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This manual will teach you: y y y y y How the role of Waiter fits into the business What the role of a Waiter is The importance of Service Standards in our business How to prepare for Service, How to take care of guests and what to do after guests leave What personal skills will be required of you

Before you start Quickly check with yourself if you can: y y y y y y y y y y Handle a tray with glasses on? Hold glasses properly? Carry plates properly? Set up a table? Maintain a table? Clear a table? Talk to guests? Take orders? Communicate with other team members? SMILE, SMILE, SMILE?

These are the essential skills that you need to learn if, by the end of reading this guide, you are still unsure, you must talk to your Manager.

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do cleaning or other duties. clean and neat Good communication skills Good memory Polite and patient Friendly. they may clear tables. whether guests will respond better to a friendly conversational tone. recommend wines to go with foods and above all be able to do this with confidence and charm. which in turn makes a successful restaurant (and hopefully. efficient and speedy Enjoy working with people Able to work as part of the team Prepared to work weekends and evenings Able to handle money Charm Bar and Restaurant <Document Title> Page 2 of 9 06/09/2010 <revision> £ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¢ £ ¡  £ ¥ . They have to be great judges of character to know how to approach and deal with a table.What do (good) Wait s actually do Waiting is a popular role found all over the world in all sorts of establishments At its most basic it is generally to take and deliver the food and beverages ordered by customers Depending on type of venue he or she may also greet and seat guests or prepare initial drinks. serve drinks Providing regular checks on the table for additional customer requirements Make up bills and present them to customers Handle money or credit/debit cards Clear tables and return dishes and cutlery to kitchen This list is by no means inclusive! Personal Requirements for Waiters: y y y y y y y y y Well presented appearance smart. professional efficiency. people never forgive bad service. great tips!) General Roles that Waiters may find themselves doing: y y y y y y y y y y Set tables Meet and greet Seat customers and provide them with menus Provide information and suggestions on the food and wine available Take customers orders and pass them to kitchen staff or bar attendants Open. Waiters make or break the guest experience no matter how good the food is. they must be able to make suggestions that make sense. a good waiter knows that their role is much more than this it is the essential part of providing enjoyment for every one of the establishment's guests Good waiters have to know all about all the food items on the menu: their preparation and taste. Great waiters make customers into regulars. any quirks or special notes about items. such as bartending owever. pour and top up wines. later on. or to cool.

teamwork or any plans of action for the service ahead. 5. On returning to the table check guests need more time or ready to order. main courses and side dishes) with position written on your pad as you will hand this to pass operators. Make sure the drinks are served to the table within a timely manner. make eye contact. they are your responsibility your primary responsibility. we don't get second chances. do not say: I don't know . and prawn crackers or edamame. that sets an expectation that we have to match and exceed for their return visit. everyone must communicate and apply a standard level of service (an excellent standard!) All floor staff must be present at the briefings. 6. Briefing times are 1145 and 1745. To be consistent. 2. or about long cooking time. immediately check to see if guests need any help with the menu. The briefing is the time where floor staff will discuss any issues about service. This allows colleagues to deliver your order if you are busy. Trays must be used at all times. A bad first impression will generally ruin guests' entire dining experience.The Order of Service Charm's Order of Service is the step-by-step guide which we want all our waiters to follow when dealing with guests. Take the first order (starters. food. for example. Once reception has seated guests at their table. good afternoon/evening ) and give them menus. Approach each table with a genuine smile. as well as keeping various Points of Service in mind when you do so. explaining which one is which. If they are happy. Assist with any dietary requirements if you are unsure. you need to make your best effort to greet the new table and communicate you will be right with them in a few moments. or have any questions regarding certain dishes. order all drinks using seat number. When customers leave excited and happy. a cocktail or glass of champagne. All drinks will be made at the bar. Always check your order ticket. If you are unsure what a customer is saying. Double-check your order on the system before sending it to the bar. Ask your guest(s) if they would like to order an aperitif. Even if you are busy or you are with another table. Always repeat back each order as you take it: if you Charm Bar and Restaurant <Document Title> Page 3 of 9 06/09/2010 <revision> . we are successful and that is the aim of the game! Don't forget that first impressions are the strongest. Make sure you commit to memory the following order of service: 1. instead say: Let check if we that 4. 7. We have put the Order of Service down in writing as the key to good service is consistency. you must take care to follow every step in the Order. THE TWO MINUTE RULE. Approach a table within 2 minutes of them being seated. let guests know you will check with the kitchen. Ask the guests if they would like water (still or sparkling). Ensure guests are told about the spiciness of various dishes. 3. even if it is only for one glass. When serving the pre-meal drink. It bears repeating that you should NEVER forget a table has been seated. While you will develop your own style when interacting with customers. Immediately open the table tab on the EpoS system select the correct table! Enter the number of covers then. You must be present dressed and ready for service. all waiters must collect their drinks from the service area and present to guests using a tray. use the relevant greeting ( Hello. any unusual ingredients. Repeat orders back to customers as they order to ensure the order is clear.

Always present dessert & coffee menus to guests this is to tempt guests who may not have thought about having either into ordering. Charm Bar and Restaurant <Document Title> Page 4 of 9 06/09/2010 <revision> . ask if they enjoyed their lunch/dinner then remove all dirty dishes from table. Do not be too insistent on asking for guests' opinions as that may seem overbearing. special requests. but try not to be too intrusive. Once again. Offer more drinks if needed.avoid saying Is everything okay as that usually results in poor feedback. or changes. etc. Take more drink orders if needed. Main courses should take no longer than 20 25 minutes. Server desserts and coffees. 12.are unsure or don t understand something. then check back with the table. take a clean glass with you for tasting. then dry it with a clean napkin. Do not try and carry too many items at one time. Ask if they would like tea or coffee with dessert or after dessert. If guests just have main courses. two trips are better than accidents. The pass operator will check with the kitchen on your behalf. name e every dish and/or sauce accompanying. check that all items ordered are present and corr ct. name the dish with sauce accompanying it. Only when everyone has finished their starters can you begin to clear dirty plates (except if guests hand them to you if there is not enough space on the table). 9. It is easier to confirm special requests such as cooking temperatures at this point rather than later. 15. Clean the table with a clean wet cloth. If the table is ready. repeat back the order to confirm and avoid mistakes. 24. liqueurs and digestifs. set the table appropriately. Give the hand written order to the pass operator. Wait several minutes. DO NOT FORGET TO SEND MAINS AWAY THROUGH THE EPOS SYSTEM 17. ask again for clarification. 26. Make sure all guests have the correct cutlery for next course. If guest asks for a second bottle of wine. Place on table in the appropriate positions any extra cutlery or sharing plates that may be needed. 22. inform the guests that you will have to check with the kitchen if this is possible. Clear any empty glasses or anything that is not being used e. before clearing dishes. empty glasses and bottles. 20. Promptly serve or top up wine/water and any further drinks that are ordered. Clear dirty dishes when all guests are completely finished. When serving main courses. How is your Sea Bass or Curry Sir/Madam? . 14. Place order through the EPoS system. 19. however during the busy periods they may take longer. 13. 27. Do not forget: Enjoy/Enjoy your meal 21. check back with guests. 11. noting if customers would like coffee/tea with or after their dessert. If there are any special requests. always offer tea/coffee. 16. Ask an open ended question such as How is the food? .g. When you place food on tables. If any problems occur refer them to a Manager. Take dessert order. this is the most convenient time to an order for wine. 18. After several minutes again. 23. using kitchen instructions/free text for any allergies. Keep your Manager informed of any delays. 8. Place the appropriate tableware for the desserts ordered on the table. Order the dishes through the EpoS system according to seat positing. Regular visual check to see if guests need anything. Once everyone has finished eating. 10. 25.

do not turn around. 31. Open the table on the EpoS system and check it before presenting it. or make eye contact with other guests on the table. Be observant. be as helpful as possible. Some guests may need guidance to the toilets/exit. For credit/debit card payments. When guests are entering their PIN. Thank your guest(s) and wish them a pleasant afternoon/evening. Never ask. 32. For cash payments. stare into the distance. Do you want your change? Inform guests: I will be right back with your change . The bill should be presented in a holder. Charm Bar and Restaurant <Document Title> Page 5 of 9 06/09/2010 <revision> . or something similar that makes it look as if you are ignoring the table look around the table. 30. Always place the bill in front of the person who requested it. Invite them back with Hope to see you again soon 33. Wait to be asked for the bill. Always get the section waiter to check it first. always return with change. but do not hover.28. 29. Never present a bill to a table that isn t yours. as they haven t left the restaurant yet. Stay nearby when they have the bill. you will need to fetch the payment terminal and bring it to the table. never offer to bring it. Do not take the card with you.

y You must not drink or eat in view of guests. ask a manager. simply remove it. y Speak English only during service. Things you should share with them: î Special guest needs î If you need help î Location of the host of a table î Billing requests y Your uniform must include 2 pens. y You will need to know how to open a bottle of wine using a waiter's friend. taste whenever it is appropriate to do so. even if it is only for 30 seconds. listen to the answer and fix whatever needs fixing. apologise and ask whether they want to order something different. General Knowledge y You need to know the full menu and correct cutlery changes. Hands must never find their way in to your pockets. Things to think about: î What they need at any particular moment î What they no longer need î What they may need very soon y Communication with other members of the floor staff team is the key to a successful service. make sure you face guests to keep an eye on the dining room.Points of Service You should also read through and absorb the following points of service things you will need to know to be a great waiter at Charm. and how to open champagne. Never ignore a guest. even if you know that the guest is wrong. y Never challenge or argue. Hold doors open for guests whenever you can. if you are unsure. y Never say I don t know without following with I ll find out y Do not lean. Conduct y Great service is all about thinking like a guest. y Try to avoid interrupting conversations. y Maintain eye contact. Learn some standard recommendations from each section of the list. y Allow guests to go ahead of you in the dining room at all times. waiter's friend at all times. or anyone else's! y Don t touch customers! y Try not to "crowd" guests by having too many people at one table. y Only two staff members should be seen talking together at any one time in the restaurant. and how long you will be. pad. Service Etiquette Charm Bar and Restaurant <Document Title> Page 6 of 9 06/09/2010 <revision> . y When you ask how things are going ( How is everything? or How was the meal? ). y You must not smell of perfume or tobacco smoke. looking at tables is not enough. y Never leave the floor. maximum 3 at all other times. If you do have to talk together. y You must know all house beverages and their prices. without informing the manager where you are going. Maximum 2 waiters presenting food to up to a table of six. In the case of food or drink. joke or story telling wait for the right moment. Familiarise yourself with the wine list. as well as policy and training notes you will need to learn.

The trays are only for clearing the occasional glasses. your colleagues in back of house have a demanding job. There are only two exceptions: î A plate has been pushed to one side by a guest î A guest asks you to clear away their plate. Always warn the guest if the plate is hot for safety reasons. If a table becomes soiled by a spill. stack and scrape away from the guest. Keep plates level. especially watch to make sauces and towered dishes do not spill out. Never clear more plates than you can carry. Extremely soiled napkins should be removed and fresh ones offered. Always go around to the side of the table. We are responsible for any injuries sustained. If you are extremely busy. insist on picking it up. Open all bottled beverages (with the exception of wine) before you get to the table. always offer to take it to the cloakroom for them. If a guest happens to break something. whether it is their fault or not. Plates are to be taken to the pot wash area. Pour all beverages for guests (unless otherwise requested by guest not to. When a guest leaves the table temporarily. etc whilst in the restaurant. Try to approach from the right hand side of the guest. fold their napkin and place it on the table for them. Deliver plates straight to the wash-up area. clean it as soon as possible. Never stack plates on the table. Always check under tables for dirty linen when resetting. ask for help or make more than one trip to a table.y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y Never pass menus across the table. Never leave anything on the table that does not have to be there. If you are in any doubt.) Never mix beverages at the table When dishes are presented. When clearing the tables. All leftover food is to be scraped into rubbish bin and all cutleries are placed into dishwasher tray. finger bowls. Charm Bar and Restaurant <Document Title> Page 7 of 9 06/09/2010 <revision> . move the guests to another table. ask first. also remember to crumb chairs and the banquettes. Never clear plates from a table until you are sure that the entire party has finished eating. to prevent any accidents. Never carry more than two plates on one arm. Trays are the only acceptable means for moving glasses around the restaurant during service. Never place a tray on any table during service. cutlery etc. check to make sure nothing has been forgotten like side dishes. either verbally or by gently tapping them on the back. Place plates down gently. If a guest wishes to remove a jacket. If it is very bad and it is possible. but always check when unsure. Indicate to other members of staff when you are approaching from behind. Replace napkins if they drop on the floor. verbally state each dish as you present it to allow guests to confirm they have the correct dish. Be considerate when clearing dirties.

Charm Bar and Restaurant <Document Title> Page 8 of 9 06/09/2010 <revision> ¦ . or hesitate when answering yes but are clearly unhappy. get a manager. You will need to know how to read the signals given off by guests. even if you think it is a complete disaster. please tell the manager immediately. inform the manager/head waiter immediately.Feedback y Feedback is essential and if you hear any negative or positive points raised by a guest inform a manager. y Any unfinished/returned dish must be shown to the head chef before it is thrown out. y Inform a manager if a guest should request anything you are unsure about. y If you feel that you have done something wrong. always ask the guest if everything was satisfactory with the food. y If you get a complaint about anything. y If at anytime you are unsure about something or find yourself in an awkward situation. inform a manager. You will never be scolded for communicating. If they say no. y y If you feel that a guest has been waiting too long for their food. just ask. Do not assume. find a manager immediately. y If a dish remains uneaten or only half eaten.

you should understand the requirements and traits that all great waiters must have. If you are still unsure about any aspect of your training or have need some help with a skill that you need.The End After reading this guide. Charm Bar and Restaurant <Document Title> Page 9 of 9 06/09/2010 <revision> . They are not there to berate. but to help you carry out your job with enthusiasm to the best of your ability. the way that we would like service at our restaurant to be carried out and have picked up on some points that will help you give the most professional and consistent service you can. please talk to your manager.

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