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“Make of the world one family”

Xaverian Mission
Volume 66 - No. 1 | February 2018 Newsletter •

World Day of Peace Message ...2

Ordination in Manila ..................3
A Visit to Fadugu Parish.............4
Christians & Muslims .................5
News from the DRC .................6-7
St. Guido Conforti’s Letter.......9
World & US Province News..10-11

Xaverian Missionaries bring smiles to the Democratic Republic of Congo

Reflecting Christ

Migrants and Refugees:

Men and Women in
Xaverian Missionaries
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Excerpts from the Message of Pope Francis:
Tel.: (973) 942-2975
Fax: (973) 942-5012 “We know that it is not enough to open our hearts to
Email: the suffering of others. Much more remains to be done
missionmedia@xaverianmissionaries. before our brothers and sisters can once again live
peacefully in a safe home. Welcoming others requires
Xavier Knoll Mission Center concrete commitment, a network of assistance and
4500 Xavier Drive
Franklin, WI 53132-9066 goodwill, vigilant and sympathetic attention, the
Tel.: (414) 421-0831 responsible management of new and complex situations that at times compound
Fax: (414) 421-9108 numerous existing problems, to say nothing of resources, which are always limited.
Email: By practising the virtue of prudence, government leaders should take practical
measures to welcome, promote, protect, integrate and, ‘within the limits allowed by
Global Youth Mission Services (the a correct understanding of the common good, to permit [them] to become part of a
new society.’[JOHN XXIII, Encyclical Letter Pacem in Terris, 106.]
Fatima Shrine
101 Summer Street ...The wisdom of faith fosters a contemplative gaze that recognizes that all of us
P.O. Box 5857 “belong to one family, migrants and the local populations that welcome them, and all
Holliston, MA 01746-5857
Tel.: (508) 429-2144 have the same right to enjoy the goods of the earth, whose destination is universal,
Fax: (508) 429-4793 as the social doctrine of the Church teaches. It is here that solidarity and sharing are
Email: founded.”[BENEDICT XVI, Message for the 2011 World Day of Migrants and Refugees.]
These words evoke the biblical image of the new Jerusalem. The book of the prophet
Xaverian Mission Newsletter Isaiah and that of Revelation (describe the city with its gates always open to people
Official publication of the of every nation, who marvel at it and fill it with riches. Peace is the sovereign that
Xaverian Missionaries
of the United States
guides it and justice the principle that governs coexistence within it.
Publisher: Fr. Mark Marangone SX ...When we turn that gaze to migrants and refugees, we discover that they do not
Communications Board
arrive empty-handed. They bring their courage, skills, energy and aspirations, as
well as the treasures of their own cultures; and in this way, they enrich the lives of
Fr. Carl Chudy SX
Fr. Alejandro Rodriguez Gómez SX the nations that receive them. We also come to see the creativity, tenacity and spirit
Fr. Tony Lalli SX of sacrifice of the countless individuals, families and communities around the world
Fr. Rocco Puopolo SX who open their doors and hearts to migrants and refugees, even where resources are
Fr. Aniello Salicone SX scarce..
Mary Aktay ...Offering asylum seekers, refugees, migrants and victims of human trafficking an
opportunity to find the peace they seek requires a strategy combining four actions:
AlphaGraphics, Totowa, NJ welcoming, protecting, promoting and integrating.
Email & Web: ...Let us draw inspiration from the words of Saint John Paul II: “If the ‘dream’ of a peaceful world is shared by all, if the refugees’ and migrants’ contribution is
Website: properly evaluated, then humanity can become more and more a universal family
Donation: $5.00 per year and our earth a true ‘common home’.” [Message for the World Day of Migrants and
Refugees 2004]

Help the Xaverian Missionaries transform humanity into a “uni- In

yo cre
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2 Xaverian Mission Newsletter • February 2018

Xaverian Missionaries in the World

Celebrating a
Joyful Ordination
to the Deaconate
in Manila
Statement of Deacon Antoine
Mushagalusa Biregeyi, SX on
December 3, 2017

n this day, so great is our joy that we
want to share its impulse with all our
confreres around the world. In one
word, it is a “gratitude”: our thanksgiving to
God who calls us; to our Congregation that has carried us from
the day we first entered the walls of the Xaverian houses to this
day of our ordination, and into the future as well; to our beloved
Bishop Tobias of the Diocese of Novaliches who ordained us; to Fr.
Javier Mexicano Ferrer SX, Regional Superior in the Philippines, to
priests, deacons, religious Brothers and Sisters, our parents, rela-
tives from Mexico, Cameroon and the DRC; our loving formators,
and all those who have accompanied us in our journey. I express
this gratitude to all of you on behalf of my two Brothers and com-
panions Deacon Edgar Nava Perez and Deacon Ulrich Mokam Saa.
As I look at each one’s face now, I really feel that this is the day
the Lord has made for us, therefore “let us rejoice and be glad!”
Our joy today is the joy of love. Yes, “I love the Lord, He is filled
with Compassion, He turns to me on the day I called.” This sen-
tence from psalm 116 could describe concretely what Edgar,
Ulrich and I are feeling today. Today is a huge and deep revela-
tion of God’s great love for us. It has followed a continuous line
that has a beginning but no one knows the end. Therefore, the
question now is; how do we faithfully answer and make this love
become a life giving reality?
Dear friends, the theme of our ordination provides the answer;
“To follow the example of the master, Jesus.” The Gospel of St.
John shows us the image of the teacher, master at the Last
Supper. He washed the feet of his disciples. This action of Jesus
is an act of humility, service and a moral obligation to do the
same (Cfr Jn 13:14-15). Being aware of this command, we really
feel that our life is no longer ours.
I remember my years of formation--many things have taken place--some of them were very touching and exciting like
the welcoming party in the Philippines where we sat together and were full of laughter presenting shining faces. Some
other events were quiet bitter like the days we lost Br. Martin and Fr. Aldo. Through it all we were led by a mightier
hand. We were animated with the Spirit! It is all about the Spirit of love, Spirit of encounter, and the Spirit of patience.
This Spirit has brought us to this day to celebrate the fruit of God’s Kingdom in our midst, as it was in the mind of
Francis Xavier, our patron saint. We wish to follow the example of the Master, in washing the feet of the poor, margin-
alized, oppressed, little and forgotten. We want to follow Christ in serving the others.
To carry out this promise is sometimes tiring and difficult. Therefore, we need your unceasing and continuous support
that will bless our ways and allow God be manifested in us all. Relying on the same Mercy of God, the company of
Mary our Mother, we wholeheartedly thank you and wish you a very happy Feast.
St. Francis Xavier, the Saint Patron of our Parish, Pray for us!!

Xaverian Mission Newsletter • February 2018 3

Xaverian Missionaries in the World


adugu Is one of the four parishes cared for by
the Xaverian Missionaries in Sierra Leone. It is
located a dozen miles from Kabala on the road
to Makeni.
Arriving on a Thursday, we set for a three day visit to an
outstation called Kasanikoro, three and half hours dis-
tant from Fadugu. Five of us were taking part in this
trip: Father Martin Ali Keke SX, myself, Mr. Lamin the
catechist, and two young students and aspirants of the
Xaverians in Fadugu, David and Joseph. Along the trip
we stopped by a Muslim village to greet the imam and
the Muslim community. After three and a half hour trip,
during which Fr. Martin only used first and second gear because of the bumps and
holes, we finally arrived in Kasanikoro. We were welcomed by the villagers with enthu-
siasm and joy expressed through songs, dance and warm greetings. The church was
filled with children eager to pray and sing and learn. At 5:00 p.m. the bell rang and
the catechumens were divided into three groups: children, adolescents and adults.
Catechism was taught in Limba, one of the local languages. At 6:30 p.m. we stopped
to eat food they offered us. People went to their homes and returned around 7:30 p.m.
to watch the film “The Martyrs of Uganda,” which concluded the evening.
The next day we went to another village, because the people from Kamayeke pleaded
to have a visit from the Catholic fathers. A warm welcome awaited us. The whole vil-
lage gathered around us except the women who prepared food for all the guests com-
ing from the neighboring villages. After the prayer and exhortation from Fr. Martin,
people made requests for a well for clean drinking water, a healthcare center and a
Top: Fr. Martin Ali Keke SX school. Fr. Martin encouraged them to remain faithful to God and explained that
celebrates Mass. Fr. Noah François
SX takes a selfie.
development is an enterprise that requires a lot of work from themselves. It takes
vision and effort to make it happen. In the afternoon, we returned to Kasanikoro. Fr.
Martin initiated a visit to another village near Fadugu. We went through the village as far as the church, passing by
every house to greet and encourage Christians and Muslims alike. In the evening we continued catechism and rehearsal
of songs for the Sunday celebration. We concluded the activities with the projection of a movie about Moses. The visit
ended on Sunday. After the Eucharistic celebration, we returned to Fadugu in the afternoon.
Another good experience was the study of the word of God. This happens with adult groups and Catholic Youth
Organization (CYO) around Fadugu and other outstations. One element caught my attention. It consists of reading and
sharing the following Sunday’s Gospel. It is a kind of lectio divina adapted to different groups and becomes the guide-
line of our actions during the week. The celebration ends with prayer and a blessing.
To conclude, it has been a two week experience that helped me connect with the reality of the first proclamation.
People in their simplicity welcome the fathers and the word of God. We see the generosity and the availability of
those who accept Christianity and accompany them in their life’s journey.
~ Fr. Noah Onguéné François SX

You can help Frs. Noah and Martin in the parishes of Sierra Leone. Either clip this paper and send it to the
address below or help the environment by donating online at
Name: Donation Amount:
Address: City: State: Zip
Email or phone: Xaverian House Supported:

Mail to: Fr. Mark Marangone SX, 12 Helene Ct., Wayne, NJ 07470 □Xaverian Knoll, Franklin WI; □Fatima Shrine
Holliston, MA; □Provincial House Wayne, NJ

4 Xaverian Mission Newsletter • February 2018

Xaverian Missionaries in the USA

ast October I had the distinct opportunity to
join Christians and Muslims in the Farmington
Valley area of Connecticut in a special program
with the above title. It was a conference featuring
keynote speakers, workshops of various types, and
a presentation that invoked discussion and sharing
among all of us who attended.
The first part of the program began Friday evening
at the Farmington Valley Islamic Center where our
first keynote speaker, Dr. Mahan Mirza shared with us
“Inspiring Stories from our Shared Values.” He is Professor of the Practice in the Contending Modernities Program at the
Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies at the University of Notre Dame and lead faculty in a project to advance
scientific and theological literacy in madrasa discourses in India and Pakistan.
The second part of our gathering continued the next morning at First Church of Christ, Congregational, 1652, Farming-
ton. There we began the day with the second keynote speaker, Miroslave Volf, one of the most celebrated Christian
theologians in the world today. He is the founder and director of Yale Center for Faith and Culture and Henry B. Wright
Professor of Theology, Yale University Divinity School. His talk, “Do Christians and Muslims Share the Same God?”, was
an extraordinary opportunity to engender conversation and dialogue among us all.
The day continued with a series of workshops led by a number of experts around Christian Muslim relations. They in-
cluded the following titles:
Addressing Misconceptions About Islam and Muslims. Facilitated by Dr. Saud Anwar: Exploring the way misinfor-
mation spreads fear and hate through media amplification and focused attacks.
A Spiritual Compass for Youth in a Chaotic World. Facilitated by Miranda Moeller and Omar Tawil: How youth
and youth leadership can support, honor, and learn from each other’s practices.
Refugee Resettlement Stories. Facilitated by Dr. Reza Mansoor: How faith-based communities have embraced
local refugee families and the related rewards and challenges.
Women in Religious Leadership. Facilitated by Fatma Antar, Carole Fay, and Rev. Linda Spiers: Evolving leader-
ship roles for women in Islam and Christianity.
I sat in on Dr. Saud Anwar’s explorations on misconceptions about Islam and Muslims. I was particularly struck by the ex-
tensive and structural ways misconceptions are perpetuated quite purposely through well-funded foundations and among
certain political leaders, both local and national.
The final component of the program ended with a stimulating panel discussion on Next Steps: Moving Forward Together.
Rev. Susan Murtha and Khamis Abu-Hasaballah facilitated the panelists which included: Jane Smith, Professor Emeritus,
Hartford Seminary, and Mahan Mirza, Professor at the Kroc Institute.
“Moving forward” is indeed a fitting way to envision our Catholic commitment to the world around us through the con-
nective love and compassionate heart of Jesus Christ. As we build vibrant Catholic communities through our life in
community, sharing the Word of God and the Eucharist, we extend the sharing of our lives with all of those around us, of
all faiths, and no faith at all. We extend the power of Christ’s healing in a diverse, and often divided world. We are the
body of Christ, a seed of the Kingdom of God, in order to realize the testament of Jesus in his prayer, “Father, may they
be one, as you and I are one.”
~ Fr. Carl Chudy SX

Xaverian Mission Newsletter • February 2018 5

A letter from Fr. Faustino Turco SX

Our mission is always a gift: the problems there always

bring rays of light.
I refer the demonstration on 30 December here in Kinshasa and elsewhere in the country.
The police have cracked down on the protesters with batons, whips and other weapons
resulting in 12 deaths. This figure is disputed by the Government. Certainly in our
neighboring parish, San Domenico, a woman died with a bullet in the head, and many
witnessed her death. It is really senseless because this woman was an innocent bystander.
This morning, going to pay a bill at the hospital, I met a lady with bruises who showed me
pictures of her back. She had received ten lashes.
With emotion and pain she explained to me how she was beaten while she was on her
knees, as she waited to enter the Church for a Mass of Recollection and Prayers for Peace.
She saw that there was a police presence and she has been told that the best thing to do
was kneel and request the assistance of the Virgin of peace. The police insulted her in a
language that showed that their origin was not Kinshasa indicating that they were people
of Eastern Congo who came to do that task.
The woman repeated aloud in the waiting room while a dozen people listened: “I felt a
strength inside to answer these soldiers that insulted me, that I never had. At that time I
didn’t have any fear. Before them, I called to my husband and my children saying: if they
kill me, today I bless you all and dare, do not be afraid. The Lord sustains us.“
Amazing. I wanted to stay to listen to for hours the testimonies of lay people who do not
hide their faith.
With this little flash of our “hot” situation, I send you a big hug.
(See the news story in World Mission News on page 10)
Testimonies of lay people in the
DRC who are “Rays of Light”

The Xaverian Missionaries have been

ministering in the Democratic Republic
of Congo for more than fifty years.
In the vibrant Catholic communities,
political unrest has had devastating
affects. The Comité Laic de Coordination
(CLC, Catholic laity organization) have
organized to ask President Joseph
Kabila to declare publicly that he will
not run for another term as president
in compliance with the Constitution and
with the New Year’s Eve agreement of
December 31, 2016. He has stubbornly
hung on to power and refuses to leave.

People walk as traffic is

blocked by security forc-
es Dec. 31 in Kinshasa,
Congo. Church leaders ex-
pressed “profound shock” Police arrested 15-year-old Binja Happy Yalala
after security forces fired during a peaceful protest in Idjwi, eastern Dem-
on Catholics (CNS/Kenny ocratic Republic of Congo, on November 15, 2017.
Katombe, Reuters) © 2017 Human Right Watch
St. Guido Maria Conforti

In Omnibus Christus! Christ in All!

Excerpts from St. Guido Conforti’s Circular Letter #5
Parma, Italy, Motherhouse July 2, 1921

all the missionaries, present and future, of the day the same heavenly reward. We must not harbor any doubts
Saint Francis Xavier Foreign Mission Society: about the essential nature of this commandment to love: “This
Every one of us should be intimately persuaded commandment was given by God”, says the disciple that Jesus
that the vocation to which we have been called could not be loved, “that he who loves God must also love his brother”.
greater or more noble; it draws us close to Christ, the au- In my unworthiness, I pray the Lord to grant us that unity of
thor and consummator of our faith, and to the Apostles who, mind and heart that the divine Master left as his final and
leaving everything behind, pledged themselves entirely and treasured legacy to the apostles and those who would believe in
without reserve to following Christ. They are the best models him; may this unity reign among those assigned to the houses
for our life. The Lord could not have been more benevolent of the Society to prepare the missionaries of the future. May
towards us! they be ever united among themselves and show an unreserved
Through the profession of the religious vows we die to all and unconditional respect for the directives of the General
earthly things in order to live a life hidden in God with Jesus Direction.
Christ, thus fulfilling what the Apostle Paul wrote to the early “How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in
believers: “You have died, your life is hidden now with Christ unity!” says the psalmist. May the lord grant that our Society
in God” (Col 3: 3). The religious vows bind us more and more always reflect such a comforting image. This will come about
to divine service. Saint Thomas Aquinas states that religious if the love of Christ, described by the Apostle of the Gentiles,
profession is akin to a second baptism because it is the begin- governs our relationships and forms of all the confreres a
ning of a new life. single heart and a single mind.
In times of discouragement, let us turn to God in prayer, renew In concluding these reflections, allow me to sum up all that
our resolve and increase our fidelity to our commitments. The I have said above in a personal wish: that the distinguishing
words of the Apostle assure us: “Let everyone stay as he was at characteristic of the present and future members of the Society
the time of his call” (1 Co 7:20). be the result of the following components: a spirit of living
If we remain faithful to the Institute to which we have given faith which enables us to see God, seek God, love God in all
our name, observe its Constitutions and work under the direc- things, intensifying our desire to spread God’s reign every-
tion of its superiors, we will acquire much merit, save many where; a spirit of prompt and ready obedience in everything, no
souls and obtain the reward reserved to those who put their matter how costly, in order to achieve the victories promised
hand to the plough without looking back: the hundredfold that by God to those who are obedient; a spirit of intense love for
Christ promised in a special way to his Apostles. our religious family, that we must look upon as a mother, and a
spirit of intense love for all the members of our Society.
[W]e should strive to always live that life of faith proper to the
just in general, and more so to the priest and apostle in par- This is my wish, and I ask you to accept it as a father’s final
ticular: a constant desire and quest for God’s will rather than testament. I entrust this desire to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and
our own. We will live in this way if we make faith the absolute I ask him to fulfill it with the help of his grace. Although we
norm for our conduct and allow it to shape our thoughts, mo- may be workers of the last hour, if we do our best to bring this
tives, sentiments, words and deeds. about we will give our own modest contribution to the edifi-
cation of the mystical body of Christ, and we will receive the
We will live this way if in all circumstances we keep Christ same reward granted to the workers of the first hour.
in mind; he will always be with us, when we pray, at the altar,
when we study, in the many activities of our ministry, in our In the hope that we will one day meet together in heaven, and
dealings with others, in times of distress, sorrow and tempta- share the same heavenly homeland, after having been members
tion. In all things we will draw inspiration from him, in such a of the same family on earth, I bless you all.
way that our external behavior will become the manifestation Affectionately in the Heart of Christ,
of the interior life of Christ within us. + Bishop Guido Maria Conforti,
We must love God above all else, and foster a heartfelt love for Superior General
ourselves and our brothers, especially those who are mem- The Society of Saint Francis Xavier for the Foreign Missions
bers of the same religious family and share our life, struggles, All of St. Guido’s Circular letters can be found at https://www.
merits, direction and all else, whilst we prepare to share one

8 Xaverian Mission Newsletter • February 2018

Circular Letter

Xaverian Mission Newsletter • February 2018 9

World Mission News

World Mission News Digest


5 dead, 134 churches surrounded, Pope Francis: the proclamation of the Pope Francis, apostle of love in a
Gospel is not “proselytism.” Only the Muslim country ’
6 priests arrested in December
repression Holy Spirit “attracts” and converts
Dhaka (Agenzia Fides) “Without love we cannot
Kinshasa (Agenzia Fides) - The Apostolic do anything to this world.” In Bangladesh and
Rome (Agenzia Fides) - The proclamation of the Myanmar, Pope Francis showed here what love
Nunciature in the Democratic Republic of
Gospel “is not making proselytism.” The Church means, not only towards refugees, but to the
Congo has published a provisional report of
grows “for attraction,” not from our “apologetic entire Bangladeshi people,” said Fariduddin
the violence suffered by the Church following
explanations” and our efforts to “convince” others Mashud, a Muslim leader who was among the
the brutal repression of the protest march on
with words and reasoning. It is only the Holy Spir- many who appreciated the Pope’s visit and
December 31, 2017, promoted by the Comité
it that “works” in the witness of those who live presence. The Bangladeshi Hindu leader Shami
Laic de Coordination (CLC, Catholic laity
the Gospel, Pope Francis told journalists on the Druveshanando agreed, “Pope Francis was a
organization) to ask President Joseph Kabila for
flight back from Bangladesh to Rome. Pope Francis bringer of peace in Bangladesh.” Prof. Anisus
a public declaration that he will not run for
reiterated the dynamic with which the Gospel is Zaman, a Muslim, stated, “We are happy to
another term as president in compliance with
communicated, and which also characterizes every have received Pope Francis in our country. He
the Constitution and with the Saint Sylvester
authentic missionary experience. came at the right time: where there is despair,
Accords, signed on December 31, 2016.
According to the report, 134 parishes have During the flight, a French journalist remarked he came to bring hope. He brought sympathy
been surrounded and isolated by the police; that “some are opposed to inter-religious dialogue and empathy to the Rohingya refugees and
there are two parishes where access to the and evangelization” and asked the Pope to indi- launched an appeal for their dignity. Surely
faithful and the celebration of Sunday Mass cate what was in his opinion on evangelizing and Pope Francis’ visit will open a window for our
have been prevented; five parishes where the dialogue for peace, considering the fact that “to future, to create authentic fraternity.”
Mass was interrupted by the security forces; 18 evangelize means bringing about conversions that “We can say with certainty that the reception
who saw their fenced area invaded by soldiers provoke tension and sometimes conflicts between of the Bangladeshi population was excellent,”
and policemen; another 10 parishes were hit by believers.” “First of all,” the Pope remarked, in- noted Fr. Lintu D’Costa, a priest of Dhaka. The
tear gas launched in their courtyard. troducing a distinction dear to him, “evangelizing small Church of Bangladesh, 0.2% in a country
is not proselytizing” quoting Pope Benedict XVI. with a Muslim majority, carries “the blessing
Five people were killed, one of whom in the
Evangelization is “living the Gospel and bearing received from Pope Francis in its heart. We
church of Saint Dominique, two in Sainte
witness to how one lives the Gospel, witnessing all appreciated his humility and simplicity, his
Famille parish and two others in that of Saint
to the Beatitudes, giving testimony to Matthew being close to the young, the poor, the mar-
Alponse. Among the people arrested there are
25, the Good Samaritan, forgiving 70 times 7. And ginalized, just as Jesus did. His spirit and his
six priests plus a seminarian.
in this witness, the Holy Spirit works and there authentic Gospel witness, and his always incisive
The report specifies that the information comes are conversions, If conversions take place,” the words of forgiveness, dialogue, human dignity,
from reliable ecclesiastical sources updated to Pope continued, they represent “the answer to struck everyone and will leave an indelible
January 3 and is still provisional. something that the Spirit has moved in the heart mark on our lives,” concluded Fr. D’Costa.
before the witness of the Christians.”

10 Xaverian Mission Newsletter • February 2018

USA Communities News

News from our USA Communities

Provincial House Fatima Shrine Mass will be celebrated at 12:10 p.m. for
Wayne NJ Holliston MA the duration of Lent. On Ash Wednesday we
Bishop Angelo Frosi, Xaverian Missionary and Lenten Soup & Mission have the three masses: 7:30 a.m., 12:10 p.m.
first Xaverian ordained in the United States, is One popular event that the Xaverian and 7:30 p.m. There will be confessions at
the subject of a new process of canonization in Missionaries at Fatima Shrine host each year the usual time, 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. on
the Church. Bishop Jose Maria Chaves Dos Reis is the Lenten Soup and Mission Evening. Saturdays.
of Abaetetuba, Brazil where Bishop Frosi served Participants gather at 6:00 p.m. around tables Stations of the Cross will take place on Good
as bishop from 1970 until his death in 1995 has enjoying a variety of delicious soups as a way Friday at 3:00 p.m. Mass will be celebrated at
begun the process. to share a simple supper together in fellowship. 11:00 a.m. on Easter Sunday. .
Then they are “fed” with inspiring input
The solemn opening of the Beatification and Xavier knoll
from the Ministry of the Xaverian Missionaries,
Canonization process of Bishop Angelo Frosi took Franklin WI
oftentimes a witness of our direct mission
place on December 8, 2017. The ceremony took
service in Africa, Asia or South America or a Welcome Fr. Joe Matteucig SX!
place in the Cathedral of the Diocese of Abaete-
theme that deepens the Mission Spirit of all The Franklin Community heartily welcomes Fr.
tuba which is promoting the Cause, whilst the
disciples. This year we are looking forward to Joe who is transferring from Holliston to work
Postulator is the diocesan priest Francesco Correa
a presentation by Fr. Carl Chudy SX (pictured in Mission Education here. We know he will be
Moraes, helped by Fr. Alfiero Ceresoli SX
above on the right at an interfaith dialogue sorely missed in MA but we are so happy to
We are looking for friends who may have known event in NJ) our former provincial superior, who have him in WI!
him as we gather written testimonials. If you is now residing at our Holliston Community
knew Bishop Frosi, or of him, please contact as he completes sabbatical studies directed to We invite you to keep
Fr. Mark Marangone, Provincial Christian/Muslim Dialogue. He will share his up with all the updates
Xaverian Missionaries learnings with us as disciples to be better able of Xaverian Missionaries by
12 Helene Court to dialogue with peoples of other faiths or visiting the individual houses
Wayne NJ 07470 no faith. That is Saturday, February 24th at on the “Contact Us” pages of
6:00 p.m. at Xavier Hall of Fatima Shrine in
Lenten Retreats
Fr. Michael Davitti is planning Lenten Retreats Holliston.”
with the NJ Councils of the Knights of Columbus. Lenten Liturgies
Beginning on Ash Wednesday, February 14th,

Praesidium Accreditation™ publicly demonstrates that the Congregation of the Xaverian

Missionaries has achieved the highest industry standards in abuse prevention and response.

Xaverian Mission Newsletter • February 2018 11

Xaverian Mission Newsletter • February 2018

a Missionary
Priest or Brother!

Xaverian Missionaries Serve In:

Bangladesh • Brazil • Burundi • Cameroon • Chad • Colombia • Democratic Republic of Congo • France
Indonesia • Italy • Japan • Mexico • Mozambique • Philippines • Sierra Leone • Spain • Taiwan • Thailand • UK • USA

Wayne, NJ 07470
Permit #1141
PAID Wayne, NJ 07470-2813
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