Everyone Can Do 300 PV Per Month !!!


Focus on your Core-Line Products – Best PV for the $$$ !!! What is PRIORITY BUYING? The best way to explain Priority Buying is to show you the three product areas and the differences in the PV to $ ratio for each. QUIXTAR EXCLUSIVES: Approximately 1 PV = $2.80 (Kahve and Nine to Five coffees, Artistry & Nutrilite have the best PV to $ spent ratio) STORE for MORE: PARTNER STORES: Approximately 1 PV = $5-$6 Approximately 1 PV = $5-$15 (volume posted within 60 days)

EAT 100 – USE 100 – SELL 100

We all want to get the biggest return for our money spent. As you can see, the QUIXTAR EXCLUSIVES product lines offer you the greatest return and your greatest profitability. Therefore, always make sure when you’re doing your weekly and monthly shopping that you order your core-line products first followed by your online catalog STORE FOR MORE purchases and, finally, your PARTNER STORE purchases.


All orders below are typically a 30-day supply. Setting yourself up on DITTO DELIVERY allows you to schedule a standing order of the products you use the most. This is a great way to guarantee your monthly personal PV goal. You can choose most Quixtar Exclusives (Home, Health and Self) in the Ditto Delivery program, specify the date you want your monthly orders to be shipped and even modify the product choices on your Ditto Delivery Order. What could be easier? For more information and help in selecting products for your Ditto Profile, check out Ditto Delivery on the Quixtar site (Shop/Order>Ditto Delivery).


Take time to complete the personal assessments and Ditto Delivery assessment (Edit Profile>Shopping>My Home, etc.>My Assessment). These assessments will take the guesswork out of your product selections. You can even walk through these assessments with your Clients and Members. What a great way to educate and excite them about our incredible products!!!

Focus on Nutrilite Products – one month’s supply for ONE person BASIC PACKAGE Double X Leading Edge Siberian Ginseng with Ginkgo Biloba Meal Replacement Bar/day (4 boxes/m) Ocean Essentials Balanced Health TOTAL PV LADIES PACKAGE Double X NutriEdge Complex for Hair, Skin & Nails Trim Advantage Supplement Support Calcium Magnesium Plus TOTAL PV 24.20 27.00 17.80 31.20 8.15 PV PV PV PV PV ACTIVE PACKAGE Double X NutriEdge Garlic Heart Care Formula Ginkgo Biloba and DHA Protein Bar/day (4 boxes/month) Intestiflora TOTAL PV MENS PACKAGE Double X Leading Edge Protein Bar/day (4 boxes/month) Protein Powder Saw Palmetto and Nettle Root TOTAL PV 24.20 16.70 10.15 18.00 24.60 16.05 109.70 24.20 27.00 24.60 11.75 17.60 105.15 PV PV PV PV PV PV PV PV PV PV PV PV PV

EAT 100 PV Examples

108.35 PV 24.20 16.70 6.20 53.40 6.15 106.65 PV PV PV PV PV PV

C.C. Plus Bathroom Cleaner − L. fragrances. non-stick cookware. Market Gift & Incentive Albums to businesses for business gifts or incentive programs. (Retail Kate accounts provide residual income but no PV/BV. and Artistry Skin Care & Cosmetics at a Beauty Break for friends and family.O. offer to place orders for them. Give a personal tour through the Quixtar site via your BWW IBO site. ClearTrak Carpet Maintenance System.) Market Big Ticket Items such as the water treatment systems. Present services such as MCI.O. Visa and CommuniKate to individuals and businesses. Remember Ditto Delivery. Queen Cookware. Plus Kitchen Cleaner ♦ Laundry Care − − − − − Body Shampoo − Deodorant/Anti -perspirant Stick − Liquid Hand Soap ♦ ♦ Gift Albums Hair Care − − − − − − Choices Gift Album (J2899) SA8 Bioquest / SA8 Tablets PreWash Spray Spot Treatment All-Fabric Bleach Dry Chlorine Bleach ♦ Oral Care − Glister Multi-Action Toothpaste − Glister Multi-Action Oral Rinse Volumising Cleanser Moisturising Detangler Sculpting Spray Gel Final Step Finishing Spray Defining Pomade ♦ Car Care − Silicone Glaze Auto Polish − Gel Bug & Tar Remover − Freedom Fuel Additive TOTAL PV = 100 plus Create a Client & Member Base = 100 PV per month!!! Focus on Core-Line Products – especially those that encourage repeat purchases ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ Personally register Clients & Members. If they are not comfortable with the Internet.O. This keeps the personal touch aspect. Plus Glass Cleaner − Pursue Disinfectant Cleaner − Dish Drops Liquid − Dish Drops Automatic Tabs − L. Market the Nutrilite Food Supplements and Trim Advantage lines to health conscious friends and family. if you only plan ahead. you can generate a generous amount of PV. remember to Ditto! SPECIAL OCCASION REGISTRY JANUARY Name Occasion Date Name Occasion Date FEBRUARY Name Occasion Date Name Occasion Date Updated: 03/05/02 . SELL 100 PV Have you ever forgotten to order a gift from your business for that special occasion? Make a new goal of ordering every gift from your own business.C. For simple gift giving. cutlery. etc.Focus on Core-Line Products Example – buy one of each of these items from the core-line categories shown (average 5-6 products per week): ♦ Artistry Skin Care & Cosmetics − − − − − − USE 100 PV Example Clarifying Cleansing Gel Alpha Hydroxy Serum Plus Time Defiance Renewal Lotion Designer Fragrances Vitamin C & Wild Yam Matte Finish Gel ♦ ♦ − Healthy Times Organic Baby Baby Care ♦ Kitchen Care Food Cleaners & Disinfectants ♦ Body Care − L. Showcase the jewelry. Wireless Marketplace. With the tremendous product line we have. A suggestion may be to use the chart shown below as a guide to organize your special occasions and make your order planning easier.

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