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letter to the editor on poor conditions of historical buildings

15 A Green Avenue


The Editor
The Hindu
January 10, 2017

Sub: Poor condition historical monuments and heritage sites

Dear Sir

I write to you to express my concern over the flagrant damage being done to precious and
invaluable historical monuments not only in Jaipur but throughout our country. What shocks the
most is the negligence and apathy of the civic authorities to the maintenance and conservation of
these monuments. These monuments are not only the invaluable symbols of our past civilization,
but also a very rich source of earnings for the local as well as national economy. The benefits of
these monuments support the lives of many local people. These historic buildings help create
vibrant, cultural downtowns that engender tourism, art, festivals, and other activities which in
turn draw investment, revenue, and economic growth. These historical buildings provide
thousands of job opportunities for thousands of people. I know your good self must be aware of
the consequences if foreign and local tourists stop visiting these ramshackle monuments!

I appeal to you to look into the gravity of the situation. The damaged parts of these buildings
must be renovated and restored. Such provisions must be made as keep the tourists from
physically coming very close to these monuments. There must be fencing around delicate parts
of these buildings so that tourists can just watch them from a safe distance. Installation of CCTV
cameras, putting guards on duty, cleanliness, and providing some facilities for the tourists also
must be looked into. In the absence of proper washrooms, the immediate surroundings of these
places have become very unhygienic. Through the columns of your esteemed daily I appeal to
the concerned Ministry and local authorities to look into the problem and do the needful. After
all these historical monuments are symbols and treasures of our cultural heritage.

Yours truly,

Gibran Joshi
letter to the editor about loudspeaker nuisance

15-A, Green Avenue

Civil Lines


November 10, 2017

The Editor

The Hindu

Feroz Gandhi Market


Subject: The Nuisance of Loudspeakers


I write this letter to express my anguish and annoyance over the problem of loud speakers during
the examination days. I am a student studying in +2 standard in a reputed school in the city. The
final examinations are just round the corner. I am preparing very hard day and night. During the
day the loud noise from speakers does not disturb and distract as much as it does at night.
Especially at the weekends the nose from the loudspeakers is just unbearable. During the last
weekend I could not study at all. As a result my stress and anxiety just hit the roof. In spite of the
law prohibiting loud music playing beyond 11 o’ clock, people just violate the rules and

There are thousands of students like me who have to suffer on account of this problem. Besides,
there are some old patients and new born babies in every locality who get affected by this noise
pollution. I on behalf of all the students of the city plead and appeal to concerned authorities to
look into the matter and ensure proper peace after 11 p.m. so that we can study. I am hopeful you
will give enough space to my views in your newspaper.

Yours truly,


I shall feel grateful if you kindly publish the following few lines in the columns of your
esteemed daily. I wish to draw the attention of the public through your daily about
45, Ashok Apartments


4th April 20xx

The Editor

The Hindustan Times



: High fees in Schools

Sir,Through the columns of your esteemed newspaper I wish to draw the attention of
peopleespecially parents who are blindly paying school fees without getting to know about the
facilitieswhich are being provided.

The schools are charging high fees on the basis of providing Facilities like bus service, Science
lab,latest computer lab, Library facilities, clean and maintained swimming pool etc. But alas!
neitherare these facilities being provided to the students and even if they are provided they are
not uptothe mark, nor are the parents asking it for their wards.

I therefore request the authorities to look into the matter as early as possible and direct
theschools to charge fees as per the facilities which they could provide.

Yours truly

Amit Khanna

Letter to the editor of a newspaper expressing your views on water shortage in

your area"

The Editor,

The Daily DAWN,


Dear Sir,
I wish to draw the attention of the concerned authorities, through the columns of your esteemed
newspaper, towards an extremely vital and tormenting problems of our neighbourhood.

For the last several months, the people of this residency, in spite of paying all types of taxes and
utility bills, are encountering problems due to water shortage. Most of the time, pressure of the
water is low and it takes quite a lot of time to fill a bucket. We are facing the torture of hot
summer without proper water supply. I regret to point out that it seems as if there is nobody to
take care of the citizens and solve their problems. The authorities have not paid any attention or
given a positive response to the repeated requests of the residents. The situation has now reached
at an alarming stage, which may result in the form of protests and caustic damages of the
government buildings.

The concerned authorities are therefore requested to look into this matter without further delay
and take suitable steps to solve the problem.

Thanking you for your cooperation.

Yours truly,

X. Y. Z

Resident of P. Q. R. Area,


4/12, Shiv Pur,

Bhopal – MP – 223344

12 January 2015

The Editor
The Times of India
Bhopal – MP – 223323

Subject – Alarming rate of Population in India


Through the columns of your daily, I would like to draw the attention of the public and the
concerned authorities to a burning issue that deserves utmost attention immediately. India has
now the second largest population in the world, slightly less than the population of China that is
three times bigger than India. With a gigantic 1.35 billion people, India’s population growth is
slowly but surely overtaking China’s population while the same is falling in Pakistan and
One of the most important causes of population rise is illiteracy. People in villages and slums
believe that ‘more children means more earning.’ Another cause of rising population, sad to say,
is religious beliefs. People are encouraged to have more children to achieve religious superiority
in villages and cities alike. Another unfortunate cause of population explosion is unrefined
political practices. In India politicians do nothing to bring down population with a view to swell
their vote banks.

When the developing countries feel proud of the growth their safety, security, comfort, luxury
and happiness, India can boast of its prime position in terms of population, the biggest army, the
biggest economy, the biggest provider of laborers, etc. It is a matter of shame that 20% of India’s
population is working as well trained slaves in the Middle East, Europe and America. Although
they bring foreign money and build bungalows with that money, it is the fruit of slavery. The
world looks at India as the biggest producer of cheap labor.

The need of the hour is collective action. We cannot explode the cities to bring down population,
nor can the governments impose laws in a democratic country like India. All we can do is
spreading awareness in villages, slums, suburban areas and in cities. Instead of spending millions
of rupees on elections and international events such as game-events, India should spend

Yours truly

Baskerville Hall
Near Grimpen Mire, Dartmoor

13 March 1871

The Editor
London Times
Rue Xalon – 34

Subject : Presence of Bloodhound spreading terror in the countryside


I would like to draw the attention of the authorities and of the local peasantry and foreign visitors
to a grim matter of vital importance. I hope the readers will not take it as a work of fiction and
ignore my warnings but the matter will be taken very seriously and the needful will be done.

It was on the fifth of December last year that the first appearance of the bloodhound was
reported. It was reported by a local reporter that the hound was enormously large and could eat a
calf. It was rumoured by the peasants that the hound had terrible features and a pair of glittering
eyes. After a week, a team of zoologists who happened to pass by the Grimpen Mire three miles
from the Hall said that they spotted a calf-sized hound in the moor.
Though the hound’s presence is still not proved by authorities, the terror is alarmingly on the
rise. Majority of the inhabitants being unlettered peasants, rumours are spreading with added
details rendering life a nightmare here.

Foreign visitors should immediately be asked to avoid the roads touching Dartmoor before any
confirmation of the presence of the hound is made. Peasants are the immediate victims of fear so
they should be warned within no time. The most important measure to bring the situation under
control is to make a thorough investigation to spill the bean and get the hound – if such is real –

Yours truly
Mr. Frankland

Article on ‘How To Combat Board Examination Stress’

Since many decades, examination process has been a constant source of evaluation of students’
performance in our country wherein they are assessed on the basis of their marks not on their
knowledge and reasoning ability. Every year, students have to undergo various tests and board
exams which determine their grades, performance & future too in our country. But, in reality,
these board exams have aggravated this severe situation instead of softening it. Stress among the
students of class X & XII is clearly visible nowadays. From tiresome days to sleepless nights,
everything can be seen in these kids’ life irrespective of their innocence and tender age. This
stress among students has been increasing day by day resulting in depression and hypertension
which can cost them dearly especially at the time of their exams. Even some of them don’t
hesitate to commit suicide due to the pressure of not scoring well in their board exams. To
combat this stress, every child should plan his study hours and implement it without fail. One
should not forget that “Practice makes a man perfect” proverb and adhere to these words till one
succeeds. Every students must emphasise on conceptual learning not being a bookworm. During
the exams, parents should counsel their students and advise them to do their best instead of being
the best in their class. They should be give healthy food to eat & healthy environment to live
wherein they can share their dilemmas with their parents without giving second thoughts. With
these points, every student can overcome his fear of board exams.

Sample 1

Unfortunately Woodcutters Inc could not deliver the furniture to Eureka Forbes in working
condition. During delivery, the conference table went shaky and the cushion padding of the sofa
suffered deep damage. Only chairs escaped any sort of injury. Write a letter of complaint with
immediate effect to the Delivery Department, Woodcutters Inc. Janakpuri, Delhi 112233 to
redress your grievances.

Eureka House
Gandhi Road, NOIDA, 223344
Bill No – 2323H17/G
2nd March, 2015

The Delivery Manager

Woodcutters’ Inc, Janakpuri – 110076

Subject: Complaint regarding furniture delivery


This is with reference to the delivery of the seven pieces of furniture delivered by your company
on 29 February, 2017 against the full payment of 120,000. We appreciate the timely delivery but
we are sorry to inform you that we will not be maintaining any transactions with your showroom.
The delivered furniture is in a very sorry condition. The cushion padding of the sofa is deeply
torn for a stretch of three feet and is irreparable. The polishing of the chairs suffered terrible

We have returned the complete delivery by the same truck after assessing the repairable damage.
Kindly repay the amount received by you at the earliest.

Yours sincerely
Mohan Bhagat

Sample 2

You are Navneet of 65/NH Road, Bangalore. Recently you bought a home theatre consisting of a
huge LCD screen and SONY speakers and woofers with onsite warranty from Selectronics Plaza,
Kiddingtown, Bangalore – 55. The huge LCD as well as the woofers have been now found
defective or substandard. Write a letter to the dealer giving details of the nature of the defects
(discrepancies) and seek an immediate attempt from his side to do the needful.


65/NH Road
Bangalore -33

12th November 2017

The Sales in Charge

Selectronics Plaza
Kiddingtown, Bangalore – 55

Subject: Request to replace/repair home theatre

This is to bring to your notice that the home theatre SN 7879, which I purchased from your
showroom on 30 October 2015 with bill number RYE24/15, has just started malfunctioning. On
the first day its performance was ground-breaking but before anyone of us knew, on the second
day, its display went erratic and sound cracked. Although we have been trying your customer
care, they hang up the phone after having made me stay on line for twenty minutes in the least.

It was with great expectations and trust that I chose your showroom about which I heard from
advertisements and friends. Honestly speaking, I am greatly disappointed for having made a
choice as yours. Kindly look into the matter personally and send your representatives to my
residence on any date and at any time of your convenience at the earliest.

Yours truly
Navneet Singh


1. Photocopy of Invoice
2. Photocopy of Warranty Card

Styling – Complaint Letter


 It was with immense trust placed in the quality of your ultramodern products that our company
had placed an order for
 I would like to bring to your notice…
 I would like to appreciate the accuracy of the machines sold by your company over the years

The Complaints

 However, the biggest trouble with it was that the machine produced more noise than claimed
by your company…
 Sadly, the three puppies your delivery men had brought to us were not the least Japanese…

Closing Lines

 A prompt response to this letter will be greatly appreciated…

 I would like to request you to look into this matter personally…

Styling – Reply to Complaint Letter

Subject – Reply to your complaint regarding discrepant delivery.

 ABC Company expresses its deep regrets to the serious fault committed in the delivery of the
order you have placed on 22nd of November with bill number 56G-498/07…

Cause of the discrepancy

 The fault so occurred because of ….

 We admit that the damage and delay was caused due to…


 The company will reship the same order by 29th November, Monday which will reach your
address within three working days…
 The company is also refunding 50% of the payment which you have paid for the purchase…


 The company will make sure that similar discrepancy will not occur in the future.
 The company wishes to continue to serve you and retain the warm relations we have
maintained for the last seven years.

Yours most truly,

Mr. Arvind Thakur, Sales & Redressal Manager

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