital and operating expenditures